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Chapter 1340 Fighting with Strength

One of the commentators shouted excitedly, “The challenge battle in Ring No.

4 has begun.”

But right after that, another commentator spoke with a dumbstruck expression, “The battle is over.”

Under the gazes of everyone, the contestant in the No.

4 ring had prepared a lot of trump cards.

He felt that he could fight against Zhang Hanyang for many rounds like Chu Qingyi and then end the battle.

If he was lucky and performed well, it was not impossible for him to win.

However, facing a Peak-Stage God Transformation expert like him, Zhang Han just waved his palm and sent him flying.

The contestant of the No.

4 ring was equivalent to a passer-by to Zhang Han.

In addition to the many spectators and those big shots in the stands, Zhang Han did not pay much attention to anyone at all.

“He just used one move again!”

“Is Chu Qingyi the only one who can compete with Zhang Hanyang”

“This is Ring No.


Zhang Hanyang has been fighting all the way from Ring No.

96 to now.

Hes as terrifying as a devil.”


After a moment of shock, the spectators got used to it.

“Will Zhang Hanyang be the champion”

“Hell face Youyou next.”

“Youyou is well-rounded and her comprehensive strength is very strong.

She can even fight against Ye Qingchen.

I dont know how many trump cards she can force Zhang Hanyang to show.”

The crowd broke out in a flurry of discussion.

Of course, there were quite a few people who thought highly of Youyou.

The pure-looking woman with a ponytail was staring at Zhang Han.

“Its my turn!” she said.

There was confidence in her tone.

“All right.”

Zhang Han went into the ring and made a palm strike again.

“This move cant work on me.

I already know how to crack it.”

A mysterious smile appeared on Youyous face.

Her extreme body movement allowed her to hide in the void.

Zhang Hans palm strike whistled past, but it didnt even touch the corner of her clothes.

It could be said that her occult art was quite impressive.

It wasnt difficult to see from this that Youyous strength deserved to be in the top three.


Zhang Han was a little surprised, but he was still calm.

He shook his head slightly and said, “Since one palm strike is not enough, Ill make another one.”


Zhang Han raised his right hand and put it down.

A huge orange palm print appeared out of thin air and sent Youyou flying backward.

Zhang Han got another victory in Ring No.



The crowd was once again in an uproar.

“This is a miracle!”

Everyone regarded what Zhang Hanyang had achieved in the battle of Earth Dragon list as a miracle of a thousand years.

“Zhang Hanyang will become a legend.

If he can win first place, he will be recorded in the annals of history…”

Zhang Han didnt waste his time, but the commentators began to nag.

After they said a lot, one of them got to the point.

“So, Alex, will you take the challenge”


Alex shouted, the axe in his right hand shining with cold light.

Zhang Han jumped into the ring in a flash.

“I didnt expect you to be a hidden master.” The pressure on Alex multiplied.

He stared at Zhang Han with great vigilance, for fear that Zhang Han would hit him with a fatal palm strike the next second.

“There are a lot of things out of your expectations,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

That smile made Alex feel a chill run down his spine.

He gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “The virtual city battle is also a battle.

Look, since you have come to me, I will definitely chop you down.

Reality is different.

If you are killed, you will die for real.

Answer me first – do you want to kill me”

“What if I do” Zhang Han asked.

“Ill admit defeat then.

This is not a joke,” Alex said hurriedly.

He seemed to know that he was no match for Zhang Hanyang.

“What if I dont” Zhang Han asked again.

“Ill have to fight against you then.” Alexs eyes were fierce.

This guy was brewing his emotions.


I wont beat you to death then.”

Zhang Han nodded and suddenly struck out with his palm.

The simple move contained a remarkable ability.

A palm print with enormous energy slammed down from above like a large mountain.


A dull thud was heard when the palm print smashed into Erics defense barrier.

“Hahaha! I blocked it too! It seems like your palm strike isnt all that great.” Alex laughed crazily.

“I only used 30% of my strength in that palm strike just now.”

Zhang Han smiled and pressed his palm strikes down one after another.

It was endless like raindrops that poured down without end.

“Holy **!”

In Alexs divine sense, he was a little dumbfounded while facing so many palm strikes.

He also came to a realization.

“Zhang Hanyang is going to beat me up!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gradually, Zhang Han made 10, 20, to 30 palm strikes.

Alex finally couldnt take it anymore.

His body went limp in the ring due to the palm strikes and he almost fainted.

He was still muttering in a low voice, “I yield.

I yield.

Stop this.”

Seeing this, the three commentators immediately followed along with his words and said, “Zhang Hanyang is the winner of the challenge battle in Ring No.


“Hes already in second place.

Now its only Ye Qingchen left, whos publicly acknowledged as number one! How will he take up the challenge”

“Ye Qingchen, will you take the challenge”

“Yes,” Ye Qingchen said.

“Give him a few hours to rest.

Zhang Hanyang, I will fight you at your peak state, or Ill win with an unfair advantage.”


Ye Qingchens words caused another commotion.

Perhaps if a different person said that, others would find it very arrogant, but they found it normal when Ye Qingchen said it.

That was the charm of an expert.

Whatever the experts did or said would be a matter of course.

Many people would not let go of any chance to worship them.

“I dont need to rest,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Haha, how much spiritual force do you have left since you fought with Contestant No.

96” Ye Qingchen laughed sarcastically.

“Its not a good habit to be arrogant.”

“I have 20% of my spiritual force left, which is enough for me to defeat you,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are too arrogant.

Im not them.

You cant imagine how powerful my trump card is.” Ye Qingchen frowned slightly.


Zhang Han did not respond to him but jumped directly into the ring.

This was Ring No.

1, and it was the combat ring that belonged to the number one on the Earth Dragon List.

“Cut the crap and just start the battle,” Zhang Han said.

“Zhang Hanyangs challenge for the No.

1 battle is about to begin.”

The commentators were unable to keep up with the two contestants.

One of them told the other to rest, but the latter didnt even rest and directly went to fight.

From the beginning until now, how much time had passed

Zhang Hanyang challenged his way from Ring No.

96 to Ring No.


If the spectators hadnt seen the whole process with their own eyes, many people wouldnt have believed it.

“Are you kidding me

“In just one or two hours, he defeated so many opponents”

But that was the truth.

Sometimes, the truth was more stunning than one could imagine.

“Zhang Hanyang, I admit that you are very strong.

I may not be your match.”

Ye Qingchens voice was cold.

As he spoke, a saber appeared in his left hand and a shield appeared in his right.

He wore silver-colored armor and charged forward.

Every time he stepped on the stage, there would be a dull noise.

From the sound, one could tell that Ye Qingchens armor was very heavy.

Clang! Clang!

Ye Qingchen rushed over just like that.

At this moment, there was dead silence in the field.

Everyones heart seemed to stop beating.

They were very nervous.

Would Zhang Hanyang appear to be invincible, or would Ye Qingchen keep his position as the number one

No matter who won or lost, the result would be convincing.

Zhang Hanyang had challenged so many people.

Even if he lost, he would be ranked second, which proved his strength.

Merely, the glory of his successive victories would be given to Ye Qingchen.

The stronger one would be respected, and strength was the most important.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Under many nervous gazes, Ye Qingchen was getting closer and closer to Zhang Han.

At the same time, Zhang Han did not release the terrifying palm print.

He just calmly looked at Ye Qingchen.

Gradually, Ye Qingchen was only a dozen meters away from Zhang Han.

He cracked a cold smile.

“Everyone knows that Im still a strong Body Cultivator, but they dont know that in the vast Heavenly Dragon Star Province or on the Earth Dragon List, Im the best Body Cultivator ever!”


As Ye Qingchen finished speaking, he raised the long saber in his hand and chopped it down from a close distance.

The devastating blade light seemed to have turned into the sun as it emitted a dazzling light.

Waves of energy engulfed everyones field of vision.

“Watch as I break your consecutive victories!”

Ye Qingchen shouted.

He jumped up as his second saber strike followed the first saber radiance closely.


Zhang Han pressed his hands forward.

A wave of golden light swept outwards.

“Demonic Sonic Technique!”

Chu Qingyis eyes narrowed slightly as she grew even more certain of the relationship between Zhang Han and herself.


Ye Qingchen felt as if his ears had exploded.

He felt a little dizzy.

He immediately activated his defensive skills and cut off the control of his second saber strike.

The first saber radiance was easily dissolved by Zhang Hans palm strike with his left hand.

The second saber strike did not give him any pressure at all.


Ye Qingchen held the shield in his right hand and smashed it at Zhang Han.

Exactly how formidable were the melee attacks of the best Body Cultivator

Some people, who knew Ye Qingchen well, couldnt help shaking their heads.

“The battle is about to end.

He shouldnt have allowed Ye Qingchen, that terrifying guy, to approach him.”


Up until now, Ye Qingchen has never lost in close combats.”

“Zhang Hanyang is strong, but he is no match for Ye Qingchen in close combats, who is the best Body Cultivator in the younger generation.

He wasnt just kidding about it.”

A light of victory blossomed in Ye Qingchens eyes.

“How dares he take my attack head-on And its my strongest shield attack.

Im sure hell feel crushed like hell!”

“I win!”

Ye Qingchen increased his strength.


A dense sound wave swept forth in all directions.

The occult art that Ye Qingchens shield contained also swept forth.

It turned into a myriad of threads that covered the place where the two of them were.

“Which of them will win”

A commentator explained loudly.

Then, he stopped talking.

Everyones eyes were fixed on the energy center.

At the moment when all the light dissipated…



“No, no, no.

Thats impossible!”

Under the gazes of everyone, Ye Qingchen was holding the shield, maintaining the posture as he pressed forward.

His body was floating two meters in the air, and on the shield, a hand was pressed against it.

It was like a magnet tightly sticking to the shield.

As for Zhang Hanyang, he only stretched out his left hand.

Did he manage to withstand Ye Qingchens attack with a single hand


Ye Qingchen was a bit stunned.

“Whats going on

“How could his strength be so strong

“Even a normal Peak-Stage God Transformation expert would be seriously injured by my attack.

“But how could he take it so easily”

“Do you think youre the only Body Cultivator here”

Zhang Han sneered.

His formidable power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements gathered on his left hand.

As if he were holding Ye Qingchen, he smashed the young man backward violently.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In just three seconds, Zhang Han smashed 15 times.

Ye Qingchen was dumbfounded.

He had no power to fight back and felt as if he was beaten up by his parents.

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