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His words made Mr.

Fu puff a little.

The round-faced tutor next to him was very excited.

He believed that as long as the newcomer dared to battle, he would definitely suffer in the face of the Three-tailed Rat.

The president of the branch is here, so he would not die, but he might be injured.

However, just as the people present showed a strange look, a sharp voice was heard.

“No, no, no, I wont battle with him.”

It was the Three-tailed Rat.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people looked over at the same time.

“Whats going on”

The Three-tailed Rat, in human shape, stared at them with round eyes and exclaimed repeatedly, “I wont battle with him.

Didnt we agree that I can choose my opponents Whats wrong with you Do you want to bully a demonic beast”


In the Dragnet Academy, the president of every branch was proficient in management.

They were all cultivators at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage, and they also had powerful technological weapons from the Astral Domain.

Headmaster Shan spent many years obtaining all of these weapons, like the Mysterious Tower.

They had never been to the Blue Sand Wind Domain, come into contact with the Ancient Demonic Beasts, or seen Zhang Hanyang.

The Dragnet Academy was an idyllic planet that had never suffered the horrible attacks of Ancient Demonic Beasts.

Seeing the look of the Three-tailed Rat, the president of the branch thought that it was dissatisfied with his choosing the opponents for it.

He did not think too much, frowning and saying, “If you choose someone who you can definitely defeat as your opponent, it doesnt seem to be reasonable.”

“Choose someone I can definitely defeat I dont care.

That person is too handsome.

I wont fight with handsome guys.

Ill only fight with ugly ones.” The Three-tailed Rat came to its senses, breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and spoke righteously.

The president of the branch was speechless.

“This is a **ing offensive job.”

It was okay if the Three-tailed Rat disagreed, no matter who he chose.

If it agreed, wouldnt that prove the person was ugly

“You choose someone.

Ill say yes or no,” the Three-tailed Rat urged.

It wanted to leave as soon as it finished the battle.

Although Zhang Hanyang was the male master of King Roc, everyone knew that they loved to eat Ancient Demonic Beasts.

The Three-tailed Rat was timid.

It was not afraid to see King Roc, but upon seeing Zhang Hanyang, it felt terrified.

“Do you want to battle with him”

The president of the branch pointed to the round-faced man who had talked to Zhang Han in an arrogant manner before.

However, as soon as he pointed to the man, the Three-tailed Rat nodded repeatedly.

“He can, he can.

Hes ugly enough.

His face, tut-tut, is just like a big plate.”

The round-faced mans face darkened.

He, who had a bad temper, was slightly annoyed now.

“Im ugly

“You damn rat!”


The president of the branch waved his hand, and a ring appeared out of thin air, covering an area of about hundreds of square meters.


The round-faced man snorted and flashed into the ring.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

The Three-tailed Rat gave a stealthy look at Zhang Han.

It secretly transmitted a voice message, “Could I win”

It looked so confident.

“Its up to you,” Zhang Han replied.

He glanced at the round-faced man in the ring and added, “It doesnt matter if you eat him.”

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

The Three-tailed Rats eyes lit up.

It understood.

Zhang Hanyang did not care about it at all.

In this way, it could do what it wanted to do.

However, it could not eat the man.

It was in human cultivators territory, and its elder brother did not come.

So, as a Three-tailed Rat, it could not act in such a domineering manner.


The Three-tailed Rat moved very fast, leaving its shadows behind.

It went up into the ring and looked at the front.

“Youre so ugly.

I cant even see your eyes in your big face.”

“How dare you!”

The round-faced man said angrily, “You, Three-tailed Rat, Ill cut off all three of your tails today!”

“Puff, the weak can only talk.”

As soon as the Three-tailed Rat finished speaking, with a clang, its eyes were shining like the sun, which was truly awe-inspiring.

More than a thousand people detected the situation with their soul senses.

Based on the special enchanted barrier around the ring, everyone saw the illusions which were being displayed.

The end of the world had come in the ring.

The sky collapsed and the earth cracked.

Sand and stones were flying everywhere.

Along with dark clouds and red-hot magma, meteorites were crashing down one after another.

It was a deadly terrifying scene.

Seeing this scene, many students exclaimed, “It actually created such a great illusionary world.

Its amazing.”

“The innate supernatural power of Three-tailed Rats is illusions.”

“It is an Ancient Demonic Beast.

Ive finally seen one today.

Its amazing, but I hope the tutor of our academy can win a nice victory.”

Under the nervous gazes of many people, the round-faced man shouted, “Cleave the sky!”

A long broadsword appeared, which seemed to be going to tear the sky apart.

The air was shattered, and a gap was left in the illusionary world after his move.

“Slash the earth!”

A huge war hammer, like a mountain, fell from the sky with supreme power.

Many meteorites melted into smoke as soon as they touched the mountain.


The Three-tailed Rat let out a soft cry.

In the illusory world, tens of thousands of meteorites suddenly shone and became fire birds.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Rather than turning the meteorites into fire birds, it was better to turn them into weapons.

The weapon was soulless, while those illusionary creatures had a mysterious and profound aura.

According to the occult arts of the Three-tailed Rat, if these meteorites were turned into the Three-clawed Golden Crows, a kind of Ancient Demonic Beast, they would be extremely rare.

However, after thinking it over, he found it impossible.

The Three-clawed Golden Crow was a kind of legendary Ancient Demonic Beast, which stood at the top of the pyramid.

A weak Three-tailed Rat would not dare to do so even if it was ten times more courageous than now.

Thousands of fire birds swooped down in an overwhelming way.

The round-faced man was quite proficient in illusions.

He created multiple layers of defense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavy bombardments vibrated and shattered the layers of defense.

In an instant, a feather appeared in the flames filling the sky.

It looked like a peacocks feather.

It seemed to float with the wind, and slowly fell down onto the back of the round-faced man, ignoring his defense.


It landed on his back.


The round-faced mans body swayed, and he had a splitting headache.

There were many kinds of battles of illusions.

This kind of battle was one of the most basic ones.

When one broke through the others defense, the one could hurt the other with the occult arts of soul sense.

Even, the one could destroy the others soul.

The round-faced man got hit.

It was not that he was not on his guard, but the feather was the true trump card of the Three-tailed Rat.

The round-faced man stumbled.


At this moment, the Three-tailed Rat launched an attack against his soul.

At the same time, it opened its mouth and moved forward to eat the man.

Zhang Hanyang said that it did not matter if it ate the man.

“He wanted me to eat the man, didnt he” thought the Three-tailed Rat.

It decided to take a bite first and then see Zhang Hanyangs look.

But when it was about to rush over, the president of the branch had already controlled the energy in the ring to separate it from the man.

“You won this round,” said the president of the branch.

“I havent won yet.

Why did you interfere” the Three-tailed Rat cried out in dissatisfaction.

“Youve already won.”

The president of the branch repeated his words.

The round-faced man turned slightly pale.

He got out of the ring and looked ashamed.

He just suffered minor injuries, but it was still a shame that he was injured in front of so many people.

He was overwhelmed with shame and rage.

“Hes ugly and incapable,” rumbled the Three-tailed Rat.

“It is really mean.”

Nearly a thousand new students, as well as many tutors, fell silent.

Seeing the scene, many tutors were gradually in a bad mood.

In such a representative place as the Dragnet Academy, the tutor lost too quickly.

“Do you still want to challenge anyone else” said the president of the branch while keeping a poker face.

“Of course, Im not satisfied yet,” replied the Three-tailed Rat.

The president of the branch pointed to another person.

“How about him”

The man with a long face was quite handsome, who was one of the most popular tutors in the Illusions Department.

He had a strong strength, and he was at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage and very close to the Peak-Stage.

“This one is quite ugly as well.

Okay, Ill battle with him.” The Three-tailed Rat did not hesitate.

The tutor with a long face was speechless.

He thought that the Three-tailed Rat had a terrible aesthetic taste.

Needless to say, the round-faced man was indeed plain-looking, but he certainly had a pretty face.

“You can take a rest for a while.”

The president of the branch said, “Students in Grade Two, come into the ring and have battles of illusions now.”

“I havent finished speaking yet,” said the Three-tailed Rat.

“I dont need to rest.

Its so easy to deal with such a newbie.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

After that, it went up to the ring, and the long-faced man also flashed into the ring.

Soon, they began to fight.

This battle of illusions was incomparably wonderful.

Surprisingly, the Three-tailed Rat could create another illusionary scene, which looked like the depths of the sea.

The long-faced man was unwilling to admit being inferior.

He also created an illusionary scene which was a court.

The two scenes collided with each other, eventually forming a court in the sea.

Moreover, the scene was repeatedly broken and reorganized in all directions.

The battle lasted for two minutes.

In the end, the Three-tailed Rat was superior and won the battle.

When the long-faced man stepped out of the ring, his face was ghastly white and he was injured moderately.

The president of the branch showed a serious look.

The tutors also showed an extremely solemn look.

Especially, many of them were both angry and helpless.

The Ancient Demonic Beasts had extraordinary talents.

The Three-tailed Rat was at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage, which could already defeat many cultivators at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage.

“The Three-tailed Rat is so good at illusions.”

“Ive seen the extraordinary talents of the Ancient Demonic Beasts today.”

Chu Changan also whispered, “Elders in my family said that if we can investigate their realms, we should first run when we meet an Ancient Demonic Beast of the same realm as us, because we dont know about the innate supernatural power of that Ancient Demonic Beast at all.”

“Thats right,” Ling Duoduo said, “and we would generally encounter ordinary demonic beasts and spirit beasts, or Starry Sky Beasts which are more powerful.

We rarely see Ancient Demonic Beasts, but they appeared on a large scale this time.

Our Heavenly Dragon Star Province is quite famous for it.”

“The Three-tailed Rat is actually so strong,” Fan Xiaoshuang said with a sigh.

She had also heard from some elders that the human cultivators had to constantly break through their own shackles so as to reach a higher realm, while the Ancient Demonic Beasts did not have such shackles.

In addition to cultivation, they had many means of improving their strength, such as eating, drinking, awakening, inheriting from predecessors and so on.

“Do you still want to challenge anyone else” The president of the branch frowned.

It was not that they could not afford to lose, but that it would be a shame if they kept losing like this.

“Why not” the Three-tailed Rat said with a sneer.

“The cultivation of illusions is not for the Human Clan at all.

The cultivators of illusions here are extremely incapable, except for that handsome one.

Well, I look down on all of you except him.”

Its words made everyone look at Zhang Han again.

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This Three-tailed Rat was really good at causing trouble.

“How about him”

Finally, the president of the branch pointed to Mr.

Fu, who was at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage.

“Why not Hes so ugly.

Of course, Ill battle with him,” the Three-tailed Rat said.

“Do you need a rest”


Swoosh! Swoosh!

After the question, both of them went up to the ring.

Seeing the expectant gaze of the president of the branch, Mr.

Fu felt that the burden on his shoulders was very heavy.

He also knew that if he won this battle, he would basically be able to return to the Illusions Department.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shockingly, the Three-tailed Rat created another illusionary scene.

The scene was extremely awe-inspiring and slightly thrilling.

It was actually an endless graveyard.

It was the graveyard of the Human Clan.

Many dry bones crawled out of the tombs and kept rushing to Mr.


“Three illusionary scenes.


The pupils of the president of the branch contracted.

Creating an illusionary scene required a lot of stuff, including not only occult arts of illusions but also a profound understanding.

The latter would greatly improve ones ability to fight in the illusionary scene which was created by this one.

However, the people present seemed to have forgotten that the Three-tailed Rat had three tails.

Its innate supernatural power lay in these three tails, which represented the three illusionary scenes.

The illusionary scene created by Mr.

Fu was too gentle in front of the illusionary graveyard.

In less than half a minute, Mr.

Fu was completely suppressed.

But he was still gritting his teeth and persevering.

At the moment when he was about to lose, with a clang, a ray of light from a broadsword pierced through the illusionary scene.


Fu used his broadsword.

“What are you going to do” The Three-tailed Rat let out a cry of fear.

It dispersed the illusionary scene and retreated quite a bit.

In the battle of illusions, it could win, but with its overall strength, it felt that it was still a step away from the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage.


The face of the president of the branch darkened slightly.

He controlled the energy of the ring to fend off Mr.

Fus attack and pushed him out of the ring.


Fu, you broke the rules.”

“I, I…”

When Mr.

Fu, who turned pale, heard this, he turned even paler.

He lowered his head, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“Are you still going to challenge anyone else” The president of the branch looked at the Three-tailed Rat.

“Why do you always ask me” The Three-tailed Rat looked at the tutors present.

“Which one of you wants to challenge me Dont let me, a demonic beast, defeat all of you!”


Many tutors were silent.

The president of the branch was slightly angry.

He even wanted to rush into the ring and battle with the Three-tailed Rat.

But in a sense, they would lose at the moment when the president of the branch fought in person.

“The Three-tailed Rat!”

The president of the branch looked at the tutors, who were hesitating, with a cold face.

“Good-for-nothing! What are you doing”

These tutors present were not all the tutors of the Illusions Department, and they only taught students in Grade One.

At this time, the assistant to the president of the branch was ready to call some tutors of students in Grade Two over here.

Most of the tutors were at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage, but there was still a ranking of tutors.

Right at this moment, a tutor, who looked fierce, with his forehead being sweaty, said, “Ill fight!”

He forced himself to fight!

“Forget it.

Youre so ugly that I dont even want to make a move.

Im going to take a rest.

Thats all for today.”

The Three-tailed Rats arrogant gaze swept across the people present.


Its gaze was so sharp that these new students sucked in a breath immediately when they were gazed at.

They found it extremely terrifying and ferocious.

“Arent there tutors who are a match for the Three-tailed Rat”

Some of the new students showed a look of disappointment in their eyes.

The whisper made the expressions of quite a number of tutors change slightly.

The eyes of the president of the branch blazed with anger.

He could not suppress the anger in his heart.

The Three-tailed Rat could win, but it could not win them all.

The president of the branch felt that he was going to take the blame.

According to Headmaster Shans words, they could experience the horror of the Ancient Demonic Beasts, but he also needed to ask two powerful tutors to win in the end.

However, on the scene, they could only experience how horrible the Ancient Demonic Beasts were.

They could not win!

If Headmaster Shan knew about it, it would be his fault.

At this moment, the Three-tailed Rat said, “That student, you were wrong.”

After that, it showed a serious look, and there was a trace of reverence in its eyes.

“I am an Ancient Demonic Beast.

I never lie.

In my eyes, those who are strong may be not handsome, but those who are inferior to me must be ugly.

For example, in my eyes, that tutor is the most handsome person in the world.

I was going to defeat all of you today, but when I saw him, I panicked and feared.

I couldnt do it.

I knew very well that he could kill me with a thought.

So there are still very powerful ones among your tutors.”


Many people fixed their gazes on Zhang Han.

Zhang Han felt helpless.

This situation seemed to be a little… He felt that the number of students in his class was going to increase.

But, it was not really a bad thing that he could defeat all the others.

It was not a big deal if he had more students.

Zhang Han did not care much about it.

Even if it got abroad, it didnt matter.

But he still wanted to be at leisure for a period of time and spend these days feeling the elegance of the Dragnet Academy.

As the center of attention, Zhang Han remained silent with a calm face.

The president of the branch was immediately stunned, and he had a thoughtful look in his eyes.

He looked at Zhang Han and wanted to see through him.

It was obvious that he was thinking about Zhang Hans identity.

But sometimes, it could not be seen clearly even from the distance of a piece of paper.

“Lets call it a day.

Its boring.

Im going to challenge the Seven Illusions Sect.”

The Three-tailed Rat cupped one hand in the other and said to Zhang Han, “Lord, Ill take my leave.”


It flew straight into the air and headed for the space station, where there was a spaceship that he had snatched from others.

This scene made everyone present feel even weirder.

Such a powerful and arrogant Ancient Demonic Beast actually called this new tutor “Lord”.

“Whats going on”

“Who said that Mr.

Treasure became a tutor through the influence of his family”

“Even the Ancient Demonic Beast is afraid of him.

He must be an expert!”

“There is no truth in the rumors.


Treasure is a good-looking and capable tutor.

Hes so nice! Im going to attend his class.

Oh, quite sweet.”

Some of the new students present actually took a fancy to Zhang Hans appearance.

The discussion stunned the tutors.

The president of the branch remained silent.

The students in Grade Two stood aside in confusion.

Only those three people who had been defeated looked at Zhang Han with doubts.

“Is he stronger than the Three-tailed Rat

“Hes a newcomer.

How is that possible

“He became a tutor through the influence of his family.

Yes, the influence of his family!”


Fu was outraged.

He quickly raised his head, looked straight at Zhang Han, and said word by word, “The Three-tailed Rat was born to be timid, but today it was unprecedentedly bold to say something like that.

I want to know why.”

As he spoke, he took a deep breath, giving the impression that he was trying to suppress his anger.

He tried to say in a mild tone, “If youre worried that Ill regain my job as a tutor and therefore invited the Three-tailed Rat to put on a show, then I want to say that youre worrying too much.

With my attainments in illusions, Ive never worried about anything.

Since you came to the academy, youve never shown your strength.

Im now doubting your strength.

Besides, Im going to challenge you.

You are a newcomer, so you have to show the convincing strength.

What do you think, Mr.


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