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Chapter 1280 Commercial City

The pellet refining was extremely complicated.

If he was really going to teach it, he had to spend much time and put in many efforts.

Zhang Han was not a selfless person.

He did not want to waste time on insignificant things.

He could teach it but it was not necessary.

Even the Sixth Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect had not learned half of the book, which was about the basic knowledge of vegetation, since Zhang Han gave it to him.

“Well, then Ill arrange for you to teach the course of Conversion and Application of Illusions.” Headmaster Shan sighed and laughed.

Two seconds later, he said, “Well, if there is any competition in the Pellet-refining Branch, can you give them some advice when you are not busy”

Headmaster Shan made some adjustments in this aspect.

Even if Zhang Hanyang went to other branches, he felt that with Zhang Hanyangs understanding of the pellet refining, the students would benefit from his advice a lot.

It was enough.

It was impossible for a monster like Zhang Hanyang to intently teach others how to refine pellets.

“Well, by the way,” Headmaster Shan said, “Zhang Hanyang, youre now well-known in the major forces of Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

You can command the Ancient Demonic Beasts, well, so everyone thinks that you are the strongest one in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Therefore, if you teach the students with the name of Zhang Hanyang in the Department of Illusions, there will be a significant increase in the number of students.”

After thinking for a while, Headmaster Shan said, “I think in order to have much time for cultivation, for your daughter and for a visit to the Pellet-refining Branch, you need to use a Taoist name.”

“Youre really thoughtful.” Yue Wuwei glanced at Headmaster Shan.

“Of course, Im sincere about it.

Its the same for you, Elder Yue.

I can give up my position as the headmaster for you if thats what you want, aha.” Headmaster Shan laughed.

“Forget it.

Im going to draw the pictures.

I have a studio on Earth.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.

“Dad, then you can use the name of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.” Mengmeng was still eating meat, and she said vaguely, “The name sounds very pleasant.

By the way, I wont go to the Department of Illusions, for its too difficult for me.

I cannot learn it.”

Mengmengs words made Zhang Han somewhat speechless.

Zi Yan snorted and said, “Youre just lazy.”

Mengmeng argued, “No.

I havent finished learning the 100 Styles of Soul Sense Secret Skill yet.

Besides, Im here just to experience life.

Ill go to an interesting department.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Chen Chuan agreed and said, “well go wherever its fun.”

Looking at the kids, everyone sighed.

They were carefree and playful.

They were really happy.

Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, Zi Yan, and Zhang Han all shared the same thought.

They hoped that Mengmeng and Chen Chuan could be carefree forever.

“If you like interesting departments, you can visit the Spirit Branch and the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

These two branches have the largest number of students as well as relatively more activities.

You can choose one of them.

Especially, the Senior Martial Arts Branch has the Department of Body Cultivation, where there are many hot-tempered young people.

You can always see people fighting.

If you want to visit other branches, you can sit in on a few classes as an observer.

Youre very free in the Dragnet Academy.

No matter which department you choose, you can take the classes as long as you want to.

Of course, theres a limit to the number of people sitting in on classes as an observer.

You have to sign up on our website in advance,” said Headmaster Shan.

The introduction of Headmaster Shan made many people present look interested.

“Just call me Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Okay, Ill arrange for you to teach the course of Conversion and Application of Illusions in the Department of Illusions of the Spirit Branch.

It should be the Class Nine 121.

Well call it Class Nine of the Department of Illusions.

New students and first-grade students can sign up for this course this year, but the senior students probably wont go, and there wont be many new students.

Its really one of the most uncrowded classes in the whole academy,” Headmaster Shan said with a smile.

“Everyone, you can stroll around the academy later.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and added, “You can participate in anything you want.

You dont have to stay with me all the time.

You can just take this visit as a casual trip to relax your mood in cultivation.”

“Well, Master, Mengqi and I will go to the Spirit Branch.

We can live in the dormitory there, and it will be a world for us alone,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Stupid.” Liang Mengqi smiled and rolled her eyes at him.

“Ill go to the Senior Martial Arts Branch with my wife.” Instructor Liu and Jiang Yanlan also made a decision.

“Ill go to the Senior Martial Arts Branch, too,” said Chen Changqing.

It seemed that almost all people chose the Spirit Branch and the Senior Martial Arts Branch, which were the most popular branches.

They were related to the spiritual force, the soul sense, and even the physical body.

Although Zhang Han taught them a lot of powerful moves, they knew little about the basis.

They needed to pay attention to not only a large number of practices but also large volumes of books.

The purpose of their coming to the Dragnet Academy was to learn.

The more they knew, the calmer they would be when facing the enemies.

“We have spacious residences in the academy.

Everyone can choose a small manor,” Headmaster Shan added, “and generally speaking, the high buildings here are mostly for the service personnel.

The registered students can have their own courtyards, and each of them can have several attendants.

The attendants are equivalent to the outer-door disciples, who are weak and hope to learn something from the inner-door disciples.

If you want no attendants, you can live alone.

There are also some intelligent robots to serve you in your residence in daily life.”

“Such treatment is really good.”

During the chat, the banquet ended.

They were separated and walked in the central area, but it was too large for them to walk around.

Those who wanted to take courses in every branch all ran to take the matt ground vehicle.

Within a dozen minutes, they would arrive at the branch they wanted to go to.

Zhang Han and a dozen people came to the Spirit Branch.

Near the central area, Zhang Han and Zi Yan chose a manor with green hills and clear rivers.

The scenery was pleasant.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina chose the same manor.

“Alas, my daughter is going to live in a different place.” Zhang Han pretended to be sad.

“Yo, what are you doing You dont have to pretend here.” Mengmeng was stunned for a moment, and then she snorted softly.

“Whats the difference Ill live next door to you.

Under the influence of Mom, your acting skills are amazing.”

Zhang Han laughed and said, “Aha, okay, go ahead for fun.

Its enough as long as you have fun.

I dont want to have a third wheel like you with us.

Your mother and I also want to live in the house for us only.”

“Thats right.

Im so happy that the third wheel is gone.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Now we can relax ourselves and have a good time.

You can eat here, but dont come back to disturb us.”

“No, I cant let Dad belong to you totally.” Mengmeng made a face at Zi Yan.

“Ill not only eat, but also order food here, humph.”


Hearing that, Zi Yan giggled.

Generally speaking, for a girl at Mengmengs age, her mother would be an elder but still beautiful woman.

But now, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei still looked as if they were in their twenties.

A few years ago, they were both young and charming mothers.

Now, they even looked like the elder sister of their kids.

“Were going shopping and see what class we should apply for,” Mengmeng said.

She went to visit the Spirit Branch with Nina and the others and planned to get familiar with the environment first.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan went back to their manor.

They walked around and found that it covered a large area.

There was green shade, lawn, small hills, and rivers.

The residence was a large high-tech villa.

“Lets clean up the room first, and then go out for a walk.”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “I heard that there are commercial cities in every branch, and there are all kinds of products from Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

They are much cheaper than the ones outside.

Its just like the duty-free store on Earth.”

“Why are you in such a hurry to go shopping Before going shopping… aha…”

Zhang Han suddenly hugged Zi Yan from behind.

Her graceful figure and soft body fascinated him.

“There is no sheet yet,” Zi Yan whispered.

“So easy.”

Zhang Han waved his hand, and a sheet was put on the big bed.

Their clothes flew in all directions.

Soon, tempting moans were constantly heard in the room.

At this time, it was noon on the Dragnet Star.

Tinkles were heard.

An hour ago, Zhou Fei called Zi Yan once.

One hour passed, Zi Yan was still a little flushed.

She picked up the phone, and her lazy voice was mixed with a trace of lingering charm.

“Hello, whats the matter”

“Didnt we agree to go shopping in the afternoon Are you going or not” Zhou Fei said in a teasing tone, “I think Elder Sister Yan is very busy.”

“Yes, Ill go later.

Well, Ill set off in half an hour.

Lets meet in the Commercial City No.

2 of the Spirit Branch,” Zi Yan said.

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yan complained, “Its all your fault.

Feifei heard it from my voice.”

“Isnt it normal We already have a girl.” Zhang Han laughed and added, “Now we have plenty of time in the Dragnet Academy…”

Ignoring Zhang Han, Zi Yan got up and took a shower.

She cleaned up the room and took out their daily necessities.

She spent more than ten minutes on these things.

She went out and turned right.

After walking for ten minutes, she arrived at the place where the matt ground vehicle stopped.

“Why does it look like the subway station”

Zi Yan was wearing a skirt and crystal sandals, with her long hair streaming down her back.

She did not wear a hat or a pair of sunglasses.

Here, she could wear whatever she wanted and show her delicate cheeks.

“There are very few people around.”

Zi Yan was also very curious about the Dragnet Academy, so she looked around.

“Most of the people are cultivating or taking classes,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Its like a shuttle at the airport.

Its not big,” Zi Yan said.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Although its not very big, its very fast.

The matt ground vehicle is famous for its fast speed.

It is a means of transportation in some developed cities in the Astral Domain, which can save a lot of time on big planets.”

“Well go to the Commercial City No.


It will take about ten minutes.”

They got in the vehicle.

It began to speed up.

Unexpectedly, the passage inside was not black, and it was like a starry sky.

The speed became extremely fast in a few seconds, but the carriage was in a steady state, as if they were in a room.

They arrived at the Commercial City No.


It was indeed as big as a city.

“Where are you Im in No.

26 on the Olu Street.” Zi Yan was communicating with Zhou Fei.

“Im in No.


“I just sent you my location in real time.”

“I saw it.

Wow, its too far away.”

“I still have to get there by bus.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan got on a bus on the street.

There were no private cars or taxis here, but buses on each street.

And the bus was free of charge.

After getting on the bus, they finally met with Chen Changqing a few minutes later.

There were still a lot of people, including Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, Wang Ya, Liang Mengqi, Zhao Feng, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu.

They were all young people and gathered here for shopping.

After all, spending money made people happy.

“Compared with the Sea Dragon Star Area, the clothes here are much more fashionable.”

“They are branded products, but we dont know.”

“The clothes over there cost tens of thousands of crystal stones.

Its said that they were made by a certain master.”

“There are still some clothes which are much more expensive.” Zhang Han chuckled and pointed to the front.

They saw a milky-white long dress decorated with crystal stones.

It was hanging on the body of a mechanical model, giving the momentum of a queen.

In terms of appearance, it was very beautiful.

Ordinary people would be overwhelmed by this kind of elegant clothes.

“Its worth three million crystal stones.

As a whole, its a sixth-tier Defense Treasure.

Its very comfortable to wear, and it fits all kinds of figures…”

It had many advantages and could be used widely.

It was both beautiful and useful.

However, its price was high.

“I cant wear this kind of queen-style clothes.

However, its indeed beautiful.

Sister-in-law, do you want to try it I think it will look good on you,” Zhang Li said.

“Yes, you must be suitable for this long dress,” Liang Mengqi said while nodding.

“Elder Sister Yan, do you want to have a try” Zhou Fei asked.

“Just have a try.” Zhang Han smiled.

Zi Yan got closer and came to the fitting spot.

She stood in front of the clothes.

The light was shining, blocking everyones sight.

In less than a minute, the light slowly dissipated.


Zhou Fei said, “So beautiful!”

“Youre the queen.” Zhang Lis eyes lit up.

“You look really wonderful.

Brother, why are you still standing there Just buy it.”


Zhang Han smiled.

He waved his hand and handed the crystal stones to the smart robot.

After a set of simple operations, he bought this valuable long dress.

Right at this moment, they heard some people talking nearby.

“Sister Ling, the glory dress personally made by Master Ofeli of the Zhenlong Faction only costs three million crystal stones.

The dress is one and only.

You will definitely look very beautiful if you wear it.

And you will definitely attract everyones attention in the Emperor Lake Banquet.”

“Is it really made by Master Ofeli”

“Its true.”

“I also saw it.

Ive been paying attention to the Commercial City No.

2 of the Spirit Branch.

This dress was on sale about an hour ago.

Its cost-efficient.”

“Huh Why is it worn by others”

A dozen young people were suddenly stunned.

“Ah, its so beautiful!”

A few male students slowly widened their eyes.

“I cant believe that there is such a remarkable lady in the world!”

“Oh my god, Im in love.”

“It is gone.

Someone bought it” The leader of the group of people was pretty good-looking.

She seemed to be about 20 years old.

Looking at Zhang Han and his fellows with dissatisfaction in her eyes, she asked the woman beside her, “Didnt you reserve it for me”

“I, I, I… Sister Ling, I dont know why this dress couldnt be reserved.

The option is grayed out.” The woman smiled bitterly.

Several men were shocked.

They could tell from Sister Lings tone that she was very unhappy now.

The name of Sister Ling was Meng Linger.

She was a princess of the Meng Clan in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Similar to the Lo family, the Meng Clan did not have many members, but they both had a Grand Master in the Void-refining Realm as well as many masters.

So, it had a high status in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

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