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Chapter 1285 Is This How You Do Class

After the meal, they took a walk nearby.

Then, they bid farewell and returned to their homes.

There were only Zhang Han and Zi Yan in the manor.

They knew romance who sat on the lounge chair on the big balcony and looked at the bigger, brighter moon, singing softly.

“Raising my head, I look at the bright moon…” Zi Yan said, “My parents are also cultivating.

When there is a chance, I want to take them to the Cultivation World to enjoy the scenery.”

“Of course.”


They chatted with each other in a soft, tender voice.

The next day, Zhang Han sent a message to the students of Class 9 of the Illusions Department and told them that the class would be at 2 p.m.

It was the first class.

After lunch, Chu Changan, Fan Xiaoshuang, He Lun, He Tao, and Benny arrived at the class building after 1 p.m.

When they are waiting in the hall on the first floor, they talked about something.

“What is our tutor going to teach us in the first class”

“We all know the basics of illusions.

Maybe hes going to teach us some simple application skills.

They go first and then the skills of how to change things.”

“How could we not know some simple skills after learning the illusions” Chu Changan asked lightly.

“Im here to sit in on.”

All of a sudden, Ling Duoduo, who had a pair of ponytails and looked a little cute, ran over.

“Sit in on” Chu Changan was stunned.


Whats wrong” Ling Duoduo said in confusion, “Ive already applied on the internet.”

“Did you skip class for it” Chu Changan asked.

The other five students also looked at her with a strange look.

Everyone had classes today.

Why did this little girl come here Did she like Chu Changan

But judging from the look in her eyes, it seemed that this wasnt the case.

They talked like normal friends.

“No, I didnt.

We have classes in the morning and at 4 p.m.

Were at break now.

Yesterday, I found your tutor very special, so I came to see if hes strong,” Ling Duoduo said.

Chu Changan shook his head resignedly.


“Its almost 2 p.m.

Hasnt your tutor come yet Hes called Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, isnt he Sounds terrible,” she said while looking around.

They saw the dean before Zhang Han appeared.

“What is our dean doing here” Ling Duoduo asked in confusion.

The dean, De Xi, strode over.

“Still no class for you today” the dean asked.


Our tutor has informed us that class will begin at 2 p.m,” the slightly plump girl, Benny, replied.

“Isnt there only 3 minutes left before 2 p.m” The dean frowned.

He didnt leave but stood there and waited.

Coincidently, when there were only a dozen seconds left before 2 p.m, Zhang Han came from the side and stepped into the building of Class 9.

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.” The dean said with dissatisfaction, “The former tutor, Mr.

Fu, came a little earlier each time.

Our academy is determined to do our best to train our students.

You came too late and didnt take an active part in your class.

However, considering that it was your first time and you didnt hold the post of a tutor before, Ill let it go.

Dont do it again.

Remember, you must…”

As he spoke, his eyebrows eased off.

He said a lot of words earnestly.

It seemed that he was teaching Zhang Han how to behave himself.

But in fact, he was warning Zhang Han.

Three minutes later.

“Do you remember all of what I said” asked the dean.

However, Zhang Han was still looking at the side, ignoring him.


The deans face darkened.

“Do you remember all of what I said Some requirements and rules.”

But he was still ignored.

He was left in an awkward situation before those students.

How dare Zhang Han!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chu Changan, Ling Duoduo, and the other four students present were all confused.

They didnt understand what this new tutor was doing.

It was the dean who was talking to him.


The dean moved and stood in front of Zhang Han, looking at him coldly.


Zhang Han let out a soft huff of surprise.

He raised his hand, pulled out two mini headsets from his ears, and asked in a confused tone, “Are you done”


The students present were stunned.

How could he be like this

“How dare you!”

The dean was so angry that he gasped.

“Do you know the consequences of offending the upper levels”

“Who are you” Zhang Han asked with surprise.


It turned out that he didnt even know who the man was.

But really didnt he know it

Yesterday, the deans had also been formally introduced.

De Xi, the dean of the Illusions Department, was known to many people.

“Im De Xi, the dean of the Illusions Department,” he said, gritting his teeth.

The way he looked at Zhang Han was no longer friendly.

“The dean Youre the dean” Zhang Han was surprised.

De Xi didnt know how to respond to his question and reaction.

Those that are ignorant cannot be blamed

But although Zhang Han only spoke a few words, De Xi felt quite upset!

“Ive heard so much about you,” Zhang Han said.


The dean snorted coldly and said, “Youre new here.

As a matter of routine, Ill listen to a few of your lessons.

If you do them badly, you may be dismissed or transferred to another position.”

“All right,” Zhang Han replied and walked forward.

“Lets begin our class.

Did any of you visit here yesterday” Zhang Han asked.

“I took a stroll around here,” Fan Xiaoshuang said.

“Lead the way to the training room,” Zhang Han said.

Everyone was speechless.

He hadnt even seen his own classroom

What made Chu Changan and the others feel even stranger was that Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord or the tutor directly followed them while ignoring the dean of high standing behind them.

Didnt he need to say something to the dean now

Something like “Mr.

De, come in.

Please come in.”

“If theres anything wrong with my teaching, please give me some advice.”

“Its my honor to have you listen to my class.”


These words seemed to be appropriate in this case.

Even the dean looked at Zhang Han in confusion for a moment.

The next second, he was very annoyed.

“Damn it, you little thing that doesnt know the manners.”

With his face darkened, he followed them coldly.

Even Chu Changan and the others, who were more than ten meters ahead of him, felt that the air behind them seemed to be very cold.


Ling Duoduo glanced at Chu Changan and grinned.

The tutor had such an odd temper.

He was no ordinary person.

The crowd was silent.

They went to the corridor on the left of the second floor and walked into the innermost training room.

It was a very large room for learning and training.


De Xi came in and sat in a chair by the side of the podium.

He patted the armrest with his right hand to vent his dissatisfaction.


Zhang Han suddenly turned his head, looked at De Xi, and stepped forward.

When he got closer, he looked straight at De Xi.

There was dead silence.

This was really an eye-opener for the six students.

They didnt expect that the tutor would dare to take the dean head-on.

The dean frowned and asked, “Why are you looking at me”


De, Im wondering if you want to give a lesson because youre sitting in my seat.” Zhang Han had a strange look on his face.

The dean took a deep breath, stood up suddenly, and walked a few meters to the side.

He sat in another chair and snorted inwardly.

“Lets see how youre going to do your first class!”

Finding fault with people was also a type of class that required skills.

Everyones lessons had advantages and disadvantages.

De Xi was very familiar with those things.

“One training desk for each of you.”

Zhang Han said, “Look at the materials.”

After that, he played a video on the screen.

There were words and images that looked like a PPT.

The sound reading the words was also made by the machine.

“The transformation and application of illusions.

Section one.

The basic application of illusions.

Create a feather…”


Chu Changan couldnt help saying, “Mr.

Zhang, are you kidding”

He Lun and He Tao exchanged glances.

It seemed to be a nasty video, which could be found anywhere on the Internet.


“Its what youre going to teach at the Dragnet Academy Youll ruin the students.

We give the highest priority to our students.

How could you fool them like this” the dean got up and said angrily.

“Dont worry.

I played the wrong video.” Zhang Han changed one.

“The basic application of illusions.

First class…”

The voice changed and spoke faster than before.

But the content seemed to be no different from before.

The dean breathed more and more quickly.

Obviously, he was very livid.

At this time, Zhang Han still said, “Follow the instructions of the course.

“Create a palm-sized wooden box.

“Requirement: The illusions cant be seen through by the basic scanning of soul sense.

“Its very simple.

“Its basic.

People who know illusions know how to do it.”

Chu Changan hesitated for a while, feeling that it was meaningless to do it.

He Lun and He Tao didnt hesitate but created two palm-sized wooden boxes.

They also scanned them with their soul senses.

The basic scanning could notice that something was wrong with it, but it couldnt be seen through by the naked eye.

They were closely followed by Benny who was slightly chubby and Fan Xiaoshuang who was taller than Benny.

They created a box as well.

Seeing this, Chu Changan waved his hand and a box appeared.

Ling Duoduo didnt move.

She was here to sit in on, so she could only watch them by the side.

“Second, create a crystal.”

“Third, create a flower.”

“Fourth, create a tree.”

“Create a river.

Create a snake…”

They were required to create inanimate objects and then living objects that must look lifelike.

It was a bit difficult.

Gradually, Chu Changan and others had to be serious.

They even felt that it was a little difficult and couldnt display their ability to its fullest.

The things they created werent stable enough.

It was too difficult to create living things.

The higher the difficulty was, the more concentrated they were.

Even Ling Duoduo joined them.

As a guest student, she was unexpectedly good that could keep up with the pace.

Soon, two hours had passed.

The dean coldly observed them by the side.

Zhang Han didnt say a word but just played a video to teach them.

Zhang Han paused the video and simply said, “Dismiss.”

After that, he got up and was about to leave.

“Wait!” the dean suddenly said and asked, “Is this how you do class”

“Yes, is there any problem” Zhang Han asked.

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, you didnt work as a tutor before, did you” The deans furrowed brows suddenly eased off a little.

He sighed lightly and said, “Should I ask Mr.

Fu to come here so that you can listen to some of his classes first I hope it can help you know how tutors at the Dragnet Academy teach.”

“Ive never heard of him.

Why dont you do the class for me” Zhang Han asked.

“What did you say” The deans face darkened slightly.

He stared at Zhang Han for five seconds before he nodded heavily.

“Very good.”

After that, he strode out.

No one knew what he meant by saying that.

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