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“Is it that serious” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Its very serious, so we plan to find Sir Mysterious.

A great master like him should know how to deal with it.” After saying that, Zhang Han smiled and continued, “Well go back and have a good rest this time, take it as a vacation, and then go to Dragnet Academy.

Oh, by the way, Elder Yue and I will go to ask the will of Sir Mysterious first and find out about the solution.

Even if we cant solve it, the crisis wont take place in a few years, and we may be in the Astral Domain by then.”

If Yue Wuwei was there, he would probably say, “This guy is really optimistic.”

“Ive been quite irritated in the past two days.”

“Well, as long as youre here, Im never worried.” Zi Yan leaned gently on Zhang Hans shoulder.

Holding his beautiful wife in his arms, Zhang Han felt very happy.

In a few days of flight.

They could see the Screen Waterfall, the Clear Stream, the Silver Sea, the Boundless Sea, and the edge of the ancient mine along their way.

Many spaceships were parked on the shore.

“Here are a few things you should pay attention to.

During this period, you can go anywhere you want such as places like the worldlet, the ancient mine, the Kings Domain, and the Kunlun Immortal World.

You can use any stuff you need like the aircraft.

But in the secular world, be careful and dont mess up the rules here.

If you do anything reckless and have me find out about it, I might kill you with a slap,” Yue Wuwei said loudly.

For the development of the secular world, Yue Wuwei did not want to see the influence of external impact change the pattern.

Ordinary worlds were rarely seen in the Cultivation World.

From a certain point of view, this place was very precious.

After reaching the Tribulation Stage, the importance of Tao enlightenment gradually increased.

Some people traveled the world and experienced the complex in life for the sake of the Tao in their hearts and the experience of the mortal world.

But often, how long would it take for them to travel on a planet in the cultivation world It might take them hundreds or even thousands of years.

But in the ordinary world, they could experience the mortal world by watching a person mature from a baby coming to the world to a teenager, a young man, a man in his prime to an old man, who turned into ashes in the end.

This reincarnation was often touching.

What was the meaning of living To pursue something like life and death parting, joys and sorrows of life, power, dreams, and money To know what was fortune and what was bitterness

Many lessons of life could be picked up here.

At least, Yue Wuwei was well aware of this.

He had been confused before, but in the end, he found his true self and broke through to the Tribulation Stage.

Therefore, he did not want the secular world to be destroyed.

He felt that there was a reason for the appearance of such a society on the sealed Saint Warrior Planet.

“Lets go back.”

After his warning, many flying machines set off from the Boundless Sea.

With Yue Wuweis words, those people in the ancient mine also started the hiding mode on their aircrafts.

After returning from the Hidden Dragon Land to Kun Xu World, a group of people went to Heavenly Knights Sect then came to the secular world and went straight to Mount New Moon.

At this moment, it was in the afternoon, and the sunlight was very strong.

The weather on Mount New Moon was nice.

“Dad, Mom, Im back.”

Zi Yan greeted her parents with a smile.

“Oh, my little cute.” Zi Qiang walked over quickly.

He said that in a very loving way.

However, Zi Qiang quickly walked to Mengmeng and looked her up and down.

“Youre finally back.

Youve grown taller, my dear granddaughter.

Youre indeed getting more and more beautiful.”

Zi Yan was speechless.

Mount New Moon became lively and full of vitality because of everyones return.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Dahei returned to its own territory and was in high spirits.

It kept running and shouting.

Little Hei looked around the territory several times and secretly peed many times in the surrounding woods because it held it back all the way here.

Tiny Tot slipped out of Zi Yans wrist, and the three Heihei powers once again dominated the pet area.

There were more dogs.

At first, Husky took the lead in dancing over there.

When it saw the three Heihei powers coming back, it was so scared that it shivered and ran to spin around and curry favor with them.

Mengmengs Magic Paradise had always been very popular, and people under the age of 20 often came here to play.

Now Mengmeng was not very interested in it, but she was glad to look at it.

It gave her a good mood when she checked it out several times as she got nothing else to do.

That was specially built for her by her father when she was a child.

Liu Qingfeng, Liu Jiaran, Xiao Ling, and Ah Hu took an aircraft to Lin Hai City.

The main reason why they went there was that Liu Qingfeng felt that the mess in the Star Area was too huge, so he needed to find another group of old subordinates to search for useful talents.

Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Zhang Li, and Liang Hao all went to the residential area of the Liang Clan, which was on the side of Mount New Moon.

They needed to visit around the place.

Jiang Yanlan, Sect Leader Jiang, and the son-in-law of the Water Cloud Sect, Instructor Liu, returned to the worldlet to reunite.

Zhang Mu, Dong Chen, Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, and others went back to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

A big decision had been made this time.

After their arrival, Zhang Mu, the head of the Heavenly Knights Sect, announced one thing.

“I declare that the Heavenly Knights Sect is now officially merged into Mount New Moon.

16 sects, including the Water Cloud Sect, the Luo Fu Sword sect, and Deep Valley will also be merged into Mount New Moon.

From now on, the Heavenly Knights Sect will no longer be independent and belongs to the forces of Mount New Moon.

Of course, the martial arts heritage of predecessors of our Heavenly Knights Sect will not be lost.

We will always be ready to help the weak and uphold justice, which is the foundation of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Since we have joined Mount New Moon, well, as for my grandsons forces, they can develop in the Sea Dragon Star Area from now on.

Some people will stay here to recruit excellent disciples for our sect.

That is to say, from now on, we belong to Mount New Moon.

We are now a large group, and this place will be used for accepting disciples.”

Such a scene occurred in several worldlets.

It could be said that many forces were eager to enter Mount New Moon now, but they could not randomly join it.

It would require examination for one to join the company.

It was all Hua nations in the worldlet, and more places in Kunlun Immortal World were involved.

Until now, Mount New Moon had become the most respected sect in the martial arts world.

That night, two figures quickly left Mount New Moon.

They were Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei.

“Cant we use the Space Passage” Zhang Han got a bit confused and said, “It will save us a lot of time if we use the Space Passage.”

“Do you think that the Space Passage can be randomly used” Yue Wuwei touched his white beard and said, “When I use the Space Passage, its different from the way Mengmeng uses it.

She controls the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet, but mine is just a subsidiary one with fixed and slow-recovering energy in it, so I cant always use the Space Passage.”

“A subsidiary pearl” Zhang Han thought for a while.

The subsidiary pearl had fixed and slow-recovering energy, which was fundamentally different from the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet controlled by Mengmeng.

From this, it could be seen that Elder Yue was really a housekeeper in Saint Warrior Planet.

There were not many things that he could control.

“The Saint Warrior Planet is a huge treasure.” Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Let me tell you a secret.

In addition to here, Ive seen two other Saint Warrior Planets and several sacred lands.

Compared with them, the Saint Warrior Planet we are on is absolutely stronger, and it has great secrets, which are even related to the higher world.

Not only masters thoughts but also many things such as the light gate and the Bone Demon in the light gate used to be in a violent period, but now theyve all grown quiet.

Ive been to the depths of the Bone Demon Field, but I find that its only the tip of Bone Demon Fields iceberg.”

“Bone Demon is indeed powerful.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “The identity of the mysterious master, well, how should I put it, I have seen some scenes.

He is very powerful even in the higher world.

As for what the Saint Warrior Planet has, why the Domains of Seven Desolations can be connected, and the light gate world, these are all secrets, and even I cant understand them.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Han got a little emotional.

As a top Tribulation Stage Ninth Tier expert in the Cultivation World, he had summoned the demons from divine thunder over the sky.

In some ways, he had little knowledge about the Saint Warrior Planet.

What kind of identity did Sir Mysterious have

This was a mystery.

“I hope I can get more answers this time.” Zhang Han took a deep breath.

He moved forward like lightning with Yue Wuwei.

The two of them were very fast.

In less than an hour, they arrived at the Kunlun Mountain Range.

They went from the entrance to the Kunlun Immortal World and then straight to the Boundless Sea.

During this period, they even passed by the Deep Valley.

They saw that You Huo was giving everyone a lesson.

They wanted to join Mount New Moon and become a subsidiary sect.

Many people would go to the Sea Dragon Star Region for further development.

At present, the entire Heavenly Group was growing larger and larger.

Gradually, it would be able to expand its influence in the Sea Dragon Star Area, but it would only need greater luck to grow stronger.

There was also a drawback in the development of the company, which was the loyalty of the internal staff.

Would there be someone who would use the companys financial resources to strengthen himself

In this regard, Liu Qingfeng carried out a classification system, by which he awarded his staff according to their contributions.

He was extremely strict with the system.

He also found dozens of cases in which his staff had violated the rules.

Without exception, he severely punished all of them.

Under the strict system, these affiliated forces had been arranged well.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two figures rapidly left the range of the Deep Valley from high up in the sky.

No one noticed the two of them.

“Boundless Sea.

Boundless Sea.

Boundless Sea.”

When they arrived at the Boundless Sea, Yue Wuwei said its name three times in a row.

When he said it the first time, his voice was a little high-pitched, which meant that there were many secrets hidden in the vast Boundless Sea.

When he said it the second time, his tone suddenly changed.

It was a little low and bitter.

There were too many dead souls buried in the Boundless Sea.

When he said it the third time, his voice was full of emotions.

He was lamenting the significance of the existence of the Boundless Sea.

It was something that was both beautiful and terrifying.

“Our path is in the sky.”

Yue Wuwei said, “I only know masters three thoughts.

This is already the second one.”

“Among the nine thoughts, there appeared the third, the eighth, and the ninth one.

Only the ninth thought would tell me more.

I dont know which one this thought is,” Zhang Han said softly.

“I dont know about that.

Ive never heard of these things before.

Does master have nine thoughts Its strange just thinking about it.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and could not figure it out.

“Lets go up there,” said Yue Wuwei as he waved his hand casually.


On the shore of the Boundless Sea, there suddenly appeared layers of clouds swirling in the air.

At first, those clouds appeared in clusters, but later, from their point of view, those layers of clouds gathered into a ladder, which looked like a heaven-reaching path.

However, the white fog above was so vast that they couldnt see what it was exactly.

The two of them stepped on the clouds and walked up layer by layer.

300 layers.

500 layers.

600 layers.

When they reached the 900th layer, they seemed to have reached the top of the clouds.

As far as their eyes could see, they were surrounded by clouds and mist.

When they looked up-

“Sky City.”

An enormous city floated in the void, which looked like an ancient city.

However, its size was many times greater than a normal one.

Was it an illusion, a reality, or a reflection of a certain period

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