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Chapter 1292 Mengs Dad

“Are you afraid that Ill tell the others about you” Su Ya said coldly, “I dont care where this is.

Its a fact that you have been seducing Gao Chen!”

There came a rumble.

Mengmeng clenched her fists, gathered her energy, and pushed her right hand forward.

A huge red fireball with a diameter of two meters was formed five meters in front of her as it rushed toward Su Ya and the others at an extremely fast speed.

The sudden attack stunned everyone present.

Gao Chen was utterly shocked.

He had just wanted to speak and calm down this matter.

He never expected that Mengmeng would directly take action as fighting was forbidden in the academy.

Those girls in front of Mengmeng were also quite dumbfounded.

But they reacted very quickly, especially Su Ya, who was angry.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Seven or eight people took action to defend themselves as much as possible.

Only then could they resist the power of the Fireball Skill.

Even so, the waves caused by the fight cracked the ground under their feet and destroyed the flower bed not far away.

“You dare to make a move here” Su Yas eyes widened and were full of murderous intent.

“You have such a filthy mouth as if you had eaten **,” Mengmeng said in a cold voice.

“Heh.” Felina looked ahead with an unfriendly look on her face.

“Talk if you know how to speak properly, but if you dont, then get lost!”

Although it seemed that she rarely spoke, she had kept in mind that most of the time, she ate and stayed in Mengmengs house.

Therefore, since she got the chance, she would naturally need to show her might.

In addition, fighting was her favorite.

“Thats enough.

Stop this!”

Gao Chens eyes were cold.

He looked at Su Ya and the others and said, “Is it okay to make trouble here Or will you not stop until the tutors and the management staff are here”

His words disappointed Su Ya and made her angrier, especially when he sounded as if he was on Mengmengs side.

For a moment, Su Ya looked into Gao Chens eyes.

Her friends got unhappy.

A slightly heavy girl with long pink hair said, “Oh my.

The new trainees are really arrogant nowadays.

They dont even know the school rules.

How dare they fight here”


If the academy had allowed us to fight whenever we want, you would all be lying on the ground and screaming by now.”

Those people echoed one after another.

“Shes even trying to take over the senior.

What a little fox.”

“What are you staring at Huh You cant take it” A very fierce fat girl shouted, “If you cant, do you dare to go to the ring and have a fight with us”

The fierce fat woman pointed at Mengmeng and said angrily, “Little bitch, what are you looking at Im talking to you!”

“To the ring”

Mengmeng was a bit angry as her eyes suddenly shone with white light.

If one looked closely, one could see that the light was the two clusters of flames representing the Dark Cold Fire.

There came a clattering.

The temperature on the scene dropped sharply as if it had dropped to the freezing point in a short moment.


A white flaming phoenix showed up and rushed forward, carrying vast power.

“Oh my god!”

“Is she a new trainee”

The people behind Gao Chen gasped.

Most of them were at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, with a few at the Last-Stage, and very few at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Feeling the powerful attack, they were all quite stunned.

This was a place near the tunnel entrance of the matt ground vehicles, where the environment was nice in the academy.

If they fought here and did make a scene, it would attract the higher-ups attention in the academy.

If they came here, the ones who got in the fight would need to compensate for the damage.

The compensation was not a big deal, but the punishment would be much more serious, and what was more important was that they would be expelled from school.

It was for this reason that Su Ya and her companions didnt make a move here, but if they got to the Central Combat Ring, they could fight to their hearts content.

Every trainee had their own arena equipment in their classroom.

But the most famous one was the Central Combat Ring.

It was a place where people could solve their grievances and disputes.

It was also a place where people could bet on combat outcomes and get recognition.

Su Ya and her companions also wanted to fight with Zhang Yumeng and the others, but Zhang Yumeng was so hot-tempered that she attacked them directly.

Although they were shocked, they had to fight back.

Especially Su Ya, who was angry, attacked without hesitation.

More than a dozen people fought against four new trainees.

The gap between them was too great.

That was what everyone was thinking.

“Dont fight here!”

Gao Chen was indeed a bulky man.

He could no longer maintain his graceful demeanor.

With a roar, he was going to stop them with more than a dozen friends.

But another unexpected thing happened.


Felina sneered.

His aura suddenly rose as she began to execute the occult art of the Dark Elf Clan.

“The God Transformation Realm!”

“She is in the God Transformation Realm!”

Su Ya and the others faces changed.

Since their opponents had a God Transformation expert, then this battle would be difficult.

Nina was wielding a staff.

Yue Xiaonao was holding two sixth-tier assault treasures.

“What the hell Bah! You shouldve been grateful that we werent bullying you.

When has it been others turn to show their might in front of us”

This was going to be an all-out fight.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Just as many moves were about to be displayed…

“What are you doing!”


A drone quickly arrived in the distance.

When it approached the crowd, three people descended from it.

One of them was the president of the Spirit Branch.

His face darkened slightly.

After running power in his mind, he used the Peak-Stage power of the God Transformation to suppress the ones who were fighting.

Together with his secret methods, he separated them.

“Its improper to fight here!”

The president of the branch said in a low voice, “This is out of order! You openly broke the public property of the academy and broke the rules.

You must be severely punished!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The faces of Su Ya and the other girls changed drastically.

Some of them were worried about being punished.

There were many aspects to the academys punishment, such as the restriction of the Mysterious Tower.

If one were punished, one would not be allowed to go to many places of cultivation shortly, and the qualifications to be promoted to Grade Two would be canceled.

Many of the punishments made them quite fearful.

Gao Chen and the others felt a chill in their hearts.

They were standing aside.

Even if they tried to help others fight, they would also be punished.

Of course, that depended on how the higher-ups would deal with it.

“Fortunately, its the president of the branch who has come over.

He may not punish us.”

Just when they thought they might get away with it…

“They didnt follow the rules and came to harass us.” Mengmeng looked at the president of the branch and said, “If they dont apologize today, they arent going to leave here.”


“Acting so tough to me”

The president of the branch frowned.

“How dare you, a bunch of young trainees, make a scene in front of me”

At the same time, Su Ya and the others faces changed a lot, and some of them looked shocked and anxious.

“The president of the branch is here.

How dare you say that to him”

The president of the branch looked at Mengmeng and asked, “Which class are you from”

Gao Chens heart skipped a beat.

Since the president had asked about her class, it would be a big deal.

It meant that they would be punished.

“Dont tell him about your class.

Just beg for mercy and this matter will be over.

After all, we werent fighting here.

We only got some surroundings damaged.”

Gao Chen hurriedly transmitted a voice message to Mengmeng.

But she ignored him and said directly, “Im Zhang Yumeng from Class One of the Incantation Department.”

“Very well.

Dont you know that fighting is forbidden in the academy” asked the president of the branch.

“I know we cant fight here,” Mengmeng said.

“Phew… What a relief.

Shes still quite rational.”

Everyone present stared at Mengmeng.

“But since a dog wants to bite me, why cant I beat it” Mengmeng asked.


The president of the branch was stunned and fell silent for two seconds.

At the same time, a lot of thoughts appeared in his mind.

In Dragnet Academy, there were many students with relatively important backgrounds.

This was normal as Heavenly Dragon Star Province was a big force.

“But even if you have an important background and your parents are here, I will show due respect for feelings.

As trainees, if you have made a mistake, it is reasonable for me to manage it.

Even if your parents have come, youll have to admit your mistakes in person.”

The president of the branch had made a decision to punish these people.

Before he could say anything, Mengmeng looked at him very seriously.

“Sir, I dont care how you will punish us, but we have lost our mood by now.

If they apologize, or you ask them to apologize, this matter will be over.

If it doesnt work, I will start a competition of family background.”

“Thats right.

Weve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to that!” Yue Xiaonao said loudly.

The president of the branch was speechless.

He got a bit displeased.

“How dare you say that you will start a competition of family background in public”

“Thats how you are raised You want to show your familys might after causing trouble” the president of the branch said in a deep voice.

“Yes, thats how my dad taught me to do,” Mengmeng said.

“Sir,” Yue Xiaonao said, “if you dont mind, you should get on with your work.

Please dont get in the middle of our business here.”

The president of the branch was shocked.

“Im the president of the Spirit Branch.

How dare you ask me to leave”

At this moment, Su Ya, Gao Chen, and the others felt quite scared.

“Who is your father”

After thinking for a while, the president of the branch secretly transmitted a voice message to Mengmeng.

He needed to find out the background information of this matter first and then deal with it according to the situation.

Seeing these little girls full of confidence, the president asked Mengmeng that question.

“My father is Zhang Hanyang.” Mengmeng also responded with a voice transmission.

“Who, who”

The pupils of the president shrank.

He couldnt help cursing in his heart, “Damn.

Thats also a figure that I cant afford to mess with.”

He knew all of the ones that had influential backing in advance, such as Ling Duoduos father, Ling Tianchen, who was also a well-known expert.

At first, he also thought that the little girls parents were famous figures in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Unexpectedly, Mengmengs father was Zhang Hanyang.

As for some of Zhang Hanyangs deeds, the president of the branch had heard from Headmaster Shan that Zhang Hanyang was very skilled and had a special feature, which was that he spoiled his daughter very much.

He remembered that when Headmaster Shan told him about that, he was smiling as if he was planning something in his mind.

As a result, Zhang Hanyangs daughter appeared in the academy.

Needless to say, it was Headmaster Shan who deliberately brought her here.

“Wait a minute!

“Zhang Yumeng from Class One of the Incantation Department.

“Zhang Yumeng! Mengs Dad

“Oh my god!

“No way!

“Is Mengs Dad Zhang Hanyang”

In an instant, the president of the branch felt a chill down his spine.

He was completely shocked.

Zhang Hanyang ranked first on the eight lists and had passed the 100 levels.

His daughter was Zhang Yumeng.

Could it be that he was also in the academy

The president of the branch felt troubled.

He couldnt make up his mind and didnt dare to make a decision.

“If that big shot is also in the academy, who can stop him if this matter gets serious”

He didnt know how seriously Zhang Hanyang spoiled his daughter.

At this moment, everyones eyes were fixed on the president of the branch.

They all wondered how he would deal with the matter.

The face of the president of the branch darkened as he looked at the others and said, “Tell me what happened.”

The people below started to talk about it in detail.

While listening to them, the president also sent a communication request to Headmaster Shan while.

Soon, the communication was connected.

He set up a sound-proof cover and asked, “Mr.

Shan, is Zhang Hanyang in our academy”

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