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Chapter 128 Who Did This


“Someone is shooting people!”

A dozen women in the room closed their eyes in horror and exclaimed.

Even Zhao Feng trembled with fear.

He looked over and was relieved after he found Zhang Han had only shot Scorpion in the ears instead of his head.

But then he gave a wry smile again.

Even if he did not kill anyone, Tang Zhan would not sit back for such a troubling thing since Zhang Han had beat Scorpion up and flattened Changsheng Nightclub.

“This… boss…” Zhao Feng shook his head and said, “Tang Zhan may…”

“Dont say such things.” Zhang Han looked at Scorpion, who had fainted, for the last time, and threw the gun at Scorpions chest.

He turned to the door, lowered his head slightly to Zhao Feng and said coldly, “If he dares to take revenge, then let him come.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Han went straight to the outside.

Zhao Feng gave a wry smile, hesitated for a moment and dialed Tang Zhans number,

“Lord Tang, Scorpion was discarded, in Changsheng Nightclub…”

After the call, watching Zhang Han walking into the elevator, Zhao Feng sighed softly.

It was no use crying over spilled milk.

Zhao Feng also had no idea what to do.

Now since he was here, he had to inform Tang Zhan and could not get too intimate with Zhang Han at the same time, as his every move was recorded in the monitor of the corridor and their intimacy would be troublesome if it was found by Tang Zhan.

“What should he do…”

Zhao Feng lit a cigarette and sucked it deeply.

His eyes were dark caverns and he was in such a mess.

“Does he really need to find a way to break into Tang Zhans secret chamber”

Breaking into the secret chamber was a narrow escape.

Zhao Feng did not want to try until the eleventh hour.

However, if Tang Zhan was about to fight against his boss, Zhao Feng might not turn a blind eye to him.

But even if he helped boss, they were no match for Tang Zhan.

In Zhao Fengs view, the current situation seemed to be a deadlock, which was a big headache.

On the other side, when Zhang Han reached the first floor and headed to the outside, the people at the reception desk in the hall, as well as more than a dozen ushers and several security guards, were dumbfounded instantly.


“What happened”

“How was that possible How could he come down”

“Brother Scorpion didnt beat him”

“My God, this is the first time I have seen someone leave safely after making troubles.”


The crowd whispered to each other.

They even could not believe their eyes and had never expected that the brothers on the seventh floor were all defeated.

Zhang Han went out of the nightclub and walked straight to his car.

At this point, standing by the AUDI A6L, Li Anna and her companions still had the jitters.

However, apart from fear, her worry about Zhang Han and deep appreciation were showed in her face.

“Anna, is he your boyfriend”

Having standing downstairs for a while, Ma Cheng finally asked.

“None of your business.” Li Anna said sourly.

“I…” Ma Cheng sighed and said, “I didnt mean anything.

I was worried about him.

I havent expected him to be so kind that he rescued us regardless of his own life.

Ah… I just want to know if he is your boyfriend.

If so, Ill give up.”

Li Anna was going to sayno after hearing his word, for brother Zhang Han had a daughter already.

But when she heard Ma Chengs last words, Li Anna nodded directly and said, “Yes.”

“All right…” Ma Cheng took a deep breath, glanced at his watch and said, “So we will wait three minutes.

If he doesnt come out, we should call the police.”

“Here he comes; here he comes.” Liu Lu suddenly saw Zhang Han coming this way.

They rushed up to meet him and among them, Li Anna was the fastest, for she was the person who felt so moved.

She raised her arms while running as if she wanted to throw herself at Zhang Han.

But when she approached, Zhang Han leaned to one side without a trace and did not let Li Anna hold himself.

“Brother Zhang Han…”

Li Anna sipped her mouth and said, “Thank you, brother Zhang Han, if not you, we, we…”

Suddenly Li Annas eyes reddened while speaking.

If Zhang Han had not come in time, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.

Meanwhile, she had not expected that the gang would be so fierce.

“Yes, elder brother, thank you very much today.” The horsetail girl said sincerely.

“Im sorry.

I was bad-tempered today and have said something wrong.

Im so sorry.

I hope you can forgive me.” Ma Cheng bowed his head in shame.

“Elder brother, please dont take it to heart.

If you are available now, we want to reciprocate your kindness.” The curly-haired man issued his invitation.

But Zhang Han only looked at them flatly and said, “I helped you incidentally and you dont need to thank me.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Han walked ahead directly side-on.

These people, including Ma Cheng, froze.

They thought Zhang Han was angry with them and he was just to save Li Anna, but incidentally saved them.

As a matter of fact, they had not expected that Li Anna was also saved incidentally and the only reason for him to come here was Mengmengs tear.

Zhang Han walked towards his car.

When he was about to get on, Li Anna rushed over and said, “Brother Zhang Han, can I take your car”


Thinking that he was going to the Yunyin Garden in Eastern where Li Anna could hitch a ride, Zhang Han agreed, nodding his head.

Li Annas face lit up with pleasure and got into Zhang Hans car.

Looking at her expression, people could know that even if Ma Cheng drove a luxury car worth tens of millions of yuan, she would definitely choose this panda car, which was only worth tens of thousands of yuan.

Ma Cheng and the others remained standing in the same spot and stared at the panda car moving far away after Li Anna got on the car.

“How formidable he is! There are more than 20 people lying in the corridor and we dont know whether they are dead or alive.

Hes really… powerful.” The curly-haired man exclaimed.


I looked down upon him when I saw him driving a panda car.

I acted like a snob.

He must be a man who has experienced a lot.” Ma Cheng said unwittingly.

“Anna did find a true son of heaven.” Liu Lus eyes were imbued with amazement.

Today was definitely unforgettable for these people.

In the panda car.

As soon as Li Anna got in the car, she looked self-conscious.

Glancing at Zhang Han secretly several times, she could not help but said,

“Brother Zhang Han, how did you know we were caught”

“I dont know.” Zhang Han replied casually.

“So… so…” Li Anna was slightly surprised and faltered.

She thought Zhang Han fought for her in her heart, but she believed that Zhang Han was not the kind of persons who told lies at the same time.

“I was looking for Scorpion today.” Zhang Han gave her a look and said.

“Oh.” Li Anna lowered her head and compressed her mouth into a thin line, feeling at a loss.

“But if I know youve been caught, considering your relationship with Xiaoli, Ill not stand by.” Zhang Han added.

His words made Li Anna laugh.

She said with a smile, “Thank you, brother Zhang Han.”


Half an hour after Zhang Han left Changsheng Nightclub, a line of more than a dozen black cars drove over at a high speed.

In the center was a Rolls-Royce Phantom, accompanied by two Bentleys in front and behind.

In addition to the three cars, the others were all Mercedes-Benz.

The motorcade attracted many peoples attention on both sides of the street while they were driving on the road.

But peoples eyes were more fixed on the entrance of Changsheng Nightclub, where parked five ambulances and doctors were busy inside and outside.

From a distance, a lot of people could see many casualties being carried out in a hurry.

“Oh, my god.

Whose motorcade is this”

“Hush, keep your voice down; dont you see the Rolls-Royce in the middle Thats Forever Harmony Associations Lord Tang, Tang Zhans car.

Generally speaking, Lord Tang will not take so many people.

What happened” A knowledgeable man in the crowd said.

“No one is blind.

Looking at the ambulances over there and no less than 20 people being carried out, there may be something terrible happened in the nightclub!”

“Lord Tang of Forever Harmony Association, oh, hes indeed a great man! But… who could make such a big deal in his territory Terrible.”

While people were talking to each other, the motorcade stopped in front of Changsheng Nightclub.

Soon, Tang Zhan got out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom in the center.

In the meantime, from the two Bentleys in front and behind, five men with extraordinary momentum came down.

They were Tang Zhans most important men, one of whom was a mastermind and the other four were top thugs.

Tang Zhans guards got off the other Mercedes-Benz cars, who all dressed in loose black suits, with indifferent and grim expressions.

Tang Zhan led the way to the nightclub.

At this moment, he was grim-faced with his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, completely losing his smile.

After they entered the nightclub, all the ushers and passers-by became nervous because the aura was too frightening.

But Tang Zhan and his guards ignored and went straight to the seventh floor.

“Lord Tang.” Zhao Feng said, nodding his head slightly.

“Wheres Scorpion” Tang Zhan said in a serious tone.

Everyone who was familiar with him realized he was angry now.

“Inside.” Zhao Feng responded and took the lead to hall number one.

Nearly 20 people marched to hall number one.

When they saw the scene inside, their faces changed slightly.

In addition to Scorpion, there were still five people waiting for the rescue personnel to carry them out.

“How serious his injury is” Looking at Scorpions twisted noodle-shaped body, Tang Zhan said in a low voice.

“48 people were injured, 36 of whom suffered comminuted fractures of their elbows and arms, 11 of whom suffered comminuted fractures of their elbows and knees.

As for Scorpion, all of his limbs and bones were comminuted, his left hand was pierced and his ears were smashed by bullets.

Im afraid that… he has to live in bed in the future.” Zhao Feng replied.

Everyone, including the guards of Tang Zhan, turned pale with horror after hearing what he said.

“Who did this” A trace of acridity flitted across Tang Zhans face.


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