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Chapter 134 Sour and Spicy Cold Noodles

Actually, Zhang Han hadnt noticed the chickens in the livestock area.

He didnt care about the two foodies eating some livestock.

However, Zhang Han might be surprised if he realized how fast the two foodies ate.

At this rate, even before long, the livestock would be eaten up.

Zhang Han left Mount New Moon under the escort of Dahei and Little Hei.


Dahei exhaled a long breath, his big palm patting his chest to show how he was frightened just now.

“Woo, woo!”

Little Hei frowned and shook his head as he shouted at Dahei.

Dahei knew Little Hei was expressing that “we cant eat anymore”.

Dahei rolled its eyes a few times, looking at the livestock area.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei gesticulated with its palm for a while, which was like telling Little Hei, “Lets eat some of the ducks and geese, and we will decide what to do after that.”

Little Hei pondered and nodded its head.


With a wave of its big palm, Dahei quickly ran into the forest behind the mountain with Little Hei.

They enjoyed the native chickens of Mount New Moon in the morning.

It could be said that their breakfast was even better than that in the restaurant.

Zhang Han picked some cucumbers and tomatoes, preparing to make cold noodles, a traditional snack, for Zi Yan.

Cold noodles were a special Korean food that passed down from generation to generation and were regarded as one of the best delicacies.

Buckwheat was an essential ingredient for cold noodles.

The food tasted cool, smooth and elastic, and had become a popular delicacy due to its sweet, sour, pungent, spicy and fragrant flavors.

Of course, flour from Mount New Moon could also be used as an ingredient for cold noodles as buckwheat was the most popular material.

Cold noodles could be categorized into flour cold noodles, buckwheat cold noodles, corn cold noodles, potato pulp cold noodles, potato flour cold noodles, etc.

Among them, buckwheat cold noodles were relatively more delicate.

What Zhang Han planned to do was flour cold noodles.

Zhang Han had noticed that Zi Yan was gaunt and had no appetite, so he decided to make some food that would stimulate her taste buds.

Sour and spicy cold noodles were naturally one of the best choices.

Of course, the main reason was that Zhang Han didnt have enough food ingredients at present.

There were still some soybeans that Zhang Han did not know them very well.

Back to the restaurant, Zhang Han first prepared the noodle soup and egg fried rice.

Liang Mengqi and others were preparing to eat when they saw Zhang Han was still cooking.

A small bowl of cooked noodles as thin as hair was placed in the water.

Looking at the soup and the sliced cucumber and tomato prepared by Zhang Han, Liang Mengqi suddenly remembered something and said,

“Ah! Boss, are you going to make cold noodles ”


“Id like to have some too.” Liang Mengqi said with her eyes shining.


I estimate that there will be two more cold noodles.” Zhang Han replied.

“Then I want one bowl too.” Yu Qingqing quickly echoed.

Hearing their words, Zhao Dahu and Sun Dongheng added, “We also want to try it.”

They were not going to let go of any new food in the restaurant.

Even fried egg rice and noodle soup, which were common dishes, were so welcomed, and there was no doubt about other delicacies.

Zhang Han gave them a look and finally nodded his head.

After preparing the noodle sauce, Zhang Han put noodles in and then added cucumber shreds, tomatoes, and other auxiliary materials, and finally he sprinkled some sesame seeds on the top.

Soon, the cold noodles for Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Mengmeng were ready.

Because the noodles for making cold noodles were not enough, he had to use the noodles from the noodle soup for others.

“Wow, they smell so good.”

Liang Mengqi took the cold noodles back to the dining table and gently smelled them.

The fresh and comfortable smell made her cannot help praising.

However, Yu Qingqing on the opposite side ate directly.

The cold noodles were pliable, chewy, cool and light.

The soup was smooth and could moisten the throat.

The spicy and salty ingredients, accompanied by sweet and sour flavors, immediately hooked the saliva, which greatly stimulated her appetite.

“Its so yummy.

I didnt know how cold noodles taste until now.

Its sour and refreshing! Amazing!”

Yu Qingqing stopped after eating several mouthfuls of the noodles and praised.

Cold noodles were sour, spicy and delicious, which were totally different from the very rich flavor of clear noodle soup.

The new way of eating noodles made Liang Mengqi and others fall into a feast of taste enjoyment.

On the second floor, Zi Yan, who was upset and had no appetite, took the first bite of cold noodles with a faint sweetness in sour and spicy taste.

This combined with the pure fragrance of the noodles immediately conquered Zi Yans tongue.

She even forgot all those worries, and all her body and mind had fallen into this breakfast.


After eating up the cold noodles, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with her beautiful sparkling eyes and said with a smile, “Its delicious.

Youre awesome.

I cant eat any food cooked by others.”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng looked up when she heard this, saying earnestly with her bright big eyes sparkling, “Mengmeng, um… cant eat food cooked by others since long ago.

Mengmeng only likes food cooked by PaPa.

MaMa also likes food cooked by PaPa.

Why not MaMa and Mengmeng both like PaPa”

Zi Yan was irritated with her big eyes flickering.

At that time, she did not even have the courage to look Zhang Han in the eye.

She lowered her head slightly and calmed her shyness, holding out her hand to pinch Mengmengs little face gently.

“MaMa has to go work.

Mengmeng should behave well at home.”

“Uh-huh, Mengmeng and PaPa are very good babies,” Mengmeng promised with her little mouth pouting.

“Then give MaMa a kiss.” Zi Yan moved her fair cheek close to Mengmeng.

“Mua, mua, mua.” Mengmengs tender little lips kissed several times on Zi Yans face.

Zhou Fei, however, didnt ask Mengmeng to kiss her because she knew that petty Zhang Han wouldnt let Mengmeng kiss her.

After being kissed by Mengmeng, Zi Yan smiled slightly, put on a pale pink cap and black sunglasses, and went downstairs to go out with Zhou Fei.

They left earlier today, so there were still many guests in the restaurant, even Liang Mengqi and others hadnt left yet.

Under the publics eyes, enchanting Zi Yan took the lead gracefully toward the outside.

Her figure and delicate cheeks, as well as sexy thin lips, all revealed the look of extremely gorgeous beauty.

“Have you seen that beautiful woman She is the hostess of this restaurant.”

“Damn it.

Look at her long legs, so charming!”

“Its really hard to believe she has already given birth to a child.

Her body shape is really wonderful.”


In the whispers of the crowd, Zi Yan walked out of the restaurant, getting on the Mercedes S600, and then the car slowly left the parking space.

However, after hearing these buzzes, Liang Mengqi quietly snorted and mumbled,

“What a bunch of coquettes.”

“Ha, why do you sound so jealous” Yu Qingqing quipped, “Oh, its unfair to have a crush on the boss who has a beautiful wife.”

“Thats right.

In my opinion, our Mengqi is not destined to enjoy that.” Zhao Dahu followed suit and said.

“But I think Zhao Feng is also very handsome.

Mengqi, if you want to find a boyfriend, you can consider him.” Yu Qingqing said with a smile.

“Bull**!” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes against the two and said angrily, “You two are a perfect shameless match.”

“Come on.

What we said is clearly the truth.” Yu Qingqing replied with her mouth twitched.

“Hey By the way, Zhao Feng seems to have been absent for several days.” Zhao Dahu suddenly said.

“Yes, he said he had nothing to do recently.” Yu Qingqing said curiously.

Zhao Feng talked about that he would be free recently when chatting with them, but it was strange that he disappeared not long after he said this.

“Then who knows.

Maybe he is doing some bad things in somewhere.” Liang Mengqi snorted softly.

Liang Mengqi thought Zhao Fengs appearance was nothing more than handsome.

She preferred the more mature and calmer man who was versatile and caring for her.

Zhang Han was happened to be that kind of person.

First of all, his appearance looked very pleasant, and he was very mature and calm.

He was pampering his daughter Mengmeng.

Besides, he was a super awesome piano master.

More importantly, the food he cooked was too great to use words to describe.

Every advantage of Zhang Han was attracting Liang Mengqi.

“All right.

I have to work after drinking this cup of milk, and I wont be able to come for lunch either.

Alas, its really hard to deal with without food here.” Yu Qingqing sighed.

“Its simple.

Ill send you food at noon.” Zhao Dahu coughed softly with his back straightening up.

When the opportunity came, he could not let it go.

“No, I dont need it.” Yu Qingqing habitually refused.


You dont need me to send you lunch Ahem, such delicious fried egg rice, such pure and clear noodle soup, such sour, spicy and refreshing cold noodles, such delicious milk, and even home-cooked dishes made by the boss.

Its okay you dont need it.

Mengqi and I can eat more at noon.” Zhao Dahu said ironically.

Every time he said, Yu Qingqings look changed a little and eventually, her eyes were already staring at Zhao Dahu.

With a snort, Yu Qingqing said in a threatening tone,

“Who said no I want you to deliver lunch for me at noon! If its noodles, then dont bring it because they are easy to get dry.

Besides, give me one and a half portions of fried egg rice and three cups of milk at noon.

Take one dish if there is any.” Yu Qingqing said.

“Yes, my queen.” Zhao Dahu answered with a wry smile.

Yu Qingqing left first after drinking up the milk, while Zhao Dahu left the restaurant with Liang Mengqi after tidying up the dining table.

On the other side, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had also arrived at the company.

When they just arrived at the office floor, they saw Xu Ruoyu being surrounded by five or six people.

“Ah.” Xu Ruoyu stopped her steps after seeing Zi Yan.

With contempt in her eyes, she said frivolously,

“Zi Yan, why do you come so early Concern about your album sales Haha, I have tried to persuade you not to release albums on the same day as mine, but you didnt listen to me and still tried to compete with me.

Look at the result; your face has been slapped severely.”

“Ho What are you talking about” Zhou Fei said as if she didnt understand her.

“Playing dumb” Xu Ruoyus agent said with a strange expression on her face, “A goner released the album on the same day as Ruoyu and planned to compare with Ruoyu.

However, the albums seem to have sold just over 2,000 copies.”


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