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Chapter 133 The Gloom of Zi Yan

“He is about to give a wave of welfare.

For singers who want to ask for songs, you can leave a message on Mr.

Hanyangs Weibo account, the name of which isHanyang.

By so doing, you may get a chance to get his songs.”

“All right.

Thats something very important Id like you to know.

Now, this is the end of my concert.

Thank you.”

Xue Qian waved his hands and bowed to the crowded fans, putting an end to the unprecedented concert.

That night, the information Xue Qian distributed at the concert spread out.

The words Xue Qian said after he finished his last song “Beginner” at that concert, were also known by people.

Of course, besides some of Xue Qians fans, some musicians or media companies also got the news.

At this time, at the management department of Royal Entertainment Company,

Meiqi held an unscheduled video conference.

“Have you heard about theHanyang thing” Meiqi got straight to the point.

In the video, there were five other people—four men and one woman.

All of them were subordinate to Meiqi.

One of the men nodded and said, “I heard it and I went to take a look at his Weibo just now, finding its a newly applied account, not even abig V.”

“I have seen it too,” the woman in her late 20s replied.

“There is only one post about music.

Either the owner is a new Weibo user or its a subsidiary account.

Anyway, it can be confirmed that the owner is Hanyang because Xue Qian just posted a message, and he was the person being mentioned.”

“Even if its him, I think there is no need for us to rush.

Lets take a look at the situation first.

If we take actions whenever people say something casually, that would only make Royal Entertainment Company embarrassed,” a middle-aged man said calmly.

“Well, what you said is reasonable.

Its enough as long as we get things clear.

Since Hanyang has done something like this, let C-list singers of our company go to this Weibo account and leave some messages first.

If Hanyang can still write excellent songs, let the A-list singers ask him for songs then.

Lets play to the score tactically.

This is not something to rush about.” Meiqi nodded with determination.

Such a scene, of course, did not just happen here in Meiqis Royal Entertainment Company.

There were other media companies from all over the country having held interim meetings because of this piece of news.

After all, in terms of quality, the three songs were excellent.

Fine works were fine works, which could be shown from the enthusiastic reaction from the market.

Meanwhile, their decisions were almost the same as that of Meiqi.

A-list singers naturally had their own brand names.

Moreover, the emergence of Hanyangs Weibo account was like an attempted marketing in their eyes.

If A-list singers of the company went to leave messages on the account, it was a free promotion for the account owner.

And whoever the A-list singer was, being the first to leave a message would make the singer himself look a bit cheap.

Although Hanyang had produced three excellent new songs, it seemed to people that producing these three songs in two days as Xue Qian said was absolutely untrue.

For these large media and entertainment companies, famous and prominent as they were, they were naturally unwilling to be a pioneer in this matter.

And in their views, it was not worth doing anything special for a songwriter who wrote three songs, even if it was such a small thing as leaving a message.

Of course, there was also a different picture.

Independent artists not belonging to companies were reacting differently.

At this time in Ice City of the Mainland, a couple was watching the video of Xue Qians concert from the Internet.

When they saw the end, there was some excitement on their faces.

“Seriously Leaving a message and you will have a chance to get fine songs.”

The couple was a music duo.

The mans name was Wei Chengdong and the womans name was Xu Lan.

Their band was called “WX Group”, named after the capital letters of their surnames.

They would sometimes publish songs on the Internet.

Their fans on several music software added up to less than 10,000, which also put them under quite a lot of pressure.

Now they were both attracted by the welfare of the songwriter who produced three high-quality songs for Xue Qian.

“Go and look at his Weibo.” Xu Lan quickly opened her notebook computer and searched for the word “Hanyang”.

“Hey Is it this one Why doesnt it even include a profile picture” Wei Chengdong said with some confusion.

“Thats it.

Look at Xue Qians message below.” Xu Lan looked down and pointed to the screen.

“Thats true.” Wei Chengdong looked at it carefully and said with some envious tone, “The propaganda effect is different with the involvement of a top singer.

Only two hours after the concert, it has more than 50,000 fans.”

Thinking that they only had a fan base of over 3,000, they couldnt help being somewhat depressed.

“There is no need to envy others.

We just work hard for our dreams.” Xu Lan comforted and said, “Lets leave a message below.”

“Haha, okay,” Wei Chengdong shook his head to refresh his mind, adding, “What should we write”

“Write like this, Dear Hanyang…”

“No, no, with more respect and seriousness!” Wei Chengdong shook his head repeatedly.

He felt uncomfortable with his girlfriend saying “dear” to other men.

“Meh…” Xu Lan smiled, rolling her eyes at him and said, “Then call itRespected.

Is that okay”

Then Xu Lan wrote a sentence on Hanyangs Weibo, “Respected Mr.

Hanyang, I am a member of the music duoWX Group, a group with very low popularity.

Music is our dream.

We watched Xue Qians concert and had an idea of what you said.

We desperately hope that we can get Mr.

Hanyangs songs.

However… Regardless of whether the songs are available or not, we wish Mr.

Hanyang a better career.”

When the message was sent, Wei Chengdong and Xu Lan looked at each other and smiled.

In fact, they thought their possibility of getting a song was very low, because after all, they had little popularity, and they also believed that Mr.

Hanyangs move was to make a name for himself.

Undoubtedly, it was necessary for him to find some popular A-list and B-list singers, so it was very unlikely that such thing would fall on them.

However, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, they would make a try.

This feeling was like trying whether they could win the lottery.

There were also many other cases like them.

People left a message with the idea of taking a chance.

On the other side, when Zi Yan returned to the restaurant, there was some fatigue on her face, not only because of her work, but also because of the poor album sales performance on her first day, which could even be described as terrible.

Although the album market was relatively stagnant at present, there was also a set of reference standards.

Over ten thousand on the first day was considered as ordinary albums, and over fifty thousand could be regarded as minor achievements.

Over one hundred thousand was a top-quality album, and only some super-popular A-list singers albums would exceed two hundred thousand on the first day of album release.

Then here came the point.

Daily sales of Zi Yans album were just over 1,000.

Although it was only 12 hours after release, the result could still be described as bad.

Zi Yan was a little irritated and feeling tired both physically and mentally.

Unwilling to do other things, she stayed and got some sleep in the restaurant with Zhou Fei.

Late at night, after lulling Mengmeng to sleep, Zi Yan was lying in bed, feeling somewhat insomnic.

Zhou Fei on the other side did not sleep either, watching Xue Qians concert video with her personal mobile phone while checking Zi Yans album sales and other information from time to time with her office mobile phone.

“Hows the album selling” Zi Yan asked softly.

“More than 1,700.” Zhou Fei took off her headphones, sipping her mouth and replied in a low voice.


Zi Yan responded with a loss in her voice.

When she first entered the Entertainment Circle, her first album sold over 30,000 on the first day, but now it had not reached 2,000.

This reminded Zi Yan of an old Chinese saying, “Does old Lian Po still eat like a young man” (Lian Po was a general in ancient China who was very brave and manful when he was young; its used to describe that things are changeable.)

Zi Yan returned to the Entertainment Circle, hoping to make achievements again.

She knew it was hard, but didnt expect it to be so hard!

She originally thought that when she returned to Royal Entertainment Company, she would be greatly invested by the company, which would make she get twice the result with half the effort, but now it seemed that things were not as expected.

“So, what about Xu Ruoyus album sales” Zi Yan asked with some disappointment.

Zi Yan was previously confident to surpass Xu Ruoyu, but hearing that her own album sales were so bad, she didnt have any confidence in herself now.

“She…” Zhou Fei hesitated, and her expression was somewhat embarrassed.

“Her album has just topped 20,000.”

“20,000” A trace of sadness rose from Zi Yans eyes.

“Elder Sister Yan, I think…” Zhou Fei wanted to comfort Zi Yan.

Before the words came out, Zi Yan shook her head slightly and said, “Lets go to sleep and talk about work tomorrow.”

After saying that, Zi Yan tilted her body, with her flickering eyes looking out of the window.

Her eyes looked more and more tired, and gradually, floating on her asleep daughter Mengmeng.

Looking at her daughters lovely delicate cheek, Zi Yan calmed down.

The next morning, Zi Yans face looked gaunt when she got up.

After brushing their teeth and washing their face, they went to the second floor and sat in the living room.

Zi Yan thought for a moment and sighed softly.

“Feifei, lets go to work.”

“Now” Zhou Fei said with some confusion.


“No breakfast” Zhang Han asked curiously as he combed Mengmengs hair.

“I dont have appetite.” Zi Yan was a little irritated.

Even the delicious food made by Zhang Han became less attractive to her.

“How could you do without eating breakfast Have you had enough egg fried rice and noodle soup Then Ill do something else for you.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said.

“Yes, MaMa would have breakfast with Mengmeng.

Only when you are full can you go to work.” Mengmeng pouted her mouth and said in all seriousness.

After hearing this, Zi Yan was slightly stunned and looked at Zhang Han.

This…seemed to be the first time he had expressed his concern for Zi Yan.

“All right then, MaMa would have breakfast with you and then go to work.” Zi Yan smiled gently.

With Zhang Hans concern, her depressed mood turned better.

After having Mengmengs hair combed, Zhang Han went downstairs directly, driving to Mount New Moon to take some cucumbers and tomatoes.

Dahei and Little Hei accompanied Zhang Han all the time during the period.

Daheis fat body, intentionally or unintentionally, blocked the line of sight between Zhang Han and the chickens, and there was even some uneasy expression on his face.

If it could speak, it must have this in its mind.

“Oops… I shouldnt have eaten so many chickens.

What should I do now”

Led by Dahei, in only two days, the duo ate 12 chickens and found out that the number of chickens became obviously less looking from far.

Hence, Dahei was prepared to eat some of the grown ducks and geese, at least to keep the balance in number.

But unexpectedly, Zhang Han came up just after Dahei and Little Hei killed two big geese and prepared to light up the fire.

This gave the two guys a fright.

They quickly extinguished the fire and ran back to the pet area stealthily with the expression “I am a lovely baby”.


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