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Chapter 1277 To Advance without Fighting

Everyone present showed a slightly different look.

The two little girls flew out to the ring.

They fought fiercely, and in less than two minutes, Mengmeng was defeated.

She would have to compete in the resurrection match.

Coincidentally, Yue Xiaonao encountered someone at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

After getting in the ring, she also lost after a few minutes and would also have to compete in the resurrection match.

The 100 winners were determined.

The competition for the Heavenly Dragon List ended earlier.

The resurrection match and the qualifying match shared the same rules, adopting the mode of the challenge.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao respectively jumped onto a ring early.

After they had seven battles successively, everyone knew that they were not easy to deal with, so they changed the targets.

They only wanted an advancement, and their aim was not to challenge someone.

“Next, the one hundred rings will be used for the qualifying match for the Dark Dragon List.

The 100 winners of the resurrection match can directly challenge anyone in the rings.

Everyone can be challenged at most five times.”

There was a new restriction on the qualifying match.

There were a lot of participants for the Earth Dragon List, who were watching the battles for the Dark Dragon List.

After that, the battles for the Earth Dragon List would begin.

“Go ahead.

Come on.

Just choose a weaker opponent and hold onto your place,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied and ran down with Yue Xiaonao.

With their overall strength, they could advance easily.

They respectively took one place soon.

Quite a few people came to challenge them, but after they were challenged five times, it was over.

They advanced!

Gradually, fewer and fewer people were challenged.

More and more people advanced.

Those who could not defeat anyone standing in the rings at all were extremely chagrined.

Even two of them were wiping their tears.

The Dragon Ranking Competition was full of blood and tears.

Ge Feng said, “The qualifying match for the Dark Dragon List is over.

The list of 100 winners can be checked in the system.

“Next, the battles for the Earth Dragon List are about to begin.

The stage of drawing lots has been completed.

Please begin your battles.”

The participants were queuing up.

Still, Zhang Han had not fought yet.

So far, all his opponents had admitted defeat to preserve the strength for the resurrection match.

A persons fame was indeed very important.

“I admit defeat.”

When it came to the one-hundred-out-of-two-hundred stage, a younger cultivator saw Zhang Hanyangs name and said the three words helplessly.

But then, he showed a strong desire for fighting.

“The resurrection match is about to begin!”

Chen Changqing said, “Its my turn to perform.”

Wang Xiaowu said, “Ill fight for a place in the resurrection match!”

The crowd got in the rings one after another.

Wang Xiaowu and Chen Changqing took a place, respectively.

The continuous battles made their blood boiling.

They were at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage, but their combat capability was comparable to that of someone at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

They were notable even in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It was not difficult for them to advance.

“The qualifying match for the Earth Dragon List is about to begin.

Please the top 100 participants stand in the rings.

As with the previous rules, everyone can be challenged at most five times.”

Ge Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

“Dad, you havent fought yet,” Mengmeng said strangely, “and maybe, no one will challenge you, will they”

“Well, maybe not.

It depends on my luck.” Zhang Han smiled helplessly.

After going down, he went straight to Ring No.

39, which was closest to him.

“The match begins!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Surprisingly, there was a queue before many rings.

Seeing that, those defending winners felt that their hair stood on end.

There were still smart ones.

Noticing that there were too many people waiting in the queue, they would leave after making several moves in their first challenge.

Then, they took a rest while observing the situation around them.

They planned to challenge the second one at the right time.

Zhao Feng was challenged five times and then advanced.

Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan both advanced.

Chen Changqing defeated a defending winner and then advanced.

Wang Xiaowu and Yun Feiyang also advanced.

There were only eight winners present who had never been challenged.

They were all in the God Transformation Realm.

Especially, five of them were at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage, who all looked at Zhang Han with a strange and helpless look.

They felt a great deal of pressure.

It was greatly depressing to fight for the Earth Dragon List with a super expert as fierce as a rainstorm.

If they were unlucky to confront him, they would definitely be eliminated.

Finally, the qualifying match for the Earth Dragon List came to an end.

The grand event of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area had been completely finished.

Some people were happy, while some people were frustrated.

Many of the losers were depressed.

They had not expected that there would be so many experts appearing in the Dragon Ranking Competition.

Usually, they could not see a person in the God Transformation Realm in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, those cultivators in the God Transformation Realm fought for the Earth Dragon List and even for the Dark Dragon List.

Also, there were much more people at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage in the Dragon Ranking Competition.

Especially, when they targeted some unknown people and thought that they could win, these targets were actually very powerful.

It was unknown how many people had lost to these targets.

It made them feel distressed.

After all, when such a strong man as Zhang Hanyang showed up, everyone knew that they could not afford to offend him.

It was annoying to lose without knowing about their opponents.

It was no exaggeration to say that the stronger their desire for advancement was, the stronger their disappointment after the failure would be.

Of course, there were also a lot of people who showed the meaning of “being desireless and strong”.

The reason why the cliffs could stand tall was that they were desireless.

Only when someone was desireless, it could be just and righteous.

Some people just came to participate in the competition.

They did not pursue the rankings but enjoyed fighting.

This kind of people indeed achieved their goals.

There would be different results when people looked at the same thing from different perspectives.

Ge Feng said to the crowd, “I declare that the qualifying match for the Dragon List in the Sea Dragon Star Area has come to an end.

The top 100 winners of the Heavenly Dragon List, of the Earth Dragon List, and of the Dark Dragon List have been released respectively.

“As for the finals in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, namely the competition for the rankings on the Dragon List, we will inform you in advance of the specific date.

Please the top 100 winners of each list complete your information and pay attention to the official website of the Dragon List.

We will release the messages on the site in advance.”

The competition in the Sea Dragon Star Area had come to an end, but the finals drawing more attention had not started yet.

Unfortunately, only a few people could go to Heavenly Dragon Star Province to watch the finals.

Although it was much more convenient to travel from the Sea Dragon Star Area to Heavenly Dragon Star Province due to the changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain, there were not many people who could go to watch the finals.

Among Zhang Hans team, no one was on the Heavenly Dragon List.

There were only a few people on the Earth Dragon List and fewer people on the Dark Dragon List.

After all, only four people participated in the competition of the Dark Dragon List.

Chen Chuan was still weak, so he could only cheer for them.

“Its over.

I feel easy now.”

Headmaster Shan said with a smile, “There is a long time before the finals.

Do you want to go to Heavenly Dragon Star Province for fun I think its a good choice to visit the Dragnet Academy.

Im relieved to see that youve all advanced.

I plan to go back and preside over a few activities in the academy.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded, thought for a moment, and said, “Headmaster Shan, go ahead with your matters.

Well contact you when we arrive in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Its a deal, aha.”

While talking, they got up and took different aircraft back to the spaceship.

Headmaster Shan left.

Before the king vessel flew away, he had left a message for Zhang Han, telling him to go to the Dragnet Academy after arriving in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

He also sent a lot of internal information about the Dragnet Academy.

The Dragnet Academy consisted of the Science and Technology Branch, the Senior Martial Arts Branch, the Battle Technique Branch, the Spirit Branch, the Pellet-refining Branch, the Formation Branch, the Weapon-refining Branch, and the Miscellany Branch.

The Science and Technology Branch mainly cultivated mechanics and mechanic martial artists, and the latter accounted for most of them.

Basically, many cultivators would minor in the supplementary fighting means.

The Battle Technique Branch focused on the battle techniques, advocated natural and smooth movements, and taught how to respond to various moves.

It consisted of a dozen departments.

The Spirit Branch mainly paid attention to the application of the soul sense, the cultivation and application of the divine sense, the illusions, and the secret methods of soul sense.

The Senior Martial Arts Branch focused on the application of the spiritual force and the buff for improving the attack force.

It had a famous department of the Body Cultivation, and the department contained a few students but very few people dared to provoke them, for those students were almost all from rich and powerful families or big sects.

The Pellet-refining Branch, the Formation Branch and the Weapon-refining Branch respectively had dozens of departments, concerning an immense treasury of knowledge.

As for the Miscellany Branch, it consisted of some unpopular departments, such as the Department of Beast-training and the Department of Architecture.

“The Dragnet Academy has eight branches.

Each branch has many departments.

There are a total of two hundred and twelve departments.

The number of people staying in the academy all year round has exceeded three hundred thousand.

My God, its indeed well-known.

There are so many people in the Dragnet Academy.”

On the way to the Dragon Base Star, everyone was discussing the information about the Dragnet Academy in the king vessel.

Zhang Guangyou said, “Headmaster Shan talked with me a few times.

He said that in their academy, most of the cultivators are under the age of 50, who are quite young in the Cultivation World.

Also, there are many above 50.

I am also able to go to the academy for further cultivation, just like going to school.

It sounds a little weird.”

Hearing this, Zhang Mu shook his head slightly and said, “Headmaster Shan also told me that the Dragnet Academy is a place for me, where I can learn a lot of basic knowledge.

He said that as a grandpa and even great-grandpa, I should go there even more.

Well, I am a little tempted by his words.”

Dong Chen was stunned and said, “Huh Headmaster Shan also had a private talk with me.

He talked about the same thing.

He told me that if we want to get used to the atmosphere of the Cultivation World more quickly, it must be worth it to go there.”

Many of them mentioned one after another that Headmaster Shan also had a private talk with them.

Zhang Han was speechless and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Headmaster Shan really did his best.”

In order to invite him to be a teacher, Headmaster Shan had put in a lot of effort.

“With your competence in the pellet refining, even the great sects in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven have to call you their ancestor, let alone the Dragnet Academy.” Yue Wuwei snorted.

He did not want to flatter Zhang Han, and he felt that he was just telling the truth.

According to Zhang Hans incredible competence in the pellet refining, he could be respected at least as the founder of the pellet refining in the Astral Domain.

Even, Yue Wuwei knew that some cultivators at the third or fourth tier of the Tribulation Stage, who were proficient in the pellet refining, had not reached this level.

“Headmaster Shan is pretty nice.” Zhang Guangyou nodded.

“He has an aura of awe-inspiring righteousness, which is rare for ordinary people.”

“An aura of awe-inspiring righteousness” Gai Xingkong said with a smile, “I dont feel an aura of awe-inspiring righteousness, but I admire Headmaster Shan for managing the Dragnet Academy and cultivating talents in Heavenly Dragon Star Province for so many years.”

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