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Chapter 1348 Repeated Visits

“How many of them do you need”

Headmaster Shan said with a stupefied expression, “Eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stones Where am I supposed to buy those from”

“You can just try to get some.” Zhang Han said helplessly, “There should be some in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, but you may not be able to buy them.”

“I can only ask around.” Headmaster Shan smiled bitterly.

He got anxious right away.

He said directly, “Ill ask around first and send someone to deal with this matter.

Ill come back later.”

“Theres no need to be in such a rush,” Zhang Han said.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Headmaster Shan waved his hand and turned to enter his drone.


Headmaster Shan made communication and said, “Send someone to the Star Dragon Area.

Contact the Zhenlong Faction and ask them if they can help us buy the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stones.

Well pay twice the market price.

Also, send five teams to contact the sects that have a relationship with us in the Astral Domain.

Ask them about this matter as well.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Headmaster Shans subordinate heard the words “eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stones”, he was stunned, but he didnt ask any further questions and just nodded in agreement.

He didnt need to ask what the reason was to get his job done.

“We may not be able to buy them.”

Headmaster Shan touched his forehead.

He pondered for a while.

There was no doubt that there were eighth-tier spirit treasures in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

However, that was still a problem.

It was hard to say if they could buy what Zhang Han needed.

The Astral Domain was vast and populated.

They might not be able to find someone who possessed Barrier-breaking Stones.

“It seems that its all up to luck.”

Headmaster Shan thought about it and sighed.

“It depends on luck.

“Wait a minute!”

His expression suddenly froze.

“It seems I can also ask her about it.”

Headmaster Shan hesitated for a moment and then immediately took out his communication device.

“Whats up” The other party uttered those two words calmly.

“Chu Qingyi, you are a member of the Chu Family in the Astral Domain.

You have a wide network, and I need some eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stones.

I wonder if you can help pass on a message for me” asked Headmaster Shan.

When Chu Qingyi heard this, she was stunned.

“Barrier-breaking Stones”

“Thats right.”

“Will you need to use those” asked Chu Qingyi.

“The Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord needs them,” Headmaster Shan said.

“Got it.”

Chu Qingyi hung up the phone after speaking.

Headmaster Shan was confused.

“Got it

“Does she agree to help or not

“I dont understand what she means, but she sounded a bit ecstatic in the last part of her words.

“She sounded as if someone owed her money at first, but then, she became ecstatic.

That is to say, she has agreed to this matter.


That must be it.”

Headmaster Shan thought for a moment and walked out of the drone.

“Ive sent a few teams over.

Itll take them about two months to go over, and itll take a month for them to ask around.

After that, itll take them two months to return, so well be able to get the news in about six months,” said Headmaster Shan.

His words made Zhang Han and the others feel helpless.

“It will take a long time to get the news.”

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

After all, this place is very far from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

They chatted for a while and adapted to the fact that it required them a long time to get the news they needed.

It was actually very normal for one to travel for half a year at every turn.

“By the way, Zhang Hanyang,” Headmaster Shan said, “the people of the sects in the Star Dragon Area will stay here for some time.

Next, it will be their competition to draw people over to their sects.

Whether it is the Dark Dragon List, the Earth Dragon List, or the Heavenly Dragon List, those who are ranked at the top will be madly fought for and will be given a lot of benefits.

If you are interested, you can think about it.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han responded casually.

From his expression, it was clear that he had no interest in it at all.

“There are also some disciples from the various sects that have come to exchange experience with our trainees.

Most importantly, theyll communicate with the Pellet-refining Branch.

Its just like what I said last time.

When they came after the last rankings, they belittled the Pellet-refining Branch.

This time, with you present, the exchange definitely wont be a problem,” said Headmaster Shan as he laughed.


With Brother Han present, there will definitely be no problem.” Chen Changqing laughed.


As they spoke, Chu Qingyi released a light cry of surprise.

He looked at the communications device and said, “Chu Qingyi has arrived and wishes to see you all.

She will only say a few words.”

As he spoke, Headmaster Shan looked at Zhang Han a bit strangely.

He clearly remembered that when Chu Qingyi and Zhang Hanyang were fighting in the ring back then, she showed a happy smile on her face.

Everyone looked at Zi Yan.

“Why are you looking at me She can come here as she wants.” Zi Yan blinked and did not show any disapproval.

“Let her come over then.

Well see what she wants to say.” Zhou Fei smiled and said, “She has come to us repeatedly.”

“I havent said anything yet.

You…” Zhang Han said helplessly.

“Brother-in-law, youre about to get a beautiful disciple.

Are you going to refuse” Zhou Fei joked.

“Alas, Im about to lose my position as Second Sister.” Mu Xue sighed.

“Aha.” Jiang Yanlan snorted.

“Lets wait and see.” Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Everything goes according to my queens order.”

He was taking Zi Yans feelings into consideration.

Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“Youre so slick.”

She continued rationally, “You saved her life, and she wants to repay you.

Its up to you whether you will take her as a disciple or not.

I have no objection.

Its not a big deal, to begin with.”

It was not hard to tell that what Chu Qingyi had said to her was very effective.

The most important thing was that Zi Yan was very confident in herself.

In terms of beauty, as Zhou Fei said, she could rock Zhang Hans brains out.

Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Taking disciples was indeed not a big deal.

“Chu Qingyi has come to us repeatedly.

She seems to be very sincere,” Zhou Fei said.

“Chu Qingyi wants to be apprenticed.

Well…” Headmaster Shans expression was quite strange.

After more than ten minutes.

A light blue aircraft approached and slowly stopped beside Headmaster Shans drone.


The cabin door slowly opened.

Chu Qingyi, who was wearing long pants, boots, and a hoodie, walked down.

She was not used to wearing this kind of clothes, but it was appropriate enough.

It completely covered her body, and even her slender legs were not revealed.

Chu Qingyi was as straightforward as ever.

When she approached them, she looked at Zhang Han and said, “I want to be your disciple.” Then, she looked at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei and said, “If you have objections, I think that I can be his disciple for ten years.

After ten years, I will leave and will not disturb you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han waved his hand.

“My wife turned you down because she doesnt know you well, and shes not familiar with you.

However, its negotiable.”

As soon as Zhang Han finished speaking, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and the others looked at each other.

It was almost a foregone conclusion.

Chu Qingyi would become Zhang Hans fourth disciple.

“Its, its negotiable”

Chu Qingyis face abruptly turned red.

“Is it that youre saying… yes”

Seeing her expression, Zi Yans mouth trembled and she looked away.

She couldnt bear to see someone so shy.

It was like Chu Qingyi was expressing that she could allow himself to be dealt with at will.

“Dont be so happy about it first.”

Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

He looked calm when he said, “I heard about what happened to you and learned some news about you from others, so now I have a preliminary understanding of you.

I didnt agree until my wife consented.

Considering what happened between us as master and disciple, you can be regarded as my nominal disciple.”

“Yes, Master!”

Chu Qingyi immediately cupped her hands together and looked left and right.

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Do I need to perform an apprenticeship ceremony here”


Well, youre just a nominal disciple.

Theres no need for you to perform an apprenticeship ceremony.

Thats it,” Mu Xue said with a snort.

She was experienced.

She remembered that she used to be a nominal disciple.

If one wanted to become a formal disciple, one had to work hard.

“A nominal disciple.


Greetings to Master and Maam.” Chu Qingyi felt great.

With a smile on her face, an item immediately appeared in her palm.

“This is a welcoming gift from me as a disciple for Master.”

The instant the item appeared.

“Barrier-breaking Stone” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

“An eighth-tier one”

“What! An eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone!”

“What a big move!”

“She actually has the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone.

She wanted to take Brother Han as her master while he needs the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone.

Could, could this be fate”

Everyone was stunned.

“Its simply timely assistance!

“His disciple in the Void-refining Realm even sent over the thing he needs.

“Its just amazing.”

“What a coincidence.”

Zhang Han laughed.

“Why would you have the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone”

Everyone looked at Chu Qingyi.

The girl was silent for a while before she said, “I… may be waiting for the moment that I can give it to you.”

“Phew.” Zi Yan exhaled a long breath and looked away.

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

She had already accepted the fact in her heart, but seeing Chu Qingyi like this made her angry.

“Chu Qingyi, thats enough,” Mu Xue said, “youve made Maam angry.

Dont act shy all the time.

Itd make you appear you have improper thoughts about our Master.”

“No, no.

Its not like that.” Chu Qingyis expression changed slightly as she hurriedly shook her head.

There was a saying that one might look cold but was actually timid.

As a rich man once said, when he knew nothing about car brands, they thought Fiat was very powerful and extraordinary, but he learned about it, he thought that it was just so-so.

It was the same case for Chu Qingyi.

Back in the ring, she looked very cold.

At this moment, she was like a little girl next door.

The reason why her emotions were changing was that she cared.

“All right.” Zi Yan turned her head and said helplessly, “Chu Qingyi, you are now my husbands nominal disciple.

You should get familiar with Xue first.”

“Yes, Maam!”

Mu Xue squatted down slightly to Zi Yan and bowed to her like a maid.

Then, she looked at Chu Qingyi and said, “Youd better practice with me first.

Im the second disciple of our Master.

You can call me Second Senior Sister from now on.”

When Chu Qingyi heard this, she obediently called out, “Second Senior Sister.”

“Dont listen to her.” Jiang Yanlan glared at Mu Xue and then said, “There is no such tradition as ranking among the disciples of our Master.

In addition to Zhao Feng, who is the first disciple, she and I got apprenticed at the same time.”

“I see.” Chu Qingyi carefully listened.

She was very happy to be accepted as a disciple.

At this time, she wanted to blend into the team as soon as possible.

At first, she didnt know any one of them, nor did they share the same hobby.

She didnt like talking, so she could only listen and remember.

“Maam asked me to take care of her.

Why did you interrupt us” Mu Xue grimaced at Jiang Yanlan.

She was very dissatisfied.

Jiang Yanlan was well-behaved and shut up after she finished her reminder.

“Youll practice with me then, Younger Martial Sister.

Come here,” Mu Xue said to Chu Qingyue.

She wanted to have some fun.

She was currently in the last stage of Yuan Ying Realm.

As for Chu Qingyi, she was in the Early Stage of the Void-refining Realm.

She was very powerful, but she was now Mu Xues younger martial sister.

Mu Xue found it hard to resist the evil thinking in her heart.

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