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In the meantime, at the edge of the square, Zhang Han sat quietly on a bench and looked at a dozen people going roller skating a short way ahead of them.

The group of people all seemed to be about 18 or 19 years old.

Several other people, who were in their twenties, led this group of people.

They were very young, bursting with vitality and laughter.

Unafraid to fall, they boldly tried different cool and handsome movements.

Next to them, many elderly people were using training equipment for exercise.

Among these elderly people, there must be some important ones.

Never judge from appearances.

On the side, there were also quite a few people who were playing badminton, scattered.


Zhang,” greeted Patriarch Luo, standing aside.

“Well, sit down,” Zhang Han said in easy tones.

Then, Patriarch Luo sat next to him, straightening his back.

He looked serious and said, “Did the man offend you just now Would you like me to…”

“No need.

Theyre just two small potatoes.”

After saying that, Zhang Han glanced at him.

“Did Uncle Liu talk to you”

“Yes, Chairman Liu talked to me, uh…” He waved his hand to the back, and the bodyguards walked away a little.

Then he whispered, “I have communicated with several other high-position officials.

Luo Shan and the other five people are also willing to go out with Chairman Liu.”

He knew that by going out, they were referring to going to a mysterious place for business.

For such a high-position official as Luo Shan, it could be said that the higher his status, the more things he feared.

He knew what the worldlet meant, and he had heard of ancient mines.

But he would never have thought that he would leave Earth with Liu Qingfeng and go to the Sea Dragon Star Area for business.

Liu Qingfeng had not told him about it yet, and it was not a big secret.

When Luo Shan and the others came back, he would naturally know.

“Will Luo Shan go too” Zhang Han smiled.

His impression of Luo Shan was pretty good.

The man did things in an orderly manner.

Otherwise, Liu Qingfeng could not have gone to look for him.

Liu Qingfengs target might be exactly Luo Shan.

It could be seen that there was a serious shortage of talents in the Heavenly Group.

“I dont know how long it can last,” Zhang Han thought to himself.

After learning of the main hive of the Bug Clan, Sixth Mind decided to take action personally, who said that it would cause great impacts and fluctuations.

He did not explain how great the impacts and fluctuations would be, but he promised to warn him at that time.

They could only operate the business on a day-to-day basis.

After sitting here for a while, Patriarch Luo said goodbye and left.

Zhang Han looked at the scenes in front of him quietly.

However, his mind was filled with thoughts about the details of his cultivation.

The duplication that Sir Mysterious had talked about was different from the Replication Technique.

It was really the Duplication.

Thunder Body and Great Demons Figure.

What should he do to realize the Duplication

Zhang Han still had no clue.

He did not even have any idea how to enter the inner part of the Rain-falling Star and how to find the Great Demons Figure through the Sea Eye in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

“I can only wait and see,” thought Zhang Han.

He planned to set about this matter after he went back and roughly controlled the state of his body.

The realization of the Duplication required him to remain in a certain state and cultivate himself.

It was not something that could be successfully realized in a short period of time.

Besides, a trace of his soul would be needed as a bond.

At that time, his soul and three Bodies would be involved, and they would major in their respective cultivation.

In this way, his cultivation would be much faster.

On February 26th, Mengmeng and her fellows returned to school.

They failed to take the final exams, but a few days after the Spring Festival, Bai Yilin sent them the exam papers.

They answered the papers and found that the exams were still very easy.

Other students were not used to the fact that there were a few names missing from the grade list, especially the top three names.

“I, Im number one” said a young hard-working boy.

It was like a dream.

When the term began, the class was very lively.

The students talked a lot with each other as if there were endless topics about their own experiences and feelings during the winter holiday.

On March 1st, Mengmeng and her fellows came to school.

Chen Chuan was also there.

He was a little boy in a group of people, but when he returned to his class, he was an overlord.

“After the last half term, you are going to study in senior high school and your schoolwork will be more stressful.

As your teacher, I hope that you can hold on.

As long as you go to college, youll feel at ease.

To fall in love To start a business Or to have fun and play games You can do anything in college.”

The teacher tried to fool them with life in college.

The students, therefore, had great expectations, but when they went to college, they would find that the schoolwork will be more stressful and there was no end to learning.

Among the students in the class, Mengmeng was the first to get to the combination of work and rest.

Others could do nothing about it.

After all, the little princess was excellent.

It was March 16th this day.

It was enough for Mengmeng to study for half a month.

Mengmeng often came over and asked, “Dad, when will we go back to the academy Maybe the Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

Ill have to fight.”

“Aha, are you in such a hurry” Zhang Han laughed and replied, “Then well go tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow Okay.”

The reason why they had stayed here for so long was that he was waiting for Liu Qingfeng.

When someone reached a standard after several screenings as well as the security groups investigation, Liu Qingfeng would personally persuade the person to do business in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The Heavenly Group was so large that they had to recruit some talents to fill the gap this time.

The result was indeed very good.

Liu Qingfeng rode the aircraft around the world and finally managed to find 236 people from all walks of life.

There were a few companies that had suffered a lot because of Liu Qingfengs poaching.

That night, Mount New Moon was quite lively.

A grand dinner party was held.

Again, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were reluctant to part with them.

“We are both just a Qi Strength Master.

Two years later, well go out and have a look,” Zi Qiang said.

He was not in a hurry.

He planned to cultivate here for now.

Besides, on Mount New Moon, Zhang Han and his family had all gone out, and the security group was also not there, so he had to take care of their property.

After celebrating for a long time, the crowd got on the aircraft in the latter half of the night.

Dozens of aircraft rose high and hid.

They passed through the Kun Xu World and arrived at the coast of the Boundless Sea beside the ancient mine.

Many members of the Dark Shadow Clan, as well as some members of the sect, got on the aircraft one after another.

“Good heavens!”

Seeing the huge aircraft, these 236 people who had been poached by Liu Qingfeng were stunned.

“Are we in a commercial and science fiction blockbuster”

“Its like a dream.”

“Its really an aircraft.”


Now, they finally understood what Chairman Liu meant by going to other worlds to do business.

The aircraft started.

“Mengmeng, are you going to guide the way” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

Mengmeng shook her head and said with a snort, “No, you actually want me to do such a boring thing.”


Yue Wuwei guided the way forward.

The Boundless Sea, the Silver Sea, the Clear Stream, and the Screen Waterfall.

The wonders were always eye-catching.

“Well, son, come here.”

Zhang Guangyou waved his hand.

Hearing that, Zhang Han got up, walked over with Zi Yan, and sat down on the round sofa.

“I found something strange,” Zhang Guangyou said, “that there seems to be something wrong with our aircraft.

Is it not high-end enough When I went to the moon with your mother, the alarm had rung before I drove it far away.

Nothing was happening, but the highest-level alarm was triggered off as if the aircraft were being squished.

It was almost broken.”

“An alarm Being squished” Zhang Han was stunned.

“That shouldnt be the case.

It might be due to the energy turbulence in the void.”

“Thats what I thought at the beginning, but its strange that I couldnt see anything.

Later, I drove two other aircraft, and the same thing happened again.

The alarm rang when the aircraft was a distance away from the earth in five directions,” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Five directions” Zhang Han was silent.

The others were also curious, and they were beginning to speculate.

“If its in five directions, thats really strange.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.

“Maybe the environment was special there.”

Finally, Zhang Han shook his head, indicating that he never went there in person, so he did not know what was going on at that time.

“The cosmic space is actually very complicated and dangerous,” Zhang Han said, “but most of the dangers can be found out.

For example, in the Blue Sand Wind Domain, the speed of the fierce wind inside reaches dozens of kilometers per second.

Besides, the wind carries silver sand, so ordinary cultivators in the Elixir Realm may not be able to come out alive.

Its a kind of Space Crisis.

For another example, the Chaotic Region can also be detected.

There are also some hidden dangers, which are rarely seen.

They are dangerous in varying degrees.

Some dangers are more crushing than others.”

After his explanation, the crowd wondered what had happened to Zhang Guangyou during that trip.

Zhang Guangyou also felt curious about this.

There was something invisible and undetectable.

He did not know what kind of environment it was, but the aircraft was always on alert.

As if the aircraft were being squished, the tier-one alarm was triggered off.

It seemed to be in a very serious situation.

If it just happened to an aircraft, there might be something wrong with the aircraft.

But the same thing happened to several other aircraft, so it might not necessarily be a failure in the aircraft.

“Ill have a look when I go back next time.

If the same thing happens again, it means that there are some problems.”

Yue Wuwei touched his beard subconsciously.

He felt that if there was a special situation, it might be due to Sir Mysterious.

In fact, Zhang Han had the same idea.

The entire Sea Dragon Star Area was under the control of Sir Mysterious through his thoughts.

No one knew if there were some places more mysterious and powerful than the Domain of Seven Desolations and the Rain-falling Star.

“Here we are.

Lost Continent.

This is our No.

1 headquarters.”

When the aircraft left the Secondary Space and came to the Lost Continent, Liu Qingfeng looked back at the hundreds of people behind him and said with a smile, “From now on, you will work here.

We have the top environment and facilities in the Sea Dragon Star Area here.

Besides, the entire continent is equipped with the Heaven-earth Formation and a high-tech defense.

Even in the face of the invasion of the Ancient Demonic Beasts, we confronted last time, we still have time to escape quickly.”

Last time, the rampant Ancient Demonic Beasts gave Liu Qingfeng a warning.

He paid great attention to the defense of the base, the retreat route, and other safety issues.

The planets that belonged to the Heavenly Group were highly safe, and it was at great expense.

Certainly, the permanent population also brought a large amount of money in return, especially in the Lost Continent and the Dragon Base Star.

The Dragon Base Star was located in the central area of the Sea Dragon Star Area, and the Lost Continent was the headquarters, so they were well-equipped.

“Each of the high-position officials, who are not cultivators, has a group of bodyguards including one in the Yuan Ying Realm and ten in the Elixir Realm.

They are responsible for your safety.

At present, the Heavenly Group has few enemies outside in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“As for the places for you to live, eat, drink, and have fun, do you see the planet in the distance Its the Dal Star, a recreational planet belonging to the Heavenly Group, which is at the later stage of improvement.

It represents the largest and the best recreational planet with the greatest number of entertainment in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

The boss specially built it for Mengmeng.”

As soon as he said that, hundreds of people were dumbfounded.

“Oh my god, the boss built the whole planet as an entertainment area”

“What a big move!”


The exclamations rose and fell.

When Mengmeng heard that, she was proud with a smile beside them.

“In the following days, youll be here.

The Heavenly Group has various areas.

Ill release the form of your respective branch companies later.

You take the aircraft down first.

Someone will lead you to the residential area.”

“Chairman Liu, are you not going with us” someone asked.

“Ill go back to the Dragon Base Star, which is the most important strategic base.

But this planet is technologically advanced, so we can hold a virtual meeting, and the projection pictures will be the same as when we face each other.

If our group is compared to a human being, then the Lost Continent will be the brain.

Youll manage the planet, give tasks, and so on.

In the first two months, you can get used to your job, so youll feel at ease,” Liu Qingfeng replied.

After his reply, the crowd went to take the aircraft to the Lost Continent under the guidance of the staff.

Immediately, they set off again.

They had not lived in New Moon City and the Lost Continent yet.

After the construction of the Dal Star was completed, they planned to play here.

Soon, others left for the Dragon Base Star.

Liu Qingfeng and a large group of people from the Dark Shadow Clan stayed here.

“Shall we get off the aircraft and have a look” Chen Changqing came to Zhang Han and asked.

“No need.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Lets go straight to the Rain-falling Star.”

“Huh Were going to Lo Lis house” Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“Yes, well go to have a look.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Dad, are you taking us there for fun” Mengmeng muttered.

“I have something to do there,” Zhang Han replied.

He did not explain it in detail.

Even, though he did not know the specific situation there.

But in his opinion, the Rain-falling Lake was probably one way to get to the center of the thunderbolts.

“Stop in the Blue Sand Wind Domain and talk to them,” Zhang Han added.

Therefore, their schedule was confirmed.

Two days later, they arrived in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

“Have you figured out a way”

The One-horned White Horses face lit up with joy.

“Yes, there is indeed a way,” Zhang Han said with a nod, “and the crystal wall is very tough, so they cant rush out for the time being.

Im sure of that, but I dont know what that mysterious person will do exactly to get rid of them.

However, you are safe for the time being.”

“This is indeed a piece of good news.

We can feel more assured.” The One-horned White Horse let out a sigh of relief.

At the same time, it smiled bitterly and said, “Every day, we listen to the dense sounds, which never pause or stop.

I feel that the demons are about to be driven crazy.

Now that we are safe for the time being, we can live farther away.

Otherwise, our hearts cant stand the sounds.”

It could be said that they had lived in fear recently since they lived near the crystal wall.

But they wanted to stay here and watch.

If there was a gap in the crystal wall, they could resist as soon as possible.

Even if they could not win, they were not ready to just stretch out their necks and wait for death.

“Thats all.

Well go first,” said Zhang Han.

“Thank you a lot,” replied the One-horned White Horse.

After saying goodbye, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei turned around and left.

They returned to the nearby king vessel.

After flying quickly in the Blue Sand Wind Domain for several hours, they reached the quiet cosmic void.

In a few seconds, they jumped into the Secondary Space and went to the Rain-falling Star.

When they arrived in the area covered by the signal of Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the king vessel stopped and they contacted Lo Shanwu.

Zhang Hanyang was most welcome to visit the Lo Family, so they began to prepare excellent wine and delicious dishes.

It was no exaggeration to say that these dishes the Lo Family had prepared for Zhang Han were worth more than 100,000 crystal stones.

It received the highest standards.

Even, the Grand Master of the Lo Family also thought that Zhang Hanyang was unfathomable, and he had underestimated him before.

The fact that he was able to reach the 100th floor in all eight lists of the Mysterious Tower was already something that many people could not do.

A few days later, they arrived at the Rain-falling Star.

“Aha, Zhang Hanyang, Elder Yue, Mengmeng…” Lo Shanwu greeted them all and laughed.


I like you to visit us often when you have time.”

“Sorry to disturb you again,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Youre not disturbing us.

Youll have to be punished with a cup of wine later for your words!” Lo Shanwu said with a smile.

“Mengmeng, Xiaonao…” Lo Li also came over and chatted with a few little girls.

Chen Chuan followed them all around happily.

Dahei and Tiny Tot were sleeping in Mengmengs book bag, while Little Hei yawned, lazily followed Mengmeng and slept after they got here.

Their path of evolution was sometimes relatively slow.

It was dusk on the Rain-falling Star.

The afterglow of the huge sun lit up heaven and earth.

After they arrived at the main residence of the Lo Family, the banquet began.

Many members of the younger generation of the Lo Family were in the distance, looking at them and chatting.

“Zhang Hanyang and his fellows are here.”

“Im so jealous.

I also want to attend such a banquet, but unfortunately, Im not qualified enough.

My father can attend only by himself.”

“Zhang Hanyang and his fellows are from the Sea Dragon Star Area, but I know that he is very awesome and powerful.

Even our Grand Master is polite to him and claims that he is no match for Zhang Hanyang.”


To be able to drink with a big shot was a symbol of strength and status for many people.

As the old saying went, “All roads lead to Rome.” However, there were some people who were born in Rome.

Looking at Chen Chuan, Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng, Zhou Fei and others, who were eating at the table opposite and whose strength was not strong, many of the younger generation present had such an idea.

After the meals, they began to chat.

When the time was about right, they went back to their respective rooms to rest.

Zhang Han and Lo Shanwu remained outside.

It was obvious that Zhang Han had something to say.

Lo Shanwu looked serious.

If he could do something for Zhang Hanyang, the latter would owe him a favor.

“Brother Zhang, whats the matter” Lo Shanwu tried to call him more intimately.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Brother Lo, well, I want to go to the Rain-falling Lake, where there are things I can use.”

“Thunder” Lo Shanwu said.

“Yes, thunder.

If I succeed, it will affect the Rain-falling Star, so I want to buy the star from you.

In addition to crystal stones, I can also provide the Lo Family with hundreds of sixth-tier spirit treasures, thousands of fifth-tier spirit treasures, and tens of thousands of third-tier and fourth-tier spirit treasures,” Zhang Han said slowly.

He could just snatch it from his enemies.

However, the Lo Family had quite a good relationship with them now.

The Thunder Core was extremely precious, which had been left by Sir Mysterious.

It could be imagined that it outclassed the spiritual treasures.

Therefore, Zhang Han was willing to pay some price.

In recent years, on the earth, he could get resources from the sects in the worldlet, the sects in the Kunlun Immortal World with the Deep Valley as the leader, and other sects which would have to provide sources according to Dong Chens idea if some people wanted to come out.

In addition, he would get resources regularly in the Kings Domain.

Zhang Han had controlled a large number of cultivation resources in just a few years, so it was quite easy for him to take out these resources.

But others did not understand.


Hearing this, Lo Shanwu could not help but gasp.

“So many!

“Good heavens!

“Do you have so many treasures”

Lo Shanwu widened his eyes in horror.

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