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Chapter 131 Low-profile Bigwigs

“Dont shout and wrangle here.

If you want to eat, wait until noon and queue up.”

Zhang Han said a word and went to the second floor.

He had just bathed the little princess and was about to braid a beautiful hairstyle for Mengmeng when he heard these people shouting downstairs.

Thus Zhang Han came to remind them personally, and at the same time, he missed Zhao Feng a little.

That guy liked to stay in the restaurant at ordinary times.

He would handle it when he met such a situation without taking Zhang Hans time.

Unexpectedly, in a few days, Zhang Han felt Zhao Feng was helpful.

Zhang Han knew the reason why Zhao Feng didnt come.

But he wouldnt ask about it.

What he cared right now were things like how to took good care of Mengmeng, how to be a good stay-home dad, what kind of delicacies he could make for his little princess.

Zhang Hans indifferent appearance thoroughly enraged the emotion of Huo Liang and other people.

“You ignore me”

Huo Liang was simmering with rage.

“Huo Familys companies had a market value of nearly one billion yuan.

I, Huo Liang, had twenty million yuan as a years allowance.

How dare you, an owner of an sh*t restaurant, look so calm Why”

Huo Liang took a deep breath and his eyes grew cool.

He said angrily, “Dont you think its rude not to apologize for keeping us waiting for a long time Dont you think its an honor to come to your restaurant in our capacity”

However, Zhang Han just glanced at him slightly and went straight to the second floor.

Such a disregard made Huo Liangs anger soar.

When he saw the figure of Zhang Han mostly disappearing at the stairway entrance, he said in a cold voice, “Do you believe that I can make your restaurant shut down and rectify”


Zhang Han responded, disappearing into their vision.

“F*ck, hes going too far, f*cking far!”

“This is the first time I have seen such a fool.”


Several people said with a look of indignation.

“Song Ying!” Huo Liang frowned and said, “find someone to shut down this restaurant!”

“Thats exactly what Im thinking!” Song Ying said with a sneer, taking out his mobile phone and dialing a call in peoples face.

“Hello, Uncle Tian, this is Little Ying.

Yes, I find a restaurant…”

After the phone call, they sat on the white table on one side and waited.

They wanted to see the scene of the restaurant being inspected with their own eyes.

It was a pleasure to see the panic face of the owner of the restaurant.

They sat for about ten minutes.

A tender voice came from the corner of the stairs.

“Well… go to drive the little car… ”

Then they saw a very dedicated little princess running down to the tea table in front of the sofa and pulling out the remote control car from the side to play.

Mengmengs appearance was loved by people.

Even Huo Liang and others, who were unhappy, were half less irritable after they saw Mengmeng.

“What a beautiful little girl,” the curly-haired woman couldnt help exclaiming.

“Thats exactly.

Look her tender face, such a nice pink.

I really want to squeeze it to try the feeling,” another woman said with a smile.

“Well, no matter how beautiful and lovely she is, its nonsense to have an unreliable father,” Song Ying said with a snort.

“When the restaurant had to be inspected after a while,” Huo Liang murmured with his eyes fixed on Zhang Han, “let me see how he could still pretend to be calm!”

Their murmur wasnt heard by Zhang Han.

Although Zhang Han had known they might find someone, he didnt mind it.

Several vigorous young men couldnt arouse Zhang Hans interest in coping with them.

Speaking of youth and aggressiveness, Zhang Han was a hundred times more arrogant than them.

But what about that He finally ended in a tragic end.

The fact told people that no matter how arrogant a man was, he would have to pay the price one day.

“PaPa, come on, sit next to Mengmeng,” Mengmeng said with a childish tone after jumping to sit on the sofa with the remote control and clapped her cute palm on the place beside her.


Zhang Han said with a chuckle and sat beside Mengmeng, looking at Mengmeng kindly.

“Uh-huh, PaPa, please be seated.

Mengmeng is going to drive the car.” Mengmeng reminded him.

“Yes, Im ready.”

“Didi, hum hum hum… speed up…”

Having Papa beside her, Mengmeng enjoyed herself the most.

She played for about a few minutes.

“Hasnt anybody come yet” Huo Liang had been a little impatient to wait.

“It should be soon,” Song Ying said and glanced at the phone to estimated the time.

Then he answered, “Its about ten minutes to come.”

“Um,” Huo Liang frowned and gave a huh.

He just wanted to have a meal.

The owner of the restaurant rankled him and wasted him so much time, so he must make the owner feel the same way as he did!

At this time, the curly-haired woman was looking out of the window and suddenly put on a surprised look.

She said immediately,

“Hey, hey, hey, look at this, oh my god, so many luxury cars There must be a bigwig in this motorcade, isnt there”

As soon as she said this, people, including Huo Liang, turned to look and changed face slightly.

Outside on the street, a motorcade of nearly 20 luxury cars slowly approached.

All the cars were black Chevrolet Suburban, and the price of each car was more than one million.

Although those cars were not the top luxury cars, it was spectacular that more than twenty cars came together!

Even many pedestrians on both sides of the street stopped to watch and series of exclamations came from the crowd.

Huo Liang, however, kept silence with this scene and thought deeply.

Suddenly, as if remembering something, with his face turned pale, he lost his voice and said, “Thats Xia Shanhao of North District!”


Everyone elses face changed at this moment.

The four underground forces of South Island were quite famous.

Xia Shanhao of the North District also could be heard all the time.

At the same time, Xia Shanhao was the existence they looked forward to!

Not to mention them, even their parents were much inferior to Xia Shanhao!

Soon, the motorcade slowed down as it passed the restaurant.

In the gazes of them, the motorcade stopped completely.

Bang, bang, bang…

With intensive noise of opening and closing doors rang, Xia Shanhao got out of a Chevrolet Suburban of the motorcade center.

He looked calm and had a long face, big eyes, and short hair, which made him look like a business elite.

Looked at this scene, Huo Liang changed his face and said.

“Oh my god, thats really Xia Shanhao, why… why did he appear in the New Moon Bay”

“Holy sh*t, arent that the Four Guardians of Xia Shanhao?It seems that the people behind them are executives of New Loyalty Brotherhood! In what circumstances can they go out together” Song Ying said with a shocked face.

“Ah Why do they come here”

“Ah! Theyre really coming.

Theyre coming to this restaurant.”

“F*ck, Xia Shanhao unexpectedly come, how could it be”

“… ”

Regardless of Zhang Han and Mengmeng, who was playing the remote control car behind them, the crowd began to exclaim.

These exclamations made Zhang Han look over there.

Zhang Han knew what Xia Shanhao was coming for when he saw him come to the restaurant.

However… when Zhang Han turned his eyes indifferently and looked toward Mengmeng, it could tell that he had no interest in what those people were coming for.

In the eyes of the crowd, Xia Shanhao took the lead and more than forty people marched toward the restaurant.

It scared a lot of passers-by at first.

Look at the posture, it was no doubt that they were rowdies.

People thought they were to hit the restaurant.

But when they approached the restaurant, they, more than 40 people, lined up neatly on both sides of the door.

Xia Shanhao took only three men into the restaurant.

People found that Xia Shanhao and others were not coming for aggro!

“Hahaha.” After entering the restaurant, Xia Shanhao stared directly at Zhang Han, walked slowly, laughed and said, “Hello, Boss Zhang, its presumptuous to come here without telling you in advance.

Please forgive me.”


This scene let Huo Liang and others on a side feel like suffering a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

They never expected that Xia Shanhao, an insufferably arrogant man, would be such a low profile after entering into the restaurant!

“Didi, hum…”

Xia Shanhao and others came, the remote control car of Mengmeng also driving there.

When the little princess saw the car was going to hit the foot of the person in front of her, she remembered the miserable matter happened on the car last time.

Her face changed slightly and her body squeezed into Zhang Hans arms with some fear.


A slight noise came out and the remote control car eventually crashed into Xia Shanhaos leather shoes.

“Ouch!” Mengmeng said in shocked.

Her big clear eyes were full of fear and worry.

She said timidly, “Im sorry, Mengmeng didnt mean to.

Would you mind not trampling down my car”

Zhang Hans expression was frozen when he saw her pitiful look.

He could not help but grit his teeth, because he did not expect the scene that Scorpion trampled down the remote control car would cause some shadow in Mengmengs heart!

“I should have killed him!”

Zhang Hans mood suddenly became bad.

He looked at Xia Shanhao, the indifference and the slight of disgust in his eyes really frighting Xia Shanhao.

He knew why the demon in front of him trampled down the Changsheng Nightclub.

“No, I wont.”

Xia Shanhao looked at Mengmeng and said quickly, “Um… why would I trample down the remote control car of such a beautiful little princess”

As soon as the words came out, in addition to Zhang Han, Mengmeng and the parties concerned, other people changed their sight.

Huo Liang and others showed unbelievable expressions on their faces.

The eyes of the three men who followed Xia Shanhao were full of astonishment.

They didnt expect that their boss… had such a lovely moment.

At this time, Xia Shanhao didnt care about other peoples sight.

He stooped to pick up the remote control car, walked over with a warm smile to put the remote control car on Mengmengs hand, and said, “Mengmeng, youre really cute and beautiful.

Ive returned the car to you.”

“Er” Mengmeng said and was a little bit shocked, the big clear eyes staring at Xia Shanhao without blinking.

Feeling the good-will, Mengmeng took the remote control car over and said childishly with a smile, “Thank you… er… thank you, uncle.”

The calling of “uncle” from Mengmeng made Xia Shanhaos mouth tremble slightly.

His age was thirty-nine years old which was much older than Zhang Han.

He could have been called an older appellation, and he had planned to do the same.

However, when he saw Zhang Hans eyes, which made him feel pressure, he couldnt help calling himself “uncle”.


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