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Chapter 1261 Becoming a King

“Zhang Hanyang, where do you want to go this time Since youve come to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, please visit my Lo family.

Ive prepared a lot of good wine for you.” Loshanwu laughed and said, “We have been to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven not long ago.

Well, its for breaking off Lotaos engagement.

But we failed.

When coming back, we heard you had been a Dao Seeking Cultivator in the Shadow Refining.

Youre so amazing.

I admire you so much.”

“Youve also improved your strength, havent you” Zhang Han laughed.

He sensed the traces of energy that Loshanwu occasionally released.

Loshanwu had just broken through, so he couldnt take charge of his improved strength fully.

At the Peak-Stage of the God Transformation, Loshanwu was only one step away from the Void-refining Realm.

Zhang Han couldnt find out the persons natural endowments.

Considering Loshanwus style of doing things and his overflowing aura, Zhang Han knew that he wouldnt be stuck in the God Transformation Realm.

“I was lucky to break through because I had encountered a secret realm in the Astral Domain and obtained some good stuff,” Loshanwu shook his head, “the Astral Domain is so large.

It has many subordinate Star Areas.

Every Star Area has a Star Province.

They basically have relatively safe secondary spatial passages.

Its quite convenient to come and go there.

Itll save a lot of time compared to a meaningless flight.”

“Lets go to the Blue Sand Wind Domain first and check the situation.

After settling the affairs of the Star-shooting House, we will go back to the Sea Dragon Star Area and come to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province after a while,” Zhang Han said.

Loshanwu was speechless.

“After settling the affairs of the Star-shooting House Oh my god, its so easy to say that.”

“The Blue Sand Wind Domain Could it be…” Yue Wuwei suddenly thought of something, looked straight at Zhang Han with some uncertainty, and asked, “can it work”

“Yes, when those guys came to call us, I almost knew what they meant.

Its not a bad thing.

We can go and have a look,” Zhang Han nodded.

“What are you talking about” Yue Wuwei was stunned and did not understand.

However, Zhang Han smiled and didnt say anything more.

He looked straight at him and said, “Youll know when we get there.”

The reason why the elders of those ancient demonic beasts told the juniors to contact him had a few possibilities.

First, the ancient demonic beasts were afraid of being killed.

They couldnt bear the toll, so they went to Zhang Han for a talk, the so-called negotiation.

Second, Tiny Tot was at the top level of the ancient demonic beasts and grew up in an extremely heaven-defying way.

It was born with many means and could learn a lot of skills.

In the universe, it had few natural enemies.

Those in the Blue Sand Wind Domain valued Tiny Tots identity and wanted to follow it in advance.

Third, they just wanted to negotiate to solve the crisis and didnt want their juniors to take the risk of being eaten outside.

As for what the reason was, Zhang Han and his companions would go there and know it.

Zhang Han felt that it should be the second possibility.

Ancient demonic beasts had their territories, like tribes, respectively.

Every territory had a leader.

Maybe the Blue Sand Wind Domain also wanted to have a leader like the Ancient Cursed Roc.

Tiny Tot was still young, and its potential was great.

After a few years, it would be easy for it to deal with the Great Devils.

“You have something to do in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

I wonder if itll be inconvenient for us to be here.” Loshanwu asked.

“Nothing serious,” Zhang Han said, “I will only talk about something there.”

“Okay.” Loshanwu thought for a moment and said, “By the way, the Dragon Ranking Competition should have been held recently.

However, because of this matter, it was delayed.

It may take place about a year later.

The people of the Zhenlong Faction are here to keep watch.

They have investigated the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

It is said after the successful negotiation and a period of peace, it will take some time for those Star Areas to recuperate and stabilize before holding the Dragon Ranking Competition.”

“In the Dragon Ranking Competition, I can only participate at the level of over 40 years old.

Maybe there are some old demons in the Shadow Refining.

The rewards of the competition are generous.

I hope that I can get a good ranking this time.

Anyway, I have to rank in the top 100.” Loshanwu said with a smile, “Zhang Hanyang, you are young.

Can you participate at the middle level If you can participate, I dont think anyone can compete with you.

Im sure you will win first place.

For thousands of years, I have never heard of anyone in the Void-refining Realm who is between 20 and 40 years old other than you.”

“The Dragon Ranking Competition…” Zhang Han laughed and said, “let them play.

Im not interested in the Dragon Ranking Competition.”

Along the way, they chatted and laughed.

Lorry soon integrated into Mengmengs small group.

Compared with before, she was much more cheerful now.

When a person felt stressed and couldnt resist, the person was incomparably oppressed.

Lorrys previous pressure came from her mothers illness.

Now she had no pressure.

She was young and liked to play.

Soon, she got along well with Mengmeng and her companions.

Then she chatted, ate, and cultivated together with them.

Two days later, they arrived at the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The familiar environment made the Giant-toothed Wolf, Three-tailed Rat, and Sword-tailed Tiger let out sighs of relief.

They had been nervous these days, having been observing the expressions of those people all the time, for fear that the people were unhappy and wanted to vent their anger.

If they ate the three, it was over.

Every time they took out the meat of the ancient demonic beasts, they burst into tears.

“We usually defeat people.

But in their place, we are beaten.”

“We have arrived.”

“Lets go in.”

“My lord,” the Giant-toothed Wolf whispered, “may I lead the way for you”



A gap in the top of the ship opened, and the Giant-toothed Wolf flew out.

It plunged into the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Then it walked inside for a long time.

Then it arrived at a white enchantment, the Giant-toothed Wolf burst out some energy.

It seemed it had opened a passage.

A gap appeared in front of the white mist.

A border of a continent could be seen.

It was like a continent floating in the void.

It was very dim, without light.

It was quiet all around and infernal.

There was no vivacity.

Maybe one could find a few dried bones on the ground.

The coldness and silence are part of the features of this continent.


Yue Wuwei controlled the spaceship and went straight into it.

“Its so cold!” Many people shivered.

The temperature here was too low.

Clatter! Zhang Han raised two layers of energy to isolate the low temperature.

“Ow!” The Giant-toothed Wolf roared.




All sorts of roars could be heard, accompanied by monstrous auras.

Some of the beasts were in the Integration Realm and the Void-refining Realm.

“Im so nervous.

Were about to face the elders of those ancient demonic beasts.

Even the people of the Zhenlong Faction were afraid of the Great Devils at the heart of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.” Loshanwu gasped.

The ancient demonic beasts always appeared in the wilderness of the universe.

The so-called wilderness was a place that the Human Clan had never explored.

The universe was large, but the planets were small.

Countless dangers were accompanied by countless adventures.

A group of people had spent most of their time in the wilderness looking for great opportunities.

Ancient demonic beasts were rare.

Many cultivators might not have seen them for times in their lives.

But those Dao Seeking Cultivators staying in the wildness of the Star Area could often see the ancient demonic beasts.

Those ancient demonic beasts having the bloodline of the ancient times and able to transform into human shapes were at the middle or low levels.

They had a relatively large number.

The recs, Nine-tailed Devilish Foxes, True Dragons, and so on were the top ancient demonic beasts.

They could be called the real ancient demonic beasts.

Once coming to this land, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei quickly checked it.

“There is an energy layer ahead.” Yue Wuwei frowned and said, “that should be the center of a vortex.

The change is not over yet.”

Only an edge of the continent could be seen.

The front was like an ice wall without boundaries.

It appeared there as if it would never disappear.

The natural Starry Sky Formation swallowed up a continent of the ancient demonic beasts.

The evolution had just begun.

It meant that there might be more horrible creatures inside.

But they hadnt gotten out yet.

This situation was not a good thing for the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“But the change is constant.

Judging from the degree of hardness, it should not be a problem for the time being.

In the future, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province may become a wilderness Star Area,” Yue Wuwei said with some emotion.

“They are coming.” Zhang Han looked to the right.

Everyones eyes also converged in the direction.

They saw a lot of strange beasts flying over.

At first glance, there were hundreds of them.

They were different from the ones outside.

The strange beasts here were much larger.

There was a giant tiger more than 40 meters long and a One-horned White Horse more than one meter long.

The One-horned White Horses aura was very intimidating, and it moved very fast.

Most of the strange beasts were in the Shadow Refining Realm, and some of them were in the Integration Realm.

“The ancient demonic beasts on the border of the continent have reached such a level.

How about the ones inside” Yue Wuwei shook his head.

They might be in the Mastery Realm or the Tribulation Stage.

How could there be such a place in the Sea Dragon Star Area

The Domain of Seven Desolations and the Land of Sealed Demons had appeared.

Now, the continent of the ancient demonic beasts appeared.

“There is something strange!

“This is strange!”

Yue Wuwei suddenly thought of something and got shocked.

“It is nearly impossible for such a thing to happen in small Star Areas.

Even if it happens, its impossible to have so many continents appearing one by one.

The Domain of Seven Desolations and the continent of the ancient demonic beasts have appeared one after another.

Could it be that the Saint Warrior Planet had something to do with the Master

“If Master did it, it makes sense.

Only the master has such incredible power.

But, whats the purpose of the master The Northernmost Sea has treasures connected to the Domain of Seven Desolations.

What does the Land of Sealed Demons seal

“Whats the meaning of the appearance of the ancient demonic beast continent


Although Master can do it, there are many mysteries in many places.

Perhaps this is the result caused by the change of heaven and earth.

The Domain of Seven Desolations should have something to do with Master.

Otherwise, with Masters will, that kind of situation would not happen.”

“Alas.” Yue Wuwei suddenly sighed.

He did not know many things.

When thinking of his master, he seemed to have no interest in these ancient demonic beasts in front of him.

“There are so many of them!”

“Whoa…” Dahei also poked its head out.

It saw such a grand scene for the first time.

They seemed to be more imposing than the seniors of the Giant Ape Clan.

“Murmur.” Tiny Tot crawled out of Mengmengs school bag and was about to walk forward.

But Mengmeng held it in her arms.


Murmur.” Taking a closer look, she found that it was drooling.

“Hiss!” Loshanwu gasped and whispered, “there are so many ancient demonic beasts.

What great pressure! They are all in Dominator grade.

Will they attack us”

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Many of those ancient demonic beasts were roaring.

Some of them howled, and others had ferocious faces.

They were aggressive as if they were running over to eat people.

The fierce power made everyone feel anxious.

“Zhang Hanyang!”

“Zhang Hanyang.”

“He is Zhang Hanyang.”

“A Dao Seeking Cultivator of the Human Clan.”

A series of low and deep voices came from the group of the ancient demonic beasts.

They were getting closer and closer.

If there was a sun, the group of ancient demonic beasts was large enough to cover the sky and the sun.

“Zhang Hanyang, youre here.”

Eventually, as a representative, the small One-horned White Horse spoke first.

Its eyes looked calm.

There wasnt any viciousness in them but rather a bit of spirituality.

They made a quiet atmosphere.

“Please speak ahead,” Zhang Han said.

“Well, Ill put it bluntly.

In the periphery of the continent, the land that has been swallowed here, I can be regarded as the leader of the beasts in front of me.” The One-horned White Horse said, “In our continent, there are many ancient demonic beasts having their own territories.

Each territory has a king.

Its no exaggeration to say that in our continent, every king has at least reached the Mastery Realm.

Some of the kings are mighty figures in the Tribulation Stage.

For example, the Land of Extreme Yang belongs to the Three-clawed Violent Dragon.

We dont know why we cant go out of and in the continent freely.

In this starry sky, I didnt expect that we could find an ancient demonic beast of the King Clan.

The powerful roc can become the king of our group.

In the future, more ancient demonic beasts will appear on the continent and respect it.”

Speaking of this, the One-horned White Horse slightly lowered its head and slowly said, “your honorable King Roc, we are willing to become your subordinate demonic beasts.”

“King Roc! If we are your subordinates, please dont eat those juniors.

They are too young and small!”

A giant elephant spoke in human language.

Loshanwu was curious.

“What happened

“They are talking about a roc coming from the King Clan of the ancient demonic beasts, right

“Hiss! Zhang Hanyang has raised a roc”

“Oh my god, how could it be”

Loshanwu widened his eyes, and his expression was filled with disbelief.

Its hard to believe that a people could raise such an ancient demonic beast.

“Zhang Hanyang, whats your relationship with King Roc” The One-horned White Horse asked calmly.

“Oh, Tiny Tot is my wifes spiritual pet,” Zhang Han said.

The One-horned White Horse was momentarily absent-minded, “A spiritual pet”

“Her pet”

Loshanwu was a little confused and looked at Zi Yan in a daze.

“How could it be King Roc is a spiritual pet”

“Oh, my Grand Master.

King Roc turns out to be a humans spiritual pet.”

“Oh my god.

It seems to be hard to live a happy life.”

The group of the ancient demonic beasts thumped their chests and stamped their feet as they roared.

“Its indeed my spiritual pet.”

Zi Yan blinked quickly, raised her right hand slightly, and communicated with Tiny Tot.

Hiss! Tiny Tot turned into a streak of black flowing light and entered Zi Yans wrist.

A small imprint in a tadpole shape appeared on her wrist.

“Its true.”

The One-horned White Horse lowered its head, looking very helpless.

After a few seconds of hesitation, it slowly raised its head and said, “it is very awkward, but we still keep our original decision and let the roc become our king.”

“Then,” the One-horned White Horse thought for a while and asked, “we want to know, what kind of species does King Roc belong to”

Swoosh! Loshanwu, Dong Xiang, Lorry, and many other ancient demonic beasts looked at Zi Yan.

At this moment, she could have a queen-like aura.

However, she seemed to be in a daze.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “Ancient Cursed Roc.”

When hearing these words appeared, they were shocked.

The words seemed like a bolt of lightning that struck the ancient demonic beasts, causing many of the gigantic demonic beasts to tremble.

“Whine! ” The One-horned White Horses eyes were staring with wide-open eyes, with white smoke rising from its nose.

It neighed several times.


It seemed to be crazy and ran quickly around.

The sound of hooves was as loud as thunder!

It was so fast that it looked like one white flowing light.

Even Shi Fenghou was no match for it.

“Whine! Its an Ancient Cursed Roc, Whine! An Ancient Cursed Roc, ha…” The One-horned White Horse cried out in surprise.

A Golden Python more than 300 meters long looked flattering.

It slid forward dozens of meters, looked at Zi Yans wrist, and said in a sharp and gentle tone, “King Roc, please come out and show us your honor and glory! If you want, I will be yours.”

“Poof!” Zhang Guangyou spat directly.

He hadnt expected such a fierce Golden Python said such a thing.

“Ancient Cursed Roc! Oh my god! Its too vicious.

No wonder it could devour so many juniors so easily.”

“Oh, King Roc, please come out quickly.”

“These ancient beasts were not reserved at all!”

The crowd sighed with emotion in their hearts.

Loshanwu was almost dumbstruck by what he had seen.

“Okay.” Seeing Zi Yan looking at him, Zhang Han nodded with a smile.

“Get out of here.”

Zi Yan said softly.

She raised her palm.

Hiss! A black flowing light rushed out quickly.

Hiss! In an instant, it became huge.

It had a huge body, intelligent eyes, crystal blue tail wings, and wings, surrounded by a black fog.

“Its name, Tiny Tot, is really quintessential,” Loshanwu said stupidly.

“How big it is.” Lorrys voice was filled with shock.

No one could have imagined such a result.

“King Roc!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Youre so handsome!”

These ancient demonic beasts were in a frenzy.

However, no one expected Tiny Tot to drool when seeing them.

Swoosh! The expressions of these ancient demonic beasts changed drastically.

“Tiny Tot, dont eat them now.” Zi Yan said.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot opened its mouth and called out.

The sound was clear and ethereal as if it came from all directions.

In fact, it didnt prepare to eat them.

It could feel that although the souls of the ancient demonic beasts here were helpful to it, it couldnt eat them.

Some of them were powerful.

“I cant eat them.

They will make my belly burst.”

“Whoosh…” The One-horned White Horse was excited.

“Please wait a moment.

Ill inform my clansmen to come back now!”

Buzz! The horn on the One-horned White Horses head emitted a white light.

Waves of fluctuations rippled in the surrounding space.

It was releasing a signal to inform its clansmen.

At this moment, Zhang Han knew that this One-horned White Horse was the king of these ancient demonic beasts.

Or it was a temporary leader in this change.

Its strength should be the strongest among them, and it had the power of Integration.

However, it was bowing towards Tiny Tot.

There was no other way.

The Ancient Cursed Roc alone represented infinite possibilities.

“If I become the number two of the clan.

Then in the future, when King Roc goes out to travel, the entire continent will be under my control.

Whine!” When the One-horned White Horse thought of this, it became even more excited.

“King Roc, please go to the place where we rest and have a break.

When our clansmen come, we will carry out the king title ceremony.” The One-horned White Horse said softly.

“Coo.” Tiny Tot didnt seem to understand, nor was it interested.

After looking at the other party a few times, it became a penguin shape and returned to Mengmengs book bag in a swaying manner.

During the process, it even called out twice.

Seeing this scene, the One-horned White Horse was stunned for a few seconds.

“Why does King Roc like to become so ugly and small

But it doesnt matter.

It is an Ancient Cursed Roc, very powerful even in the Roc Clan.

If rocs grow up, powerful as they are, they will not pay attention to anyone even if they are begged to be a king.

They may even eat the others in one bite.

The strong are lonely.

The Ancient Cursed Roc is also a lone hero in the universe.

It is incredibly powerful.

“Zhang Hanyang, King Roc is your spiritual pet, but we are not.

Even if we recognize it as our king, we will not obey your orders directly.” The One-horned White Horse said proudly.

“Okay.” Zhang Han was satisfied with their arrogance on the surface.

It was even smoother than he had imagined.

Zhang Han had guessed such a thing but didnt expect that the other party would decide so quickly.

“It seems that among the ancient demonic beasts, the Ancient Cursed Roc and even the Roc Clan are relatively powerful.

I dont know much about the ancient demonic beasts, even the ancient demonic beasts may not know themselves well.

They may just know that the Ancient Cursed Roc is a rare and powerful creature in the Roc Clan.

It has a natural deterrent.” Zhang Han thought for a while.

There were some things that he didnt know yet.

When Tiny Tot opened its mouth to speak and communicate with him, he would be able to figure them out.

Following the ancient demonic beasts, they came to the place where they usually rested.

On the continent with only the tip of the iceberg, there was a mountain range.

They lived there.

There were canyons, waterfalls, and flowing water.

The scenery was not bad, but with no sunshine.

Without sunlight, it lacked vitality.

After waiting for a long time, juniors came one after another from outside.

After a while, more than 10,000 ancient demonic beasts had gathered here.

Some of them came back from the outside, and the others came from their habitats.

The number of their elders, those ancient demonic beasts in the Shadow Refining and Integration Realm, was small.

“Its time to start.” The One-horned White Horse looked at Zhang Han.

“How to start” Zhang Han didnt understand how to become a king among the ancient demonic beasts.

The Cultivation World had much-involved knowledge.

Even though Zhang Han was an experienced man, there were still many things that he didnt know.

“The King Clan of the ancient demonic beasts had memories related to the martial arts heritage of predecessors of the title of king.” The One-horned White Horse seemed a little excited.

It was looking forward to the Ancient Cursed Roc becoming the king of all.

It was even more looking forward to Tiny Tot becoming the king of the entire continent!

At that time, it would be the number two on the continent.

“Ha…” Thinking about it, the One-horned White Horses heart trembled.

It was extremely excited.

Their elders were at the center of the continent.

When they discovered that it had recognized an Ancient Cursed Roc as the big brother, their shocked expressions would be extremely interesting.

“Tiny Tot, go ahead.” Zi Yans face was full of smiles.

She was also surprised by the scene in front of her.

She had an even more indescribable feeling in her heart.

From the very beginning, Tiny Tot was her spirit beast.

Now, she knew Tiny Tot was a natural-born from the King Clan.

Many powerful ancient demonic beasts would surrender to it.

It was the future king of a clan.

“Its amazing.”


Murmur.” Tiny Tot shouted twice and crawled out of Mengmengs bag.

“Your…” Mengmeng said, “they will recognize you as their king.”

“Murmur” Tiny Tot shook its head.

As it saw the scene in front, it sank into deep thought.

“Coo!” Five seconds later, it seemed to understand something.

Clatter! Its figure suddenly became bigger, and the original body of the Ancient Cursed Roc appeared.

Its eyes were filled with a faint dark glint.

Waves of a spirit aura seeped out in all directions.

Buzz! There were invisible fluctuations.

More than 10,000 ancient beasts in front of it roared.

The black light covered the sky and the sun like a large dark cloud.

Then tens of thousands of black lines appeared.

This was a unique skill of the Ancient Cursed Roc.

It came from the martial arts heritage of predecessors of the King Clan of the ancient demonic beasts.

The kings title ceremony was about to begin!

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