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“My previous speculation was that it has evolved into a Senior Martial-art World.

After all, there are a lot of cultivation resources here.” Headmaster Shan said with a laugh, “Well, I think that, for the majority, the earth is a Xanadu isolated from the rest of the world.

But its not like that for Elder Yue.

Compared with it, the cultivation world outside is too much more wonderful with areas extensive beyond imagination.

In fact, if you have time, you can also go to study at Dragnet Academy.

Its the most representative one with all-encompassing knowledge in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

With those large sects in the Astral Domain, we even asked various books from it, including those about the cultivation methods and occult arts.”

“Theres no need.

Our boss knows everything.

Hes like walking textbooks in the Cultivation World,” Xu Yong said carelessly.

“If there is a chance, we will experience it.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

“Of course, the premise is that Mengmeng, the little princess of Mount New Moon, will go there.

I think she will be interested in the Dragnet Academy.”

“Mengmeng Shes adorable.

I dont know her aptitude, but I think shes okay.” Headmaster Shan smiled, seemingly to be very easy-going.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng and the others looked at each other.

“Is her talent”

“Headmaster Shan, her aptitude.

Well, how should I put it You will be scared in the future,” Zhao Feng said.

“Scared” A hint of interest flashed across Headmaster Shans eyes, and he said, “In the vast Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there are only three young people under 20 who have astonished me so far.

I really want to see if she will be the next one.”

“Hah.” Zhao Feng laughed.

He didnt say anything more.

Certainly, no all-round knowledge can be acquired merely by relying on hearsay.

It would be much better if he could see it with his eyes and feel it with his heart.

Zhao Feng was looking forward to seeing how surprised he would be if Headmaster Shan found out about Mengmengs aptitude.

“Weve arrived at the Kun Xu World.”

“Its the same as before.

I dont know how many other sects are still there.” Headmaster Shan sighed and said, “Back then, I accidentally entered the Kun Xu World and started cultivating.

I still remember the Purple Bamboo Peak, the old yellow dog, and the young senior sister from back then.

However, things have changed quite a lot.”

“If we go out of here, we will be in the secular world.” Zhao Feng said, “It will only take about an hour for us to travel from the secular world to Xiangjiang.

At that time, we can see some cities along the way.

Xiangjiang, a prosperous metropolitan, is our destination.”

Soon, they passed by a city.

Headmaster Shan looked a little surprised.

“It has also developed into a new world of science and technology 800 years passed, and its now an elementary civilization world of science and technology.

I want to see the maps of Hua Territory and the world.”

“Well, let me show you the changes in our map since ancient times.” Zhao Feng searched for a while and played a video to Headmaster Shan.

Since ancient times, the corners of the map kept changing.

Gradually, it became the current Hua nation.

Headmaster Shan looked a little excited.

“I didnt expect such big changes would occur in 800 years.”

“Everything that the country has today was gained by the blood and life of our ancestors.” Instructor Liu said calmly, “If youve learned about the history, Headmaster Shan, you will find that even a common person with an ordinary fate, not at all a cultivator, can be someone great.”

Though his tone was calm, people could feel his strong feelings.

“Weve arrived in Xiangjiang.

Mount New Moon is below us.

My master built it for Mengmeng.”

After a while, Zhao Feng pointed to the Mount New Moon below.

“It looks good.” Headmaster Shan nodded.

He was a man of broad outlook.

If he claimed it as a good place, it was actually a fairly nice one.

In this regard, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and others smiled without saying anything.

“Was it merely good”

They were on the Mount New Moon.

“Oh, here, the spiritual Qi… How could it be so dense Cultivating here for a day would be as good as cultivating on an ordinary planet in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for ten days.

My God.”

Headmaster Shan fell into a series of shocks.

“What! There are so many sixth-tier spiritual herbs! Fifth-tier spiritual herbs grow everywhere! What kind of medical fields are they There are few in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

“Pu, mountains of sixth-tier gems Fifth-tier gems are randomly thrown to the ground.


“Thunder Yang Tree Thunder Yang Flower, thunder yang grass… Wait, wait.

Is this place the Thunder Yang Treasure Land”


Obviously, Headmaster Shan was going to be scared out of his wits.

A single piece of treasure like this was more valuable than the treasury of Dragnet Academy.

“Headmaster Shan Headmaster Shan”

Seeing that Headmaster Shan had been standing in a daze near the Thunder Yang Tree for a few minutes, Zhao Feng finally couldnt help but come over and interrupt him.

“Headmaster Shan, the villa there is arranged for you.

You can stay there for a while or go out for a walk.

But youd better leave a treasure that can send you instant messages, so we can inform you when we leave.”

“Ah What Ah, well, thank you.

Thank you, Zhang Hanyang.

Thank you for your hospitality.” Headmaster Shan walked to Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Id better not stay here and trouble you.

Im going to walk around in this strange world that has been familiar to me.

This is my communication stone.

Hey Are you going to do the pellet-refining”

“Just give it to Xiaofeng.

I really need to do the pellet-refining, so Ill have to go out.

The pills are all used up.

Every time I come back, I have to refine some for a few days,” Zhang Han replied.

“Can I take a look here” Headmaster Shan asked curiously.

“Its up to you,” Zhang Han replied.

Ignoring him, he waved his hand and threw some spiritual herbs into the furnace.

There were two sixth-tier herbs, seven fifth-tier herbs, and 21 fourth-tier herbs.

In less than five minutes, all the herbs were thrown into the furnace.

“Does such a rare way of pellet-refining work”

Headmaster Shans mouth quivered in surprise.

“How could such a way of pellet-refining succeed

“Is Zhang Hanyang just putting on an act

“It shouldnt be.

Or is he just casually squandering it ”

It was strange.

Headmaster Shan was a little confused.

This was not the way to do pellet-refining.

“Um, those pellet-refining masters of Dragnet Academy,” Headmaster Shan couldnt help talking to Dong Chen and the others beside him, “when it comes to the pellet-refining, theyll stay in the pellet-refining room for a few days.

The headmasters and vice headmasters of the Dragnet Academy and Pellet Academy, plus those supervisors of each class, have an average success rate of refining pellets as high as 99%.

In the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province, only the Dragnet Academy has such a top-level team of pellet-refining masters.”

“Oh, its amazing.” Dong Chen clicked his tongue and said, “Superb! The success rate is 99%.

Oh, this is the first time Ive heard of it.”

“Is that so”

Headmaster Shan felt a little strange, but he couldnt figure out why he would have such a feeling.

Subconsciously, he regarded it as a sincere compliment.

He said, “If it is fast, it might take one or two days to finish one furnace of pellet-refining.

However, if not, it will take as long as one month, two months, or even 81 days to make some medicinal pellets.

From my point of view, Zhang Hanyang seems to be too casual to do the pellet-refining.

I dont know how long he has been studying this field.

If there is a chance, he can go to Dragnet Academy and discuss the technique with some tutors there.

In this respect, more communication with professionals will help him improve.”

“How should I answer this” Zhao Feng put on a slightly serious look and said, “Headmaster Shan, youd better wait and see.”

“Huh” Headmaster Shan was stunned again.

He didnt quite understand what he meant.

But the next second…

Buzz! Swoosh!

There were sounds of something astir in the furnace.

Six glowing medicinal pellets flew out of the furnace at high speed.


“What!” Headmaster Shan gasped.

“Top, top-grade medicinal pellets”

“How is this possible”

“He succeeded in only five minutes”

Headmaster Shan was completely dumbfounded.

In this regard, the others were not surprised at all.

Zhang Hans speed of pellet-refining had always been surprisingly fast.

Moreover, few people had seen Zhang Hans furnace explode, nor had they ever heard of it.

Mengmeng and Zhang Guangyou had experienced it.

It happened a few years ago.

When Zhang Han was refining pellets, Mengmeng ran over to ask him for sugar beans.

As soon as Zhang Han thought about her request, the furnace burst with a bang.

Ignoring the others things, he directly refined a pot of sugar beans.

Well, if one ate them too much, he would burp.

Well, as a result, that night, Zi Yan…

Another explosion happened when Zhang Han was chatting with Zhang Guangyou.

Since Zhang Guangyou had little knowledge about pellet-refining, he didnt know it beforehand and talked happily with Zhang Han.

The moment Zhang Han was distracted, the furnace blew up.

For the rest of the time, his furnace basically stayed sound and safe each time.

His astounding speed terrified Headmaster Shan.

“Headmaster Shan, look at you.

What are you doing You are also a man of the world, but why are you sweating” Dong Chen joked.

He finally experienced the same feeling when others saw him being scared stiff.

“Oh, it feels great.”

Seeing the dumbfounded expression on Headmaster Shans face, Dong Chen felt very comfortable.

“No, no, no, I have never seen such a big world.

Oh, no, I have never seen such a big scene.

How, how could it be so fast to refine pellets” Headmaster Shan was confused.

Zhang Han shook his head gently.

It was not the fastest.

This time, he practiced it leisurely.

He started the next furnace.

He put in five kinds of sixth-tier spiritual herbs and a dozen fifth-tier spiritual herbs, launching the refine.

“Whew, is it because he is in a particularly good state” Headmaster Shan examined it closely.

Six minutes passed.


Another stir appeared, and the pellets flew out.

Zhang Han grabbed them in his hand and put it into his Space Ring after a glance.


“Top-grade medicinal pellets, once again”

“He finished this batch in a few minutes, too.”

Another five minutes passed.

“What He succeeded again”

The result hit Headmaster Shan like a thunderbolt.

“How high will his success rate be”

An hour passed.

“Oh, my god! Zhang Hanyang, you, you, wont you explode the furnace”

Three hours passed.

Headmaster Shan, staring blankly at the scene, was absolutely terrified.

Five hours passed.

Headmaster Shan seemed to come to his senses finally, his face amiable and gentle with a flattering smile.

Waiting until Zhang Han put away the pellets, he approached him and said in a slightly flattering voice, “Zhang…”


His sweet voice made Zhang Hans flesh creep.

He turned to look at Headmaster Shan.

“What are you up to”

“I want to discuss something with you.

Is it okay” Headmaster Shan said with a big smile, “Join my Dragnet Academy and be the director of the Pellet Academy.

What do you think”


Forget it.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“No, that wont do!” Headmaster Shan was a little anxious.

Soon, he seemed to have thought of something and pleaded in a very gentle voice, “If that doesnt work, let you be the headmaster, and Ill be the vice headmaster.”

“Im really not interested.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and threw in the furnace more than a dozen kinds of spiritual herbs.

Seeing that Zhang Han began to refine pellets, Headmaster Shan kept silent.

Sweat trickled down his face, yet he stared at Zhang Han intently at the side.

Seeing his stubbornness, Dong Chen sighed with emotion and said, “If he is not interested, he wont agree to whatever you say.”

“No, I want to persuade him with my sincerity.” Headmaster Shan denied him with a firm shake of his head.

In his heart, he was almost roaring.

“Zhang Hanyangs pellet refining is excessively outstanding! Get him.

I must get him.

He is the lucky star, a gift from heaven! I must get him for the Dragnet Academy!”

“Youre really stubborn.” Dong Chen shook his head.

He didnt try to persuade him.

He knew that whatever he said was useless.

Meanwhile, he knew it was useless for Headmaster Shan to badger Zhang Han.

But sometimes, you never know what will happen next.

Zhang Hans another furnace of pellets came out.


Headmaster Shan ran to Zhang Han and said, “Zhang Hanyang, the Dragnet Academy really needs a big shot like you.”

It didnt work.

Then, he tried the same thing the next time.

“When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man…”

But it didnt work, either.

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