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Chapter 1284 The Mysterious Tower

After the dean, De Xi, waited here for a few minutes, Fan Xiaoshuang, who had been prowling the building for a while, came downstairs.

“Wheres your tutor” asked the dean.

“Hes gone.”

“Gone Where did he go”

“I dont know.”

“When” The dean frowned slightly.

“We came to the hall on the first floor and introduced ourselves.

Then, he told us to dismiss,” Fan Xiaoshuang said simply and didnt tell the details.

Otherwise, the dean may become angry.

Even so, the dean immediately sent a message to the president of the branch after he left there.


President, the new tutor of Class 9 of the Illusions Department left after he came to the class building and let the students introduce themselves.

It just took him a few minutes.


President, Mr.

Fu has served the department for so many years.

He might not have done anything meritorious, but he had put in some hard work.

People cry out for his position replaced.”


Ill ask Mr.

Shan about it,” the branch president replied directly.

After hanging up the call, the dean snorted coldly.

“New boy.

Dont blame me for telling the branch president.

Youre new here, so youd better be careful.

Do you really think its easy to be a tutor at the Dragnet Academy”


The branch president will give us an explanation maybe a few minutes later.”

At last, he didnt receive any call back from the branch president.

He did ask Mr.

Shan, but no one knew what exactly he had said.

This issue was left unsolved without explanation.

The heated meetings were ongoing in other classes.

As for Zhang Han, he had arrived at Commercial City No.

1 and found Zi Yan and the others.

“This city looks good.” Zhang Han looked around and found that there were more plants here than in Commercial City No.

2, making it a beautiful place to go.

“I bought a lot of clothes again this time.

I dont need that many.” Zi Yan pursed her lips into a smile.

“I havent even finished those I bought last time.”

“Just buy it if theyre pretty,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“I didnt expect to see you so soon,” Zi Yan said curiously.

“There were only five students.

I took them to the class and let them introduce themselves.

That was all,” Zhang Han said.

“Other classes did like yours” Zhou Fei said, “Qingqing told me they need to have a meeting just now.”


It depends on tutors.

Things would be easier with fewer students,” Zhang Han replied.

He hadnt read the basic rules of the academy yet.

“Honey, its your first day as a tutor.

Dont you need to attend classes” Zi Yan blinked and found her husband being a tutor very interesting.

“No.” Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Its an easy job to be the tutor of Class 9 of the Illusions Department.

The lesson preparation for tomorrow will be at tonight.

Ill do shopping with you today.

The first class will be at tomorrow morning or afternoon.”

“Our daughter chose the Incantation Department.

How is she going” Zi Yan asked.

“I dont think shell be disadvantaged at all when staying with those girls.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Shes a big girl now.

Its normal for her to enjoy going out with her friends.”

“She used to stay with you all day and didnt leave you for a single minute.

Look at her now.

Sad for you.” Zi Yan joked.

“No, no, no.

Shes just the same as before.

She has to see me every day,” Zhang Han said proudly.

“Get over yourself,” said Zi Yan.

After exchanging a few words, they began shopping in Commercial City No.


They went to a coffee shop to have a rest and a glass of juice.

There were so many kinds of drinks that Zi Yan and Zhou Fei didnt know what to choose.

But Zhang Han could always give them some good recommendations.

The Incantation Department that Mengmeng, Nina, Felina, and Yue Xiaonao chose was relatively popular.

There were more than one thousand people at the department meeting and about two hundred people in the primary class where Mengmeng was in.

“If I had known earlier, I would have gone to my Dads class,” Mengmeng muttered, “Weve been here listening to them for so long.

But we still have class meetings after it, not to mention that we need to exchange our contact details.

My Dad should have left long ago.”

“The Incantation Department seems to be under strict management,” Nina said, “but it doesnt matter.

Those are all for today.”

“But what they are speaking is totally useless,” Yue Xiaonao muttered, “Theyre more eloquent than the principal of the No.

1 Middle School.

I remember that the principal just spoke for six or seven minutes at most in the school meeting.

Look at them.

Theyve been speaking for two hours! Jesus! Ive had enough of it!”

The tutors on the stage were enjoying their speeches while many other students below the stage were sleepy apart from Mengmeng and her friends.

They came here to learn the incantation, not to listen to their speeches.

As for the tutors, they were trying to show the history and strong faculty of the academy.

Because new students didnt come every year, they had to seize every opportunity to enjoy the stage.

After the long speech, the tutors were asked to bring their students to their classes and arrange all the matters.

At this time, the five students of Class 9 of the Illusions Department were hanging around in the branch.

The branch was very large, but it was roughly divided into several sections.

In addition to the departments, it also included the Battle Square and some places can be challenged like the Mysterious Tower that was home to the Mission Hall and the Points Exchange.

It was like a sound society or a big sect.

In the afternoon, Headmaster Shan sent a message to Zhang Han.


Zhang Hanyang, what is it like to be a tutor”

“Not bad.”

“Thats good.

There are few lessons in Class 9 of the Illusions Department.

It doesnt have a specific textbook.

You decide what to teach.

Dont have to be too hard on yourself,” Headmaster Shan said.

“All right.” Zhang Han laughed.

The headmaster hoped that Zhang Han could stay at the academy for a longer time.

He didnt know whether Zhang Hanyang knew about illusions or basic illusions to be exact.

However, Zhang Han had performed the Ancient Illusory Spell in Lei Star.

It was an extraordinary spell.

So there was a good chance that he knew illusions and only a tiny possibility that he was only studying that ancient spell.

But it didnt matter.

The headmaster had the final say at the entire Dragnet Academy.

It would be fine even if the five students couldnt learn anything from Zhang Han.

He could have other tutors give them special training.

No matter what, if they wanted to learn, he would try his best to make it happen.

For hundreds of years, he had already regarded the Dragnet Academy as his home.

It showed his dream and pursuit of the cause of education.

It was four oclock in the afternoon.

A dinging sound rang out.

Zhang Han received the call from Mengmeng.

“Dad, where are you with Mom I want to eat food that you make,” Mengmeng said.


Ill go back with your Mom and your Aunty Feifei as well as her family,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“All right.

Ill wait for you.”

After that, Zhang Han and the others went back home.

It was easy to make food for one family.

Several dishes would be enough.

But if there were many people, it would take a lot of time and work.

It meant that the ordinary people needed to use the whole afternoon and a few hours to make a table of sumptuous food.

However, it didnt hold true for the cultivators.

They had used such immense power that they could make the food without difficulty.

More than a dozen dishes were made at the same time by them.

In less than 20 minutes after they had returned to the manor, they got a table with good dishes.

“Sister Mengmeng, Sister Nina, Sister Xiaonao, Sister Felina.” Chen Chuan ran over to say hi to them.

“Little Chen Chuan, did you apply for class” Mengmeng asked.


I cant do it.

My Dad said Im still too weak now.” Chen Chuan snorted.

“I didnt expect him to want to apply for class.” Chen Changqing found it both funny and irritated.

“People applying for class start from Elixir Realm and most of them are at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage or Yuan Ying Realm.

Hes only a boy and not qualified.”

Chen Changqing had his own worries.

Even cultivators at the God Transformation Realm were found in the teams where Mengmeng and other kids were in.

Most of them were at high cultivation levels and wouldnt let others bully them.

Little Chen Chuan was no match for them.

He was only ten years old now.

Afraid that his son would be bullied by his classmates, Chen Changqing hadnt let him apply for class.

With his connection with Headmaster Shan, it was easy to let his son get into the academy.

However, something unexpected or much beyond his expectation may happen.

Chen Chuan was about to begin his cultivation at the Dragnet Academy.

“Uncle Zhang, when did you leave your class” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“When About 10 a.m.” Zhang Han said in an uncertain tone.

“What 10 a.m Didnt you just get there” Yue Xiaonao was shocked.


I just took my five students to the class and left in a few minutes,” Zhang Han said.


Its unfair.” Yue Xiaonao wore an exaggerated expression.

“Our tutors spoke for a few hours.

When we went back to the class, a lot of things were waiting for us like logging on to the system.

We didnt leave until 3 p.m.

Im so upset.”

“Its normal.” Chen Changqing laughed and said, “Some of the tutors talk a lot and some of them dont.

In fact, a lot of talking is good for your new students.

Brother Han is just special.

I guess the five students have been a little confused the whole day.”

“Thats impossible.

They must be having fun outside.” Yue Xiaonao retorted.

They were eating, drinking, talking, and laughing.

They were all talking about the experience of the first day at the academy and their thoughts about it.

Everyone had a strong interest in the Dragnet Academy.

“Brother Han, have you heard of the Mysterious Tower” Chen Changqing asked.

“Its said that people can choose the subjects to be trialed in it and there are various tests.

So far, no one has reached the 100th floor and no one knows how many floors it has.

Even Headmaster Shan has only reached the 91st floor.”

“Ive read some information about the tower.

Its a high-end product.

Its a combination between science and technology and the array of formations, the array of illusions, etc.

With the control of the intelligent system, its indeed a good place and very suitable for places like sects and academies.” Zhang Han nodded.

He didnt seem to care much about the academy on the outside.

But in fact, he had read all information about it before he had come.

“Most of the first-grade students reach below the 30th floor,” Chen Changqing said, “the second-grade the 40th or 50th, and the third-grade the 60th or 70th.

The people above them are strong.

I heard that many big shots in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province are on the list.

Eight lists for eight branches.

The top 100 are displayed on the stone tablet in front of the tower.

I plan to go there and have a try when I have a clear picture of the academy.”

“I want to be on the list too!” Chen Chuan shouted.

“Our tutor mentioned the Mysterious Tower today.

Its impressive.

The academy is proud of it.

The tutor also told us that we can go there to gain experience every time we study and practice for a period of time.

However, there is a limit on the number of times.

Only three chances a month.

If we want more, we need the academy points exchanged for tasks,” Mengmeng said.


They were eating and chatting.

Today was the first day of the new students at the Dragnet Academy.

They knew some of the academys rules, as well as the Mysterious Tower, the Battle Square, etc.

Among those places, the powerful tower had been mentioned by every tutor of the classes.

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