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There were more than 30,000 people.

The square seemed to be a sea of people.

Most of them were young people, and those in their twenties were in the majority.

There were also the younger ones who were fifteen or sixteen years old, or even twelve or thirteen years old.

And there were the elder ones who were in their thirties, forties or fifties.

Even, there were some people more than a hundred years old.

In the Cultivation World, age was just a relatively vague term.

Even a woman who looked old had to call a seemingly young girl Grand Master.

Soon, at the gate, Zhang Han and others gathered together.

There were dozens of people in total.

In the innermost part of the square, there was a stone platform with hundreds of tutors and management personnel on it.

Most of them were tutors of this group of new students in cultivation, and some of them were tutors of the first-grade students.

Headmaster Shan had not arrived yet.

When almost everyone arrived, it was about nine oclock.

“Zhang Hanyang, its time to go on stage.”

Headmaster Shan slowly descended from the sky afar, which made him look sensational.

“He is the headmaster.”

“Headmaster Shan is a very powerful person.”


“Oh my God, I finally see my idol.”

Many people were so excited that they could not control themselves.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Headmaster Shan was a legendary figure.

But now, such a legendary figure did not know whether to laugh or cry in his heart, when he saw that Zhang Han was still chatting in the crowd.

He tried hard to persuade him to go on stage.

For the sake of the students, the old headmaster took great pains.

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Ill go on stage first,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He was now wearing a black casual suit and a sky-blue cap, with the latter and Zi Yans being the couple caps.

He slowly walked to the stone platform from the side.

There were two guards on the steps to the stone platform.

When they saw Zhang Han, they did not ask anything but saluted him.

Then, they pointed in one direction.

“The Department of Illusions is over there.”

Headmaster Shan really had everything well arranged.

At this time, the tutors of the Illusions Department were chatting in groups of three or four.

Among them, an old man looked upset.


Fu, I heard that you were reassigned to the back office Why did the headmaster arrange for you to have a busy job Theres no class in the Class Nine of the Illusions Department, and you just need to spend a while on it every day.

What a cushy job! Have you offended someone”

“Yeah, its obvious that he doesnt want Mr.

Fu to be at leisure anymore.

Who else can be as accomplished in illusions as Mr.

Fu to take such an important position Although there are few people in the Class Nine of the Illusions Department, someone knowledgeable is really required.”

“It shouldnt be like this.

It really shouldnt be like this.”

“Humph!” Mr.

Fu snorted.

“The superiors have their own ideas on the reassignment.

You dont have to tell me about it.”

“Thats right.

Maybe, someone came to make his resume more dazzling.

If the person acts as a tutor in the Dragnet Academy, he will be able to hold an important position in any sect after he leaves,” a young man with small eyes said calmly.

At this time, a man, who was relatively young, waved his hand and created a sound-proof cover, saying, “We are angry exactly for this reason.


Fus accomplishments in illusions are well-known in the world.

Despite these accomplishments, his position was transferred.

Has Headmaster Shan also changed Yeah, he also needs to show some respect for some big forces.


The man with small eyes frowned and said, “Be careful with your words.

Dont talk about the headmaster behind his back.”

“Yes, Dean.

I wont do it outside,” the young man said.

“This is the last time.”

The man with small eyes, who acted as the teaching dean of the Illusions Department, shook his head slightly and said, “Its indeed inappropriate for Headmaster Shan to do that.

You dont have to complain to him about that.

In a few days, I will warn the new tutor.”

“Its so considerate of you to do so, Dean De Xi.” Mr.

Fu let out a sigh and felt a little better.

At this moment, Zhang Han walked into the crowd of the Illusions Department and stood on the edge.

“Huh A newcomer”

“Is he that guy”

“Since he walked into the crowd of the Illusions Department, he should be that guy.

He looks very young.

Aha, hes really here to make his resume more dazzling.

Young man, do you think you can sit tight in Mr.

Fus position after taking it away from him So naive.”

The several tutors suddenly felt that Zhang Hans profile was so unpleasant.

Zhang Han did not expect that he could offend someone because of such a small matter, but he would not care even if he knew it.

Headmaster Shan did not expect it, either.

After all, he had talked about it with Mr.


“Im the headmaster of the Dragnet Academy, Shan!”

The voice of Headmaster Shan rumbled like thunder, and his momentum was strong enough to shake the sky.

“Everybody, welcome to the Dragnet Academy for learning.

As the academy motto says, learning is like rowing upstream, and move forward, or youll fall behind.

Eighty percent of those who graduated from the Dragnet Academy are very outstanding.

Even, there is a very powerful person who acts as an elder in a great sect of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

I can tell you that the elder is in the Integration Realm!”


Tens of thousands of students, as well as many tutors, felt shocked at this time.

Although they had heard of it several times, it could still make their hearts tremble.

Integration Realm!

It was a super expert they had to look up at!

Seeing the effect of his words, Headmaster Shan showed a look of satisfaction and added, “The Dragnet Academy will provide you with an excellent cultivation environment.

Here, you can learn everything you want to learn; here, you will also make friends; and here, as long as you can graduate, almost all of you will become outstanding.

Many of your seniors have gone to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

If you learn in the Dragnet Academy, you can go on a higher stage.

But I want to remind you of something.”

Headmaster Shan paused and wore a fierce look in his eyes.

His voice became much lower.

“The academy has its own rules.

You must keep the admission rules in your mind.

If anyone dares to violate the interests of the academy, then… he or she will be severely punished!”


Like a bolt from the blue, the words struck the hearts of many people.

They had just been overjoyed, but now they were a little frightened.

Headmaster Shan was controlling the rhythm.

After ten seconds, he added, “In the end, youre welcome to learn here.

I hope that you can achieve something in the academy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the associate headmaster immediately stood out.

“Im Tao Long, the associate headmaster of the Dragnet Academy.

Next, Ill introduce the eight branches of the Dragnet Academy to you.

In the Senior Martial Arts Branch, you can learn about the Body Cultivation, the control of spiritual force, the occult arts, the combat techniques, and so on.

In the Spirit Branch, you can learn about the application of soul sense, and there are the Secret Methods of Soul Sense Department, and the Illusions Department…”

He made a lot of introductions.

These students had already searched the information before coming, but when they listened to it at this time, they still found it very magnificent.

There were so many departments and classes.

After the associate headmaster finished speaking, it was the turn of the president of each branch to make a statement.

“Im the president of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

I just want to say the Senior Martial Arts Branch is the No.

1 of the eight branches.

Choosing the Senior Martial Arts Branch can quickly improve your combat capability.”

“Aha, Im the president of the Spirit Branch.

It seems that the Spirit Branch is the No.

1 of the eight branches.

There are various departments in the Spirit Branch, which can enhance your strength in a comprehensive way.

Do you want to have unfathomable power The Spirit Branch is waiting for you.”

“Im the president of the Pellet-refining Branch.

Medicinal pellets are the origin of cultivation.

Being a pellet-refining master is the origin of wealth.”

“Im the president of the Weapon-refining Branch.

You know, spirit weapons can increase our combat capability.

Weapon-refining masters are also an extremely lucrative occupation.

Ill wait for you.”

“Im the president of Miscellany Branch.

You can take a lot of strange, interesting, and playful courses here.

Do you want to know about them Follow me.”


The statements dazzled tens of thousands of students under the stage.

There was no need to think about what they would major in.

Anyway, they would choose either the Spirit Branch or the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

But they were still considering what they would minor in.

Among the other branches, the Pellet-refining Branch was the most tempting one.

Medicinal pellets were indeed the foundation of cultivation.

In face of shackles, a medicinal pellet might work.

The second most tempting one was the Weapon-refining Branch, followed by the Formation Branch.

The Battle Technique Branch was also the first choice for many people.

They were relatively popular and many people would minor in the courses there.

On the contrary, the Science and Technology Branch was relatively unpopular, and there were not many people who would minor in the courses here.

The Miscellany Branch was indeed the most unpopular one, and many people would leave it out.

Each branch could attract a group of people, but the branches differed in the number of people.

Based on different preferences, the students had different pursuits and choices.

“Next, its the turn of the deans of each branch to make an introduction.”

“Lets welcome the class tutors of each department to make a detailed introduction.”

The introduction began with the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

Many class tutors made an introduction, trying to advertise their classes.

It seemed that the number of students in the class also represented their strength.

However, when its Zhang Hans turn…

Headmaster Shan smiled and was ready to listen to a detailed introduction.

“Im the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department, Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.”

Everyone was waiting for the following words.

One second, two seconds… fifteen seconds passed.

“Thats all”

Everyone present was stunned.

Some tutors turned to look at him.

Who was he

Was he pretending to be cool

Headmaster Shan was speechless.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and the others were also speechless.

What a straightforward introduction!

“Aha, its really a simple introduction.”

The dean of the Illusions Department laughed and said, “The tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department is young and cool.”

As he spoke, he pronounced the word “young” more clearly.

It made people feel that such a young person might not be able to teach the illusions well, which was an ingenious subject.

“Then let me introduce Class Nine of the Illusions Department to you.

The main purpose of this class is to teach you how to change and apply the illusions.

Choosing this class requires some foundation of illusions.

The next class is…”

He naturally brought everyone to the topic of the next class tutor.

The next tutor had not planned to say much, but he forced himself to make a three-minute introduction.

If he also made a similarly brief introduction, the president of the branch would be angry.

This scene made Mr.

Fu, who was replaced by Zhang Han, laugh.

“Young and arrogant Or just feel overwhelmed

“Hes simply a young man.

Just as the dean said, he is a son of a noble family and came here to make his resume more dazzling.

“Its a pity that you cant teach well.

No matter how powerful your family background is, its useless.”

He sneered in his heart.

He was indeed in a bad mood after being replaced by someone else.

After over three hours in total passed, all the introductions came to an end.

Headmaster Shan spoke again.

“Im sure that all of you have made your own choices before coming here.

“Next, the class tutors will stand in different areas.

You should first choose what youll major in.

When you go back, you can choose what youll minor in.

There will be several tests for both majors and minors.

Those who pass all tests will become the second-grade students.

“The majors and minors are not particularly important.

If you are excellent enough, you can also sign up in advance on the website.

You can learn whatever you want to cultivate.

“Now, choose your major subject.”


The scene became totally lively.

Over 30,000 students were in high spirits.

Seventy percent of the students went to the Senior Martial Arts Branch or the Spirit Branch.

Most of the rest chose the Pellet-refining Branch, the Weapon-refining Branch, the Battle Technique Branch, or other branches.

Each branch could attract a group of people, but there were fewer people choosing the unpopular ones.

“Class Nine of the Illusions Department is still very unpopular.”

“Its almost as unpopular as the Miscellany Branch.”

At first glance, there were only five people standing in front of Zhang Han.

But in the popular classes, there were even more than a thousand people, which was horrible.

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