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Zhang Han was idle now, which was rarely seen.

Everyone in the team went about their respective matters, and most of them were studying and cultivating.

Yue Wuwei had nothing to do, so he stayed indoors and painted.

Lisa would attend classes.

Zhang Han hung out for a while.

In the end, he took the matt ground vehicle to the central area.

In the Gravitational Room, he practiced the Space-splitting Punch for three hours.

He sweated profusely and felt relaxed all over.

The Gravitational Room was specially designed for Body Cultivators, and it was their favorite place to cultivate.

After the practice, Zhang Han took a shower and went to the Commercial City No.

1 of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

When he arrived, Mengmeng and her fellows were staying with Zi Yan and others in a restaurant.

“Dad, are we going to the Mysterious Tower in the evening” Mengmeng asked.


Its up to you.

I went to see you practice the incantation today,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Huh” Mengmeng was shocked.

She rolled her big bright eyes and asked, “What did you see”

“I didnt see anything.” Zhang Han was stunned and asked strangely, “Did you make a fool of yourself”

“No, of course I didnt,” Mengmeng immediately retorted.

“You did.”

Felina chuckled and said quickly, “Mengmeng beat up one of her classmates today.”

“Did you have a fight”

Zi Yan said in a strange tone, “Did you have a fight as soon as you went to school”

“Yah, because there is someone chasing after me…”

Before Mengmeng said the next words, Zhang Han had immediately replied, “He deserves to be beaten!

“Thats what you should do.

Youre my daughter.

Well done.”

Everyone else was speechless.

“Hee hee,” chuckled Mengmeng.

Then, she told the whole story in detail.

There was a son of a big noble family who wanted to pursue Mengmeng.

When Mengmeng turned him down, the man kept pestering her.

They warned the man, and the mans henchman found an opportunity to provoke Mengmeng and her fellows in class.

Without considering battling with the mans henchman in the ring, Mengmeng immediately pinned the henchman to the ground and beat him up, leading to two dark circles around his eyes.

The tutor was stunned at that time.

How dare she fight in class

This incident must be severely dealt with.

The punishment decision was reported layer upon layer.

But when it arrived at the president of the branch, it was retained for no reason.

Mengmeng was not punished.

Even Mengmengs class tutor of the Incantation Department was called to see the president of the branch.

“The group of people in your class, including Zhang Yumeng, Nina, Felina and Yue Xiaonao, well, are taken care of by the headmaster, namely Headmaster Shan.”

As soon as he said that, the class tutor understood.

Apart from the Incantation Department, the class tutors of another group of people, including Zhao Feng and Chen Changqing but excluding Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei, were all informed of it.

This was another good intention of Headmaster Shan.

Since they came to experience life in the academy, at the very least, he should guarantee that they would feel at ease in face of their tutors.

As for their disputes with other students, Headmaster Shan did not go too far.

It was inappropriate to go too far, but if he did not take care of them, he was afraid that they would feel upset.

A line should be drawn at doing everything.

Headmaster Shan was quite good at it.

There were many pedestrians on the streets of the Commercial City No.

1 of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

They came either in small groups, or in pairs.

The Dragnet Academy was famous not only for increasing the strength, but also for producing the marriages between cultivators.

There would always be some touching love stories in the Dragnet Academy.

With the increase in strength as well as the romance, the Dragnet Academy had grown into a holy land for the young people.

Gradually, it was past ten oclock at night.

“Lets go to the Mysterious Tower.

I want to leave my name on the list,” Yue Xiaonao exclaimed.

“Its impossible to leave your name on the list.

There are only 100 places on the list,” said Felina.

“Huh If you dont know how to say nice things, you should talk little.” Yue Xiaonao rolled her eyes.

“People should have their own goals.”

“We can search the website for the insignificant lists.

There are the classifications of the number of floors, but no one will pay attention to them,” Nina said.

“The Mysterious Tower is in the central area, and its not far away.

It will take us ten minutes to get there.”

The matt ground vehicles system seemed to have shrunk the entire academy by too much.

It was convenient to go anywhere.

Soon, they arrived at the square where the Mysterious Tower stood.

It was a circular square with a large area.

The Mysterious Tower looked like a mountain, very high and large.

Decorated with many lights, the square was brightly lit up.

There were a total of eight passable paths.

There were no staff members of the academy in the Mysterious Tower.

In front of the Mysterious Tower, there were eight lists, at a low altitude from all angles.

The names of the top 100 people were written on each list.

For the Body Cultivation Branch, No.1: Taoist Hongwu.

For the Senior Martial Arts Branch, No.1: Ling Xingchen, No.

2: Shan.

For the Spirit Branch, No.1: Shan, No.

2: Mad Chu.

For the Battle Technique Branch, No.1: Shan, No.

2: Ling Xingchen.

For the Pellet-refining Branch, No.1: Chang Peng, No.

2: He Hui.

For the Formation Branch, No.1: Hong Yang, No.

2: Ling Xingchen.

For the Weapon-refining Branch, No.1: Ning Fan, No.

2: Shan.

For the Miscellany Branch, No.1: Qiao Qiang, No.

2: Di Fu.

At first glance, the No.1 on each list was the most eye-catching one.

Besides, there was no list for the Science and Technology Branch.

Instead, there was a separate list for the Body Cultivators, which was enough to show the mightiness of the Body Cultivation and the emphasis the Mysterious Tower put on the Body Cultivation.

Next, the top three people on each list were also eye-catching, who represented the comprehensive strength of many big shots in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Headmaster Shan was indeed a well-known expert.

His name could be seen on the lists.

However, in the Mysterious Tower which was a 100-story building, only Headmaster Shan could reach the 92nd floor in the trial of the Battle Technique, which was the highest approachable floor to date.

Among the other branches, the No.1 on the list of the Miscellany Branch reached the lowest floor.

Specifically, Qiao Qiang reached the 85th floor, and the No.1 on the rest lists could all reach the 88 to 90th floor.

“Today, the lists may be renewed,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“Yes, my name, Chen Changqing, must be on the list today!” said Chen Changqing.

It seemed to be an act of self-hypnosis.

“Yes, yes, Qingqing will win the first place on the lists today.” Zhou Fei laughed.

“I also want to be on the list!” Chen Chuan shouted.

“You can have a try first,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

A total of five people, including Mengmeng and Chen Chuan, walked through the passage.

The Mysterious Tower could allow many people to undergo the trial at the same time.

Some people including Chen Changqing also went in, leaving Zhang Han, Zi Yan and others sitting on the chairs in the square and waiting for them.

Unexpectedly, they came back one after another in just ten minutes.

“Alas, Im just on the 12th floor,” Mengmeng said helplessly.

“Im on the tenth floor.” Yue Xiaonao was slightly stunned and helpless.

“Im on the thirteenth floor,” Nina said.

“Im on the 15th floor,” said Felina.

“All of you did a good job.

Im only on the 14th floor,” Chen Changqing said helplessly.

“The trial is so weird, but it seems that it will be very beneficial for our comprehension if we often come here.”

“Yes, in the Mysterious Tower, we can get something new in looking over our old studies.

Its a very good thing,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Brother Han, go ahead.

I wonder if you can win the first place with your comprehension,” said Chen Changqing.

“Dad, go ahead.”

Zhang Han nodded and said, “Okay, Ill go now.

By the way, Ill send a message to those kids.”

“Who” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Your students”

“Yep.” Zhang Han thought of one thing and was amused.

“In the past two days, the dean has been finding fault with me, and he was silenced by those students stinging rebuke today.

Its very funny.”

While speaking, Zhang Han sent a message to them in the communication group.

Then, he said goodbye and walked into the Mysterious Tower.

There were eight passages inside, each of which led to another eight passages.

After several rounds, he arrived at the destination.

The trial room covered an area of about 200 square meters, and there was a staircase leading to an upper level.

“Choose your branch of the trial.”

An intelligent voice rang out.

“Senior Martial Arts Branch,” Zhang Han replied.

He was ready to deal with the trial of the Mysterious Tower with the Immortal Body of Five Elements.

“Your name.”

Zhang Han was silent for two seconds and then said, “Mengs Dad.”

“The name of Mengs Dad is usable, and it will be locked to you.

The lock succeeds.

The trial begins.”


Immediately, the doorway of the room was lit up, and the room was filled with the power of the starry sky.

“A transportation formation”

Zhang Hans pupils contracted slightly.

“No, no, this is a change in my mind.

There is a certain contract between my mind and the Mysterious Tower.

I have entered the inner space.”

Zhang Han pondered for a moment, and then three dark wolves suddenly appeared in front of him.

This was the first floor of the Senior Martial Arts Branch in the Mysterious Tower.

“Senior Martial Arts Branch.”

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han waved his hand and used a soul move, but it did not work on the three hungry wolves in front of him.

In the Senior Martial Arts Branch, both the spiritual force and the human body were useful, but the soul sense could not be used.


The three hungry wolves pounced on him.

Showing the sharp teeth furiously, they seemed to be about to eat Zhang Han.

But upon getting closer, they were immediately killed by Zhang Han with a flick of his finger.

“So easy.”

It was indeed very easy for Zhang Han to clear the way up in the early stage.

The first floor, the second floor, the third floor…

It seemed that in just two minutes, Zhang Han had reached the 50th floor.

His opponents were constantly changing, but it did not work on Zhang Han.

Now, he reached the 70th floor.

A name quietly appeared on the list.

For the Senior Martial Arts Branch, No.100: Mengs Dad.

“Ah! Here he is!”

Chen Changqing, who had been paying attention to the lists, said, “The No.

100 on the list of the Senior Martial Arts Branch has changed.

Mengs Dad Aha, it must be Brother Han.”


90, so fast!”



“Wow, No.

46.” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

She liked such highlights very much.

So did Zi Yan.

She would be naturally in a good mood because of Zhang Hans achievements or honor.

All the people present slightly looked up at the changes in the list of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.


23, as fast as before.”

“Brother-in-law is so awesome!” Zhou Fei said, “No.

15 now.”






3! No.


Thump, thump.

The exciting moment arrived.

But they did not expect that Zhang Han remained in the second place.

“Not the No.


Two minutes later, Chen Changqing said with a wry smile, “Its amazing to take the second place in the first trial.

In dozens of thousands of trillion people in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, no one ever did it.”

“Yes, taking the second place is already very powerful,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Its okay to take the second place.

Well be the No.1 next time,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Taking the second place is what Headmaster Shan cannot do,” Nina said with a smile.


In fact, everyone was expecting that Zhang Han could get the first place.

It was fantastic and mysterious, because it was very difficult to get the first place.

But Zhang Han had been working miracles.

They would subconsciously think that Zhang Han would take the first place in the areas at which he was good.

The Senior Martial Arts Branch was absolutely an area at which he was good.

They had thought that Zhang Han would just remain in the second place.



1! It has changed! It has changed!” Chen Changqing said excitedly, “So powerful! No.


“Wow, Dad takes the first place, yeah!” Mengmeng also cheered at this moment.

Zi Yan smiled.

Zhou Fei shouted.

The others applauded.

The first place meant a lot.


“Why is the name of Mengs Dad glittering with gold”

“A golden No.1”

“The 100th floor, hiss! The 100th floor! He reached the top floor! Oh my god!”

The crowd was shocked again.

They had never imagined that Zhang Han would be able to reach the top floor in his first attempt.

“Congratulations, Mengs Dad.

Youve reached the top floor and passed the trial of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.”

Zhang Han closed his eyes and was silent for two minutes.

He got stuck on the 90th floor just now, where he gained some insights into something.

Helping Zhang Han gain insights into something, the Mysterious Tower was indeed extraordinary.

“Now, the Spirit Branchs trial,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Okay, the Spirit Branchs trial is about to begin.

Participant: Mengs Dad.”

The scene changed again.

In terms of soul sense or divine sense, Zhang Han had done a lot of research.

The 1st floor, the 50th floor…


1! No.

1 again!”

“Mengs Dad, the No.1 on the list of the Spirit Branch.”

“The name is golden too.

He has reached the 100th floor!”


Everyones blood was boiling when they saw this.

It felt so good to see Zhang Han have some No.1 hits.

On the other side of the square, a total of six people, including Chu Changan, Ling Duoduo and He Lun, arrived one after another.

“Since our tutor went to explore the Mysterious Tower, we should find his name on the list of the Spirit Branch, right” Fan Xiaoshuang said, “With his attainments in illusions, hell definitely be able to rank among the top 100 people.”

“Lets take a look first.

I dont know if the trial has started or not.”

They looked at the bottom of the list.

“No, the names are the same as before.”

“Indeed, Mr.

Treasure isnt on the list.”

“Huh Look above.

Is there a change in the No.


“Wait! The name is golden.

That person reached the 100th floor.”

“Its amazing.

Who is Mengs Dad Ive never heard of such a person.”

“The No.

1 on the list of the Senior Martial Arts Branch is also Mengs Dad, and he reached the 100th floor too.

He is too strong.”

The crowd gave a burst of exclamations.

They looked above with admiration.

“Wait, do you think that Mengs Dad may be our tutor He also went to explore the Mysterious Tower, didnt he” Benny, the slightly chubby girl, suddenly said.

Instantly, there was a dead silence in the field.

They saw a line of golden names “Mengs Dad” on the lists.

The dean, De Xi, tutted and said, “Its amazing.

Hes so strong.

He can reach the 100th floor of even the Miscellany Branch…”

He was lost in thought.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others showed a slightly strange look.

They walked out.

After walking a distance, they could still see many people swarming over here.

It was an important moment for the academy now.

Many people, including the high-position officials and tutors, came and watched it.

Who was Mengs Dad

Only Headmaster Shan, in charge of the Mysterious Tower, knew the answer.

Therefore, Headmaster Shans communication device was always ringing.

Even, the news had spread to the major forces of Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Many people picked up their communication devices and contacted their families.

“Father, an earth-shattering event happened in our academy.

Someone has eight No.1 hits on the lists of the Mysterious Tower.

That person reached the 100th floor and took the first place of every list.”

“Hiss! What did you say”

Anyone would have to ponder for a long time upon hearing this incomparably shocking news.

It was well-known how difficult it was to reach the 100th floor.

Over the years, some of the top experts in Heavenly Dragon Star Province had come to the Mysterious Tower one after another, leaving their names on the lists.

For them, exploring the Mysterious Tower was also an interesting thing.

Whoever went to explore the Mysterious Tower would do their best, because many people in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, including their friends, were watching them.

No one wanted to be outdone by others.

They had previously explored the Mysterious Tower and therefore knew well how difficult it was to reach the 100th floor.

It required an extremely high level of comprehension.

However, in this context, there was someone ranking first on all eight lists and reaching the 100th floor.

Who dared to believe that

But that was the truth.

The sensation caused by this news was getting bigger and bigger.

Yan Bo, the chief supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction, who was guarding the Sea Dragon Star Area, was skeptical at first upon hearing of this news.

“Someone reached the 100th floor of the Mysterious Tower Is it true There is something wrong with the system, isnt there Ranking first on all eight lists Get lost.

Its impossible.”

But, he heard the news from more and more people.

“Ranking first on all eight lists.

“How terrifying comprehension it requires!

“No, Ill ask.”

He immediately called Headmaster Shan.

There were some people whose call Headmaster Shan could never answer without explanation, but there were also some people, whom Headmaster Shan must show due respect for and have a talk with.

“Mad Chu, what I told you is true.

I dont know the person.

You know, anyone can explore the Mysterious Tower, and each person has three chances every month.

Only when someone wants to have extra chances will I operate the system.

The difficulty of the trial of the Spirit Branch is certainly high.

No, Im not pretending.

I dont know the person.

Well, Yan Bo, the chief supervisor, is calling me.

Ill hang up.

If you dont believe me, you can come to the academy to have a look yourself.”

After hanging up the call, Headmaster Shan wiped away the sweat from his forehead.

Then, he picked up the call from the chief supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction.

“Hello, Chief Supervisor Yan,” greeted Headmaster Shan.

“I heard that there is someone reaching the 100th floor and ranking first on all eight lists.

Who is that person” Yan Bo asked directly.

“I also dont…”

“Headmaster Shan,” Yan Bo said in a slightly unhappy tone, “you dont have to find excuses.

My understanding of the Mysterious Tower is not less than yours.

You are in master control of the Mysterious Tower.

You know everything.

How can you not know who it is”

His words made Headmaster Shan reveal a helpless expression.

He knew that he could not fool the chief supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction.

But how should he answer the question

Headmaster Shan had also thought about it before he answered the call.

At this time, he sighed softly and said, “Chief Supervisor, its not that I dont want to tell the truth, but I really cant.

I begged him to come to the academy, and if he leaves for this reason, it will be the loss of the academy and me.”

“I see.”

Yan Bo frowned slightly and pondered for two seconds, and finally, he shook his head and said, “Alright, let me ask you a question.

Is the person who reached the top floor from the Sea Dragon Star Area”

Headmaster Shan was silent.

A few seconds later, he gave a positive answer.


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