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Chen Diran waved his hand to disperse the sound-proof cover, and they walked forward with the dean.

They attracted a lot of attention while staying with Frank.

However, there were still many people who were focusing on refining pellets didnt notice this scene.

Was it a good thing for the dean to take away a few students

Under the gazes of people present, they walked into the building.

Frank chose a big room on the first floor.

He took out a pellet furnace.

It was a fifth-tier spirit treasure for his own use.

“Can you refine pellets on the spot Make ten batches and Ill give you one hundred credits,” Frank said.

“Whats the use of so many credits” Mengmeng shook her head and said, “three times only.”

Mengmeng also thought about it.

The average success rate was about 30% with the method taught by her Dad.

She could succeed once out of three.

It was enough to prove it.

No one would know what Frank was thinking and what his purpose was if he didnt say anything.


Frank nodded.

No matter what skill she had, he could understand it after seeing it twice.

However, he thought it the wrong way.

Mengmeng was making the first try.

When the Bright Leaf Flower was thrown into the furnace, Mengmeng shattered it.

Just by sensing the energy in it, Frank didnt notice anything special inside.

Sometimes, the soul sense wasnt omnipotent.

Before Frank could find any clues, Mengmeng had succeeded for the first time.

“Whats going on”

Frank frowned slightly.

She had followed step by step and focused on the things to note as his formula delivered.

This little girl had been even a little clumsy when refining the pellet.

In his eyes, she had been clumsy.

She had just succeeded in one try using no special methods.

Could it be that this little girl possessed a special physique and constitution that affected her success rate

He had never heard of such a thing in so many years.

Frank couldnt figure it out.

Mengmeng was making her second batch in the same order and using the same methods.

When the pellets were about to be refined, the furnace exploded with a bang.

Nothing special was worthy to note when she was making the third batch.

Seven pellets were produced, which was Mengmengs highest record.

The pellets were floating onto her palm.

Chen Diran was stunned at the sight of it.

This also made Frank breathe a little faster.

“What kind of method did she use I must figure it out!” Frank thought.

He was both surprised and delighted.

“Its done,” Mengmeng said.

There was dead silence in the room.

No one spoke.


Frank thought for a few seconds before he said in an enthusiastic tone, “Very impressive.

Youre good, very good.

Whats your name”

“Her name is Zhang Yumeng,” Chen Diran said directly.

“Im asking her.” Frank turned to look at him with a smile on his face, but it made Chen Diran feel cold.

He nodded stiffly and didnt dare to interrupt.

“You have a high talent for pellet refining.

Are you willing to come to the Pellet-refining Branch to cultivate” Frank asked with a smile.

“No.” Mengmeng refused.

Frank was slightly stunned.

“Why not”

“No reason.

I dont think its funny to refine pellets,” Mengmeng muttered.


Frank narrowed his eyes.

If someone else had said such words before him, he would have reprimanded them.

Iron-faced Frank wasnt just a random nickname.

“Zhang Yumeng, have you learned how to refine pellets before Or is one of the elders in your family good at refining pellets” Frank asked.

“Why Are you doing a background check” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“No, Im not,” Frank replied, “I just want to know the situation.

Her wonderful talent makes me… very happy.

You may not understand, but our branch needs such a genius.

Its the responsibility of the dean to recruit such a disciple.

Of course, were free at the Dragnet Academy, so it needs her to say yes personally.”

In order to get what he wanted, he could tolerate everything.

At this time, he was even explaining to them with a kind face.

“My Dad knows how to refine pellets, so its normal for a wonderful teacher to have a brilliant disciple,” Mengmeng said.

Although they had felt that he was strict and cold before, they could tell that he was very sincere now due to his identity as the dean and his kind attitude towards them.

They had experienced this before at the academy.

Apart from special cases, the tutors always held a much better attitude towards good students.

“May I know who your father is” Frank asked.

“My father is… Ah, you dont know him.

Were from the Sea Dragon Star Area,” said Mengmeng.

“Oh, I see.

Youre from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Haha, Ive been there a few times as well.

Its quite a nice place.

I like it very much,” Frank said with a smile.

Perhaps it was because his facial muscles had adapted to his smile, it looked much better.

“How did you increase your success rate Can you tell me about this” Frank said softly.

After that, he became serious and added, “The pellet-refining masters at our academy are different from those in the outside world who may share their formulas for their own interests.

But at our academy, we share our formulas almost every month to let the students practice in a good atmosphere.

This is what a tutor or the dean should do.

Thats why I want to know whats the difference between your method and mine in refining divine pellets.

I dont know if you can tell me.

Dont worry.

As long as you tell me, youll be the hero in the Pellet-refining Branch and well double your credits as your reward.

With your contribution, you can see them increase tenfold.”

He spoke in an imposing manner and there was nothing wrong with his words.

At this moment, Yue Xiaonao and the others stopped talking.

Mengmeng also pondered for a few seconds.

She recalled what her Dad had said to her that night, “A good pellet formula is very precious, but I can produce several kilos of such a formula in a very short time.

“Its a relatively low-grade one, but its rather valuable for some people.

Thats because many people who have reached the initial stage of cultivation need the divine pellets.”


Since he could produce several kilos of such a formula in a very short time, he must care less about this formula.

Mengmeng thought for a while and said, “Okay, Ill tell you the method.”

A dinging sound rang out.

Franks eyes lit up.

He had a very reputable name as a dean at the Dragnet Academy.

There was a pellet-refining association in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, covering about 70% of the powerhouses in pellet-refining.

Someone who released their formulas in the association could get a bonus from the auctions belonging to the association.

Even though they could also trade pellets privately, the sale of pellets in the auctions was also very profitable.

The improved divine pellets could bring him a lot of crystal stones and raise his fame.

Although it was just a first-grade pellet, it was incredible to have a success rate of 30%.

Under his expectant gaze, Mengmeng told him the method, “Its very simple.

Shatter the Bright Leaf Flower when you put it in.

Its energy can quieten the energy in the furnace, so the success rate will be higher.”

“Shatter the Bright Leaf Flower”

Frank was lost in thought.

A few seconds later, he gasped for air and immediately began to refine pellets.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

All of his motions were performed smoothly and naturally.

When it was time to put the Bright Leaf Flower in, he shattered it, with its energy flowing into the furnace.

The pellet was refined!

Eight divine pellets appeared!

“Hahaha, so thats how it is.

I cant believe it.

Wonderful! Amazing!”

Frank laughed and said, “Im going to have a new round.

Well, Chen Diran, send them back.

The credits will be distributed as their reward after the task is completed.”

After that, he didnt look at Mengmeng.

Instead, he turned around and began a new round of pellet-refining.

Chen Diran saw them off.

On the way, Yue Xiao said, “Have we completed the task The dean promised to give Mengmeng one hundred credits, and all of us fifty credits.

And then he increased them tenfold.

Thats to say, all of us have five hundred credits, and you have one thousand credits.

We can just round our basic credits off.

Hes so generous.”

As soon as she said this, Chen Dirans eyes flashed slightly.

Five hundred for each person and a total of one thousand and five hundred.

With Mengmengs credits added together, in total it was one thousand and two thousand and five hundred credits.

It… was far too many.

Every branch had basic credits, and they wouldnt send too many to the students.

In this case, all of their credits combined exceeded the basic number of each branch, let alone other many credits held by other students.

“You go back directly.

I still have something to tell the dean,” Chen Diran said.

“Dont forget the crystal stones you owe me,” Mengmeng said.

“Later,” Chen Diran said perfunctorily and turned to leave.

“It seems that hes going to renege.” Yue Xiao teased.

“Youre right.

He doesnt look like a good person,” Felina added.


Mengmeng snorted and said, “If he dares to do it, Ill ask my Dad to teach me how to get a compound interest.”


They were speechless.

“Weve earned a lot of credits this time,” Yue Xiaonao added, “Mengmeng, I found out that youre getting more and more powerful.

It seems that I have to work harder.

Otherwise, Ill be left behind by you.”

“Youre right.

When we first met, Mengmeng hadnt yet reached the Innateness.

In the blink of an eye, shes going to surpass me,” Nina said in a somewhat resigned tone, “the most important thing is, it has only been two years.”

In the Cultivation World, two years was a very short period of time.

Mengmeng hadnt yet reached the Innateness before.

Now she reached the Elixir Realm Early-Stage and was as strong as someone in the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

There wouldnt be many people who would believe her great talent if it were to be made public.

At this time, Chen Diran returned to the room.

He looked at the dean refining pellets, one batch after another.

He succeeded twelve times out of twenty.

“Hahaha, the success rate is really high! Such a small change can actually make the success rate so much higher!” Frank laughed loudly.

“Congratulations, Mr.


Youve got such a wonderful pellet formula.” Chen Diran flattered him.


Franks laughter stopped.

He frowned and looked unhappy, staring at Chen Diran and asking slowly, “Ive got it”


Chen Diran broke out in a cold sweat at once and was a little confused.

But after thinking for two seconds, he suddenly came to his senses and said, “I was wrong.

Congratulations, Mr.

Frank, for improving the pellet formula and increasing the success rate to an unbelievable level.

Youve made great contributions to the development of the Pellet-refining Branch.”

Frank looked slightly pacified and said, “You dont have to say that.

I should be responsible for my duties.

When I go back later, Ill make the improved pellet formula public and let the cultivators benefit from it.

This is what a pellet-refining master should do.”

“Shameless!” Chen Diran thought.

Even Chen Diran found it hard to tell people about it.

Frank was taking all the merits from others.

He just burned the bridge after crossing it.

This sentence was such a classic saying!

Chen Diran hurriedly took out his Space Ring and said, “Mr.

Frank, here are the crystal stones I owe you last time.

There are a total of one million.

Ill give you back the rest next time.”

He knew a lot about Frank.

He was relatively easy-going before the president of the branch and the other deans.

However, he was actually a villain, a hypocrite.

He loved fame and crystal stones.

His savings were at least hundreds of millions of crystal stones.

He had also received countless other gifts with his title as the dean of the Pellet-refining Branch.

Every time, Chen Diran would use returning the crystal stones as an excuse to pay the dues to him.

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