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Chapter 1263 Take Action

It was horrible! It was too horrible!

Even Hu Tiandao forgot how to speak.

The others slowly raised their heads.

“My, my, my God!”

“How is that possible There are so many ancient demonic beasts”

“No, no, no, how could it be possible”

Under everyones gaze, the atmosphere of the planet was covered by the dense ancient demonic beasts.

They moved together.

They drifted forward slowly like a giant kite that covered the sun.

They covered the sky and the sun.

The whole continent had fallen into darkness.



All kinds of roars burst out.

“How is it possible How is it possible” Hu Tiandaos face was pale.

He seemed to understand something.

His body staggered.

Not far from his back was Lu Shuihan.

His face was full of horror.

“Could it be…” He just had a bad guess.

The next second, a great eagle swooped down extremely quickly, as if it was catching prey.

It plunged into the defensive layer.


Living creatures could enter but could not come out.

The ancient demonic beasts seemed to have become an army, moving at a high speed.

They didnt attack at all outside the defensive layer.


The ancient demonic beasts entered the battlefield one after another.

The 100,000 elites were dumbfounded.

“There are so many ancient demonic beasts, how can we fight them”

“No! Hurry up, open the isolation layer and let us out!”

“Sect Leader, save us, save us!”

“We admit defeat, we admit defeat!”

Many people panicked.

If they fought with nearly 10,000 ancient demonic beasts, they would only end up in death.

The combat strength of these ancient demonic beasts was explosive.

With their innate supernatural power, nearly ten thousand ancient demonic beasts could sweep across the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Now, the 100,000 elite disciples were not at the top level, but they had to face such a ferocious ancient demonic beast team.

What could they do

“Oh my god, this, this is really a big event,” Headmaster Shan stared blankly at the scene in front of him.

The people around him also exclaimed one after another, “Ancient demonic beasts.

Zhang Hanyang has summoned ancient demonic beasts.

They are too powerful.

Who can beat them”

“I see.

I see.

Zhang Hanyang has always been confident.

What a horrible trump card.

Who would have thought that he could find ancient demonic beasts”

“From the looks of it now, Star-shooting House is a joke.

What we said earlier is also a joke.”

Many people felt that their faces were burning as if they had been slapped by someone.

The words they had just said in less than two minutes were totally wrong.

“The key is that no one could have imagined that they are ancient demonic beasts.

I dont even understand how he did it.”

Some of the people who were on good terms with Loshanwu were also in a daze on that platform.

“He wins.”

“Loshanwu is so powerful.

His eyes are really sharp.

He has chosen the right person.”

“What a wonderful comeback.

The faces of Hu Tiandao and the others are even uglier as if they have eaten **.”

They were all on Loshanwus side.

When they saw this, they were even more delighted.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”


“Eat them!”

This group of ancient demonic beasts was extremely excited at this time.

They liked fighting without any scruples.

Many of them even liked to destroy things.

They rushed forward with open teeth and claws.

What was the concept of nearly 10,000 ancient demonic beasts

The formation was several times larger than that of the hundred thousand people.

They covered the sky and covered the earth.

All kinds of attacks fell mercilessly.

“Stop, stop! Zhang Hanyang, stop!”

Nan Long trembled with fear in his heart.

If all 100,000 elite disciples died, it would be a great sin for him.

He might also be put to execution, let alone Lu Shuihan.

Such a huge mistake required one person to bear the consequences!

Sect leader How was that possible

“Zhang Hanyang, I beg you.

Stop it, stop it.

No, no, no, dont let them do it!”

Nan Long moved and flew to the platform on Zhang Hans side, shouting at the top of his voice.


As soon as he flew halfway, he bent his body like a shrimp and flew backward.

Zhang Han slowly withdrew his fist, looked at Hu Tiandao, and said lightly, “You said that you have to bear the consequences.

I like this sentence, and I also like to see your current expression.”

“You! Puff…” Hu Tiandao was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Looking at the slaughter below, his eyes gradually turned red.

“Oh…” Everyone around Hu Tiandao felt their scalps go numb.

The old man sighed deeply, “No matter what, we have to bear the consequences of the Lei Star Battle.

The ending is already decided.

Sect Leader Hu, calm down.”

When Hu Tiandao heard this, he closed his eyes.

His fists were clenched tightly, and his trembling arms were full of suppressed killing intent which showed that he wanted to kill someone at this time.

The situation was quiet or even silent.

No one spoke.

The atmosphere was filled with a bloody chill.

The people of Star-shooting House felt cold all over.

Especially for Lu Shuihan, a bone-chilling chill went straight into his brain from his back.

“Its over!”

Lu Shuihan knew that he was already over.

“Why, why did I take action at that time, why…”

At this time, he seemed to have forgotten what kind of hatred was in his heart at the time and what a desperate hope he had that he could kill many people with his trick.

He thought that the Star-shooting House could protect him.

But now, there was a trace of regret in his heart, but gradually, it turned into hatred.

He looked at Zhang Han with hatred, and his eyes didnt blink.

The battle on the Lei Star came to an end.

Under everyones gaze, the curtain fell.

A hundred thousand elite cultivators were no match for nearly ten thousand ancient demonic beasts of course.

Blood flowed like a river.

At this moment, the anger in Hu Tiandaos heart seemed to break through the sky.


The energy layer slowly descended.




Many ancient demonic beasts flew straight into the sky.

They traveled far into the cosmos and gradually disappeared from peoples field of vision.

“Whoosh…” Many onlookers breathed a sigh of relief.

The pressure just now was simply unimaginable.

It was simply too great.

If so many ancient demonic beasts went crazy, it would cause a foul wind and a rain of blood.

Many people even felt that if they fought, Lei Star might be destroyed.

“Lu Shuihan, how do you want to die” Zhang Han suddenly looked at Lu Shuihan.

“Ahh!” Lu Shuihan suddenly shouted, “Sect Leader, save me.”

He quickly approached Hu Tiandao.


A streak of blade light flashed past.

Lu Shuihan was dead.

He was hacked to death before he could react.

Hu Tiandao held the sixth-tier sword in his hand and looked at Zhang Han coldly.

“Whats wrong Youre not convinced” Zhang Han chuckled and looked at him calmly.

“Zhang Hanyang, whats your relationship with the ancient demonic beasts” Hu Tiandao said in a cold voice, “Zhang Hanyang! Do you have anything to do with the riot of the ancient demonic beasts Zhang Hanyang, what role did you play when the ancient demonic beasts appeared You deserve to die! Its your fault that the ancient demonic beasts appeared.

Its you who caused the destruction of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Its also your fault that countless people died.

Zhang Hanyang! I, Hu Tiandao, will uphold justice on behalf of heaven and those who died today.

You dont need to regret it.

You will sacrifice your life to pay respects to those who died!”


In the face of these imposing words, under everyones gaze, Zhang Han clapped his hands and said slowly, “You are really shameless.”

“Hahaha, its the first time Ive seen such a shameless person,” Yue Wuwei laughed.

“Hes so funny,” Mengmeng snorted.

“Like a fool,” Zi Yan added.

“Your description is so good.

The more I look at him, the more I feel he is a fool,” Zhou Fei said.


The series of words almost made Hu Tiandao explode with his anger.

“You have already won.

Why do you have to do this” The old man next to Hu Tiandao frowned and said, “Young man, let others go… be easy on people.”

“Who do you think you are” Yue Wuwei said with a disgusted look, “Are you taking advantage of your seniority with me”

“Dont talk too much.

Zhang Hanyang, lets fight.

Its up to us to decide who wins or loses and who lives or dies.

Do you dare to do that” Hu Tiandao pointed his sword at Zhang Han.

“As you wish.”

Zhang Han responded, moved his body, and fell down, levitating in the air above tens of thousands of meters away.


Hu Tiandao flashed down and held the sword with both hands.

The moment he drew the sword, his momentum changed visibly.

Just now, he seemed to be an angry Violent Dragon, but now he was like a mountain.

A towering mountain stood high in the sky.

He was calm and serious.

There was no exaggeration or anger.

He only focused on dealing with his enemy.

This was the head of a sect.

This was Hu Tiandao.

He was indeed a well-known man.

Hu Tiandao was also a famous expert.

It was unknown how many people he had killed.

All recognized experts in the Cultivation World took the upper position by stepping on the enemys bones.

Hu Tiandao took the sword with both hands and raised it.

Then, he fiercely chopped at Zhang Han through the air.


The one-hundred-foot-long sword radiance rushed toward Zhang Han like lightning.

It was incomparably sharp as if it was going to cut through space.

Facing such a sharp move, Zhang Han had to avoid it.

With the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, he could resist it, but he would inevitably be injured.

“Illusory Magic Avatar!”

As soon as Zhang Hans mind moved, the secret method was used.

One, two… In just one second, Zhang Hans figures had reached hundreds.

Even divine sense couldnt detect which was real and which was fake.

“Its a good skill, but in front of me, you are like a clown,” Hu Tiandao sneered and shouted, “Heaven Eyes!”


Hu Tiandaos eyes shone with a dazzling light.

The one-hundred-foot-long sword radiance split into more than ten parts and quickly slashed toward the dozen figures.

“Huh” Zhang Hans expression changed slightly.

He didnt expect Hu Tiandao to have such a move.

“Just so-so,” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

He didnt dodge at all.

The sword radiance cut through more than a dozen figures.

Hu Tiandao was stunned.

Because he clearly felt that one of them was a real body.

The second attack targets were more than a dozen figures, and it was the direction where Zhang Han was hiding.

However, the sword radiance had passed, and Zhang Hanyang was not injured.

“What an exquisite body movement!” Headmaster Shans eyes were bright.

“Strong, strong, strong.

Zhang Hanyang is really strong, which is beyond my expectation.”

“With this kind of body movement, only Elder Hai, who is at the Middle-Stage of the Shadow Refining, can compete with him.”


Hundreds of figures made finger gestures and performed incantations at the same time.


Seeing this scene, Hu Tiandaos face changed slightly.

This was because he already sensed the power of the incantation ahead of time.

The fine hairs on his body stood on end.

At this critical moment, he had no choice but to take out a precious treasure.

It was an entirely white three-story pagoda that covered Hu Tiandao.

The attacks of incantation seemed to turn into strands of black lines, circling outside the pagoda and unable to break in.

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