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Frank took the Space Ring and detected it with his soul sense.

He found that the number was just right, so he nodded with satisfaction.

“Chen Diran, youve done a good job.

You can go to my place for a weeks training when this matter is over.”

“Yes, sir!” Chen Diran showed a happy expression.

“Thank you for your training, sir.”

It was the same thing every time, but he had never learned anything useful.

The day of his success was far away.

But he believed that one day, he would become the directors right-hand man and collude with him because of their similar temperaments.

“By the way, theres something I need to report to you.

2,500 of the credits you just promised them have exceeded the quota,” Chen Diran said.

“How many credits have exceeded that” Frank frowned slightly.


“Did I promise them so many” Frank snorted.

“Is there a need for me to teach you to get a small thing done The credits are limited.

The exceeded ones could be deducted from their personal credits.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Frank left.

Chen Dirans face froze for a long time, and then he quickly followed the director and sent him away.

Back at the venue.

Chen Diran felt a bit pressured.

When he went back, he suddenly saw two male trainees whispering to each other.

They were talking happily.

He looked at them for a few seconds as his face darkened.

He walked over, drew out a sound-proof cover, and said sternly, “What are you doing Do you know the training is on Dont you think it would affect other students Humph! You two will be severely punished as a warning to others, and your basic credits are now deducted!”

His speech was alarming.

The two male trainees were shocked and confused.

As soon as he finished speaking, before they could say anything, Chen Diran recorded the number of the stage, turned around, and left while dispersing the sound-proof cover.

If he shouted it out in front of all the trainees, the others would not be able to have their credits deducted.

However, the two trainees looked at his back with stiff faces.

After a while, one of them, a chubby boy, said, “He just left here.

He didnt even give us a chance to say anything.

Were here by someone elses pellet furnace.”

“We just brought trouble to others, didnt we”

“Forget it, lets just stay here.

Its only ten credits anyway.

It wont matter even if its deducted.”

When they were talking, Chen Diran deducted the credits of another three trainees.

“50 credits.”

“There are not many people talking, and I cant deduct the credits enough in this way, unless…”

Chen Dirans eyes were fixed on Mengmeng from a distance.

But today, he didnt say anything.

At five oclock, the training ended.

When Mengmeng and the others returned to the manor, Zhang Han had prepared a table of dishes for them.

After they almost finished dinner, he asked with a smile, “How did you guys feel in the Pellet-refining Branch today”

“Just so-so,” Mengmeng said.

“It was boring,” Yue Xiaonao replied.

“It wasnt quite fun,” Nina said.

“Someone was hitting on Mengmeng again.” Only Felina was honest.

She said quickly, “Hes a senior on patrol.”


Hearing this, Zhang Han sighed and said, “My daughter is only 15 years old, but there are already so many people wooing her.

I cant imagine what it will be like after two years! It seems that I need to figure out how to deal with it.”

Hearing his words, everyone present smiled.

He seemed to be very serious about this matter.

“That senior now owes me a million crystal stones,” Mengmeng said with laughter.

The girls had planned to talk about this at night.

As Mengmeng spoke, she glared at Felina.

“Shes just too straightforward.

Nothing good happens every time she speaks.”

“He wanted to bet with me on the success rate of refining divine pellets and that I would be his little handmaiden if I lost.”

The temperature on the spot had dropped for a moment.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly as he picked up a glass of wine, took a sip, and adjusted his mentality of wanting to hit someone.

“Why are there always so many stupid guys in the world

“Oh, I guess it makes sense.

It takes all sorts to make a world.

Too many people like Mengmengs face.

She must have met all kinds of weirdos.”

Chen Changqing shook his head.

If that trainee had confessed his love for Mengmeng in front of Zhang Han, he would have been crushed or at least would have been sent flying thousands of meters.

“Its just a million crystal stones.

We bet on a 10 percent success rate so we won for sure.

In the end, he lost, but now he seems to be going back on his word.

Dad, what if he repudiates the bet What about the Interest-on-interest Magic you taught me” Mengmeng said.

“Interest-on-interest Magic…” Zi Yans mouth trembled slightly.

“It needs to be performed in advance,” Zhang Han replied.

“I see.

It doesnt matter.

Ill perform it in advance then.

That person is the disciple of the dean.

His name is Chen Duran.

He saw that my success rate was high, so he told his Master.

The dean soon came over and asked me to give a pellet-refining demonstration, and then he gave me a serious talk.

I thought that Dad used to say that such a low-level pellet formula could be easily written, so I told the dean the method directly.

He gave us a lot of credits.1,000 for me, and 500 for each of Xiaonao and the others.” Mengmeng told everyone what had happened simply.

“What the hell 1,000 credits Thats amazing.” Chen Changqing gasped.

“We would only get 10 or 20 credits in our academy.

1,000 credits sound like many.

I want to join you.”

“Thats not going to happen, humph,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

The girls were all in a good mood about the credits they got.

Although they hadnt experienced the value of credits yet, other people only had ten credits after much hard work.

They had hundreds and thousands of credits, which were many times more than what the others had.

“Its a total of 2,500 credits.

The academy has the final say in credits.

The improved pellet formula is quite valuable, and the director has seized the opportunity,” Zhang Han said with a faint smile.

After chatting for a while, everyone left.

Mengmeng stopped refining pellets and stayed with Zhang Han for a while.

After that, she ran back to play black games with the girls.

The next day.

In the morning, Mengmeng and the others refined pellets together.

After each of them had 30 medicinal pellets, they stopped and chatted with each other.

Suddenly, Chen Diran came over from the side.

“Young girls, whats going on with you”

Chen Diran frowned and said, “Our branch is relatively strict, but still you are chatting in public here, disturbing others to refine pellets, which has reduced their success rate.

Yesterday, I have punished a lot of people.

Didnt they remind you”

“Weve already completed our tasks, and the tutors here wouldnt let us leave.

Cant we chat” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Theres no need to say that.

Rules are rules.

Youre not allowed to disturb others.

Half of your credits are now deducted.” After finishing his words, Chen Diran turned around and was about to leave.

“What Half of the credits” Nina raised her brows slightly.

“Half of the basic credits”

“Half of the total credits,” Chen Diran said coldly.

It meant that Mengmeng had 500 of her credits deducted, and each of the others had 250 of their credits deducted.

Yesterday, they had been all quite happy because of the credits they got, but now they were all displeased.

“Isnt it too unreasonable of you to do this Weve set up a sound-proof cover when were chatting,” said Felina.

Chen Diran stopped, turned his head, and said in a deep voice, “Using a sound-proof cover wouldnt help.

You ARE chatting.

Only pellet-refining is allowed here.”

At this time, he seemed to have turned into a ruthless patrol officer.


Right then, Mengmeng suddenly sneered and said, “Well, thats fine.

There come interests with the crystal stones you owe me yesterday now.

So its interest-on-interest.

That means two million crystal stones in total.

Pay up now.”

Chen Diran staggered violently.

“Thats what interest-on-interest means”

He got a bit angry.

Judging from his expression, he wanted to say something unpleasant.

In the end, he just snorted and left quickly.

“Yeah, thats right.

If he dares to deduct our credits, then lets see how many crystals hell have to pay in the end,” Yue Xiaonao said proudly.

“Its a rule that we cant leave after completing our tasks, but its not that we arent allowed to talk here.

I can see that the other patrol senior leaders dont care about this.

Hes the only one who has a lot of problems with us,” Nina said reasonably.

“Lets go ask the tutor on the stone platform,” said Felina.

So they went to the stone platform.

When they got to the top, they said to a middle-aged supervisor, “Weve already completed our tasks and we are not allowed to leave here.

Can we set up a sound-proof cover to chat”

“Well, this…” The male tutor hesitated for a moment and said, “As long as you dont make trouble, with the sound-proof cover, it doesnt matter if you chat.

Of course, I suggest that you can refine more divine pellets so that you will be rewarded with more credits.”

“Alright, we got it.” Nina smiled slightly.

She took the lead to leave and return to their place.

They set up a sound-proof cover and stood there, chatting.

About two hours later.

Chen Diran appeared in the vicinity again.

He walked into the sound-proof cover and scolded in a cold voice, “Youre chatting and walking back and forth.

Half of your credits are now deducted!”

“Whats wrong with you” Mengmeng also got upset this time.

“Weve already asked the tutor.

He said that since we have completed the tasks, its not a problem to set up a sound-proof cover to chat.

Besides, there are trainees chatting in other places.

Why are you being so meddlesome”

“I dont care about others.

Im in charge of this area and I have the say in this.

Look at those people around.

Is there anyone talking Youre the troublemakers who are talking.

Im sorry, next time you talk, Ill deduct your credits again,” Chen Diran said coldly.

He thought to himself, “After I deduct their credits this time, their overall credits wont be above the quota.”

Mengmeng had 250 of her credits deducted, and each of the others had 125 of their credits deducted.

The credits that had been deducted were a lot fewer than before.

“Well, since you have deducted my credits, there come more interests in your debt now.

You owed me two million crystal stones just now, right Now its doubled – four million,” said Mengmeng.

“Haha.” Chen Diran chuckled and turned to leave.

At this time, he was still a little unconvinced.

“How dare you girls from the Sea Dragon Star Area talk to me, a second-grade senior, like this when you dont have any backing or connections

“Who do you think you are threatening here This is absurd.

Do you think I would be scared”

Chen Diran sneered in his heart as he fixed his eyes on the other side.

“Hes doing it on purpose.”

Yue Xiaonao said, “He lost the bet and is deliberately targeting us.”

“Maybe he has bad intentions.” Felina said coldly, “When the event is over, well teach him a lesson here in the Pellet-refining Branch then!”

“If he dares refuse to pay four million crystal stones up, Ill go ask my dad to teach me that Interest-on-interest Magic.

Humph, what a bummer.

He just sucks,” Mengmeng said with some anger.

Their good mood for chatting was gone.

However, after a few minutes, Chen Diran came over and said, “How dare you continue to chat Half of your credits are now deducted.”

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