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Chapter 1262 A Terrifying Disaster Arrival

Both the One-horned White Horse and the Giant-toothed Wolf that brought Zhang Han and the others in, crawled on the ground to receive the baptism of the light black energy.

Every ounce of energy had drilled into their bodies.

“Great! Great! The Ancient Cursed Roc.

Ha, Im going to become the King Roc!”

“From now on, let me see who dares to show their fangs and brandish their claws with us.

It wont be long before we unify the whole continent.”

“King Roc!”

The whole ceremony was carried out very quickly.

About ten seconds later, after every ancient demonic beast absorbed the black energy, a black mist suddenly shrouded their bodies and then dissipated.

The ceremony was over.

Even the howling wind ceased.




More than 10,000 ancient demonic beasts roared with their heads looking up.

They were venting their emotions.

It seemed that they could follow King Roc to go on an expedition in the future.

It gave them infinite hope.

“How marvelous,” Loshanwu covered his mouth with his right hand and sucked in a breath of cold air, causing his teeth to hurt.

He said in shock, “This is the first time Ive seen so many ancient demonic beasts and this king title ceremony.

It turns out that there are also species of them, such as tribes, cities, and planets.

They are not made of iron.”

“Of course.

If the ancient demonic beasts became a large group, the living environment of human Dao Seeking Cultivators would be a hundred times worse,” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said, “the royal members of ancient demonic beasts King Clan preferred freedom.

There were fewer of them who acted in groups.

This is the first time Ive seen a royal ceremony.

Its really mysterious.

Its their innate ability.”

“Tiny Tot has become a big boss.

This is too social,” Ah Hu grinned.

“There are so many ancient demonic beasts.

Even if we go back to Domain of Seven Desolations, its enough to have them,” Jiang Yanlan said with emotion.

In their hearts, the Domain of Seven Desolations that could give them so much pressure was still fresh in their minds.

But in the blink of an eye, they had the ability to gain a foothold in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

“These guys wont listen to us,” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“But with Tiny Tot here, there isnt too much of a difference,” Zhang Mu said with a smile.

“Thats true.”

Under everyones gaze…

“Murmur” The Tiny Tot changed to its normal form as a penguin and returned to Mengmengs school bag to sleep.

It seemed that it was a little tired after using such a large-scale supernatural power.

“The kings ceremony is over,” The One-horned White Horse walked to Zhang Han and said, “she is the master of King Roc.

You can come here often in the future.

The Spiritual Qi here is rich, and it will be good for your cultivation speed.

However, you cant give orders to us directly.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han nodded.

He also knew that there were some habits of the ancient demonic beasts.

They didnt only look down on Human Dao Seeking Cultivators… They didnt necessarily think highly of anybody.

It was normal for them to think highly of themselves.

“You may be interested in something,” Zhang Han said.

“What is it” The One-horned White Horse asked.

“Were going to fight against a force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

How about a hundred thousand people” Zhang Han asked.

His words stunned the One-horned White Horse for two seconds.

“You want to let us do something for you just after the king title ceremony”

“You guys are the initiative part, right” The One-horned White Horse asked.


If you dont go, I also can win, but your help will save me a lot of trouble and time,” Zhang Han said.

“Im in!”

The One-horned White Horse thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

“Boys, you follow Zhang Hanyang and go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to fight!”

“Oh, fight!”

There were nearly 10,000 ancient demonic beasts of the younger generation.

Many of them were very excited.

“I havent had enough last time!”

“Its interesting now.”

“Lets go.”

Looking at the scene of the riot, Loshanwus mouth moved.

He felt that his throat was a little dry.

There were nearly ten thousand ancient demonic beasts.

“Oh, Star-shooting House, Hu Tiandao, what have you done wrong

“Why dont you just hand over that Lu directly

“A hundred thousand elites.

Oh, my god.

The Star-shooting House is going to fall to the second-tier forces.”

Dong Xiang and Lorry looked at each other.

They all saw a touch of shock in each others eyes.

Zhang Hanyang was the only one who had brought the ancient demonic beasts army to attack in a thousand years.

“Lets go,” Zhang Han chuckled and led the team to leave.

Lei Star was an arena-like planet.

It was made of metal with a strong hardness.

After several changes, it became a place where the noble forces of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province could solve their grievances.

It was not open to outsiders.

When people fought outside, there would always make a lot of trouble.

Gradually, an unwritten rule was formed.

As long as the grudge reached a certain level, the high-position officials of both sides also wanted to fight, they would settle it on the Lei Star.

At the same time, it seemed that no one had been here for more than a decade.

In the space station, there were only a few working robots carrying out daily operations.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Numerous spaceships came here one after another.

In the sky above the Lei Star, there were eight large viewing platforms.

“A hundred thousand elites, enter!”

The First Elder of the Star-shooting House, Nan Long, waved his hand.


Several flying machines came out of the king vessel one after another.

The 100,000 elite disciples quickly stood in the square that looked like a circular platform.

The square was very large.

100,000 people only covered one percent of it.

Just like the situation when Loshanwu came to the Star-shooting House on the Shooting Stars, some other powerful forces, including first-tier and second-tier forces, all came to watch the battle personally.

They were divided into three groups of people on the eight platforms.

A group of people was led by Hu Tiandao, the leader of the Star-shooting House.

Many high-level officials of the Star-shooting House stood beside him, such as the First Elder, Nan Long.

Even Lu Shuihan was standing behind them, and his expression was calm.

Everyone, including the other spectators, thought that Star-shooting House would definitely win.

The second team was on a platform not far away.

They had a good relationship with the Lo family.

There were only a dozen people.

On that day, they saw Patriarch Loshanwu left with Zhang Hanyang.

It seemed that they had a good relationship with each other.

Although they were not sure what to do now, their relationship with Star-shooting House was not very good.

Of course, they had to stand on the Lo familys side.

There were about 20 people on the last team on a distant platform.

They were also people of high status and background.

They acted as pure onlookers because they came here to watch the battle.

“The number of people watching the battle is really small,” Nan Long scanned the surroundings and shook his head.

“Sect Leader, why dont we publicize such a good opportunity and let everyone in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province see the strength of our Star-shooting House Itll be of great benefit to the following disciples recruiting.”

“First Elder, youre wrong,” The Third Elder shook his head and said, “the cause of this matter is some disputes between the younger generation.

We also know some details about it.

Logically speaking, it should be Ma Lins fault.

But since Lu Ling took the initiative to help, we couldnt say anything.

However, we didnt expect that she was Zhang Hanyangs daughter.

We were completely baffled by this.

Before this, our disciples also made mistakes.

We endured it for a while and took a step back.

But Zhang Hanyang, as an elder, attacked the younger generation, making a bigger mistake.

Other people can inquire about these disputes and know that we made a big fuss.

In the end, because of such a small thing, we lost our manners.

Our Star-shooting House is a decent sect.

We cant be like Zhang Hanyang, a barbarian who doesnt follow the rules.”

“Thats right,” Another elder nodded and said, “whats more, we dont need this kind of propaganda.

The loss outweighs the gain.

Zhang Hanyang offends us and is arrogant, we will give him a heavy blow and let him know the gap between the Star Area and the Star Province.

Its acceptable for us if we let him apologize to us in front of these people.”

“He let us come here just to accept apologize” An elder said with a murderous look, “Elder Lu Shuihans adopted daughter is dead.

Why is Zhang Hanyangs junior still alive I suggest that all the people involved at that time should be dealt with.

Now that the competition for the Dragon List is about to begin, its time to punish him as a warning to others.”

“With Zhang Hanyangs strength and the Lo familys face, she can be spared from death, but she cant escape from other punishment.

I think its okay to destroy her cultivation.”


Everyone in the group was discussing how to punish.

The people who spoke were also the elders of Star-shooting House.

The head of the sect, Hu Tiandao, and several people of similar status stood at the forefront of the platform and looked at the surface of Lei Star.

“I havent been here for many years,” an old man said with a smile, “Sect Leader Hu, what are you going to do after hearing the elders words”

“After all, Zhang Hanyang has a relationship with the Lo family,” Hu Tiandao said in a low voice.

“Yes, as they said, they can be spared from death, but they cant escape from other punishment… It depends on Zhang Hanyang.

At that time, I will let Zhang Hanyang make a choice.

Will he abandon himself, his daughter, or those juniors It depends on Zhang Hanyangs choice.

Isnt that more interesting”

“You really dont want to suffer a loss.” The old man shook his head and looked a little emotional.

“I, Hu Tiandao, have been hanging out with others for so many years.

Zhang Hanyang is just a kid for me,” Hu Tiandao sneered.

“I gave him face that day.

Now, Ill take action to tell him what the reality is.”

“Zhang Hanyang is young and vigorous, but he has the power of Shadow Refining.

He is also a blessed man, so we cant underestimate him,” another middle-aged man said.

“I wont look down on his strength, but I want to win the Lei Star fight first.

If hes not convinced, I can ask him for a fight,” Hu Tiandao said.

“It seems that you have already made up your mind to fight What if he refuses and doesnt want to fight with you”

“I can also let him go if he apologizes or chooses to be punished.” After Hu Tiandao finished speaking, he fell silent and looked down coldly.

Among the 100,000 elites of Star-shooting House, more than half of them were God Transformation mighty figures, so it was impossible for them to lose.

Even the same-sized forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had to be a little afraid of Star-shooting House.

On the other side, Dragnet Academys Headmaster, Shan, stood in the midst of the third partys crowd.

He was the one with the highest status among the more than 20 people in this group.

“Headmaster Shan, who do you think will win Zhang Hanyang can kill Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon with his fists.

He has excellent means.

It is said that he is also a big man in Sea Dragon Star Area.

If such a person doesnt have the confidence, he wont agree to the Star Battle, will he” someone asked.

“Who will win…”

Headmaster Shan thought for a while and finally sighed, “In fact, if there is no accident, Zhang Hanyang has a 90% chance of winning.

If that person makes a move.

Dont look down on Zhang Hanyang.

He has a strong backer.”

“What sort of backer Is it that person who was able to suppress the terrifying Great Devil at the heart of the Blue Sand Wind Domain” Everyone was in shock.

For this, Headmaster Shan smiled without saying anything.

He didnt say much, because he didnt know the exact information.

He even suspected that Yue Wuwei might not make a move.

As far as he knew, Yue Wuwei was the kind of person who was indifferent.

“Someone is coming over there.”

“Is it the Lo familys spaceship”

“Theyre also here to join in the fun”


Many people present looked over.

Soon, they saw a spaceship approaching the space station.

It was none other than the ship of the Lo family.

When several airships fell from them, some of the passengers came out, everyone present was stunned.

“What They didnt bring anyone here”

The First Elder of the Star-shooting House, Nan Long, darkened his face.

“Is he kidding us”

There were only dozens of people including Zhang Han, Loshanwu, and the rest.

They stood on a platform not far from Hu Tiandao.

This scene made Hu Tiandao gasp.

He felt that this was completely a provocation of the face of Star-shooting House.

“They didnt bring anyone with them.

Does this mean that Elder Yue is ready to take action” Headmaster Shans expression changed slightly.

“Elder Yues strength…”

He didnt know the specifics, but even though he was at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage, he still felt that Yue Wuweis means were unfathomable.

“With Elder Yue here, this battle is invincible.” Headmaster Shan thought to himself.

There was also a strange look in his eyes.

He was looking forward to seeing Yue Wuwei make a move because it would definitely be beautiful.

The others didnt know this, so they didnt think so.

The people who had a good relationship with the Lo family exclaimed, “What! They didnt bring anyone with them.

How can they fight”

“Even if Zhang Hanyang is a strong man at the Void-refining Realm, he cant be so arrogant, can he Isnt he fooling us”

“How can the head of the Lo family stand this In the dispute between the two sides, he chose to stand on their team, but Zhang Hanyang took it as a joke Its ridiculous.

Im very angry!”

Many people felt that it was not worth it for Loshanwu.

They were even very angry.

“Patriarch Lo, well share honor and disgrace with them.

If Zhang Hanyang admits his mistake, youll lose face as well!”

“We shouldnt have chosen a side so easily.”

“Unfortunately, I thought that Zhang Hanyang would have excellent means and methods, but I didnt expect that he would come empty-handed.

Is he arrogant Or does he look down on Star-shooting House Anyway, Star-shooting House is a famous force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, so it wont be so simple.

It seems that only half of them have reached the God Transformation Realm among the 100,000 people below, but in fact, there are many of them keeping their strengths under wrap.

At least 80% of them are in the God Transformation Realm.

For other forces, only Dragnet Academy and a few others have the ability to suppress Star-shooting House, let alone those from Star Area.”

“Just wait and see.

Maybe there will be a reversal.”

Most people didnt think highly of Zhang Hanyang and even sneered at him, but Zhang Hanyang didnt care about others attitudes and words.

“Hahaha, Zhang Hanyang, you are so arrogant!”

Hu Tiandao sneered and said, “You didnt bring anyone to the battle of 100,000 people.

Are you going to fight against 100,000 people by yourself”

“What a joke!” Nan Long sneered, “Do you think you wont die just because you are at Void-refining Realm”

“Cut the crap.” Instructor Liu said, “When you lose, dont ask for forgiveness.”


An elder of Star-shooting House frowned, “Dont put on airs here.”

“Now that you are here, lets get ready to start.” Hu Tiandaos face darkened, and his tone became even calmer.

“I dont care how many people you have and who will go to the fight.

Since everyone has agreed to the battle, lets go on.

Once you enter the surface of the Lei Star, there will be no turning back when the energy shield rises.

Only the winner will have a chance to leave.”

“Oh,” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Dont regret it.”

“What do I have to regret” The cold aura on Hu Tiandaos body dissipated, and he became very indifferent.

“Zhang Hanyang, its you who should regret it.

You will recognize your own class today.”

“Is that so”

Zhang Han suddenly laughed, as if he found it a little funny.

He said, “What kind of class do you think I am in”

“Do you need me to tell you The wordsSea Dragon Star Area alone has already explained everything.” Hu Tiandao spread out his palms and lazily said, “Lets begin.

I cant wait to watch this battle between your dozens of people and the 100,000 elites of our Star-shooting House.”

“100,000 elites.”

There seemed to be a trace of sorry on Zhang Hans face.

“As I said before, how many people do you want to die in the battle on Lei Star 100,000 elites, Hu Tiandao, right I hope you can still laugh later.”

“Hahaha,” Hu Tiandao laughed and said, “I really dont know who gave you the courage.

According to the rules of the competition on Lei Star, a battle of 100,000 people is not allowed to be fought by cultivators above the Void-refining Realm.

I know that you may have a backer in the Sea Dragon Star Area, but the rules are the rules.

In front of everyone, I want to see how you fight this battle of 100,000 people!”

“Open the energy shield,” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The smile on Hu Tiandaos face gradually disappeared, and he waved his hand to let his subordinates start operating.

Waves of light lit up around the arena of Lei Star.

The Heaven-earth Formation and high-end technology raised all kinds of energy shields.

It was no exaggeration to say that the defense here was stronger than that of many sects and planets.

After all, this Lei Star was a special planet built by all the high-end forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.


All kinds of energy shields slowly rose from the periphery.

Soon, the whole battlefield was surrounded by a circle.

“Zhang Hanyang, you can ask your men to die,” Hu Tiandao pointed to the battlefield coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, several elders of Star-shooting House made their own voices, “There are only dozens of people who havent reached the God Transformation Realm yet.

Isnt it just courting death”

“Haha, his head is so rusty.”

“If it were me, I might not even dare to come to this place.”

They didnt care about laughing at Zhang Han at all, because they wanted to trample on Zhang Han and trample on his dignity when they saw his indifferent look!

Loshanwu frowned when he saw this.

“Hu Tiandao, take good care of your subordinates.”

“It seems that its not your business to tell us what to do,” Hu Tiandao said stiffly.

“Hiss!” The corner of Loshanwus mouth trembled and he said, “Hu Tiandao, this matter is unreasonable in the first place.

Why bother to make it bigger If you are willing to hand over Lu Shuihan and apologize, I can be the go-between to mediate this matter.”

Hu Tiandao was very arrogant.

Although he looked normal on the surface, he was indeed arrogant in his heart.

He was stubborn, so he should not let the elite disciples of the sect bear it.

Loshanwu was a little fond of talents, so he discussed them with Zhang Mu and Zhang Guangyou.

They had the same idea.

If Hu Tiandao could send Lu Shuihan and admit his mistake, then this matter would be solved.

But who would have thought that as soon as they came here, they would face a lot of ridicule

Even with Loshanwus good temper, he didnt really want to meditate now.

Taking advantage of the fact that the terror behind them hadnt even arrived yet, he opened his mouth.

But they treated all his kindness as nothing more than a donkeys heart.

Hu Tiandaos eyes turned cold.

“Patriarch Lo, Ive made up my mind.

You dont need to say anything more.

When I was traveling in the Cultivation World, you were not born yet.

If it were the old Patriarch of the Lo family, I would show him some respect.

But what right do you, Loshanwu, have to be a mediator in front of me”

“How dare you!”

Loshanwus face darkened.

He swung his sleeves and said, “Since thats the case, I wont say anything more.

You will bear the consequences yourself!”

His words reminded Hu Tiandao, but Hu Tiandao was still so stubborn.

“Good, good, good.

Since youre so confident, then just wait and see!”

Loshanwu was furious.

But his words did not make the Star-shooting House change their minds.

They even looked at them with a sneer.

Nan Long even said, “Maybe its because theyre not prepared at all, and they cant win.

They want Patriarch Lo to ask for help How can there be such a good thing in the world”


In response, Loshanwu gave a cold snort.

He didnt want to say anything.

The situation also made the people around them think a lot, and they discussed it in all kinds of ways.

The friends of Loshanwu all sighed, “He shouldnt have been in such a mess.

he didnt help and got into trouble.”

Headmaster Shan was also a little confused.

“Since Elder Yue was here, would he have any tricks up his sleeve What exactly was their trump card”

The people beside him didnt think so.

“I thought it would be a wonderful battle, but who would have thought that it would end in such a one-sided way”

“Its too late to say anything now.

Its almost a disaster for Zhang Hanyang.”


During all the kinds of discussions, Hu Tiandao frowned and glanced at Zhang Han, “What are you thinking Dont challenge my patience, or my knife wont recognize you.”

“Myman is here,” Zhang Han nodded and suddenly said, “this battle can also begin.”

“Is that so Where are your men” Nan Long laughed and said, “Men, men… puff!”

Nan Longs laughter suddenly stopped, as if a train with hundreds of miles per hour suddenly stopped.

His eyes were round and filled with horror.


Others didnt seem to notice.

Their eyes were fixed on Zhang Han.

Some were mocking him, some were secretly shaking their heads, and the sarcasm was quite obvious.

At this time, a voice full of horror and trembling came out of the mouth of Nan Long, “Look, look, look at the sky!”

“Huh” Hu Tiandao frowned slightly.

“What is going on with First Elder He is panicking.”

But the moment he raised his head, “Hiss!”

Hu Tiandaos body trembled violently.

His face turned pale in an instant, and his pupils shrank rapidly.

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