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Chapter 1301 The Academys Reputation Cant Be Damaged

“Heres the thing.” Mengmeng said.

All of a sudden, she felt that this president of the branch was going to deal with the matter for real.

“I have a question here.”

As a result, the president of the branch was being straightforward, “The basic credits for the new trainees in each department is 2,000.

In fact, 1,500 credits should be enough, with the extra 500 to reward excellent students.

Even if Mr.

Frank were to give the reward, he wouldnt have rewarded someone with 2,500 credits that exceeded the quota, would he Now that there are a lot of doubts here, Mr.

Frank, do you have anything to say”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people on the scene turned to look at Frank.

He didnt retort anything.

His expression was calm, and his eyes were blank.

It seemed he found the whole thing hilarious.

Hearing Dracos words, Frank said in an innocent tone, “Mr.

Draco is right.

Im well aware that the credits I gave are 2,000 points, so why would I give four trainees 2,500 credits I guess I would only do that if I were a fool.”

As he spoke, Frank shook his head and sighed.

“Our Dragnet Academy has always belonged to the upper class in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, but there are forces against us.

They often do things against our academy, especially our Pellet-refining Branch.

Therefore, Im a little confused about what happened today.

Did I just mess with someone Or did I mess with their interests so they send a few new trainees over to humiliate my reputation”

Franks words were full of emotion and his acting skills were amazing.

Hearing what he said, Mengmeng and the others were dumbfounded.

Many trainees also began to talk about it.

“So thats how it is.”

“That must be the truth.

The forces that are out of control would often do terrible things.

The biggest punishment for them to humiliate the deans reputation would be to be expelled.

Its hard to tell that they actually have such ill intentions.”

“Shes pretty, but Ive never expected her to do such a thing.”


Many trainees were reproaching while some acted as onlookers.

Also, some hesitated.

They did see Mengmeng and some others leaving with the dean.

They were now in a state of doubt.

At this moment, Frank said, “Ive been to the field several times, and I did call them, but it seems that with my skill in pellet refining, I wouldnt need to ask for help from a few new trainees in person, would I As for the truth, it should be the person involved, Chen Diran, to tell us.”


Behind him, Chen Diran was still intoxicated with Franks acting when he was suddenly awakened by the cry.

He quickly stepped onto the stage.

“Why dont you tell us what happened exactly” Frank said.


Chen Diran felt that his face was a little stiff and his cultivation in this field was too shallow.

He thought for a while and said, “I am the inspection officer of the field, Chen Diran in Grade Two.

I am in charge of an area, mainly responsible for discipline.

When I was patrolling, many trainees were whispering to each other.

They didnt take pellet-refining seriously, which could result in a furnace explosion.

To prevent the academy from suffering potential losses, I went to remind them, but these ones were the most unprincipled.

They chatted and made noise unscrupulously.

I warned them three times, but they didnt listen and even mocked me.”

Speaking of this, Chen Diran sighed.

“Considering that they are all new trainees, I didnt really reproach them.

But when I reminded them again, I felt that what they said was simply an insult to me.

At that time, when the dean came to the site to patrol, I had no choice but to report it to him.

The dean also had the very kind idea that given that the new trainees had just come here, they could be forgiven, but they didnt respect the seniors and ignored discipline.

So the dean decided to talk to them in person.

We went directly to the building and had some conversations.


Frank didnt punish them.

He even discovered that they were good at refining pellets.

One of them was rewarded with 125 credits and the other three were rewarded with 63 credits respectively.

“As for the pellet formula, Im sorry, but I really havent heard of it.”

“And I think its quite absurd to say that Mr.

Frank would reward a few trainees with 2,500 credits, which also verified the deans words.

The enemys moves are often beyond our imagination, but they still dont know enough about our academy.

These new trainees casually named 2,500 credits, which has already explained everything.”

As Chen Diran finished speaking, he shrugged his shoulders to show that he was honest with his words and that the dean was innocent.

“Shame on those new trainees!”

“They actually went to the academy to deal with the dean.”

“They are still too young.

Do they think they can defeat the dean with this little trick”

Many trainees couldnt help but sigh.

All kinds of discussions made Mengmeng and the others faces turn pale.

They didnt expect things to be like this.

“You made me do this.”

With a fierce look in her eyes, Felina began to record a video with her smart wristband.

At this moment, the five people standing beside Mr.

Frank on the stage took two steps forward and voiced their opinions.

“Say it! Who sent you guys here Youre still too young to fight against our Pellet Academy.”

“How dare you use such an inferior method Dont you feel ashamed Youre simply embarrassing yourselves!”

“Why would Mr.

Frank steal your pellet formula Are you kidding me How many people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province are better than Frank in pellet refining”


“Ah!” Mengmeng screamed.

She couldnt stand the current situation.

“Youre just terrible people!”

“Why are you so mean!”

Mengmeng was short of breath.

She felt aggrieved, but she suppressed her tears.

“It was my pellet formula!”

Mengmeng remembered one more thing.

She looked at the president of the branch stubbornly and said, “I have two versions of the divine pellet formula.

One is to increase the success rate, and the other is to refine the second-stage divine pellet!”

What she said made Franks expression change slightly, and he sensed that things were not going well.

Draco didnt comment until now.

“You can tell us about the pellet formula so that I can verify it.

The divine pellet one is made public.”

“Why should we tell you directly” Nina rose to her feet and said, “If we do so, wouldnt Frank hear it as well We must talk to you about this pellet formula in private.

After that, let Frank read his formula out in person.

And then we will have the truth and see who is the liar!”

Franks pupils shrank slightly, and the anger in his eyes grew greater and greater.

It seemed that he was about to lose control of his rage.


Get on the stage and tell me.” Draco nodded.

Mengmeng and the others walked over.

Felina waved her hand and made a sound-proof cover.

Mengmeng said, “To refine divine pellets, the key is to add a second-stage spiritual herb called Narcissus in the middle of the Streaming Fire Leaf and the Grass of Forever.

In the beginning, add two kinds of second-stage spiritual herb, named Grass Carp Fruit, to the second-stage divine pellet, which can improve the probability of the medicinal pellets quality, and it would be easy to refine medium-grade and first-stage divine pellets.

Adding a Narcissus in the middle of Streaming Fire Leaf and the Grass of Forever is a great pellet formula with high success rates.

I told Frank to shatter the Bright Leaf Flower, which is the simplest method!”

Upon hearing these words, Draco could no longer remain calm.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “You guys first…”


Felina waved her hand to disperse the sound-proof cover.

This made Dracos face slightly stiff as he sighed lightly.

“Come on, Mr.

Frank, weve already told Mr.

Draco of the divine pellet formula.

Since you claimed that the formula is yours, then you can say it directly!”


Franks face changed.

He was clenching his teeth so hard that they were almost crushed.

He was flustered and angry.

He fell silent, trying to figure out a way to deal with this situation.

However, what could he do

At this moment, even Chen Diran felt a chill in his heart.

“Is Mr.

Frank going to lose”


All of a sudden, a dean next to Frank said sternly, “I think you just want to swindle the pellet formula from Frank.

Thats why you came to Dragnet Academy!”

Frank reacted in an instant and said in a cold voice, “Say it! Who sent you here”


Mengmeng, Nina, Felina, and Yue Xiaonao were struck dumbfounded.

“How shameless!”

“Does he think that he can get away with it with his shameless act”

“Haha, weve already told Mr.

Draco about the pellet formula.” Nina laughed coldly.

“Since hes here, lets listen to what he will say about this matter.

What are you yelling about Could it be that youre panicking I think youre scared!”

“Thats right! Lets listen to what Draco will say about this!” Yue Xiaonao yelled.

At this time, some trainees below the stage said, “Yeah.

Why dont we listen to Mr.

Dracos opinions”

The faces of Frank and his crowd distorted.

The crowd found it strange.

While they were talking, they could clearly hear that someone was saying, “Could it be that theres someone with loose morals among the deans of Dragnet Academy”

“Let Mr.

Draco do the talk! I believe that the new trainees are innocent!”

“Maybe its the deans problem!”

There were a few people in the crowd who shouted the most loudly, which were Ling Duoduo and Chu Changan.

They knew that Mengmeng and the others were on Zhang Hans side, so they naturally supported them.

At this time, not far from the side, there were several tutors and deans, who had been silent and were not on good terms with Frank.

One of the deans said, “People are not sages.

How can one not make mistakes Dragnet Academy should maintain a fair and just virtue.

Everyone should keep quiet now.


Draco will deal with this matter.”

They could finally tell that there was definitely something fishy about Frank.

However, at this moment, Draco frowned slightly and looked a little annoyed.

He seemed to be hesitating about something.

After a while, he let out a long sigh.

“Its time for this matter to come to an end.


Frank, please tell us the pellet formula.”


Draco, how can you trust a few new trainees who are suspected to be enemies” Franks face changed again.

He didnt know what the other pellet formula of the divine pellet was.

At this time, he was frightened.

If his reputation was ruined, his future would also be ruined.

The eyes of Mengmeng and the others were filled with anger as they looked at Frank.

One second, two seconds…

Five seconds later, they saw that Franks cold sweat was dripping down.

But by the tenth second, Dracos voice suddenly came to their ears.

“Sorry, our academys reputation cant be damaged.

I will deal with this matter seriously afterward and give you a fair answer, but it takes time.”


Hearing this, they felt a chill in their hearts.

It seemed that Draco would abandon them for the academy.

“Is it that Mr.

Draco has given up on us for the academys reputation”

“Or can it be that he is purely on good terms with Frank”

“He just said that he will give us a fair answer afterward.

This kind of solution is not justice.”

They looked at Frank, only to see a sinister smile on his face.

After waiting for another two seconds, he sighed heavily.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill tell you the other two pellet formulas as well.

“When I was studying the divine pellets, Ive concluded a total of four methods.

I handed over one of them and improved another one to increase the success rate.

As for the other two methods, to refine divine pellets, the key is to add a second-stage spiritual herb called Narcissus in the middle of the Streaming Fire Leaf and the Grass of Forever.

In the beginning, add two kinds of second-stage spiritual herb, named Grass Carp Fruit, to the second-stage divine pellet, which can improve the probability of the medicinal pellets quality, and it would be easy to refine medium-grade and first-stage divine pellets.

Adding a Narcissus in the middle of Streaming Fire Leaf and the Grass of Forever is a great pellet formula with high success rates.

I told her to shatter the Bright Leaf Flower, which is the simplest method!”

What he said was exactly the same as what Mengmeng told Draco.


Mengmeng and her friends couldnt believe it.

Even Draco couldnt believe it.

“Originally, the other two pellet formulas were very precious.

I was going to announce them at the right time, but I didnt expect that when I took these trainees to the place where I refined pellets, the formulas were stolen.

Maybe you dont understand the value of these two formulas, maybe you have already told the forces behind you about the formulas, and then you came to ruin my reputation.

But your behavior has already broken my bottom line.”

“They must be severely punished!”

“Our Dragnet Academy will never tolerate such behavior.”

Franks friends shouted.

“Why did you tell him Why would you lie”

Mengmeng looked at Draco in disbelief.

At this time, Draco shook his head slightly.

“Take them down first, and then Ill deal with them myself.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Diran immediately rushed up from behind.

He had a smile on his face.

He secretly did the voice-transmitting to Mengmeng and her friends, saying, “You want to mess with us Youre courting death!”

However, in front of everyone, he said very gently, “Please come with me.


Draco will deal with this matter later.”

“How could you!”


Consumed by her rage, Mengmeng threw a huge white fireball.

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina all made their moves one after another.

Instantly, Chen Diran, who was very close to them, was caught off guard.

Several layers of defense were broken one after another.


Chen Diran was sent flying backward.

“How dare you!”

Frank could no longer restrain the rage in his heart.

He struck out with Peak-Stage God Transformation, which could show his massive strength.

Countless spiritual power turned into a palm, slamming down heavily from above.

“Dont fight here.” Draco shrank slightly.

He immediately executed his moves, forming a stream of water in an attempt to block out Franks attack.

But his response was too late.

It could also be said that Frank had been planning this for a long time, so Draco had no time to react.


Many trainees present were shocked.

“The dean is personally taking action!”


Ling Duoduo shouted.

Chu Changan and others changed their expressions dramatically.

Many trainees in the front retreated in panic.

Everyone seemed to be thinking that those girls were going to be seriously injured in the next second.

However, what happened stunned everyone present.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Mengmeng stretched out her right hand.

“Clatter!” More than a dozen energy defenses surrounded her and her companions.

Several sixth-tier defensive spirit treasures floated around Mengmengs body.

Her eyes were beaming white flames.

Franks attack was only able to break through the outer ring of defense before it was worn down.

“Sixth-tier defensive spirit treasures”

“More than a dozen sixth-tier treasures!”

“Oh my god, who the hell are they”

Many people turned pale with fright.

A sixth-tier defensive spirit treasure was valuable even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Ordinary people could not afford to use it.

“Why did you do this to us” Mengmeng asked angrily.

At this moment, Felina pressed the button of the smart wristband, sent a video message, and said, “Uncle Zhang, weve been bullied.

Weve been bullied badly.”

At the sight of this, Yue Xiaonao put down her communication device.

She was about to ask Yue Wuwei to come over.

“Since you cant uphold justice, then lets fight to get it!” Nina said coldly.


This scene stunned many tutors, deans, and even Draco on the stone platform.

Those new trainees had more than a dozen sixth-tier defensive spirit treasures.

This meant that their identities were extraordinary.

“Is that so”

Unexpectedly, Frank did not panic.

He said slowly, “Youre from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I didnt expect that you would have more than a dozen sixth-tier defensive spirit treasures.”

“You look down on us from the Sea Dragon Star Area” Nina said in a cold voice.

“I hope by the time our parents arrive, you can still be this arrogant.”


Frank burst into laughter.

“Everyone in this world must be reasonable.

The pellet formula is mine, and even Mr.

Draco has seen it.

How can you call white black in front of everyone”

The next moment, Frank said in an imposing manner, “No matter who your backer is, even if you have a strong background, you cant make trouble in Dragnet Academy!”

“Thats right!” Chen Diran said, “Since what youve asked for is trouble, you have gotten what you wanted now.

But youll need to pay the price as well, no matter who comes!”

A few friends of Frank, the five of them, exchanged glances.

“The new trainees are from the Star Area.”

“Its not a major force in Star Province.

Theres no need to worry then.”

After thinking for a while, they echoed, “Justice shall be served.

You guys look harmless, but in fact, you have bad intentions.

You want to confuse others, but everyone here is not a fool.

You are carrying tales, but after all, we see you through.

Even if you ask the chief president or the sect leaders of all the major forces to come over now, it will be in vain.”

“Thats right.

Dragnet Academy is a place where justice matters the most.”


Draco is also here.

He saw the whole thing.

I think everyone knows your schemes.

Setting everything aside, if you ask your parents to come here, they should know that it is a serious crime to steal someone elses pellet formula.”

Hearing these words, Draco felt his hair standing on end.


“How did things end up like this If Headmaster Shan finds out about this, it will give him a bad impression.”

“More importantly, the one who made the mistake is Mr.


Now Draco finally understood that the words of these girls in front of him were true.

But things had already come to this point.

There was no turning back for Frank and his crowd.

Dragnet Academys reputation must be preserved.

Sometimes, people just couldnt act according to their will in the martial arts world.

Even if some things were fake, while many people all said that they were real, the rumors might turn out to be real.


Draco frowned slightly and said, “The meeting is over.

Well deal with this matter after their parents arrive.”

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