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“Locoza actually chose not to rest this time.

It seems he won it easily just now.”

The two battles were not exciting.

Due to the fact that Locoza won them easily, all of the contestants ranked behind 90th place began to look at him with grave looks in their eyes.

He was, without a doubt, a powerful opponent.

It even caused waves of noise in the venue.

“I really cant look down on the low-ranking contestants.”

In the midst of all these discussions, Locoza chose to rest for two hours after challenging contestant No.


The waiting time was long.

“The two-hour break is over.

Locoza, please enter the No.

96 ring.

The contestant in the ring is Zhang Hanyang.

There is no information about him.

It seems that he is a mysterious master!”

The commentator laughed and said, “Of course, Zhang Hanyang is also very powerful.

We have seen his performance.

In the virtual city battle, Zhang Hanyang ranked in the top 40, and his performance was extraordinary.

His body movements are strange, he has many moves, and he is agile.

It will soon be revealed who is stronger between him and Locoza.”

“Locoza has already won three battles in a row.

If he defeats Zhang Hanyang, it will be his fourth victory.

Will he be able to achieve ten consecutive victories…”

Along with these comments, a wave of clamorous noise resounded in the venue.

Alex looked at Zhang Han with great interest.

He couldnt help but reveal a meaningful smile on his face.

He seemed to recall that when he was going to give up on killing people with his axe, an unlucky guy came to him.

Chu Qingyis gaze also swept over as she looked at Zhang Han with schadenfreude.

Zhang Guangyou stared at the projected image and said, “Its Hans turn.”

“Daddy is going to take action, humph.” Mengmeng pouted and snorted.

In the first two rounds, they felt a little depressed, but now they could finally vent their emotions.

The contestants would fight with real abilities, which made them more expectant of Zhang Hans victory.

“My husband is the best.” Zi Yan murmured to herself.

“My brother-in-law will defeat everyone.” Zhou Fei also cheered.

“Of course, my master is invincible,” Mu Xue said, gritting her teeth.

When she was eliminated, she was also in a bad mood.

It turned out that the Dragon Ranking Competitions were difficult.

Mu Xue was a proud girl.

Unfortunately, she did not get a good ranking on the Dragon Ranking List.

Everyone said that this had something to do with their short cultivation.

But they were still unwilling to admit defeat.

Now that they pinned all their hopes on Zhang Han, they naturally wanted him to have a wonderful victory.

However, many people didnt think so.

Upon seeing Locozas battles, quite a few onlookers began to favor him and even bet many crystal stones on him, hoping that he would continue to win.

Even someone on Yan Bos side spoke up.

“This round wont be difficult.”

His gaze and attitude made it clear that he had high hopes for Locoza.

When the others heard this, they lightly shook their heads and smiled in silence.

They didnt say anything.

To be honest, it was like a battle of the underdogs.

In fact, it was already very impressive for the contestants to reach the top 100 on the Dragon Ranking List.

But in the eyes of these big shots from the Astral Domain, they only valued a portion of the top 30, or even the top 10 while the rest were just accessories.

But they would never expect that…


Locoza jumped into the No.

96 ring.

His fighting spirit rose and his eyes were seemingly set ablaze with the flames of battle.

His whole person was full of momentum.

His successive great victories had also greatly benefited his mental state.

“Zhang Hanyang, its not that you are unlucky.”

Locoza looked at Zhang Han coldly and said, “All the bad luck is just an excuse.

To put it bluntly, youre still not strong enough.

Youll be my stepping stone.

My goal is to win 50 consecutive victories.

In fact, Ive seen your previous moves repeatedly.

I think its too…”

Just when everyone was ready to watch an exciting battle, the scene that appeared made them completely unable to react.


A loud thud sounded from Locozas body.

He bent like a shrimp and flew backward for thousands of meters.

Lying on the ground, he fell unconscious.

“Whats going on”

Countless people present were stunned.

They were simply unable to imagine how such a situation would occur.

He was slapped out of the ring and sent flying while he was seriously injured.

“How is this possible”

“Oh my god! I cant believe my eyes.”

“AHHH! Why did Locoza fail”

“Locoza is so powerful, and he should be at least in the top 70.

Yet, he was defeated after three consecutive victories

“Who is Zhang Hanyang”

In the face of all kinds of words, a small number of people who knew the truth shook their heads secretly.

“Thats Zhang Hanyang.

Hes the king on the Dragon Ranking List!”

Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Loshanwu, and others all had the same idea.

It could be said that everyone in the floating stands, including Yan Bo, burst into an uproar.



The confused commentator didnt know what to say at all.

Feeling a little dizzy, he said, “This is not an illusion.

This is real.

Locoza was sent flying.

Zhang Hanyang in the No.

96 ring is so powerful that I didnt see how he took action at all.”

“What a dark horse.

Could it be that the strongest dark horse is going to appear on the Earth Dragon List”

“Attendant, please carry injured Locoza away for treatment.”

“Zhang Hanyang is the winner of this round.”

“Zhang Hanyang, you can choose to rest and then take the challenge battle in the No.

95 ring.

How long do you choose to rest”

To answer the commentators, Zhang Han said lightly, “Rest I dont need it.”

After that, he suddenly turned his body and looked at the contestant in the No.

95 ring.

He then asked softly, “Are you ready”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people in the top 100 looked at Zhang Han.

“He has a strong aura!”

“Headmaster, go get them!”

On the side of Headmaster Shan, Zhang Hans fans shouted excitedly.

Needless to say, Mengmeng was also excited.

At this moment, there was a strange look in Chu Qingyis eyes.

“Zhang Han was able to instantly defeat Locoza, which means that he is at least a God Transformation Realm Last-Stage fighter.

“Why is it that his performance in the virtual city battle isnt as sharp as in reality”


When the contestant in the No.

95 ring saw Zhang Hans momentum, he thought it was a psychological attack.

He thought that Zhang Han was trying to make him fear.

“Do you really think Im a pushover”

His voice grew cold.

“If you want to fight, then come at me!”

“Lets introduce the contestant in the No.

95 ring first.

His name is…”

Seeing this, the commentator hurried to introduce him.

However, it was Zhang Han who was about to fight.

Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Han waved his right hand.


With the power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements and the occult art of spiritual force, Zhang Han instantly formed a two-meter-long fan on the side of the contestant, breaking several layers of defense.

In the blink of an eye, contestant No.

95 spat out blood, flew back thousands of meters, and fainted.


It was like a thunderclap that stunned all the people present.

There was dead silence in the venue.

It was as if one could hear a pin drop in the huge venue while there was no sound at all.

Everyone was focusing their eyes on Zhang Han.


Ye Qingchen finally opened his eyes and looked at Zhang Han with surprise.

“If I were to fight him, I probably wouldnt have much stronger strength than him.

“He is indeed quite capable to be able to achieve this.”

At this moment, Zhang Han stood still in the No.

96 ring, but he defeated the No.

95 contestant without moving his body.

He attracted the gazes of everyone, and he was like the moon surrounded by numerous stars.

How could a grain of light compete with the bright moon

“He, he won again In the same way”

“Whats going on The 96th contestants strength suddenly broke out”

“Could it be that he was concealing his strength earlier”

Many people began to attach great importance to Zhang Han.

Even Yan Bo laughed and said, “It appears that there are indeed some problems with some peoples eyesight.

How would they know who is the true master before the last moment”

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