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Chapter 127 Shots Ring Out

The man fainted before he could finish talking as if he died on the battlefield.

At this moment, the people, who played in the room right now, were really puzzled.

They did not know what had happened.

Some people wanted to ask what was going on, but when they saw the dozen or so people who retreated and stared at the entrance where sawdust flew as if they had seen something terrible, they looked over in the direction of these mens gazes.

The hall was in silence at this point and people could only hear their own breathing.

Even Ma Cheng, the curly-haired man, and Li Anna were dumbfounded.

But they knew that someone was making trouble, which would benefit them.

Even Li Anna and other two persons had already put on their own clothes and hidden aside.

Finally, more than 10 seconds later, sawdust drifted down gradually and a seemingly emaciated figure slowly came in.

“Brother Zhang, Zhang Han.”

Li Annas eyes gradually widened and tears overflowed again.

She was really touched at this moment, for she had not expected that Zhang Han would come here to save her, which made Li Anna realize that Zhang Han was her prince charming.

However, this was entirely wishful thinking.

After Zhang Han walked into the room, he did not look at anyone else but stared at Scorpion calmly.

“You” Scorpion arched an eyebrow and curved his lips with a malevolent smile.

He had not expected Zhang Han dared to make trouble here before he found fault with him!

“Damn it, fellow, do you court death here” Scorpion said coldly.

Zhang Han totally ignored what Scorpion said.

Li Anna, who was standing nearby, quickly walked to Zhang Han and said in a moving quiver, “Brother Zhang Han.”

“Go out first.”

Zhang Han took a look at Li Anna at this time and opened his mouth for the first time since he got to the seventh floor.

“Mmm.” Li Anna looked at Zhang Han affectionately with tears, nodded and walked out with the other two female companions.

Ma Cheng and the curly-haired man on the other side rushed up to him.

They were too embarrassed to see Zhang Han and just ran out with their heads down.

Hardly had they went out when they saw more than 30 people lying in the corridor.

Their faces suddenly changed.

“Oh, my god.”

Liu Lu covered her mouth and could not believe what she had seen.

“Lets get out of here.” Li Anna said in her trembling voice and hurried to the elevator with her companions.


As soon as they arrived at the elevator, Zhao Feng reached the seventh floor by elevator.

Zhao Feng came out while Li Anna and her companions came in.

They looked at each other and did not say anything.

When Zhao Feng saw the people lying on the ground, his face changed.

He quickly crouched down to check the people and was relieved after he found that they were not dead.

Although his boss was formidable, he was afraid of making things worse.

If these people were beaten to death, no matter how strong his boss was, he would be punished by the authority.

But… these peoples elbows were smashed and even their arms could not be used anymore.

Zhao Feng felt worried.

Even so, his boss was at deep enmity with the Forever Harmony Association.

“How did Scorpion provoke boss to make him attack without mercy”

Zhao Feng quickly got up and headed for the hall number one.

Suddenly his heart beat faster, “Oh, no, did Scorpion… bother Mengmeng”

He thought of Mengmeng, the little princess, who was Zhang Hans bottom line.

Considering his indulgence to her, the people who bothered Mengmeng would be killed by him!

If his boss killed Scorpion, then things would go beyond control!

Zhao Feng ran inside anxiously.

At this time, there were more than 20 people lying on the ground in the hall number one.

In addition to those women, there remained Scorpion and five men who had not rushed to Zhang Han.

They were completely shocked by the incredible scene.

This man spent only 10 seconds breaking more than 20 peoples arms and stunned them.

“What, what kind of evil could he be”

“Who are you”

A drop of cold sweat trickled down Scorpions forehead.

This was the first time that he had felt so stressful!

He had no pressure last time when he fought against one of the giants of the New Loyalty Brotherhood.

It was totally different from what he acted now.

Zhang Han neglected Scorpions question and stepped towards Scorpion calmly, holding a steel rod shimmering with a more chilling light than usual.

The instance Zhang Han moved, Scorpions body tensed up.

He had not taken any action, but his five men had stretched their hands to their lower backs.

One of them took out his gun from his waist and pointed at Zhang Han.


As he raised his arms, Zhang Han moved, throwing the steel rod towards him and penetrating the mans arm like a sharp arrow.

The gun in his hand fell, but Zhang Han rushed to his front and grabbed the gun with his left hand after it had just dropped a few centimeters.

Meanwhile, he split the mans other arm with his right hand.


Then, when Zhang Han lifted his leg, touching the mans knees, two clear and crisp sounds were heard.

He knelt on the ground with his legs bending an angle of 90 degrees in the opposite direction and went faint.

At this time, the other four men also took out their pistols.

Just as they were about to make some moves, Zhang Han had already launched an offensive.

“Click, click, click, click…”

These people immediately followed the mans example.


Some of the women who hid in the corner were unable to bear the horror in their hearts and screamed out.

Scorpion quivered.

To be honest, he did not realize how Zhang Han moved.

He was so fast.

“Who the hell are you” Cold sweat had wet Scorpions hair and he contained his fear, asking again.

In Scorpions view, how could a man as powerful as him be an owner of a restaurant He must have strong background.

If he could know his origins, coupled with Tang Zhans force, perhaps this feud could be settled.

He even did not want to revenge but to escape misfortune.

However, Zhang Han still ignored him and turned to walk towards Scorpion step by step.

The footsteps seemed to ring in Scorpions heart, which made his heart beat faster involuntarily.

He swallowed and said with difficulty, “Sir, theres no need to do this…”

When he found the indifference in Zhang Hans eyes, he could not continue.

He realized that if Zhan Han wanted to make moves, no one else would be able to stop him.


Seeing Zhang Han getting closer and closer, Scorpions eyes were suffused with acridity.

He was not a person who was allowing others to trample upon at will, so he pulled out a folded dagger from the lower back and unfolded it.

From its blade, it could be seen that the dagger was extremely sharp.

“Go to hell!”

Scorpion thundered and rushed over quickly.

Simultaneously, the dagger in his hand stabbed towards Zhang Hans head with all his strength.

However, Zhang Han, facing his dagger, did not evade.

He looked at Scorpion coldly without any emotion in his eyes, as if he was looking at a corpse.


All of a sudden, outside the door came a scream and Zhao Feng arrived, following Zhang Han.

He took the elevator a minute later than Zhang Han.

However, in this one minute, Zhang Han had beat people all the way from the elevator to the hall number one.

At this point, Zhao Feng was shocked seeing the boss not hiding from the dagger.


Even the dozen women shivered in the corner screaming at the sight of this scene, as if they were going to see a horrible scene that Zhang Hans head was pierced the next moment.

Under the gazes of the crowd, the dagger was getting closer and closer to Zhang Han.

When it was only 10 centimeters away from Zhang Hans head, Zhang Han had not moved but stared at Scorpion all the time.

Closer! Closer!

The dagger was only three centimeters away from Zhang Han.

People seemed to feel its sharpness! Even Scorpions face had lit up with pleasure!

However, the next scene did widen peoples eyes.

When the dagger was only one centimeter away from Zhang Han, his right hand moved and held the dagger in place with only his index and middle fingers.

Scorpions eyes rounded.

He looked at Zhang Han with disbelief and pulled the dagger vigorously but failed to abstract it from his fingers, which were like a large pinchers.


Scorpion was in a panic.

He was about to say something, but he had no chance.

As Zhang Hans finger pulled back, the dagger was immediately pulled out of Scorpions hand.

The next moment, Zhang Han shook his hand and the dagger, like a sharp arrow, pierced completely through Scorpions right palm.

Scorpion quivered.

When he was about to cry out, Zhang Hans right fist immediately hit him in the arms.

Within two seconds, Zhang Han gave out 18 punches.

Click, click, click…

A series of blows made Scorpions arms as soft as noodles.

He could not bear the terrible pain and fell to the ground.

However, before he fell, Zhang Hans right foot moved and he kicked Scorpions legs violently.

Two seconds later, Scorpion fell to the ground.

“Oh, my god…”

Zhao Fengs facial muscles trembled uncontrollably.

He had never expected that boss would be so fierce when he launched a vicious attack.

The next moment, Zhang Han raised his pistol and pointed at Scorpions head.

“No, no, no, boss, take it easy.

You cant kill him!” Zhao Feng said, trembling with fear.

But at this moment, Zhang Han ignored him.

He looked at Scorpion with indifference: In his eyes, Scorpion was just a nonentity that could be killed easily.

Scorpions face was pale and his body was numb.

He looked at Zhang Han in horror and asked in a trembling voice, “Why”

“You tell me.” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

These words also reminded Scorpion of the fact that he had crushed his daughters remote control car.

This was indeed the only reason and he had never met Zhang Han at any other time.

But… how could he destroy Changsheng Bar for such a trifle

Scorpion felt in pain.

But seeing Zhang Han loading the gun, he was startled and begged for mercy in a weak voice, retaining his hard sanity,

“Dont… kill me, I am sorry.

Ill buy you one hundred remote control cars, oh no, one thousand, ten thousand.

Please let me go… I…”

While speaking, his eyes were filled with fear.

Zhang Han stood there emotionless and his chilly look made Scorpion feel completely disheartened.

Eventually, Zhang Han opened his mouth and said in a unconcerned tone,

“Compensate Ha ha ha, Im sorry, even your life is not as valuable as a single drop of tear of my daughter!”

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

After he finished speaking, shots rang out.


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