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“On the 87th Floor.”

she seemed to have felt something there and therefore became more careful.

She did not search for it with her soul sense.

Even, she displayed a secret method around herself to avoid creating fluctuation.

This was the foundation of the assassination.

A deep voice was heard more clearly at one side of the corridor.

“It seems to be snoring”

Mengmeng carefully poked her head out of the corridor.

What came into her sight made her happy.

“Its actually a sleeping Patterned Leopard.”

She exhaled and slowly walked over.

When it was in her attacking range, she would kill it with one strike!

Mengmeng floated over like a little ghost.

She also knew that any sound or fluctuation could instantly alert the Patterned Leopard.

Even if there was little energy fluctuation around her, she could be discovered at close range.

50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters!


Mengmeng moved quickly, rushed over like lightning, and raised the long sword in her hand.


The Patterned Leopard opened its eyes, created a defensive barrier, and then tried to escape.

Unfortunately, Mengmeng was well-prepared to make such a move, while it was totally unprepared.

It was too late to defend.


The long sword penetrated the Patterned Leopards neck.

A little blood spurted out, and in the next second, the Patterned Leopard slowly dissipated.

“Ouch! My clothes.”

Mengmeng looked at her clothes stained with blood and could not help but grimace.

Fortunately, after a few seconds, the blood disappeared.

But the feeling just now was still lingering in her heart.

“Ten points!”

She felt pleased upon looking at the wristband on her right wrist, which showed ten points.

“The slaughter will begin! Even if my fighting capacity is much lower than before, I can still go through with it.”

Mengmeng had ambitious plans for the future and began to clean up the building.

Some floors were crowded with Exotic Beasts, while other floors were clear and calm.

In this way, the 80th floor, the 60th floor, and the 30th floor.

Soon, she arrived on the fifth floor.

“Hiss! There is a people!”

Mengmeng was shocked.

She had forgotten that there were other contestants.

“What should I do

“Is this man powerful

“I can kill him directly, but he didnt offend me.

“I cant say hello.

I have to be on guard against others.

“Whats my choice”

In a second, Mengmeng figured out what she should do.

“A sneak attack.”

A short sword appeared in her right hand.

She bent over slightly and glanced furtively at the man for a few seconds.

The man was fully vigilant, placing sirens around his body.

He was staring out of the window, motionless, as if to capture his prey.

It could be seen that there was an instrument in his right hand.

Boom! Boom!

At that moment, Mengmeng felt nervous.

She approached very slowly.

Finally, she heard a low whisper.

“Almost there.

Once you enter the bombardment circle, your points will belong to me.”

He seemed to be very nervous as well.

Because of the sirens, his vigilance against what was in the corridor behind him was increasingly reduced.


Mengmeng used 90% of her strength to swing the short sword at the man, and attached her spiritual sense energy to it.


The short sword was like a beam of light, and the alarm broke the silence of the corridor.


The man in front of the window was shocked.

In the next second, his consciousness dispersed.

Mengmeng got an addition of 360 points on her communication device.

She had a total of 760 points.

“Wow! I had actually 760 points.

After cleaning up the whole building, I only got 400 points.

Now I have a total of 760 points after this strike.

It seems that killing the contestants can help me get points more quickly.”

Mengmeng was a little surprised, and then her attention was focused on the front.

“Huh Is he a mechanic martial artist”

There was a small control platform and a pair of binoculars in front.

When Mengmeng walked over, she suddenly found that on the street not far below, six contestants were hunting a group of Green Wolves.

Through the binoculars, she could see the line of fire set up by the mechanic martial artist, who was ambushing other contestants just now.

“Can I use it as well”

Mengmeng was stunned when she saw the red button aside.

That man had already died.

How could his device be kept The device should disappear too, shouldnt it


The alarm just now seemed to have alerted the six people, and they looked sharply at the window here.

“Lets go and have a look!”

Someone was coming to check.

It dumbfounded Mengmeng.

She seemed to be no match for the six people.

If she was found out, she would lose her points.

After thinking about it, Mengmeng stopped hesitating.


She imitated the howl of Green Wolf.


Some of the six people said, “A Green Wolf”

“This howl is a little pleasant and crisp.

It sounds different.”

“Maybe its a female wolf.”

“Aha, it seems that theres a pack of Green Wolves in that building.

Shall we go and kill them”

“No, no, no, lets move on.

Killing Green Wolves wont get us high points.

Lets go to kill the Patterned Leopard.”

Hearing the howl, they were relieved and moved forward on the street.

Just ten seconds later, a snort came from not far away.

“You are the female wolf.

Your family members are all female wolves!”

Boom! Boom!

Having no time to react, all of them were overwhelmed by the firepower and died.

If some people saw this scene, they would definitely find it strange that this beautiful girl had indeed imitated the howl of wolves, but when the six people talked about it, she became unhappy.

Girls were always unpredictable.

“5,000 points.

Wow, amazing.”

Looking at the booming points, Mengmeng was in a good mood.

“Its better to form a team.”

The six people had obtained 10,000 points in a short period of time, and each of them had obtained almost 1,700 points.

It was much better than cleaning up the building.

But… They were finally ambushed, werent they

“5,760 points.

“The 323rd place.

Not bad.”

Mengmeng looked at the ranking list before her.

“Felina already takes the second place Thats dramatic.”

The No.

1 on the ranking list had 10,300 points.

The No.

2 on the ranking list had 9,650 points.

That was Felina.

At this time, Felina was killing Exotic Beasts wildly on the streets in the southern city.

All Exotic Beasts on eight streets had been slaughtered.

There were already 18 contestants who had been killed by her.

At this time, the big cameras were capturing the top ten on the list.

“Wow, there are two contestants at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage on this Dark Dragon List.

Its amazing.

Even, they can try to get ahead on the Earth Dragon List.”

As the commentator spoke enthusiastically, his saliva flew in all directions.

“The No.

1, Wang Yanzhong, is the Young Sect Master of the Black Flame Sect.

Hes only nineteen years old and has reached the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage at such age.

Amazing! Hes wearing armor and holding a Dragon Chopping Blade.

He can kill dozens of Green Wolves with a chop.

No one can escape his chop.

He is always getting more points.”

“The No.

2, Dark Elf, Felina, is also very strong.

She can use her supernatural power and secret skills frequently, with a larger and stronger attacking range.

If points come from only Exotic Beasts, she can catch up to Wang Yanzhong sooner or later.”

“But it seems that Wang Yanzhong is more flexible.

After cleaning up a street, he would first kill other contestants in a new site.

Those contestants had no time to react at all.

Look, another three people were killed by him, and his score is increasing sharply.

Those three people were also very powerful.

They were ranked 79th, 136th, and 327th, and now they are ranked beyond 500th.

Wang Yanzhong has widened the gap of the points.”

“The No.

3, Han Ni, is at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

He is also one of the most outstanding people.

His score is close to that of Felina.

If you look carefully, it wont be difficult to find that among the top ten, except for the first two who are at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, the rest are all at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Some of them are quite powerful.

If they fight against each other, no one can be sure of winning.”

“What an exciting match! This Dark Dragon List can definitely be considered among the top three in the history of the Dark Dragon List.”

“Han Ni is crazy.

He actually targets a team of thirty people.

My god, Xun Jinhao, the leader of the team, is ranked 7th.

They are fighting.

Look, Han Nis double swords are so sharp.

He used seven secret techniques in a second.

His combat capability is so strong, and his explosive power is simply unstoppable.

He killed ten people in one go.

I didnt expect that he is so good at attacking while rushing.

Theyre all dead! Han Ni defeated a team of thirty people alone.

Hes amazing.

Even Wang Yanzhong might not be able to do it so fast.

Han Ni, he successfully became the number one on the ranking list.”

“Wow, Han Ni is a dark horse in this match.

In the beginning, he didnt show off at all.

At the critical moment, he exerted more of his strength and became the No.1.

Amazing, amazing.”

The commentators had a solid knowledge of cultivation.

Also, in terms of strength, they were all at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

The battle made trillions of audiences excited.

No one would have thought that such a person could actually appear on the Dark Dragon List.


Han Ni is really formidable.

I feel that his fighting capacity is even higher than Wang Yanzhongs and Felinas.” Yan Bo clapped his hands, with his eyes lighting up.

“He is indeed very powerful.

I just said that the top three were almost fixed, but I did not expect that it was Han Ni who became the number one.”

“Compared to Wang Yanzhong, Han Ni has even more terrifying explosive power.

In terms of fighting capacity, he was definitely in the God Transformation Realm in that instant.

He is able to fight against someone at a higher cultivation level, and therefore his comprehension and aptitude are both even greater.”

“Yeah, yeah.

I like Han Ni,” said the elder Chief Supervisor of the Zhenlong Faction with a smile.

“I would like to introduce him to my older martial brother if I have the chance.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Bo smiled bitterly.

“Dont tell me that you mean it.

Were both from the Zhenlong Faction.

Why are you trying to steal from me”

“Its too early for you to be happy.

Im going to recruit Han Ni!” A person from another big sect said firmly.

“Aha, as usual, anyone can persuade him in public.

Lets see who can give him more benefits,” Yan Bo said while laughing out loud.

Among the sects present, only the Zhenlong Faction had the largest reputation and could offer more treasures.

Also, in the Astral Domain, there were also a lot of forces that had connections with the Zhenlong Faction.

This was a great advantage.

“There may be some errors in the virtual world.

Perhaps in the real world, Wang Yanzhong and Felina have a higher fighting capacity,” someone said.

“Its also possible that Han Ni has a stronger explosive power in reality than in the virtual city.”

“The Dark Dragon List this time is really a pleasant surprise.”


Dozens of people from the sects present began to chat with each other.

They all expressed their opinions.

Almost all of the top ten were their targets.

For example, several sects wanted to recruit Han Ni.

Thus, it could be seen that the cultivation level was not the only standard.

They would also observe the contestants.

“Well, I have to work harder.”

In a residential area in the city, Mengmeng looked at the ranking list.

Never once did she die, but her points grew slowly.

Now she was ranked 485th.

“Oh Xiaonao is close to me.”

Upon closer inspection, she found that Yue Xiaonao was ranked 487th, very close to her.

Nina was ranked 69th.

The contestants points kept changing.

Some people got ahead while others were left behind, so the ranking list also kept changing.

However, only the top three were fixed.

The first one was Han Ni, the second one was Wang Yanzhong, and the third one was Felina.

There were also frequent changes in the rest of the top ten, but there was not much difference in points.

Beep, beep.

By the window, Mengmeng was secretly looking down on the community.

Unexpectedly, there was a call coming from the opposite building.

“Is it a signal”


Mengmeng first found a safe place to hide.

Then she popped her head out, blinked her big eyes, and secretly glanced over from another direction.

Finally, after looking around, she found that there was a person who was constantly waving her arms by the window.


Mengmeng was a little surprised.

She looked around for a while.

Then she opened the window and jumped down.

She got close to the ground and ran over quickly, meeting Yue Xiaonao on the 13th floor.

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