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“What a lovely surprise.” Yue Xiaonao laughed and said, “Its too dangerous out there.”


I dont even dare to walk on the street,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Its a pity.

If you were to go all out, you would be ranked in the top 100 by now.

Just now, I saw that our points were almost the same,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Im almost out of the top 500,” said Mengmeng.

“Since weve bumped into each other, there wont be any problem for us to advance.” Yue Xiaonaos eyes lit up.

“I know a way to trap others.”

“What do you mean by trapping others”

“No, no, no.

Its more like an ambush.

With our cooperation, we will be invincible,” Yue Xiaonao said excitedly.

“What kind of ambush” Mengmeng was curious.

“Well use the Storm Needles, which cant be stopped by those below the God Transformation Realm.” Yue Xiaonao said, “In the simulated city, the Storm Needles can be used many times, which is different from those in the outside world.

Each of them can be used ten times.

I have ten of those and can use them a hundred times.

The points are absolutely certain.

Mengmeng, you will be the bait.

I will take an ambush on the side and wait on the street for someone to attack you.

When the task is about to end, you will cut me with a knife.

In this way, half of my points will be given to you, and we can both pass.”

“Will, will this work” Mengmeng was interested, but she also felt that something was wrong.

This competition had been turned into an ambush game.

“Ill be the bait.

What if your Storm Needles hurt me” Mengmeng asked suspiciously.

“No, they wont.

Take this one.” Yue Xiaoju handed over a needle and said, “If you have this on you, those needles wont attack you.”

“Should I try it first” Mengmeng thought for a moment and nodded.

“Well, Ill try it first.”

“Lets go! Lets sprint and become the dark horses.” Yue Xiaonao cheered.

They sneaked all the way to the main street.

With too much slaughter, the number of Exotic Beasts gradually decreased.

They didnt see any Exotic Beasts on the main street.

“Well settle here.

Take this rebound ball.

If theres a mechanic martial artist sniping you, you can crush the rebound ball and youll be able to dissolve the opponents attack,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Youre really thoughtful, “Mengmeng murmured and came to the street with the stuff in her hand.

“Slow down.”

Under Yue Xiaonaos reminder, Mengmeng slowed down and walked in front of a commercial center.

Yue Xiaonao followed her by the window on the fifth floor, while Mengmeng walked in front of the building.

“Maybe I dont seem to fit in the environment while walking around empty-handed like this”

Mengmeng took out the long whip and carried it casually on her shoulder.

After waiting for half an hour.

Finally, some prey took the bait.

Two men observed for a while in the distance.

“What is she doing there”

“I dont know.”

“Shes very bold.

Is she the one who cleared this street”

“I dont know.”

“She must have a lot of points.”

“I dont know.”

“Shall we take action”


Lets do it.”

One of them was fat and the other was thin.

At first, the fat man kept replying that he didnt know.

But when he chose to take action, a trace of fierceness flashed across his stupid face.

“Lets keep an eye on her for another half an hour.”

He thought it would be best to be cautious.

Mengmeng got a little bored.

“Alas, its boring to walk around like this.”

After waiting for a while, she was a little reluctant to stay there.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures rushed over very quickly, blocking Mengmengs way one after the other.

“Hahaha, how dare you swagger around like this Go to hell!”

The fat man behind Mengmeng rushed over.

Just as he was halfway there…

Mengmeng turned around and glanced at him with a mysterious smile.

“So beautiful…”

The fat man was stunned.

However, the slightly thinner man on the side was still charging at Mengmeng.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The silver needles over the sky rushed toward the two men and ended their lives.

“So many points.

We got 3000.” Yue Xiaonao cried out in surprise.

In another corner of the city.

“Its so beautiful.”

“Oh my god, Im in love.”

The fat mans face was full of love, and he was still intoxicated.

Ten seconds passed, and the protective mechanism was over.

His figure was exposed in the air.


The saber radiance flashed past.

The fat man was still intoxicated, but his body responded instinctively.

He dodged sideways and then seemed to be angry.

He threw out a star mark with his right hand and killed the person who attacked him from behind.

“Only 600 points Thats too few.

I lost 2,000 points, so Ill need to start over.

But that girl is so beautiful, alas…”

Just like that.

With the cooperation of Mengmeng and Yue Naonao, Yue Naonaos points increased fast.

“These girls.”

A picture captured the scene of the two girls.

Zhang Han and others didnt know how to react to it.

“Its a good idea to join forces to ambush others.”

“In theory, it should be a battle, but they… I guess they can fight however they want.”

“Haha, its so interesting.

Mengmeng looked innocent just now, but she tricked those guys and killed them in the next second.

Shes so cute.”

The atmosphere on Zhang Hans side was light.

But in other peoples places, especially the main venue of Yan Bo and others.

“Whats the point of using an ambush method for this kind of competition” Someone said seriously, “Im worried about their future.

In the future, when they experience society, they will be nothing more than candy eyes.

Although they are women, they fight in the same way.

If they are afraid of death here, what achievements can they have in the outside world”

“Not necessarily.

I think they know how to be flexible and have a good way to earn points.”

They had their own opinions, but most of them shook their heads slightly.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao werent mechanic martial artists, and they didnt use technological weapons.

The crowd thought that it was embarrassing of them to keep ambushing like this.

If such comments were heard by Zhang Han, he might immediately shout, “Nonsense.

Whoever said that can compete with me.”

Just like that, six days passed.

On the last day, Exotic Beasts could only be rarely seen on the street.

There were very few of them, and it was just the contestants competing with each other.

Unexpectedly, the top three had also changed.

Han Ni was the first, Wang Yanzhong was the second, and Felina was the eighth.

The third was now the original fourth.

Why did Felina lose so many points On the fifth day, she encountered Han Ni.

The two of them fought for two hours, and the fluctuation was so strong that it attracted countless peoples attention.

In the end, Han Ni won.

At that time, Felinas points dropped and her ranking dropped to number 90, but in the last two days, she got the eighth place back.

On the last day, the top rankings didnt change much, but the ones behind them went crazy.

There were even people who gave their superiors points by having themselves killed on purpose in order to protect their superiors.

“Im now ranked 56th, and I have 85,060 points.

Ill give you half of them and both our rankings will be about 300.

Lets rest after the last round, shall we” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Well, okay.

Lets do it the last time.”

Mengmeng came to the street in a casual manner.

She was familiar with the road and swayed with a long whip.

An hour later.

A man in white appeared at the end of the street.

At the same time, the biggest camera of the live broadcast outside was also focused on this street.

“No way.

Theyre so unlucky.

Did they just meet Han Ni on the last day” Zhou Fei patted her forehead and said, “With half of the points deducted, itll be enough for Xiaonao to get a promotion, but Mengmeng cant get a promotion, and the key is that the resurrection will be random.

They cant get together at all.”

“Theyre indeed quite unlucky, but… things happen.” Chen Changqing sighed and said, “They could have advanced to the next round.

What a pity.”

“Well, I guess theres nothing they can do about it.

They just met Han Ni, the most eye-catching contestant.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.


Zhang Han snorted and said, “If this were in reality, my daughter would have already made it into the top ten.”


Seeing this, Yue Wuwei laughed.

It was really rare to see Zhang Hans annoyed and dissatisfied expression.

At this time, the commentators were also observing the situation on Han Nis side.

“The dark horse, Han Ni, actually came here.

His opponents, the two little girls, are also very powerful.

One is Yue Xiaonao in the 56th position, and the other is Zhang Yumeng in the 663rd position.

The two of them, relying on their ambush means, have reached such a level.

They are also very powerful.”

“Its a pity that they met Han Ni.

Itll be useless for them to ambush him.

Hes very fast and quick to react.”

“Its now the last day.

There have been too many people who died in Han Nis hands.

Now his points are almost twice as many as those of Wang Yanzhong.”

“Look, hes getting closer.

It seems that Zhang Yumeng, who is in charge of attracting enemies, hasnt realized that Han Ni is coming at them.”


Under Mengmengs gaze, Han Ni, who was dressed in white, slowly walked over.

“Oh no! Hes Han Ni, the No.1 in general points.


Yue Xiaonao suddenly shouted, but she didnt run away.

Instead, she went to the street and planned to take Mengmeng with her.

Although they said so, they knew that they couldnt run away in the face of Han Ni, who was faster than them.

“Alas, we wont advance at worst.”

Mengmeng gave her a subtle look.

Yue Xiaonao instantly understood.

They were going to fight.

There was a sudden burst of clapping.

Han Ni looked at them and applauded.

“I once heard that there are two girls who use ambush means to kill many players.

The one who carries a long whip and walks on the street is an extremely beautiful person.

I didnt believe it at first, but now I see it.

Youre indeed beautiful.”

Han Ni looked at Mengmeng with admiration.

He stopped 30 meters away and said, “Your name is Zhang Yumeng, right”

Mengmeng looked at him for a while and said, “What are you asking when you know the answer”

“Nice to meet you.

My name is Han Ni.”

Han Ni laughed and waved his hand in a carefree manner.

He turned around to leave.

He had just taken five steps when he paused.

He turned around and said, “You can safely enter the top 500 with your total points.

Its now the last day and things are getting messy out here.

You should find a place to hide.”

After that, he left directly.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao looked at each other, and then they quickly slipped into the neighborhood next to them.

At this time, the atmosphere outside burst into an uproar.

“Wow! Wow! Wow!”

A commentator shouted passionately, “Han Ni actually showed mercy.

Oh my god, this is the first player who survived in his hands.”

“Hes so romantic.

Was he expressing his love Hes so good at flirting with girls.”

“Even heroes fall for beauties! This classic scene happened in front of us.”


“Interesting.” In the aircraft, Dong Chen was laughing hard.

But soon he couldnt laugh anymore.

Looking at Zhang Hans darkened face, everyone felt that he got irritable easily.

“Stop it.” Chen Changqing held back his laughter and said, “If Brother Han gets angry, no one can stop him.”

“This guys behavior made Zhang Han very unhappy.

“Han Ni should be glad that hes fighting on the Dark Dragon List, otherwise… “He would be tortured so badly that he would regret being born.”

The last day passed quickly.

Nina was ranked 76th.

Felina returned to fifth place.

Mengmeng finished Yue Xiaonao with one strike and got more than 40,000 points.

She was ranked 321st with her total points, and Yue Xiaonao was ranked 335th.

They advanced one after another.

There were two hours of rest before the next round of the competition began.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

When their simulated cabins were opened, Mengmeng and the others opened their eyes and jumped out.

“Ouch! I was cut by Mengmeng.

It hurt a lot just now,” Yue Xiaonao cried out.

“Didnt we agree to let me do that” Mengmeng muttered with some guilt.

At the last moment, the two of them discussed how to take action.

Before they reached an agreement, Mengmeng cut Yue Xiaonao with a knife.

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