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Chapter 1253 You Want an Explanation

“You ask me to wait here for their elders” Lu Ling showed little respect for Uncle Hu and said, “Sorry, I have no patience for that.

Apart from hurting Lin, they are also disrespectful to me, so I wont wait.

Guards, catch them all and do as I said before!”


Those men in black nodded, stared at their targets, and slowly approached.

Instead of making a quick move, they stepped forward slowly, which could make targets under greater pressure.

It would always do the trick.

But this time, they doubted in their hearts.

“Why are they not in the panic before us at all”

Looking back, they saw that the members of the Myernie Family were so frightened that they broke out in cold sweat.

This was normal.

That was really strange.

“You will take the consequences.”

A staff appeared in Felinas hand, and her clothes and hair fluttered when there was no wind.

There came a clatter.

The aura of the God Transformation Realm overwhelmed all the people present.


“The Mighty One in the God Transformation Realm!”

“Shes in the God Transformation Realm.”

Many peoples hearts jolted.

They did not expect that there was a person in the God Transformation Realm among that group of people.

It should be noted that those who were in the God Transformation Realm were already well-known in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Everyone was shocked, especially the dozens of onlookers from a distance.

“It seems that Lu Ling and her fellows will get into trouble.

There is someone in the God Transformation Realm among their targets, but they dont have any.

Theyve been acting wildly for a few days, and maybe theyll be taught a lesson this time.

Thats good.”

“Maybe not.

The owner of the Beast Arena is also in the God Transformation Realm, and Elder Lu Shuihan is even more powerful.

They can both come here at any time.”

“In addition, there are some disciples of the Star-shooting House and the law enforcement team of Poshi City around.

Even if there is a person in the God Transformation Realm among that group of people, they cant win.

As long as Lu Ling and her fellows stall for time, they will lose.

Alas, they are not thoughtful enough.

They are all young people and lack experience.

This time, they will be taught a lesson.”

“Then tell me, wont the elders of those girls come”

After the question, there was silence for a second.

Then someone said, “Even if their elders come, they have to show respect for the Star-shooting House.

How many people in Heavenly Dragon Star Province dare to make the Star-shooting House look bad”

“Hiss, your words make sense.

Indeed, not many people dare to directly embarrass the Star-shooting House, which is a large sect after all, except for those powerful sects and clans of higher rank.

However, the latter are basically located in the central region.

Besides, those powerful ones have seen each other.

At the end of the day, they have only an outside chance of winning.”

There were many talks among the onlookers.

Many people hoped to see Lu Ling get into trouble.

However, they were not confident in the strength of the other group of people.

That was because the Star-shooting House was too powerful in their minds.

In the face of Felina, who was in the God Transformation Realm, those men in black stopped.

Uncle Hu frowned and asked, “Who are…”

Before he finished his words, there had been a crack.

A whip that was more than 20 meters long quickly swept toward Lu Ling and her fellows.

It was Mengmeng who made a move.

“Cut the crap.

Beat them up!” Chen Chuan shouted behind.

“Chains!” Ninas staff appeared.

Although she almost remained silent in the quarrel, she did not hesitate to make a move.

The secret techniques of Elemental Elves and Dark Elves, including the group attacks and chains, could overwhelm a crowd of people.

Many peoples hearts were trembling.

This group of girls is far stronger than them, so they could not resist at all.

Thankfully, there were a few people in black with them, who were at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Felina was the only one present who made them afraid.

The others were not strong enough.

“Theyre fighting.

What should we do” Mohan Myernie was filled with dread.

“Oh, no, how could I know what to do” Amman Myernie also had a headache.

His mind told him that he must be engaged in the fight, but his trembling body did not allow him to.

Yes, he was very scared.

If he made a move, he could no longer turn back.

He would totally offend the owner of the Beast Arena and even the elders of the Star-shooting House.

How could the Myernie family continue to survive in Poshi City in the future

Just as he was hesitating, the fight became white-hot.

Different kinds of energy were sweeping.


Those who were slightly weaker, such as Lu Ling, retreated dozens of meters, making room for the men in black.

Their moves were fierce and powerful.

It was a one-to-many battle, so they were able to resist Felina for the time being.

“Use your weapons and catch them!”

A cold light flashed across Uncle Hus eyes.

He moved and rushed forward.

He was at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, so he was able to handle it with ease.

The middle-aged man behind him, who was in charge of the Beast Arena, was in a daze.

However, he knew that he should obey the order of Uncle Hu, and he asked some people to control the high-end weapons in the preparation hall.

Different sorts of attacks were crazily aimed at Felina, trying to suppress her.

Among them, the sound wave attacks and Beam Bombs were troublesome.

The highly intensive attacks seemed to come from all directions, including from her feet.

She had to switch from attack to defense.

In just ten seconds, Mengmeng and her fellows had retreated all along to a corner.

“We cant go on like this.”

After getting rid of the moves of her opponents once again, Nina said with rapid breathing, “There are just too many of them.”

“Do you regret it now Its too late!”

Lu Ling said coldly, “If you kneel down and beg for mercy now, maybe Ill be soft-hearted and make you suffer less.”

“Catch them first!” Uncle Hu used another secret skill.

He and those men in black made their moves with all their strength.

At the same time, he was also shocked.

After all, their opponents were still young.

In particular, the woman in the God Transformation Realm was a dark elf, who seemed to be still a minor.

He hoped that such a genius… had no strong backers.

Those men in black did not speak and silently made their moves.

They were experienced and knew that it would take them about ten seconds to defeat the opponents.

“How dare they act wildly in the Beast Arena I will make them regret being humans!” screamed Ma Lin.

The scene ahead made her crazy.

The opponents were indeed very strong, which made Ma Lins desire for revenge rise.

“Youre so powerful, but pretended to be ignorant at first and deliberately tricked me out of a million crystals.

“Aha, Im sorry.

Not only will I let you return them to me, but I also want to teach you a lesson! A big lesson.”

“Aha, I dont want to go on like this.”

Mengmeng knew that she could not win, but she did not panic at all.

Her words attracted everyones attention.

What was she going to do

There came a clatter!

Under their puzzled gazes, the little girl reached out her right hand and pressed the button of the communication device on her bracelet.

She said, “Dad, some people are bullying me!”

With a rumble, Nina subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

It seemed that this sentence was of such great power that she felt frightened.

Also, it seemed to slow down the attacks of Uncle Hu and his fellows.

They asked their elders for help.

“I just checked the database and found that this girl is not in.

She should not be a disciple of any major forces in Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” Uncle Hu said to himself in his heart.

“Since she appeared with a person in the God Transformation Realm, there is only one explanation that she comes from the Star Area.

There are also a group of top-notch people in the Star Area, but they are far from being comparable to the Star-shooting House.

“If it has only to do with Miss Ma, we can wait for their elders and ask them for an explanation.

But now, we have Lu Ling and Lu Shuihan as backers.”

Uncle Hu had made up his mind.

“Before their elders come, Ill teach them a lesson!”

“Go!” shouted Uncle Hu.

Then, he and those men in black made their moves at a faster frequency.

The fight was getting hotter.

Sensing their imposing manner, Lu Ling and Ma Lin knew very well that Uncle Hu and his followers expedited their attacks to teach the opponents a lesson before their elders came.

“Today, no matter who comes, you have to… Huh”

Before she finished her words, she had seen from the corner of her eye that several shadow figures were flying over quickly from afar.

“Flying above the Beast Arena”


“Are they tired of living”

This kind of posture aroused waves of exclamations, screams, and heckles in the Beast Arena.

“Theyre so disrespectful to the rules of the Beast Arena.”

“Aha, theres going to be a drama today.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, before the staff of the Beast Arena appeared, those few figures had swiftly landed.

They seemed to arrive at the rings nearby.

With a sizzle, a thunderbolt flashed and converged into a seal in the air.

It was Qing Ming Seal, accompanied by the power of a thunderbolt!

Or, it could be called Qing Ming Thunderbolt Seal.

Waves of soul-shaking energy exploded.

Even those at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage felt as if their souls were trembling, and they did not dare to move.

However, the firepower was still in work.

With a clang, Zhang Han raised his fingers slightly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The enormous spiritual force seemed to have been condensed into a rain of arrows, blowing up the areas where the firepower was still in work.

It could be said that the defensive system of the preparation hall had been ruined.

The heart of Uncle Hu, who was the subordinate of the owner of the Beast Arena, did a flip.

“No, Im in trouble!

“According to his move, the man is much more powerful than the owner of the Beast Arena.

Even Elder Lu Shuihan may not be able to defeat him.”

Everyone, including Mohan Myernie, Amman Myernie, Stefen, Ma Lin, Lu Ling and the group of onlookers in the distance, was all dumbfounded.

Who could have imagined that someone would directly destroy the preparation hall here

Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, Zhao Feng, and Mu Xue.

Only the four of them appeared.

The others were about to come over when they saw these four people fly away immediately, and they failed to keep up, so they just stayed and waited.

Anyway, these four people would come back in a few minutes.

“Whats the matter” asked Yue Wuwei while looking around.

“Its nothing special, but some people want to bully us.

How arrogant they are to force us to kneel down and apologize.


Yue Xiaonaos words were only halfway through what she wanted to say.

Uncle Hu hurriedly interrupted, “Its just a dispute between the juniors.

I am the person in charge of the Beast Arena.

Your juniors have broken the rules here and damaged some buildings.

Above all, that girl hurt the face of the princess of our Beast Arena and talked disrespectfully to Lu Ling who was the daughter of Lu Shuihan, the elder of the Star-shooting House.

You have to give us an explanation.

Of course, I am not qualified to talk to you.

I have already informed the owner of the Beast Arena.

He will talk to you after he arrives.”

“You want an explanation”

Zhang Han chuckled and suddenly slapped him.

There was a loud bang.

A layer of energy gathered in the shape of a palm beside Uncle Hu.

In an instant, he got a slap, which caused a bloody mist.

Uncle Hus body flew backward a hundred meters.

He collapsed to the ground and was on the verge of death.


Amman Myernie and his fellows widened their eyes.

They would never have expected the elders of these girls to make a move directly.

“Oh my god!”

“Who is he He actually made a move directly.

He… he is too violent.”

The dozens of people, watching the fight in the distance, were stunned.


Those men in black, Lu Ling, and their fellows were also shivering with fear.

Under their frightened gazes, Zhang Han asked, “Who else wants an explanation”


Silence fell over the field, and even the sound of a needle falling on the ground could be heard.

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