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Boom! Boom!

Thunderbolts began to crack, which were gradually increasing in number.

In the dark clouds, there seemed to be something terrible that was unknown.


Chen Chuan got into Chen Changqings arms and did not dare to look above anymore.

Mengmeng was also a little nervous.

This scene was indeed somewhat frightening.

“The thunderbolts only crack in the dark clouds, like a deterrent.

In fact, when you reach the God Transformation Realm, you can cross the void in front of you.

Then, the thunderbolt is no longer a big threat to you, but it is still a threat to those below the God Transformation Realm.

Those ones in the Elixir Realm will die easily before the thunderbolts.

Therefore, the Rain-falling Lake is also a forbidden area here,” said Lo Tianxu.

“Well, Ill go up and take a look.” There was a trace of curiosity in Zhang Hans eyes.

He actually had an affinity for the thunderbolts in the dark clouds.

“Dad.” Seeing the frightening scene above, Mengmeng subconsciously did not want her dad to take risks.

“Ill be fine.”

Zhang Han smiled.

He took a step to the side and touched Mengmengs head.

Then he slightly raised his fingers on his right hand, and wisps of electrical current were shining.

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “It looks scary, but in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Its largely because of the weather.”

“Oh, okay, then come back soon,” Mengmeng said in a low voice.

“Yes, my sweetheart.”

Zhang Han moved and quickly rose into the air, and then entered the dark clouds.

“Zhang Hanyang, he… he even knows the Thunder Control Technique” Lo Tianxu showed a look of surprise.

“Thunder Control Technique”

Many of the members of the Lo Family present were stunned.

Zhang Hanyang seemed to have used a set of killing fists in fights, and he was also very powerful at converting and breaking down Supernatural Power.

For example, when he dealt with Peacock King, the latters great Supernatural Power against him was turned into his attack against the Peacock King.

This scene had been witnessed by many high-position officials of Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

They had all made an analysis with each other.

There were only a few people in such a large area as Heavenly Dragon Star Province who could do that.

At that time, they concluded that Zhang Hanyang was as mighty as the top five strongest persons in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Now, he even had grasped the Thunder Control Technique.

Thinking about it, they felt that it was really scary.

“Thunder Control Technique” Zhang Guangyou said strangely.

He knew very well that his son did not seem to be practicing the Thunder Control Technique as they imagined.

“The Thunder Control Technique is a kind of relatively high-end technique in the Cultivation World,” Lo Tianxu explained, “and it not only requires the learning of secret skills, but also has requirements of physical quality, affinity for thunder and so on.

I once met several disciples of a sect on the cultivation of the Thunder Control Technique, who went out to gain experience.

I learned from them that there are a total of 18 trials in the test of the sect.

After passing ten trials, a person will become an outer disciple, and after passing fifteen trials, it will become an inner disciple.

If it can pass all trials, it will be regarded as a remarkably gifted disciple.

These Thunder Control secret skills are of the powerful attack force, and they can also be performed quickly.

In a word, these skills have many strengths.

Generally, these skills would be learned only in the Galaxy.

Even in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, there are no sects on the cultivation of the Thunder Control Technique.”

“What is Galaxy” Zhang Mu asked curiously.

“Havent you heard of the Dragon Cloud Galaxy” Lo Tianxu was stunned.

“Never.” Zhang Mu shook his head slightly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zhang Guangyou, Gai Xingkong, Yun Feiyang, Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, and others all looked at Lo Tianxu curiously.

He hesitated for a short moment.

Zhang Hanyang knew the Thunder Control Technique, so he must know about the Dragon Cloud Galaxy.

Since Zhang Hanyang did not tell them, would it be a bad idea if he told them about it

After thinking about it, he realized that since the group of people had also come to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and became one of the top forces, they would find it out sooner or later.

He did not have to shut his mouth.

So Lo Tianxu replied, “You come from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It looks very big, but in fact, its very small for the Cultivation World.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is located in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Heavenly Dragon Star Province covers a huge area, but its not big enough.

It is just a part of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, and the latter consists of dozens of Star Provinces.

Almost every Star Province has its superior Star Area, and those Star Areas are attached to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

For many people, the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is big enough.

Maybe most of the cultivators will only stay in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven for a lifetime.”

Here Lo Tianxu raised a finger and shook it slightly.

“But is the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven big No, the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is just a part of the Dragon Cloud Galaxy.

Whats the Dragon Cloud Galaxy Its said that its like a dragon in the universe, riding on clouds, and were in the corner of the clouds.

There are countless Astral Domains in the area of the Dragon Cloud Galaxy.

But the main part of the Dragon Cloud Galaxy is in the shape of the dragon.

It takes years to go from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to the center of the Dragon Cloud Galaxy.

There is no safe passage, and we will go through a mass of dangerous and uninhabited areas.

We may not be able to reach there.

Therefore, generally, only those in the Integration Realm who can wander in the void and have great power will go to have adventures in the Dragon Cloud Galaxy.”

“Oh my god, whats the size of the Cultivation World”

“I cant imagine it.”

“Dragon Cloud Galaxy”

Zhang Mu and the others were greatly shocked.

At this time, Yue Wuwei, who seemed to be invisible beside them, chuckled and said, “You know a lot.”

“Uh, I learned that from the few disciples of the sect on the cultivation of the Thunder Control Technique I just mentioned.

I have never been to the Dragon Cloud Galaxy either,” said Lo Tianxu with a smile.

“What is above the Dragon Cloud Galaxy” Mengmeng was also curious about the size of the Cultivation World.

“The Dragon Cloud Galaxy is neither big nor small among the Galaxies.

The largest one is called the Center Galaxy,” Yue Wuwei said, “and the Center Galaxy is so large that many cultivators cant travel throughout it in their lives, but there is also an area bigger than the Center Galaxy.

Its classified as a Star Sea, and the Center Galaxy is a part of the Star Sea.

That is the current size of the Cultivation World.

But the universe is too big.

Its beyond our imagination.

Around the Cultivation World, there are thousands of clans.

Human Clan already consists of thousands of ethnic groups, let alone other clans.

There are even creatures born of science and technology, as well as ones born of energy.

In some wild areas around the Cultivation World, there are many greatly terrible beings, such as Ancient Demonic Beasts.

Besides, there are many unknown things, and many people at the Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier.

We have to be careful, or we may die at any time.

Therefore, your cultivation has just begun, and you have not known many high-degree things, so you should obediently stay in Heavenly Dragon Star Province now.”

“Who… who are you, Sir” Lo Tianxu was stunned by these words.

“This guy is so awesome.

Who on earth is he He is so knowledgeable.”

Knowledge was priceless, and it was also true in the Cultivation World.

“My fathers name is Yue Wuwei, w-u-w-e-i-, and Wuwei means to be useless.” Yue Xiaonao introduced.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

He was dumbfounded.

Why was his daughter different from her peers of other families

Fortunately, Yue Xiaonaos next words were pleasant to hear.

“His name is Wuwei, but he is very powerful,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“That sounds pleasant.”

Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said nothing more.

“Its you, Mr.


Ive heard of you.” Lo Tianxu cupped his hands and added.

“Ive heard of you from Headmaster Shan.

He didnt say much and only gave a short comment: unfathomable.”


Yue Wuwei laughed.

“Of course!”

“Im simply unbeatable in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, okay”

“The Cultivation World is so large.”

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and others sighed with emotion.

“No matter how large it is, you cant adventure now.

Practice hard and reach the God Transformation Realm first,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Elder Yue is right.”

Everyone nodded.

What was the use of thinking too far ahead Improving their own strength was the most important thing.

Now, the little princess was almost on par with them.

If they were casual, they might be surpassed by her.

The security group was organized to protect Mengmeng.

If they were surpassed by their little princess, they would feel ashamed.

Therefore, in recent days, almost everyone had been working hard in cultivation.

They did not dare to slow down at all.

“The environment here is very interesting.”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and stared ahead, “Its variable.

It seems to be a formation, but its not exactly one.

Ill go up and have a look.”

With this, Yue Wuwei moved and rushed up quickly.

He disappeared into the clouds.

He felt that Zhang Han was devouring the thunderbolts ahead.

“This guy…”

Yue Wuwei flashed to Zhang Han and asked, “How are you feeling”

“What” Zhang Han asked.

“How are you feeling about swallowing the thunderbolts”

“Not bad.

Only a little bit of energy of every thunderbolt can be available to me.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He felt that the thunderbolts were so poor in quality.

“Aha, think about it, thunderbolts with a certain attribute are very rare.

If you want to swallow thunderbolts, youd better choose those thunderbolts of tribulation at least, okay” Yue Wuwei seemed to know everything.

He suddenly asked, “Is the Great Void Thunder Scripture strong”

“You wont understand even if I tell you about it.

Just dont ask.” Then, Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Ill just swallow a dozen more.”

He could feel that the Thunderbolt Mark was eating and absorbing the energy of those thunderbolts.

But after swallowing dozens of them, he felt that the Great Demons Nascent Soul seemed to be unhappy.

The energy in his meridians flowed faster.

After thinking about it, he swallowed a dozen more and stopped.

The emptiness and hunger brought by the Thunderbolt Mark were filled.

He finally learned, roughly as Zhang Han had thought, that the growth of the Thunderbolt Mark required swallowing thunderbolts.

As for the Great Demons Nascent Soul, it needed some demonic Qi, so it would grow up slowly if it fed on normal energy.

As for the demonic Qi, of course, it existed in the Domain of Seven Desolations, which was the Land of Sealed Demons.

His Immortal Body of the Five Elements had also stabilized now.

It was developing into the Immortal Body of Yin and Yang according to Zhang Hans idea.

Yang represented the energy of extreme positiveness, while Yin represented the energy of extreme negativeness.

This raised the question that the energy of extreme positiveness could be stored in the body and evolve into the supernatural power, which was compatible with the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, while the energy of extreme negativeness would be absorbed by the Great Demons Nascent Soul.

“Its troublesome.”

Zhang Han thought for an instant while absorbing more than a dozen thunderbolts.

In the end, he kept that thought in his heart.

It was still far away.

The most important thing was to keep the balance between the Thunderbolt Mark and the Great Demons Nascent Soul.

“Why does there seem to be battles in his body when it comes to the current cultivation”

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

There might be very few cultivators like him.

“Lets go back.

Too much of a good thing can be detrimental.

I cant ruin the ecology here.” Zhang Han stopped absorbing the thunderbolts.

“Do you know whats going on here” Yue Wuwei said, “I seem to feel something.

Its like a natural formation, but its not exactly one.”

“The natural formation is incomplete,” Zhang Han said, “so you have such a feeling.

This is a land of attracting thunder.

The core of the Rain-falling Star has the energy of thunder, so it can create such a change.

Its estimated that in a few decades, a completely natural formation may be formed here.

After the constant circulation of the formation, this planet will become valuable.

This kind of planet is the most important thing for sects on the cultivation of the Thunder Control Technique, and these sects can take the energy of thunder regularly.”

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