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Chapter 1350 Extreme Thunder Pool

“Where will we have breakfast” Chu Qingyis eyes flashed with a curious glint.

“Well go to Masters place, of course.”

Mu Xue said, “Its mainly for free food.

The dishes Master makes are amazing.

But keep in mind that he cares about his wife and daughter very much.

Its okay if you upset him, but dont mess with Maam or Mengmeng.”

“I wont do that,” Chu Qingyi answered straightforwardly.

“Why would I mess with them for no reason”

“Youve just been here for two days, but youre already about to taste the dishes cooked by Master.

It took me quite some effort to make that happen when I was first taken on by him,” Mu Xue said.

“You rarely get to try Masters cooking” Chu Qingyi asked.

“Yeah, I rarely get to taste that.” Mu Xue said, “Master usually cooks for Mengmeng and Maam.

Sometimes when its on holiday or someones birthday, maybe he would be in a good mood and make more dishes so that we can go over and eat as well.

Today, Master seems to be in quite a nice mood.”

While speaking, they went out and chatted all the way to Zhang Hans manor.

On the dining table on the lawn, there were a lot of dishes.

It was a rich breakfast.

It was Chinese food, including milk-flavored steamed buns, small steamed buns, milk, eggs, and some stir-fried dishes.

In addition to Zhang Hans family of three, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and Zhao Feng were also there.

“What a sumptuous meal,” Mu Xue said with a smile.

“Master, Maam, Mengmeng, good morning,” Chu Qingyi greeted cautiously.

She seemed a little shy.

“Come over.

Take a seat and grab some bites.” Zi Yan turned her head and glanced at her.

She then smiled and said, “Well leave right after breakfast.

If you want, you can go with us.

If you dont, you can stay here.”

“Whats the point of staying here Ill go with you to see the elephant,” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

“Lets go together.

Elder Yue will also come later,” Zhang Han said.

Yue Wuwei was not interested when he heard that Zhang Han had obtained another Barrier-breaking Stone.

He had planned to stay.

But when he heard that it was an eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone, he immediately got interested.

He decided to go over and take a look as well.

In fact, Yue Wuwei was also very curious about the treasure in the adobe.

After breakfast, they got on the spaceship and headed for the Rain-falling Star.

Before leaving this time, Zhang Han contacted Loshanwu and informed him of the news that they were going there.

Two days later, they arrived at the Rain-falling Star.

“Where are we going”

“Arent we above the Rain-falling Lake”

“We can only see thunder and rain here.”

Many were curious.

Loshanwu thought for a moment and said, “Because theres a whole different world below.”

“A whole different world Like a wonderland” Everyone was shocked.

“The situation is unclear.

Well go down first.

When I see that things are stable, you can go over if you want to watch the fun.”

For safety reasons, Zhang Han planned to go with only a few of them.

Chu Qingyi hesitated for a while before asking in a rather soft voice, “Master, can I go with you”

Zhang Han turned his head, pondered for a moment, and said, “Yeah.”

“Okay.” Chu Qingyi nodded and followed him aside.


If youre with us, you might be able to help,” Loshanwu said with a smile.

Loshanwu was rather shocked that Chu Qingyi became Zhang Hanyangs disciple.

Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, Loshanwu, and Chu Qingyi went down the lake and sped all the way to the underwater adobe.

Seeing the surroundings, Chu Qingyi didnt ask anything.

She seemed to be ready to assist from the side.

After entering the adobe, they followed the path into the place of Extreme Thunder.

Looking at the environment inside, Chu Qingyi got quite surprised.

A place like that was not something that could be casually found.

Moreover, she felt a powerful Bounded Domain in front of her.

At that moment, she realized the reason why her master needed a Barrier-breaking Stone.

Breaking through a Bounded Domain was the strongest ability of a Barrier-breaking Stone.



Without saying a word, Zhang Han took action directly.

A total of 99,999 medium-grade crystal stones appeared in the air, connected by threads between them.

They circulated with energy while pouring themselves into each Formation Stone, which formed individual formations.

Altogether, they formed a Heaven Formation.

This powerful aura shocked Loshanwu once again.

“Its the Heaven-earth Formation again.

It seems to be more powerful.”


Zhang Han took out 66,666 medium-grade crystal stones and gathered them into an Earth Formation.


3,333 pieces of medium-grade crystals converged into a formation.


Zhang Han moved quickly and took out 999 top-grade crystal stones.


And then he took out 99 supreme-grade crystal stones.

These were Thunder Yang Crystals.

It had taken him a long time to accumulate a certain amount of them.

At this time, they had almost been used up.

These crystals made Loshanwu sigh again.

“Zhang Hanyang is really rich!”

Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes for quite a while and suddenly said, “Tripartite Cosmos Formation! He can even make such a powerful formation.”

“Thats weirdly powerful.”

“Masters skill in the array of formations is truly high.” Chu Qingyi muttered in her heart.

She had a lot of questions about Zhang Han.

Logically speaking, when she looked at the back of the man in the cave, she felt that he was extremely powerful and would at least be more powerful than he was now.

Moreover, he wasnt as old as she thought he would be.

There were other things that she didnt know the answers to.

But it didnt matter to her.

As long as she knew that Zhang Han was the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, she would slowly find out the answers to those questions in the future.

“Barrier-breaking Stone!”

Zhang Han was in high spirits.

His figure suddenly floated up more than ten meters.

His hair and clothes fluttered with the wind.

At this moment, his aura was otherworldly as he appeared just like an immortal from heaven.


Zhang Han pointed forward.

The Barrier-breaking Stone served as the formation eye after entering the Tripartite Cosmos Formation.

A large amount of energy was gathered in the Barrier-breaking Stone, enhancing its power by countless times.


A column of light as thick as a thousand feet immediately shot forward.


Like a piece of paper, the first layer of the Bounded Domains was destroyed, forming a stable gap that was more than a hundred meters long.

Following that, the layer of the Bounded Domains was breached, and a flight of steps appeared.

Immediately after, the column of light smashed into the third layer of the Bounded Domains that surrounded the huge city.



The underground world suddenly started to tremble.

It was as though the entire world was about to be destroyed.

At the same time.

In the aircraft outside.

Chen Chuan looked at the surroundings outside and exclaimed, “Hey Look, Mengmeng.

That mountain seems to be shaking.”

“What How could a mountain shake”

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and the other girls turned their heads and were instantly stunned.

“Its really shaking.”

“Its not just that mountain.

Look, the ones next to it are also shaking, as well as the lake.

Why are there waves”

“Look at the sky.

Dark clouds are here.

Its going to rain soon.”


In next to no time, the scene drew the gazes of the others.

When they gathered there, they could not help but gasp.

“I feel like the whole area is shaking.”

“Why is that”

“Is it caused by Brother Han” Chen Changqing had a serious look in his eyes.

In the air, they could only see with their naked eyes without feeling much of the real situation.

Not far away, in the palace of the Lo Family, the tremors were extremely intense.

It was as if the whole place was turned upside down.

“AHHH! Whats happening”

Many people screamed, but they flew into the lower void as soon as possible and looked around.

“Why is the place trembling”

They were shocked and bewildered.

This seemed to be an unprecedented occasion that had never happened before.

Under the gazes of many people, the place shook for three minutes before it slowly stopped.

It was finally over.

They couldnt figure out what had just happened.

In the underground space.

Finally, the third layer of the Bounded Domains was breached by the eighth-tier Barrier-breaking Stone.

“Its breached!”


Yue Wuweis vast divine sense covered the area.

At this moment, Chu Qingyi and Loshanwu were both stunned.

They could feel a strong aura from Yue Wuwei.

“What a strong aura!”

“Im actually unable to detect it”

Yue Wuwei was surprised.

Chu Qingyi and Loshanwu also retracted their divine senses.

When they probed the edge of the huge city, they suffered a backlash.

They could feel that if they tried to probe it with force, they might be suppressed by the huge city.


Zhang Han took a step forward and stepped on the first flight of stairs in the air.


Ripples spread out in all directions from the huge city.

Then, Zhang Han took the second step and the third one.

There seemed to be a strange change with every step he took, and the energy around him became more and more mysterious, enormous, and magnificent.

“It looks like there are ninety-nine steps.”


Hes halfway there.”

“There doesnt seem to be any change.

He can go straight up.”

“Ninety-ninth step.


He reached the huge city.”

Under their gazes, Zhang Han stood at the edge of the giant city for quite a while.

“Why did he stop” Loshanwu asked curiously.

“Lets go up and have a look.”

Yue Wuwei was also curious and stepped toward the stairs.


At the first layer of the Bounded Domains, Yue Wuwei seemed to have hit a wall.

He flew backward more than ten meters.

He looked ahead in a daze.

“This Bounded Domain…”

Yue Wuwei was shocked.

“The Bounded Domains are at least ten times stronger than before!

“Im afraid that Ill be gravely injured if I get targeted by the Bounded Domains while entering with force.”

“Im not even allowed to check the situation.”

The corners of Yue Wuweis mouth twitched.

“We cant go up” Loshanwu took a few careful steps forward and reached out his hand to touch the place where the Bounded Domains were.


He was sent flying for a hundred meters and looked embarrassed.

Chu Qingyi looked at the Bounded Domains a few times but didnt make her attempts.

“Could it be that this is a place that belongs to Master”

No one knew what was up there, so they could only watch and wait.

As for Zhang Han, standing at the edge of the giant city, he looked quite confused.

“Extreme Thunder Pool”

Zhang Han looked at the three words on the city wall at his feet, which read “Extreme Thunder Pool”.

However, what was inside was beyond his imagination.

There was a city that looked like a case.

It was filled with liquid, dark blue in color like a great sea.

However, there was endless lightning power inside.

“Extreme Thunder Pool.

What is Extreme Thunder”

Zhang Han felt that the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea was trembling like an excited child.

The Great Demons Nascent Soul fell silent and did not reveal any opinion.

“Extreme Thunder Pool.

What a pleasant surprise.”

Zhang Han adjusted his state.

“Today, I will condense my lightning duplication here.

“Ill use the Thunderbolt Mark and the Thunder Tower as the shape to split my soul.


Zhang Han started without any hesitation.



Zhang Han suppressed his voice and growled in a low voice.

He was in pain.

It was even more painful than being struck by the divine thunder over the sky.

This was the first time he had experienced such pain.

He felt as though his head was being torn apart.

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