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“The points increase very fast.

The second one is Youyou.

This female warriors moves are fierce and she has a lot of follow-up moves.

Its impossible to guard against her.

“The third place is Alex.

His speed is also very stunning.

Eh Someone actually surpassed him.

“This years Earth Dragon List is full of talents.

The gaps between the top 20 are not big!”

The commentator paid more attention to the changes in the rankings of the top 30 and explained some details of their battle.

But some peoples focus was different.

“Zhang Hanyang is out of the top 100 He was ranked about the 20th just now.

Is he going to start the killing on the last day” Headmaster Shan touched his beard and thought that Zhang Han was enjoying himself by playing in the virtual city.

On Yue Wuweis side.

“Oh no.

Dads already in the 200th place.” Mengmeng was stunned.

Zhang Hans ranking dropped a bit fast.

“If it goes on like this, he will drop out of the top 500 in less than half a day,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Uncle Zhang should only be able to catch up later,” Nina said.

“Didnt you see it just now” Yue Wuwei said, “In the camera, Zhang Han was very relaxed.

His performance has just begun, and you sound like youve lost your confidence in him.

How can such a small occasion trouble him”

With Yue Wuweis words, everyone was relieved.

In the amusement park in the virtual city.

Ye Longyuan and Yan Chen bumped into each other.

“We have to be careful.”

Ye Longyuan said in a low voice, “I just tried to dig it down in the virtual city.

I can only dig it for about 100 meters, and then I cant dig it anymore.”

“You even dug the virtual earth” Yan Chens pupils shrank as he was a little frightened.

“I was just giving it a try.” Ye Longyuan smiled awkwardly and then said seriously, “Were not in the upper class here, and we need to watch out for several people.

For example, Ye Qingchen and Youyou are very powerful, as well as my Older Martial Sister, but we will be fine if we meet her.

The most powerful one is Zhang Hanyang.

If we meet him, maybe he will kill us with a glance.”

“I dont think he will be that terrifying.

Were all from Earth.

He should be able to spare us.” Yan Chen coughed softly.

“Hes Merciless Zhang, and he will not spare anyone.

Coming from the same place as him doesnt work at all,” Ye Longyuan said seriously, “I owe him some crystal stones.

Its okay, but youre different.

If we meet Zhang Hanyang, Ill finish you with a strike first.

After all, we cant let him take our points.”

“I dont want to be with you anymore.” Yan Chen touched his forehead and said in a somewhat helpless tone, “Were not dealing with just them.

They are the most eye-catching ones.

There are also a lot of other contestants here.

There are more than a thousand of them who can kill us at will.

If we want to advance to the next round, we have to observe them in advance.”

“Lets go.

Lets get started.”

The two of them moved forward quietly.

In this virtual city, only a few powerful people could kill the first batch of Exotic Beasts openly on the street.

The first batch of Exotic Beasts had the largest number, which could only last for about three days.

The number of Exotic Beasts would continue to decrease, and the number of attacks between the players would gradually increase.

Of course, there were also a small number of experts who couldnt be bothered to move at first.

They found a safe room to rest and waited for the next two days to start winning points.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zhang Han was in a commercial building.

Hearing a huge roar coming from the street ahead, he flashed over.

There was a man in armor below with a shield in his left hand and a knife in his right hand.

Facing more than 500 Exotic Beasts, he was not afraid at all and slowly pressed forward.

Seeing this, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

He didnt know who the man was, but he looked at the Rankings.

As the number of the slaughtered Exotic Beasts increased, it showed that the one who had his points increased to the same level was Ye Qingchen.

“Number one in the Rankings.

“His moves are nice.

Its not bad to reach this realm under the age of 40.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Ye Qingchen deserved to be considered number one by others.

His strength was indeed great, and he could be regarded as a great fighter even in the Astral Domain.

“In my current state, I should be able to hold on for less than a minute if I fight him head-on.”

Zhang Han thought about it and turned to leave.

Obviously, Ye Qingchen had dominated this area, and Zhang Han planned to avoid him for the time being.

“Im now ranked the 380th.

“I should kill some Exotic Beasts first.

I cant make the girls nervous.”

Zhang Han smiled.

If he didnt have anyone to care about, he wouldnt be bothered to kill the Exotic Beasts.

There was still a group of people watching him from outside.

The area of the virtual city was very large.

It was not easy for him to see his opponents frequently.

He might not be able to meet one in an hour.

Zhang Han began to kill the Exotic Beasts.

His moves were simple and his movements were ordinary, but they were very efficient.

He killed the beasts along three streets and found the other two contestants.

They lurked carefully.

Zhang Han didnt hurt them.

They didnt have many points at the moment.

In this way, three days later, Zhang Hans ranking remained behind 500.

On Yan Bos side, several other chief supervisors of the Zhenlong Faction said, “Yan Bo, Zhang Hanyang, the man you spoke of, is ranked 89th, and the camera has captured him five or six times.

His performance is ordinary.

Are you sure hes a Void-refining Realm expert”

“I also have some doubts.

If he is in the Void-refining Realm, he will either always be in the top three, or he wont make a move.

What he is doing seems a bit strange.”

“That Ye Qingchen, on the other hand, has performed quite well.

Hes already very good at Body Cultivation, but hes also dressed in armor and has a meticulous mind.

He discovered five ambush plannings ahead of time and made three counterkillings.

Hes very powerful.”

“Youyou is not bad.

She is only 23 years old and has reached the God Transformation Realm Last Stage, but her points exceed many God Transformation Peak-Stage contestants.”

“In short, the Earth Dragon List this year is also very surprising.

Han Ni is on the Dark Dragon List, and Ye Qingchen is on the Earth Dragon List.

We must fight to recruit both of them.”

“Its only been three days.

Lets wait for the final results with patience.” Yan Bo gave a mysterious smile.

He glanced at the two old men beside him with some dissatisfaction.

“Damn it, youre taking advantage of your seniority!”

Yan Bo was relatively young.

As the commander-in-chief of the Sky Dragon Province, he was actually under some pressure.

For example, the two elders were very polite on the surface, but they would secretly pick up some problems.

Just now, Yan Bo had asked his men to look for Zhang Han in Dragnet Academy several times from the beginning.

He was not dissatisfied by getting ignored, but he couldnt represent other peoples thoughts.

“Zhenlong Faction is such an honorable sect.

“How dare you, a person from a Star Area, refuse to see us”

So when they saw this scene, they couldnt help but say a few words to complain.

But they didnt go too far with that.

What if Zhang Han really did exert his strength in the next few days

“Its been three days.

I should have some points.”

At a cafe in a shopping mall, Zhang Han sat on the sofa.

He slowly got up.

Holding a long sword in his hand, he jumped up and floated down from the fifth floor.

When he arrived on the third floor.


He swung back his long sword, which turned into a stream of light and killed a player hiding inside.

Zhang Han got 1033 points by that.

“Just finished the first one.”

Zhang Han landed on the ground and moved quickly to the side.

When he arrived at the office building next to him, he floated to the 10th floor like a ghost, his body pressed against the wall.

At the window of the tenth floor, there was a faint sound of chatting.

“Weve been lying in ambush for six hours.

Why hasnt anyone come yet”

“Dont worry.

Im sure someone will take the bait.”

Puff! Puff! Puff!

With three soft sounds, three men were killed.

Zhang Han got 2130, 1365, and 1689 points separately.

In terms of assassination, Zhang Hans means were quite powerful.

“The changes in the rankings have slowed down.”

The commentators began to analyze loudly.

“The reason why they have slowed down is that there are fewer Exotic Beasts.

Today may be a stable period, or there may be earth-shattering changes in the ranking when the night falls.”

“Number one is Ye Qingchen with 400,000 points, far more than Alex, the No.

2 with 180,000 points.”

“Ye Qingchen is just terrifying.

He got so many points so easily.”

“The third place has 120,000 points.”

“The gap will get bigger and bigger in the future, and the 100th place only has about 50,000 points.”

“There is not much difference in points between the 10th to 100th place.

The 10th place has about 70,000 points.

If anyone dies in the hands of the people here, the points will change faster, and someone can even quickly advance to the top three.”

“Of course, Ye Qingchen will also target the other competitors.

The current rankings are not stable.”


Their eyes were fixed on the top three, or at least on the top 100.

But some people were staring at the top 500.

Some just focused on a few names.

Headmaster Shan glanced around and saw Zhang Hanyang.

He advanced from nearly 500th to 400th, and his points were still increasing rapidly.

He smiled and said, “Are you finally starting to fight”

Headmaster Shan always thought that Zhang Han was almost the first place, and this was just the beginning.

“Search for Chu Qingyi.”

Headmaster Shan looked it up on the website.

It showed that Chu Qingyi had 0 points.

“Shes indeed calm.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

It showed that Chu Qingyi had 23600 points, ranking 206th.


Headmaster Shan couldnt help but gasp.

It was so fast.

It seemed that she had killed a player with more than 40,000 points and nearly 50,000 points.


The commentators quickly controlled the camera.

“The 100th place, Su Tianshuo, was killed by a woman in a long dress with one strike before he even had a chance to react.

That woman is amazing! Her sword strike is so fast.

Whats her name Chu Qingyi.

She is currently ranked 206th.”

“Shes targeting another target again.

Its Alex, whos ranked second.

Everyone knows his strength.

Could it be that Chu Qingyi was only stunning for a moment and was about to give her points to someone else”

“Theyre fighting! Oh, my god, Alex is actually at a disadvantage in an instant”

“Why does Chu Qingyis swordsmanship give me a feeling of being able to overthrow mountains and seas Its too concentrated and flawless.

Alex cant defend himself anymore.

He cant defend anymore.

Hes dead! He lost 80 thousand points.

Chu Qingyi is now ranked fourth with 105,300 points.

This is unbelievable.

Chu Qingyi.

Lets remember this name.

Shes a great Dark Horse on this Earth Dragon List!”

“Unfortunately, we cant see the specific realm.

Except for the Dark Dragon List, we cant see the players realm on the Heavenly Dragon List and the Earth Dragon List.

Im very curious.

Is this Chu Qingyi at the Peak-Stage of God Transformation or the Void-refining Realm”

“If shes at the Void-refining Realm, thatll be too horrifying.”

“In just two hours, Chu Qingyi actually made it into the top three.

Based on her speed, can she make Ye Qingchen fall off his pedestal”


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