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“Hahaha! Are you kidding me We will all fight over Ye Qingchen!”

“Alex is not bad either.”

“Actually, I am more fond of Chu Qingyi.

What sharp sword strikes she has! She only fought for a day, and she has reached such a level.”

“Chief Supervisor Yan, I wonder whom you think highly of Is it the one called Zhang Hanyang” someone asked provocatively.

It was an internal conversation inside the Zhenlong Faction where Yan Bo was.

At this time, someone questioned him face to face, and Yan Bos facial muscles trembled a few times.

He nodded and said, “Yes, I am optimistic about Zhang Hanyang.”

“Dont try to take our guys from us then,” The man said.

“Ye Qingchen, Alex, Chu Qingyi, and Youyou are all our prime targets.”

“You can give up fighting over Chu Qingyi.

She has a very powerful background,” Yan Bo said directly.

“You have all heard of the Chu Family in the Astral Domain.”

“Shes from the Chu Family”

The pupils of many people present constricted.

“No wonder shes so powerful.”

“Shes a Chu family member.

With her status, she would indeed not come to our sect.”

“It doesnt matter.

Ye Qingchen, Alex, and Youyou are great talents.

The most important thing is that the top ten contestants are more powerful than the ones in the previous three years.

This time, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province has given us a surprise.”


Everyone spoke in an open and aboveboard manner.

There was no need to hold anything back.

For a contestant like Ye Qingchen, they were fighting over him for the benefits.

They all knew the rules of the Dragon Rankings.

A few hundred years ago, perhaps they would fight against each other to win certain contestants, but the rules now were already well-established.

“Lets fight over them.”

Yan Hang narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the ranking list.

His eyes were fixed on the name Zhang Hanyang in 493rd place.

It was not only him.

Even the people from the Sea Dragon Star Area were puzzled.

“How come Zhang Hanyang is ranked in 493rd place”

“His strength must be in the top three, if not the best.”

“If he doesnt win, the ones from our Sea Dragon Star Area will all fail.”

Now, there was only the Earth Dragon List left.

It could be said that it was the center of attention.

The Earth Dragon List was the most exciting competition.

On the whole, its strength was similar to the Heavenly Dragon List, and it also had a lot more experience than the Dark Dragon List gathered by young people.

“The two-hour break is over.

“The top five hundred contestants, please enter the simulation cabin.”

“The draw begins.

In three minutes, we will start the transfer to the ring.”

On Zhang Hans side.

It was only him and Leng Yue.

“Daddy, come on!” Mengmeng patted Zhang Han on the shoulder and said seriously, “It doesnt matter if you cant get first place.

Dont be stressed, humph.”

If it werent for the fact that she was tiptoeing, she would have looked quite serious about her words.

But she was standing on her tiptoes and patting her dad on the shoulder.

It was quite amusing.

Mengmeng turned her head and said, “Aunt Yue, you can do it.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Han,” Zhang Guangyou said, “as long as you get through this crisis, you can defeat them back in the real battle.

Just bear with it for the time being.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed.

His aura gave off a proud feeling.

He said, “Its time for me to show you my chaotic battle skills.”

“My husband is excellent enough.

It doesnt matter whether you succeed or not.

You can just have fun,” Zi Yan said with a smile.


Zhang Han nodded and entered the simulated cabin with Leng Yue.

“The countdown for the transmission begins.

“Ten… Now begins the virtual city arena battle!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

There were one hundred people in each of the five rings.

There was a total of five hundred people.

They immediately glanced at their opponents.

“Hiss! Ill be in the same group as Ye Qingchen! Shit! I must be careful.”

“Its Chu Qingyi, the fierce woman who killed Alex with one sword strike.”

“Alex! I have to stay far away from him.”


This omnipotent girl is not someone easy to deal with, huh There are actually six people in the top ten in my group.

Oh my god, the group of death!” The contestant narrowed his eyes.

Alex, Youyou, and the other four top ten contestants were particularly eye-catching in the No.

3 ring.

Even a commentator couldnt help but say, “This third group is a bit terrifying.”

Zhang Han was also in the third group.


When the protective rings of the contestants were about to dissipate, Chu Qingyi turned around and saw that she was in the No.2 ring.

It just so happened that Zhang Hans eyes fell on her.

“Youre lucky.”

Chu Qingyi silently mouthed those words.

Zhang Han was speechless for a while.

“How could this girl be so vengeful

“Is it just because I didnt see her when she came to Dragnet Academy Also, I have the title of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

“Its good that Im not in the same group as her.

If I were, it would be troublesome.”

Zhang Han looked away.


Someones laughter suddenly came from the side.

It turned out to be Alex.

“You actually advanced”

Alex narrowed his eyes.

“Lucky young man, are you ready to receive the baptism of my giant axe”


Zhang Han frowned slightly.

At this time, the contestant protection rings dissipated slowly.


Zhang Han moved away from Alex as soon as possible.

Not far to his left, Youyou was casually attacking him.


Youyou was stunned for a moment.

“He slipped away”

Under her ten attacks, the man in black was like a loach, dodging all her attacks very smoothly.

Alex, who was holding a giant axe, chased after Zhang Han for dozens of meters.

When he saw that Youyou had given up decisively, he went to attack others.

Many people present didnt seem to take Zhang Han seriously.

Not only that, but they even regarded him as one of the eliminated people.

Many people took action against him.

However, in the face of such a chaotic battle, Zhang Han could deal with it with ease.

During the time he was away from the attack, he even killed two people in lower realms.

The two of them couldnt even feel his attacks.

“When did the attack come”

“Who just killed me”

Looking at the chaotic scene, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“The game has begun!”

In the No.

2 ring, Chu Qingyis eyes fell on Zhang Han from time to time.

Looking at his body movements, she fixed her eyes on him.

“His body movements are quite nice.”

She silently glanced at him.

She then leaned over and casually swung her sword, killing six people.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chu Qingyi was the overlord of the No.

2 ring.

The most eye-catching contestants were Ye Qingchen and the others.

The commentators spoke very fast, spraying saliva all over the place, and shouted.

“Look, Ye Qingchen just eliminated another contestant.

What a formidable move!”

“Ye Qingchen is an omnipotent king.

No wonder hes publicly recognized as number one.

He does indeed have the strength to deserve his reputation.

Up until now, not a single person has been able to force Ye Qingchen to use his powerful Body Cultivation techniques.”

“Even though that is the case, I believe that Ye Qingchen might not necessarily be able to keep his first place firmly.

Look over there.

That beautiful contestant Chu Qingyi possesses unfathomable strength.

Her techniques are all different, and she only needs a single move to fight against her enemies.”

“Thats right, Chu Qingyi is definitely a strong opponent for Ye Qingchen.

Which one of them is stronger I am looking forward to their battle for first place.”

“Soon, the real challenge arena battle will be held after the end of the virtual city arena battle.

Billions of people in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province will pay attention to it.

Whoever takes the first place will have his name forever recorded in the annals of history.”

Not just the commentators, but even the contestants who wanted to advance to the next round felt bitter in their hearts.

Those in the same ring with Ye Qingchen felt that he was simply too unreasonable.

With a shield in his left hand and a saber in his right hand, he was able to eliminate a lot of contestants by just charging around.

At the same time, there were waves of exclamations in all the live streaming venues.

The most eye-catching ones were Ye Qingchen, Alex, Youyou, and Chu Qingyi.

They were ranked in the top ten, and when others encountered them, they would avoid them temporarily.

It could be said that everyone had a powerful trump card.

However, they wouldnt easily use them.

They were all preparing to leave their trump cards for Ye Qingchen and the others, because only then would they have a chance of winning.

They were all talented disciples of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, and they wouldnt yield to anyone.

“Eh This contestant named Zhang Hanyang is also very strong.

His body movements are strange and ever-changing, and he even cast several illusions to kill six people in succession.”

“Yes, I also observed him for a while.

Hes really powerful.

Alex tried to kill him five times, but he easily resolved his crisis.”

“This is a dark horse.”

Those commentators didnt know Zhang Hanyang at all.

What they didnt know was that many people felt this matter to be very strange.

“Whats going on with Zhang Hanyang” Loshanwu said quizzically.

“This is quite strange.

With his strength, he could have displayed his might a long time ago, suppressing everyone.

“Is he treating the competition as a game”

He heard the hosts praise for Zhang Hanyang.

On Yan Bos side on the spectator platform.

A man from a sect said with a smile, “I like Zhang Hanyang.

Although he is not as powerful as Chief Supervisor Yan said, he can indeed be called a dark horse.

Ive been watching him for a while.

He is calm in the face of trouble and takes action at the right time.

Not everyone has such a temperament.

Im very interested in him.

If possible, Im willing to take him in as my disciple.”

Yan Bo was speechless.

“With Zhang Hanyangs fame and strength, would he let you, a mere supervisor, be his master”

“I dont see anything special about him, but with his strength, it wont be a problem for him to be in the top 100.” someone said, “But the top 100 in Star Province are not very powerful.

Even in the Astral Domain, they can only be inferior to other talents.

I estimate that he will be ranked about 80th.

Strictly speaking, he should be ranked about 90th.

After all, he advanced while ranked 493rd place with too few points.

Of course, the premise is that he can advance to the top 100.”

“If he cant even make it into the top 100, then that means Chief Supervisor Yan has misjudged him.

I guess this is no big deal.

Its normal for him to misjudge.”

If outsiders knew what was happening on the spectator platform, they might also know that these people were not targeting Zhang Hanyang, but teasing or mocking Yan Bo.

However, many of these people were unwilling to say it directly, so they used Zhang Hanyang as an excuse.

There was a sense of slander in their words.

Yan Bo didnt seem to care about it on the surface, but he was still a little angry in his heart.

However, he couldnt do anything about it.

He was also puzzled.

Zhang Hanyang was such a powerful figure, but why did he behave so ordinary in the Dragon Ranking Competition

“Its over! The competition in the No.1 ring has ended.”

“The competition in the No.3 ring has ended.”

“The No.

5, No.

4, and No.

2 rings have only twenty contestants remaining individually.”

“The virtual city arena battle of the Dragon Ranking List is over.

The ranking list below of the top 100 is based on the points of the virtual city chaotic battle and the performance of the fighting in the challenge arena battle.”

“The rules of the challenge arena battle of the Earth Dragon List are as follows: The 100th contestant will start the challenge, and the contestants will be challenged in turn.

The 100th contestant will challenge the 99th contestant.

If he wins, he will challenge the 98th contestant.

The winner will advance, and the loser will be determined by the ranking.

Every time the challenge ends, the contestants can choose to rest for up to 5 hours.”

“All contestants take a rest for a while.

In two hours, the real challenge arena battle will begin!”

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