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Chapter 1255 To Revenge for the Smallest Grievance

“So, shes a gift from me.”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “How dare she plots against my daughter Its so nice of me to keep her alive.”

“She deserved it!” Felina, a girl of few words, also expressed her position.

“Mengmeng gave them several chances, but they always thought we are pushovers.”

Nina gave Felina a look of surprise.

She pursed her lips and said, “Yeah, if it werent for you all, we would have definitely been caught.

If we are taken away by them, without thinking, we will come to a miserable end.”


Zhao Feng gazed at Nina and said with a smile, “Master, look at them.

They know a lot now.

Also, the little princess is about to grow up.”

“Why should she grow up” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Shell still be my little princess even if she grows up.

Lets buy something to eat.

An Ancient Demonic Beast is going to battle with a human being at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage in the first area.

Lets go and watch.”

“Oh, oh.”

Mengmeng blinked her eyes and said, “The Ancient Demonic Beasts have appeared again.

Will Tiny Tot eat them in the battle”

“With its nature, it is really hard to say.” Yue Wuwei laughed out loud.

No one paid much attention to the dispute just now.

They bought some food as they walked.

Stefen silently followed behind them.

The members of the Myernie family had long returned, and they would constantly pay attention to this group of people.

Stefen was asked to inform them of any news immediately.

How could they not be afraid The opponent was an elder of the Star-shooting House.

“Dad, the skewer of green meat tastes good,” said Mengmeng while pointing to one side.

When they just passed by, they bought some of every kind of snack and had a taste of the snacks.

They did not buy much of each snack, for they planned to only take back something tasty.

They had not expected such a thing to happen.

“Then well buy some and eat while watching.”

Zhang Han smiled.

It was not him but Zhao Feng who was in charge of shopping.

“That drink also tastes good,” Chen Chuan said, “and that soft candy smells very good.”

“Look, the black stick is like sugar cane.

We bite it and squeeze the juice from it.”


After shopping for a while, they returned to the large room in the spectator hotel.

“Mengmeng, whats the matter Are you bullied” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Its all settled.

Its not a big deal,” replied Mengmeng.

After a few brief talks, everyone took some food and looked down at the big ring.

“Its about to start.”

“The one on the left is the Sword-tailed Tiger, which has sharp claws and teeth.

Besides, based on the introduction, its tail is as sharp as a sword, and it can be used as a weapon.

The one on the right is a human cultivator, at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.”

“According to the information just now, the Sword-tailed Tiger is at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

There is a gap in a stage.

In terms of combat capability, they are about the same.

Even if there is a gap between them, its insignificant.

This battle will be interesting.

On the scene, more than 90% of the spectators support the human cultivator.”

“After all, the Ancient Demonic Beasts have swept across so many planets.

We share the same hatred against them.

Who will support it”

“Well, there are indeed some people who support it.

Because of the bet, the Sword-tailed Tiger is at high odds, so there must be some people who support it for money.”

“Its starting!”

Under everyones gaze, a layer of energy rose from both sides of the ring.

Cheers suddenly rang out.

There came roars of the Sword-tailed Tiger.

“Kill that Sword-tailed Tiger!”

“Kill him!”

“The Human Clan will definitely win!”

Those who bet on the victory of the Sword-tailed Tiger did not dare to speak at this time.

They also knew that whoever asked for the victory of the Sword-tailed Tiger would be gazed at by the people around him.

If someone with a bad temper was present and made a move, it would be bad.

Its chain effect was very strong.

There had been some people fighting in groups in the Beast Arena.

Every fight would cause the blood to flow like a stream.

In the end, they would have to compensate for the great loss.


The two charged at each other in the arena.

Although the Sword-tailed Tiger was in human shape, he was still agile when fighting.

He threw a punch with his right hand, and a tiger claw shadow appeared.

Even the energy affected by he could not be seen clearly.

Continuous muffled sounds sounded.

An intense battle had begun.

At the same time, the atmosphere was still silent in the hall where the accident had just taken place.

“I found it!”

A man in black suddenly said, “Zhang Hanyang came from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It is said that he came from a mysterious place.

When he appeared, he had a conflict with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

As a first-class force in the Sea Dragon Star Area, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was in charge of the Sea Central Star Area.

It had countless disciples and was powerful.

However, facing Zhang Hanyang and the allied forces such as the Cloud Shadow Sky, they launched a war that involved the whole Star Area.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was destroyed, and Zhang Hanyang was very influential.

He was very famous in the Sea Central Star Area.

It is said that the Heavenly Group also came from his force.”

“Its just the Sea Dragon Star Area.” Lu Shuihans eyes flashed with a green light.

The fury that he had suppressed for a long time finally burst out.

But what the man in black said next extinguished his anger.

At this time, the owner of the Beast Arena next to him said, “We cant let him go!”

“According to reliable information, Zhang Hanyang appeared near the Blue Sand Wind Domain not long ago when the Rising Sun Operation started.

He is the man in black who killed Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon.”


Ma Li choked on his saliva and spat out almost all the food that he had just eaten.

His eyes bulged with fear, “Really”

“How could that be”

Lu Shuihans face turned pale, and fear and deep anger flashed in his eyes.

He had almost been tricked!

“Whats going on with him Why is he here How could he be the person”


Lu Shuihan was angry and made a fierce palm print on Lu Lings body.


The jade person was smashed into pieces.

It was impossible to imagine.

How could Lu Shuihan provoke him

“Its him!”

Lu Shuihan was full of anger, looking as if he was going to kill someone.

“Elder, Zhang Hanyang is in the Void-refining Realm.” Ma Li was lost in thought.

He even had a trace of relief.

At least, his youngest daughter, Ma Lin, was still alive.

“It seemed that horrible existence had shown mercy.”

Ma Li felt lucky and had a lingering fear.

“This damned Ma Lin.

She had caused trouble!”

Had they not been careful enough, they would have ended up being killed.

Having lingering fear in his heart, he felt scared even when thinking about it.

Fortunately, the other party had left by the time he arrived.

Otherwise… He didnt dare to imagine what if he had seen the scene before the person left.

Had he gotten angry and provoked the person, what would have happened

Oh, how could it be him

Ma Li didnt dare to speak at this time for fear of angering Lu Shuihan.

Elder Lu was arrogant and vengeful.

“What should I do Should I persuade him”

He felt his heart was heavy.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Lu Shuihan launched several attacks arbitrarily, destroying the hall.

He smashed it into a mess.

“He destroyed my vessel!”

“So that it will take me a longer time.”

“He destroyed the foundation of my cultivation!”

“Good job!”

“Do you think that you Zhang Hanyang alone can match up to the Star-shooting House”

“Since you have destroyed my vessel, Ill destroy your family!”

The furious Lu Shuihans eyes turned red.

The other people present didnt dare to speak.

It was silent for ten minutes.

Lu Shuihans red eyes fell silent.

He closed his eyes and rested.

The breeze blew his hair.

His revealed face made people feel a little cruel.

Gradually, the wind stopped.

The cruelty had also dissipated.

He calmed down.

He suddenly opened his eyes and said with a smile.

“Since Lu Ling has offended the person, she deserves to die.

Ma Li, come with me to meet Zhang Hanyang and get his forgiveness.”

“Ah Okay, its all up to you.” Ma Li thought he had misheard.

He didnt expect Lu Shuihan to make such a decision.

He was sure that they were no match for Zhang Hanyang.

He expected that Lu Shuihan would leave in silence, report it to the sect, and send more people to question him at most.

He couldnt imagine what Lu Shuihan would do in his heart.

“Oh, but as an apology, shouldnt you take Ma Lin with you Lu Ling is dead.

Why is she alive” Lu Shuihan said lightly.


Mali felt a chill in his heart.

His face also became a little pale.

Then he quickly bent down.

“This is Ma Lins fault, but… Elder Lu, please help me.

I have worked for the Star-shooting House for many years.

From now on, I will follow Elder Lus orders.”

“I can help you.”

Lu Shuihan didnt keep him guessing and said directly, “But you have to do one thing first.”

“Elder, please go ahead.” Ma Li let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Delay Zhang Hanyang for two days, whatever method you will use,” Lu Shuihan said word by word.

“Okay, I will try my best to do it.”

Ma Lis heart skipped a beat.

Elder Lu was not going to be kind.

How could he stall the Demon King for time for two days

“You must do that, not trying your best.

Do you understand” Lu Shuihans eyes were cold and fierce.

Sweat broke out on Ma Lis forehead.

He wiped his sweat and said, “Ill do it.”

Ma Lin had made up his mind.

Even if he had to drag the other party and beg, he would not hesitate.

He had several ways.

Once having no other way, he would resign himself to fate.

He didnt dare to offend Zhang Hanyang now.

At this time, Lu Shuihan was in a cold state, so he didnt dare to refuse.

“Perhaps when Elder Lu calms down, it will be over.”

Ma Li comforted himself in his heart.

“Okay,” he said with a nod.

Lu Shuihan patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Lets go and apologize to Zhang Hanyang.”


Ma Li nodded.

The two and several of Lu Shuihans men walked to the platform.

They did not fly over but walked straight away.

When they came near, they heard the roars of countless people.


They turned their head to have a look.

The battle between the Sword-tailed Tiger and the Dao Seeking Cultivator of the Human Clan was intense.

But it could be seen that the Dao Seeking Cultivator of the Human Clan was more powerful.

With such high-frequency attacks, the Sword-tailed Tiger might die on the spot in less than a minute.

“Ah! Be careful!”

“How could this be”

Half a minute later, a lot of exclamations appeared.

It turned out that the Dao Seeking Cultivator of the Human Clan was hit.

He spat out blood and was seriously injured.

In the face of the killing move of the Sword-tailed Tiger, he quickly dodged and admitted defeat.

He came to the edge of the arena, and battle clothes appeared on his body, directly passing through the energy layer.

The Sword-tailed Tigers eyes were fierce and cold, saying, “The weak.”

He didnt kill his opponent.

With a Beast Arenaiful expression, he uttered the words and turned to step down.

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