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Chapter 132 A Grand Concert

“Hahaha…” Xia Shanhao was looking at Mengmeng while observing Zhang Hans expression in the corner of his eyes.

He found that after Mengmeng laughed, Zhang Hans slight became soft.

This made Xia Shanhao feel calm.

He smiled brightly and said, “Boss Zhang, you really have a very good daughter.”

“Thats true,” Zhang Han said.

He always nodded to such praise.

“I heard that you may have some troubles recently, so I take the liberty to come here.

On the one hand, I come to visit you.

On the other hand, I come to ask you if you have any idea of cooperating with me.

I think you know the situation now.

If you cooperate with me, I promise you that you can get what you want,” Xia Shanhao sincerely said.

The words frightened Huo Liang and others on one side.

They looked at each other and saw shock in each others eyes!

Just now they said that the restaurant was a low ranked restaurant without any grade.

Just now they said they would try if the food here could make them feel like going to heaven.

Just now they said they would make the restaurant close down and rectify!

Now, they realized that the person who could make Xia Shanhao come here personally and sincerely invite couldnt be an ordinary one.

This restaurant had no grade Even Xia Shanhao had to stand by and talk all the time.

Although they hadnt tasted the food yet, they had been scared to heaven.

In particular Song Ying, his face changed the fastest and cold sweat flew down from his head.

That was him who called someone to shut down this restaurant.

Judging from Xia Shanhaos attitude, it was no doubt that if those people he called came, Xia Shanhao would reach out to tackle him in order to get the friendship of the Boss.

He must be screwed!

At the moment, Song Yings heart was full of bitterness and tension.

He wanted those people to come slowly.

Zhang Han, however, was still in a clam.

He took a look at Xia Shanhao and said lightly, “I dont need.”

Zhang Hans refusal made Huo Liang and others really widen their vision.

He did things like this to Xia Shanhao, let alone to them.

Although they had some backgrounds, they could not match for such tycoon as Xia Shanhao.

Just a word of Xia Shanhao could destroy them!

Usually, people who talked to Xia Shanhao like this had been sanctioned already.

But, looking at Xia Shanhaos smiling and the identical expressions of three people following him, they knew that the boss in front of them was a promising person!

Thinking of this, Huo Liang and others felt inexplicably worried.

They tried to slip away but they were afraid.

They could only sit there embarrassedly.

“Boss Zhang, dont refuse me so quickly,” Xia Shanhao laughed and said, “I sincerely want to cooperate with you.

This is my business card.

If you, Boss Zhang, have any trouble in the future, please contact me directly.”

During the conversation, Xia Shanhao took out a business card from his pocket and gently put it on the tea table.

Then he nodded and said, “Then I wont disturb you.”

“Ok,” Zhang Han said and nodded lightly.

Xia Shanhao took a deep look at Zhang Han, and then waved to Mengmeng and said, “Beautiful Mengmeng, see you next time.”

After that, Xia Shanhao took his people away.

Huo Liang and others were relieved when they saw the situation.

They looked at each other and knew that they should confess their mistakes to the owner of the restaurant.

What was more, the most urgent thing was to keep those people that had been called away.

However, when Song Ying just took out his mobile phone, something happened.

“Hey, hey, hey, look, theres someone coming again.

My god.

So many people come this time” The curly-haired woman looked out of the window and said, her eyes glaring around.

The crowd looked and saw a motorcade of nearly forty vehicles coming.

About 20 of them were Mercedes-Benzes, while the other 20 were all Ferrari sports cars.

“So many sports cars; isnt that Ye Han from the Eastern” Huo Liang said staring.

“The other one is Dong Tianpeng from the Western.


Why are these two bigwigs coming” Song Ying said and took a cool breath when he saw the situation.

“Here, they are coming here!” The curly-haired woman said with her mouth opened and looked dull.

This scene scared those people.

They didnt expect these three bigwigs would come to this restaurant in person.

“Ye Han, I didnt expect you, a hermit who cares none in the world, come here in person.”

Dong Tianpeng, in his forties, said and smiled.

He and Ye Han walked to the restaurant door at the same time.

“I didnt expect my elder brother, Mr.

Dong, comes in person, either.”

Ye Han, who was nearly thirty years old and looked very spiritual, answered with a smile.

“Boss Zhang is a rare talent.

I just saw Xia Shanhao leave here,” Dong Tianpeng said.

“Oh He came really early.

But to people like Mr.

Zhang, coming early means nothing.

Come on, Mr.

Dong, you first,” Ye Han said and extended his hand to Dong Tianpeng.

“Lets go together.”

Dong Tianpeng said and entered the restaurant with Ye Han at the same time.

The same scene appeared again.

Dong Tianpeng, just like Xia Shanhao, gave a sincere invitation and left a business card before he went finally.

Ye Han, however, first chatted with Mengmeng with a smile.

His gentle smiles made Mengmeng play with him.

At last, Ye Han said his purpose euphemistically, telling Zhang Han that he just wanted to make friends.

It could be said that his method was more skillful.

He assessed the situation, cottoning up with Zhang Han discreetly.

But Zhang Han had no interest in them.

When Ye Han found that Zhang Han didnt want to chat, he gave him a business card, leaving with a smile.

After they left, Huo Liang and others scared as their bodies turned soft.

“Lets, lets go, too,” Song Ying hastily opened his mouth and said.

“Yes, go, go, go, lets go,” Huo Liang said.

He didnt want to stay here for one more minute.

In less than fifteen minutes in this restaurant, his pride was shattered.

They didnt know how weak they were before they compared with others.

This was not an ordinary restaurant.

It was the devils restaurant!

When they were going to stand up together, three men in suits came in.

The leader of these men glanced at Song Ying and shouted, “Who is the owner of this restaurant” “We received a report that the diet hygiene of this restaurant was unqualified.

The restaurant chef had no health certificate! The prices of the restaurant were maliciously high, causing people to…”


Song Ying was almost frightened in an instant while his heart was jumping over.

He ran away to cover the speakers mouth with one hand.

Then he turned to Zhang Han, who was still in a calm, and wore an ugly smile, which was worse than crying.

He said, “Misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding.

I think the three elder brothers must come to the wrong place.” Then he turned to those men in suits and said, “You come to the wrong place.

It is the next restaurant that is not qualified.

This restaurant is so high-end and classy, how can it be unqualified Its totally wrong! Lets go there and have a look.”

After that, Song Ying and Huo Liang dragged the three people out of the restaurant.

Zhang Han gave a light laugh and shook his head.

Zhang Han was not interested in neither the underground forces nor the arrogant rich children.

He would not listen to their flattery either.

Even if those people scrambled to work for him, Zhang Han would not agree.

Let alone made Zhang Han work for them.

What a ridiculous joke.

Time went to half-past nineteen.

Linhai Stadium, which could accommodate 80,000 people, was going to hold a very popular concert.

But more than 82,000 tickets had been sold.

The 2,000 seats were added after the tickets were sold out.

Everyone could tell the popularity of the concert so that it was not exaggerated to describe it as a wonderful concert.

At 19:30, Xue Qian slowly walked to the center of the stage in fashionable mens clothes, accompanied by the sound of footsteps.

“Hello, everyone.”

Xue Qian said after saying hello, “You must have heard my new song a few days ago.

I want to thank Mr.

Hanyang for his great support here.

Now, I present you my first song,Actor.”



The audience applauded and cheered.

There were 80,000 people and the sounds of less than half of them clapped would like thunders, let alone all of them applauded now.

Soon, the low prelude of piano sounded, and then Xue Qian began to sing calmly.

“Simply, lets speak in simple terms.

Please ignore the temperamental state of mind.

You arent an actress.

Dont make up any of those plots…”

As soon as the song sounded, the field fell into silence.

Although many people were humming along with the song, their sounds were buried by the super-high-quality equipment.

After one song ended, Xue Qian sang an old song.

Then he said aloud.

“Next song, what do you want to hear Tell me aloud!”

As his words fell, all the fans became excited, shouting various things.

But gradually, the voice, driven by dozens of people, became a torrent.


“Well,Ambiguous, to dear you!”

As the accompaniment sounded, Xue Qian began to sing in deep love.

“Now our relationship is ambiguous anyway, so you dont have to feel embarrassed to find a match.

People who have paid line up to discuss on experience…”

Beautiful songs fascinated people.

At this time, more than 80,000 people were involved in the feast of songs.

Listening to live concerts was really a different kind of experience.

After the song finished, fans shouted for another new song.


Xue Qian smiled and shook his head earnestly.

“No no no!Tyro is the final song of the concert.

Now, lets welcome mysterious guests to sing with me! Everybody applauds and welcomes!”

As his words fell, the famous singer Li Fengjie slowly came out.

When he appeared, applause and screams rang.

After he and Xue Qian sang two songs together, Xue Qian returned to the backstage to change clothes and rest.

The other two less popular second-tier singers came to the guest show.

They sang one song respectively.

Then Xue Qian came on stage again and sang several songs.

Finally, the last songTyro began!

“Like the waves crashed into the hills.

How long can you hold on…”

After singing the song, Xue Qian took a few deep breaths and said quietly,

“Here, once again, thank you for your coming.

Once again thank Mr.

Hanyang for his support.

There is another thing to tell you and this is a good thing for the singing world! I have to say, Mr.

Hanyang, who is the songwriter of my three new songs, is really one of the most talented songwriters I have ever seen.

These three new songs were produced in two days under my own witness.”


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