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Chapter 1259 Powerful Hu Tiandao

“How dare you!”

The middle-aged man was furious, and he felt frightened.

Feeling the momentum, he realized that if in the place attacked, he might have died in seconds.


His heart had skipped a beat.

“Oh no, the other party was a strong person in the Shadow Refining!” He was at a loss.

The cabin door of the three king vessels opened quickly.

More than a dozen panicked disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion flew out.

They retreated rapidly and hid far away.


The astonishing biting force of the Thunderbolt Crocodile split the three king vessels into halves.

Large amounts of fiery light erupted in the void.

“An enemy attack!” The middle-aged mans face turned pale, and he quickly reported the news to the sect.

At this time, Zhang Han looked at him indifferently.

“I can only stay here for ten minutes.

If he comes, he will die.

If he doesnt come, the entire Star-shooting House will be buried with him.”


The middle-aged man felt as if having been struck by a thunderbolt from the clear sky.

He felt like his words were exploding in his ears, making his brain buzz.

In the starry sky, the tiny boat appeared to be weak but had such a powerful expert.

As expected, Zhang Hanyang was the person who could kill the Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon.

“He was so amazing!” The middle-aged man was in charge of the space station not far ahead.

He knew that Lu Shuihan had just returned and the words Lu Shuihan had said.

But facing such a situation, he still didnt dare to refute, so he said, “There are a total of 13 space stations of the Shooting Stars.

Many people come and go there every day.

I dont know about the return of Elder Lu Shuihan.

Moreover, he has gone to the Flowing Water Star to serve as the city lord of the Poshi City.

He will not come back in a short time.

May I know your name Since you want to find Elder Lu Shuihan, I can report it to my superior.”

“You dont deserve to know my name,” Yue Wuwei said disdainfully, “cut the crap.

Ask him to come out.

Otherwise, he will incriminate your whole sect.

At that time, dont blame me for not reminding you.”

“Okay.” The middle-aged man gave a wry smile.

He was clear.

However, his expression looked a little confused.

He was tactful and had acting skills.

He waved his hand and stopped the dozens of king vessels lined up behind him.

Then he reported the news back.

On the surface of the planet, Lu Shuihan was inside the cultivators abode behind a mountain peak.

“Master, have they come” Lu Shuihan said.

The First Elder of Star-shooting House, Nan Long, nodded slightly after reading the communication message.

“Yes, theyve caught up with us.

They like seeking revenge for the smallest grievance.


“Humph, they destroyed my vessel and stopped my path of cultivation.

Why couldnt I kill several people of them How dare they come to me” Lu Shuihan showed a cold smile, and his face looked unhappy.

“Its just a vessel of the Dongxu Clan.

It is not important at all.

Although it had been destroyed, you shouldnt have made such a big fuss.” Nan Long rubbed his chin and sighed.

“I cant stand it.

The people of the Dongxu Clan are rare.” Lu Shuihan said.

“Since you have done it, it doesnt matter.

Although Zhang Hanyang is very strong, he is not qualified to go against the Star-shooting House.” Nan Long said indifferently, “he has just arrived and doesnt know the rules of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

I will make him know that he is not strong enough to suppress a major sect of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Master, does the Sect Leader know about this” Lu Shuihan asked.

“He has known it just now.

Now, he is chatting with some distinguished guests.

Ill deal with it for the time being,” Nan Long said.

“I see.” Lu Shuihan cupped his hands.

Nan Long smiled faintly and said, “Since the Sect Leader hasnt dealt with him in person, it means that he is not afraid of Zhang Hanyang.

Although Zhang Hanyang has killed the Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon and is very powerful, he is just a reckless man.

There are also many experts in the Shadow Refining Realm of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province who can do it.

But they did not kill the two considering the overall situation.

How can Zhang Hanyang be assured even if there is a mysterious expert in the Sea Dragon Star Area, regardless of the overall situation”

“Youre right, Master,” Lu Shuihan replied.

“Its time to go and deal with Zhang Hanyang,” Nan Long said.

“You stay here.

They cant find you in my abode.”

Swoosh! After finishing his words, Nan Long left the abode, entered an aircraft, and quickly rose into the air.

After a while, Nan Long landed in the void of the universe with more than a dozen elders.

They came to the opposite side of Zhang Han and others.

“Oh Its Zhang Hanyang.” Nan Long chuckled and said, “Its my pleasure to meet you.

May I know why youre looking for Elder Lu Shuihan”

“Kill him.”

“Kill him” Nan Longs face changed, and the color in his eyes faded.

“I dont know how Elder Lu offended you, Mr.


Why do you come here to kill him”

“Hand him over,” Yue Wuwei frowned slightly and uttered these three words.


Zhang, dont be so reckless.” Nan Long sighed softly.

“If you have any dispute, why dont you sit down and talk about it As an elder of the Star-shooting House, Lu Shuihans identity and status belong to the upper class in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Every elder is the foundation of the Star-shooting House, representing the face of the Star-shooting House.

What you want to do is really inappropriate.

If you do that, you will ruin the face of the Star-shooting House but do nothing good for you.

Please think about it carefully.”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows and smiled, but what he said next made the faces of Nan Long and the others change.

He chuckled and said, “Who do you think you are How dare come out and make me think about it carefully Do you think you can deal with the matter Does the face of your Star-shooting House have anything to do with me”

“How dare you!” Nan Longs face instantly darkened.


Zhang, do you think you can go against the Star-shooting House on your own”

“Theres still one minute left.

If he doesnt come, Ill kill your people until you send him out.” Zhang Hans smile gradually faded, and his tone was calm as if he was talking about a trivial matter.

“Do you know what you are saying” The corners of Nan Longs mouth could not stop trembling.

He didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang didnt obey the rules.

“How dare he make trouble on the main star of the Star-shooting House”

“Okay,” Nan Long was enraged.

But he didnt dare to say anything excessive.

He was at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage and had only been in the Void-refining Realm for three years.

His strength was not strong, so he was afraid of Zhang Hanyang.

Just as he was about to inform the Sect Leader of the news, a loud laugh came from a distance, as loud as thunder.

“Zhang Hanyang, its you.

I met you in the Blue Sand Wind Domain a few days ago.

Youre a young hero.”

The Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House, Hu Tiandao, came!

In the eyes of people, a figure in white quickly flew over from the distance.

In a few blinks of an eye, he came close.

He smiled and said, “I heard about the dispute here.

I didnt intend to come here.

But when I knew Zhang Hanyang had come in person, I came.

I admire you very much.

You dared to kill the Peacock King with your fists, so I think you are brave.

I dont know what happened here.

Can you tell me If anyone has offended you, I will deal with it seriously.”

“Its not a big deal.

Just hand over Lu Shuihan,” Zhang Han said.

Hu Tiandao was an expert good at using sabers.

It was said he had already been in the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage 30 years ago.

30 years had passed, and his saber skills were inestimable.

Now he ranked 10th among those experts in the Void-refining Realm in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

He was powerful.

“Okay,” Hu Tiandao nodded, “check it out.

If Lu Shuihan is here, call him over.”

“Yes,” The First Elder, Nan Long, cupped his hands and inquired.

After a few seconds, he said, “Elder Lu Shuihan went to Flowing Water Star not long ago to serve as the City Lord of the Poshi City.

He is still there and hasnt returned yet.”

“Oh, thats a pity.

In that case, you cant make it clear now here,” Hu Tiandao smiled and said, “can you tell me what happened between you and Elder Lu As the Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House, I will deal with it fairly and seriously.”

“Dont pretend to be naive here,” Yue Wuwei said impatiently, “dont you know that Lu Shuihan fled from the Flowing Water Star to here”

“As the Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House, I certainly know that he is not here.” Hu Tiandao smiled less brightly.

“You dont want to hand him over” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Its not that I dont want to.

Since he is not here, I cant hand him over now.” Hu Tiandao smiled less brightly and said calmly, “Ive said that Im the Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House.

You can tell me anything about your dispute.

As a big sect, Star-shooting House is fair when dealing with things.

Of course, Star-shooting House is not weak.

With your one-sided words, its difficult for me to deal with the matter.

I admire you very much for what you did in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Ill also show respect for you if you want.”

At the end of his words, Hu Tiandao spread out his hands.

“If you tell me the truth, I will punish Lu Shuihan and let it go.

Im showing respect for you.

If you dont want it, Im sorry, but I wont spoil you.”

“Eh Its very lively here!”

Suddenly, several sounds came from not far away.

Five king vessels approached quickly.

Several people flew down from one of the king vessels on the left.

The leader was Loshanwu, the patriarch of the Lo family.

His companions were Lorry, her mother Dong Xiang, and several people that Zhang Han hadnt met before.

Loshanwu was extremely friendly.

With a smile on his face, he approached them and laughed.

“Zhang Hanyang, its such a coincidence to meet you here.

Ha… I miss you so much since the last time we parted.

Lets go and drink a lot of good wine I brought back from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

I am waiting to entertain you.”

The Sect Leader of the Star-shooting House, Hu Tiandao, slightly narrowed his eyes.

“What was the relationship between Zhang Hanyang and Loshanwu”

The power of the Lo family was far inferior to that of the Star-shooting House.

It was just a small family.

However, it had several powerful Grand Masters, so it had higher status than the Star-shooting House.

Just now, Hu Tiandao and some of the major forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had been discussing the battle for the Dragon Ranking Competition.

Unexpectedly, they left and came over.

Loshanwu didnt even ask anything.

When seeing the situation, he directly greeted Zhang Hanyang.

It showed his attitude.

If the two sides had a disruption, he would definitely stand on Zhang Hanyangs side!

Hu Tiandao was lost in thought.

Since the thing had happened like this, it was useless to talk more about it.

Even the Lo family should show respect for the Star-shooting House.

Swoosh! About 50 or 60 people flew out of the other four king vessels.

When they got close, they greeted the people present one after another.

“Patriarch Luo, do you know Zhang Hanyang”

“Zhang Hanyang is a well-known figure in a battle.

He is peerless.

He has killed the Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon with his fists.

I often remember the scene.

He is really powerful.

I am the second elder of the Honghu Sect.”

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