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Chapter 1342 Its Him

“Shadow Clone”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “She has 18 duplications.”

He was shocked.

He never expected Chu Qingyis Shadow Clone to reach such a high level.

He remembered that when he was at the fourth stage of Tribulation, he could only release 12 duplications with Shadow Clone.

This move was very difficult to defend against.

It was the sublimation of the duplication technique and a higher-end move.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that even a Last-Stage cultivator would have to avoid Chu Qingyi for the time being right now.

Zhang Han thought to himself, “If I didnt have the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, you really wouldve won.”

What was even more strange was how Chu Qingyi was able to unleash eighteen duplications at the Void-refining Realm Early Stage.

The Shadow Clone required a high level of comprehension of the spatial element.

Other than a few special clans, other people would need to spend a long time comprehending this move before being able to unleash it.

“Special clan

“Is she a member of the Devil Shadow Clan Or Secret Disappearance Clan”

Zhang Han couldnt help thinking about it.

Those two clans were extremely powerful.

The Devil Shadow Clan was considered the strongest assassin of the Human Clan.

It was very easy for them to kill opponents above their level.

The Secret Disappearance Clan was very sensitive to space.

Logically speaking, a clan with such a strong bloodline was rare even in the vast Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

There was still room for discussion as to what clan Chu Qingyi was from.

“I didnt expect her to still be hiding her strength.”

Zhang Han had no defense.

Using the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, it was not a problem for him to withstand Chu Qingyis occult arts.

“Take this!”

At the last moment, Chu Qingyi still gave him a hint.

Zhang Han was on the right side of the 13th duplication.

But he didnt care and remained indifferent.

“Humph, how arrogant!”

Chu Qingyi coldly harrumphed but attenuated her attacks.


A fist print fell on him.

Zhang Han suddenly raised his left hand and touched the fist print directly.


Chu Qingyi was stunned.

The commentators were shocked.

“He took the occult art with his bare hands Is this really happening Hes not injured”

Ye Qingchen smiled wryly.

“His physique is greater than mine.”

“The best Body Cultivator


“My heart aches so much.

“I am the great Ye Qingchen, yet I actually ended up in third place.”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Hans left hand absorbed all the occult arts launched by Chu Qingyi, and his right hand suddenly bloomed with a light, which he quickly threw out.

An even more powerful fist print was thrown out.

It attacked Chu Qingyis 18 duplications from the left and right.


“Hundred Shattering Slash!”

Another occult art appeared.

Chu Qingyis sword technique neutralized the fist imprint.


Zhang Han made a sound of surprise.

He suddenly leaned to one side and clenched his right hand forward.


With a crisp sound, Zhang Han grabbed something with his hand.

Two seconds later, a cold light burst out from Zhang Hans palm.

Gradually, the cold light turned into a long sword, followed by Chu Qingyi, the sword holder.

“You discovered me” Chu Qingyi was shocked.

“You are from the Devil Shadow Clan,” Zhang Han said.

“You also know of the Devil Shadow Clan” Chu Qingyi was even more shocked by this.

She thought about it and since they were from the same sect anyway, she said, “I am not a member of the Devil Shadow Clan, but I swallowed its bloodline.”

Zhang Han was speechless for a while.

“This kid is quite honest.

She tells me everything I ask.”


Chu Qingyi gave a coquettish laugh, “You are a very strong Body Cultivator and quite powerful.

Since you are under forty, are you the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lords disciple”

Zhang Han did not answer her question.

Chu Qingyi was dissatisfied, and she launched another occult art.

The longsword blossomed with light.

However, Zhang Han did not defend his front but kicked sideways with his left leg.


There was a muffled sound.

Chu Qingyis figure appeared again.

She abandoned her sword while her slender right leg clashed with Zhang Hans left leg.


Chu Qingyi retracted her long leg as fast as lightning and felt a little pain.

“What a tough guy.”

After she finished saying those words, Chu Qingyi started to panic.

This time, Zhang Han kicked out three times from three directions.

It was as if he had kicked the void, but in fact, there were three muffled sounds.

Chu Qingyis figure appeared again.

She was a bit confused and retreated more than ten meters.

“How did you know my trajectory”

“As a member of the Devil Shadow Clan, you dont have any supernatural power at all.

Did you swallow a fake bloodline” Zhang Han held her long sword between his fingers, swung it, and threw it over.

When Chu Qingyi took the sword, she suddenly revealed a mysterious smile.

“Who said I dont have it”


Like a bolt from the blue, there was a muffled sound.

Chu Qingyi seemed to float slowly toward Zhang Han.

“This move is called Life-ending Sword Strike!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In Zhang Hans perception, in all directions, there was a sea of Sword Qi and the huge waves were everywhere.

“It seems to be a little troublesome.”

“Thunder Willow Suppression!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The destructive light seemed to represent an endless will.

A several-meter-high Thunder Willow appeared out of thin air and surrounded Zhang Han.

He was using the Thunder Willow to fight back against the Life-ending Sword Strike.

The might of the Thunder Willow was once again displayed in the world.

The might of thunder blocked the endless Sword Qi.

“You actually know how to control thunder”

Chu Qingyis surprised voice rang out again.

There came clacks.

After fighting for three seconds, Chu Qingyi found that she couldnt take down her opponent, so she said, “Remove the thunder if you dare.

Lets compete with swordsmanship!”

“Ill play then, little kid.”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly, took out a one-meter-long sword in his right hand, and withdrew the thunder.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword light flickered incessantly while the two of them fought purely with swordsmanship.

To Zhang Hans surprise, many of Chu Qingyis sword moves were unpredictable, and there were more moves hidden in each one of them.

What surprised Chu Qingyi was that Zhang Hanyang in front of her could block all her sword moves, and his sword moves were the same as hers but even more powerful.

As they fought, a smile rose on Chu Qingyis face.

She was very happy that her many years of searching had finally paid off.

However, while she was happy, some people were unhappy.

“Why is this little bitch smirking Do you think my brother-in-law doesnt have a wife Humph! Not only is he married, but his wife is also more beautiful than you!” Zhou Fei said angrily.

The others looked a little embarrassed and didnt know what to say.

But everyone was looking at Zi Yan out of the corner of their eyes.

At this time, Zi Yan looked very calm.

However, when she was wearing a cold face just now, they all felt a little pressure.

Once she got angry, who had always been nice, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Not only this side, but the camera also gave Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi all kinds of close-ups.

Zhang Han was still calm.

Chu Qingyi smiled from time to time, her eyes shining now and then.

In addition, the two of them were talking about something, and they looked like a talented and beautiful couple.

It was easy for people to overthink their relationship.

As for Zhang Han, it wasnt that he was intentionally fighting Chu Qingyi like this.

However, Chu Qingyi was a member of the Devil Shadow Clan, the first class of energy clans, the favorite of spatial types.

It was not easy for Zhang Han to defeat her.

At least, it might not be possible for him to show his trump card.

Therefore, he was laying the foundation and waiting for the right time.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

They were confronting each other with all kinds of sword moves.

Zhang Han found it a bit strange.

Chu Qingyi had definitely obtained his cultivators abode.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to know so many moves, and he had comprehended two of them.

“This sword move of yours is too unrefined.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The power of Chu Qingyis Lotus Sword Strike was somewhat contrary to the body movement of the Devil Shadow Clan, so its power was greatly reduced.

While Zhang Han was dissolving the sword strike, in fact, Chu Qingyi had already used the innate supernatural power of the Devil Shadow Clan.

She changed her body shape and quietly came behind Zhang Han.

When she saw Zhang Hans back holding a sword…

He held the sword in his right hand and looked straight ahead.

His aura was extraordinary and calm as if he was a person of great freedom traveling the world.

“Its him.”

The figure in her memories and the figure in front of her overlapped with each other.

After Chu Qingyi confirmed it over and over again, she didnt find a single difference between the two figures.

“Its him!

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, Ive finally found you!”

Chu Qingyi was stunned.

At this time, Zhang Han didnt look back.

His calm words came to Chu Qingyi slowly, “Why arent you attacking”

“I lost.” Chu Qingyi froze for a moment and then pursed her lips with a complicated look on her face.

A few seconds later, she said with a little joy, “I felt the large-scale array you cast.

I couldnt block it during the battle of sword moves, so Im no match for you.”

“All right.”

Zhang Han turned around and sighed with emotion, “As expected of a member of the Devil Shadow Clan.

You found out about my hidden formation in advance.”

Under Zhang Hans intense attacks, she couldnt stop him.

Therefore, in the ring, she could do nothing but be defeated despite knowing that Zhang Han was taking action.

If they werent in the ring, she could still escape.

“You, you…” Chu Qingyi wanted to say something, but she felt as if something was stuck in her throat and she was unable to say it.

Zhang Han didnt say anything.

He looked in the direction of the spectators stands and said, “The battle is over.

Give out the rewards.”


Yan Bos loud laugh came from above, and the equipment projected his figure above.

“This years Earth Dragon List has come to an end, and the list of the top 100 has been released.

Lets congratulate these contestants on the list.

Lets cut to the chase.

Many of you in the top 100 will develop in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, and the Zhenlong Faction welcomes you very much.

Next, the host, the Zhenlong Faction, will present rewards on the spot.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The 100 rings continued to change, turning into a giant square.

A hundred people stood on it, and some were still injured.

Their faces were pale, but it was hard for them to conceal their joy.

The disciples of the various sects in the stands came down one after another.

“Zhang Hanyang, youre amazing.

Youre truly the best.

This is the seventh-tier Barrier-breaking Stone you need.”

Yan Bo laughed.

When he spoke, he took out the Barrier-breaking Stone.


That was Zhang Hans goal.

He nodded and put away the Barrier-breaking Stone.

At this time, Chu Qingyi, who was standing on the side, glanced at Zhang Han.

She subconsciously took her reward and ignored the man who rewarded her.

“Zhang Hanyang, Zhenlong Faction is a big stage for many people, but it is also very small for you.

If you want, I hope you can come to Zhenlong Faction to develop.

If not, I also hope that we can get along well.

If you need anything in the future, you can contact me.”

Yan Bo began to make connections.

He was sure that Zhang Hanyang would develop very well, much better than him.

Anyone would be glad to build a good relationship with a future big shot.

“Zhang Hanyang, youre amazing.

Youve created a miracle on the Earth Dragon List.”

“I think you can also fight for first place on the Heavenly Dragon List.”

Many disciples of big sects started flattering Zhang Han.

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