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Chapter 1272 The Dragon List

“The two of them cooperated perfectly.”

Clapping his hands, Liu Qingfeng looked at Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei.

In fact, there was nothing special in Zhang Hans words, for he did not care about the groups affairs.

Yue Wuweis words were really wonderful.

“Well, there is one thing that many people already knew.

The Heavenly Bank is about to open.

Originally, it was about to open a few days ago.

But I thought that we should wait for our boss to come back and carry out the ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

Liu Qingfeng continued, “Oh, by the way, let me tell you some good news.

Our boss will add your welfare.

There is a large batch of medicinal pellets to be sold.

You can see that in the internal employee system, but there are some restrictions on the amount of purchase quantity.

Well also hold several external auctions.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, the auctions will be simultaneously held on the eight major planets a few days later after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

The bank could provide them with loans.

First, in the Sea Dragon Star Area, a large number of medicinal pellets were up for sale.

Second, several grand auctions would be held.

They could get another batch of medicinal pellets.

There were also various cultivation resources to be sold and traded.

The constant circulation of the crystals increasingly elevated the virtual value of the crystals of the Heavenly Group.

This was Liu Qingfengs plan.

He arranged a business game in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Maybe many forces could learn to start a company.

However, they could not provide so many medicinal pellets, and they even had to spend money on them.

At noon on the same day, the Heavenly Banks ribbon-cutting ceremony began.

Trillions of people were watching the live broadcast on the official website at the same time.

After learning about the news of loan, the cultivators on many planets were excited.

“What I can get a loan of crystals Whats the meaning of the loan I can borrow some crystals and pay back more, for I must pay interest.

God, its so great.

If I have 30,000 crystals, I can buy the Little Foundation Elixir that can help me make a breakthrough to the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

Then, I can earn crystals more easily, cant I”

“I can apply for it on the website of the Heavenly Bank.”

“Let me see how much I can borrow.”

“A pledge is required What pledge should I give What if its my fourth-tier gem Why is it so valueless”

“I can pledge not only treasures, but also immovable property, such as real estate, territory, and even planets.

I can get a loan as great as hundreds of millions of crystals by pledging a planet.”

“Who can pledge a planet Only those large forces can do that.”

“Immovable property Like my house in the Dragon Horse Star.

Try it.”


It caused a sensation throughout the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Many large forces held meetings.

“The Heavenly Bank makes a big move.”

“Did you see the ribbon-cutting ceremony Zhang Hanyang, who is a legendary figure, has too much influence.”

“Pledge and loan.

What a good idea! The planet can be pledged.

In fact, we can also pledge a few planets.

Our Haimu Logistics Company has gotten a crystal-flow problem.

We can get some crystals first.

After the goods are delivered to Heavenly Dragon Star Province, we can make much money after paying the interest.”

“Can we follow suit and open a bank”

“Thats impossible.

We dont have the crystal reservation on such a large scale.

At present, in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, the Heavenly Group has the greater crystal reservation than the rest of us combined.

We cannot do it at all.”

“We have fallen so far behind.”

Many forces thought it over and eventually gave up helplessly.

But they had already benefited from it.

A few companies, which had followed suit to do business, made some money.

Now that they heard about the loan, they were all tempted.

If it was appropriate after calculation, they were ready to get loans.

100 million, 200 million, 1 billion, 10 billion…

The number of the crystals was declining.

In just five days, 30 billion crystals had been lent out.

Liu Qingfengs heart skipped a beat when he saw that.

Fortunately, on the seventh day, the auctions began, selling all kinds of medicinal pellets, talismans, and even gems and spiritual herbs.

There were countless types of spiritual herbs.

Especially the third and fourth-tier ones became the goals of many people.

The most tempting thing was the medicinal pellet.

Unfortunately, the medicinal pellet was too expensive for ordinary people, and only the great powers could afford them.

“100 million, 200 million…”

The auction ended smoothly.

They lent out more than 30 billion crystals, and got 18 billion crystals back.

Most of the crystals were lent to individuals, and 80 percent of these crystals had been repossessed.

The rest of the crystals were mostly lent to some forces which pledged their planets for business.

Only when the staff went back could they return the crystals.

After staying on the Dragon Base Star for a few days, Nina and Felina went back to the Chaotic Region.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao had been cultivating in the past few days.

Chen Chuan had made rapid progress.

He was not young enough, but he knew the importance of cultivation.

Finally, one day, a piece of news that came from Heavenly Dragon Star Province had spread.

A few days ago, some people from Heavenly Dragon Province came here to hold a meeting.

Because of the meeting that all the high-position officials must attend, the Heavenly Group did not send anyone to attend the meeting mentioned above.

In other words, they ignored it.

Those from Heavenly Dragon Star Province seemed to know that the Heavenly Group belonged to Zhang Hanyang.

They did not show any look of disapproval and even especially asked Li Hao to send some messages: “The Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

There are three kinds of battles.

Those ones under 20 will compete for the ranking on the Dark Dragon List; those aged 20 and above and under 40 will compete for the Earth Dragon List; and those aged 40 and above will compete for the Heavenly Dragon List.

“In order to register for the competition for the Dark Dragon List and the Earth Dragon List, you need to come to the Orchid Star.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province will send a team to complete the detection.

There are no such restrictions on the registration for the Heavenly Dragon List.

You can register online.

“The registration for the competition will be not accepted seven days later.

After the registration deadline, all the participants should gather on the Orchid Star.

“The top 100 participants on each list will be selected to compete on behalf of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province, you can earn points through battles.

You will also compete for the ranking with the participants from other Star Areas and get the rewards.

The forces that you represent will receive even more rewards.

“Some big shots from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven will come to watch this competition.

If you are favored by any of them, your status will rise.

Even, it is possible for you to directly enter the great sects of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven for cultivation.

“The Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

Please look forward to it.”

A series of messages ignited the discussion of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Many people knew that the Dragon List represented the highest position of the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It seemed that tens of thousands of people climbed the mountain and competed with each other for standing on the top and overlooking the world.

First, the competition between those ones under 20 was the clash of geniuses.

Second, the competition between those aged 20 and above and under 40 was the clash of men in their prime.

Finally, it was the clash of elder masters.

All kinds of battles attracted countless peoples attention.

“The Dragon Ranking Competition, which is held once every few decades, is about to begin!”

“Unfortunately, I was just born after the end of the last Dragon Ranking Competition.

More than 30 years have passed.

Hey, Im 38 years old and I can participate in the competition for the Earth Dragon List.

With my strength, Im sure Ill be one of the top 10 on the list!”

“Im twenty, at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

I have to get ahead of the others on the Dark Dragon List! Im going to win glory for my clan and lead them to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven!”

“Im 19 years old, at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

I dont need to get ahead of the others.

I just hope to be one of the top 30 on the list.”

“I, Haoran, will definitely be, the first on the Dark Dragon List!”

“Haoran, what about your strength”

“Why do you ask about my strength”

“Because you have to fight for the ranking.”

“Then I wont go.”


Too many places became lively because of the competition.

Many ancestors who had been cultivating in seclusion were excited because of the Heavenly Dragon List.

Having cultivated for many years, if they could enter the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, they would start a new life.

Many of the younger generation, who had been cultivating in seclusion painstakingly, wanted to get a good ranking and become outstanding.

Many hot-blooded young people, who were in their 20s or 30s, felt that the blood in the body was burning.

This grand meeting for the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province was about to begin.

Not to mention the generous rewards, such a competition was enough to make their blood boil.

“The Earth Dragon List.”

At an inn on a planet in the Small Sky Dragon Region, Shi Fenghou took a sip of wine and looked afar.

“Although Im at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, I can easily defeat ordinary people at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Velocity is the sharpest skill in the world! Ill fight for the Earth Dragon List!” In a beautiful manor of the Entertainment Star in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Chu Qingyi was sitting on the flower glider, dressed in a skirt.

With her fair-skinned calves and feet exposed to the air, she was quietly reading a book.

“Older Martial Sister, Older Martial Sister!”

Ye Longyuan ran over quickly.

“The Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

Which list are you going to compete for”

It was up to her age.

Chu Qingyi was silent for a while.

Then, she replied, “The Earth Dragon List.”


Ye Longyuans eyes gradually widened.

“Im done.

If you participate in the Earth Dragon List, Ill have no chance! Im only at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, and youve reached the peak stage of the God Transformation Realm.”

“Yes,” Chu Qingyi replied indifferently.

“But there are so many participants, and we may not be able to battle with those strong ones.

Well… Older Martial Sister, what do you think of my ranking on the Earth Dragon List”

Hearing that, Chu Qingyi looked up and pondered for a while.

“If youre lucky enough, youll be one of the top 500.

Most of the people on the Earth Dragon List are in the Yuan Ying Realm, with the rest in the God Transformation Realm.”

“Aha, the rank is not satisfying.

Wait and see, Ill be one of the top 300 at least,” Ye Longyuan said with a smile.

“So, Older Martial Sister, youll rank first on the Earth Dragon List, wont you”

Chu Qingyi was at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage, but her combat capability was very horrible.

Ye Longyuan had felt that several times.

“Not sure.

There are always some remarkable people in the great world.” Chu Qingyi shook her head slightly.

“Oh, Older Martial Sister, Im a little scared after your words.

If I cant even rank in the top 500, I must be very embarrassed” Ye Longyuan patted his forehead.

“Its very normal.

There are hundreds of millions of people in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Every year, there will be many talented people springing up,” said Chu Qingyi.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot that Zhang Hanyang, that monster, seems to be under 40.

Hey, if he takes part in the competition, Ill be sincerely convinced.

Who can defeat him Older Martial Sister, in face of Zhang Hanyang, can you win” Ye Longyuan said.

“Zhang Hanyang…”

Chu Qingyi was stunned for a long while and then shook her head slightly.

“Hes very strong.”

She just gave a short reply, without saying whether she would lose or not in face of Zhang Hanyang.

It was obvious that she also had strong trump cards.

But she could not see through Zhang Hanyangs strength, so she did not dare to say whether her trump cards were useful before him.

Zhang Hanyang could kill Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon with his fists, and he could also defend against powerful secret methods.

The two points were enough to make people feel that it was difficult and terrifying to deal with him.

“Older Martial Sister Chu, is everyone allowed to register for the Dragon Ranking Competition Will there be a lot of participants” Su Beimu asked.

He and Yan Chen walked closer, with their eyes filled with curiosity.

“There are some restrictions.”

Chu Qingyi explained, “The participants in the Dark Dragon List must be in the Elixir Realm at least.

For the Earth Dragon List, its the Yuan Ying Realm, and for the Heavenly Dragon List, its the God Transformation Realm.”

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