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Chapter 1354 Why Do We Receive Different Treatments

Many of them had never seen Zi Yan before.

At this moment, they were quite amazed.

Some people praised the couple and said repeatedly, “The husband is talented and the wife is beautiful.”

On the surface, that was indeed the case.

Next to the delicate features of Zi Yan, Zhang Han also looked more handsome.

After the polite greetings, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were welcomed to the stone platform in front of them.

“Headmaster Shan has met with the delegation.

There are more than 60 of them, which is not a small occasion.”

A dean reported the situation to Zhang Han.


Zhang Han nodded slightly with a calm face.

“Inform the others that the delegation is about to arrive.

Everyone, get ready.”

The dean was very nervous.

After giving the order, a tutor told the third-grade students offstage about the news.

Many people were in high spirits, especially many trainees.

They were excited and nervous, which could be judged by their faces.

It was as if even the air was filled with tension.

About ten minutes later, Headmaster Shan came with dozens of people.

“This is the president of our branch, Zhang Hanyang.

His Taoist title is Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

He ranks first on this years Earth Dragon List,” Headmaster Shan introduced.

Yan Bo loudly laughed and said, “Haha, you dont need to introduce him to us.

We have all experienced his strength.”

“Yes, Zhang Hanyang is so powerful, but I didnt expect him to be the one who passed the eight lists of the Mysterious Tower.

Thats amazing.

He has achievements in all aspects.

I admire him.”

Many people praised him.

“The Mysterious Towers eight lists are very comprehensive.

Even I can only leave my name on the pellet-refining list.”

“Its common for one or two people in the Astral Domain to pass the 100 levels, but he has passed all eight lists.

He could be a very powerful figure even in the Four Great Sects.”

After a few compliments, they began to get busy with proper business.

Someone said, “Zhang Hanyang is powerful, but he doesnt represent the whole Dragnet Academy.

Headmaster Shan, Zhang Hanyang, what we need to see is the overall situation.

If we offend you in some way, please do forgive us.”

“We wont mind it.” Headmaster Shan nodded.

His attitude was very calm.

Although Dragnet Academy was excellent, after all, there was still a big gap between Star Province and the Astral Domain, which was an indisputable fact.

“Our visit is mainly an interview to see if there are any good talents.

Its just cooperation, so everyone can relax a bit.” Someone laughed.

“Thats right.

If we find any disciples who perform well, we will also help apply for a spot in the sects selection.

This will be a chance for you.”

“The Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord was able to pass the trial of the Mysterious Tower.

Your pellet refining attainments must be very high.

I wonder if it will be convenient for you to show some of your skills and help broaden our horizons,” someone asked.

As soon as he finished speaking, the others also echoed him.


Since Mr.

Treasure is able to manage the Pellet-refining Branch, then his strength is surely not bad.

Why dont we let him set an example for the trainees”


The atmosphere was extremely bustling, and this group of people fully displayed the respect of the first on the Earth Dragon List.

It even made people think that this delegation had a really nice temper.


Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Even if he lost his soul sense and couldnt control the specific situation of pellet refining, among the categories he had mastered, pellet refining was ranked first, followed by the array of formations, and then by other categories.

As such, when faced with such a trivial occasion, it was very easy for him to present his skills.

Zhang Han casually flicked his right hand.

Hundreds of kinds of spiritual herbs appeared, and then Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

The Immortal Body of the Five Elements appeared majestically with fire elemental power.

He used heaven and earth as a furnace.

“Pellet Condensing in the Void!”

“Top-grade fifth-tier medicinal pellets He succeeded so quickly”

“Gosh! Its truly too terrifying.”

“Amazing, amazing.

This sort of ability is not something that ordinary people could possess.”

Everyone immediately started praising Zhang Han.

The people from the major powers of the Star Dragon Area were also astonished by his ability.

Pellet Condensing in the Void represented a deep understanding of pellet refining.

There were also many people present who practiced pellet refining.

They practiced cultivation methods from the Astral Domain, but in front of Zhang Han, they were a little ashamed of themselves.

Yan Bo waved his hand and said, “Lets go check out the trainees skills next.”

So dozens of people from the delegation and many tutors got together to go to the square below.

Most of the trainees were outstanding disciples in Grade Three who were proficient in pellet refining.

They communicated with people from the Star Dragon Area.

Moreover, many trainees present refined three kinds of medicinal pellets on the spot.

After observing for a while, Yan Bo and the others determined the list.

Only a few people were in their options.

It could be seen that it was quite difficult to attract their attention.

“This years trainees are not bad.

Six of them are qualified to go take the assessment.”

“There were only three people who could do that last year, right”


Its mainly because the former president of the Pellet-refining Branch didnt have high attainments in pellet refining.

Only a great teacher can help lecture talented disciples.

With Zhang Hanyangs presence, I believe that the Dragnet Academys Pellet-refining Branch will be getting better and better.”

Zhang Han, who was praised, didnt know what to say.

“I didnt teach these kids anything.

I just gave them some pellet formulae.”

“Were going to take a look at the Weapon-refining Branch.”

Yan Bo nodded at Zhang Han and said, “Zhang Hanyang, its like what I said before – if you want, you are welcome to join Zhenlong Faction at any time.”


Zhang Han smiled slightly.

He watched Yan Bo and others leave.

There were also quite a few higher-ups of the Pellet-refining Branch who followed along.

According to the academys usual style, the president of the branch had to go with them.

But Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to them.

Seeing this, the other presidents were envious.

They were walking towards the Weapon-refining Branch.

The president of the Weapon-refining Branch even rubbed his beard as he thought in his heart.

“Looks like the temper of this delegation isnt bad.

Perhaps they will choose more people from our Weapon-refining Branch to participate in the sects recruitment test.

Once they succeed, then our rate of graduates will raise.”

However, there was a huge difference between imagination and reality.

Three hours passed.

“This is terrible! Is this what the so-called outstanding disciples of the Grade Three trainees of the Weapon-refining Branch can do”

“Their dabbler skills are not even enough to entry-level.

Its really disappointing.”

“Theres a reason why the trainees arent skillful.

The tutors level is not good either.

Hes just misleading the students!”


The president of the Weapon-refining Branch was stunned.

He was a little confused by the comments.

“Why do they make it so serious

“The difference between our branch and the Pellet-refining Branch is too great.

“Why do we receive different treatments”

He had some doubts about whether it was real.

All of a sudden, he saw the president of the Battle Technique Branch snickering nearby.

He glared at him and sent him a message through Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“What are you laughing at Youre next.”

“Haha, that wont happen.

The Battle Technique Branch has always been a strong branch of the academy,” replied the president of the Battle Technique Branch.


“Every years trainees of the Battle Technique Branch are worse than the last!”

“I cant get it.

Last time, thirteen people from the Battle Technique Branch could advance, but this time there are only six.

Why is that You can reflect on it yourselves!”

“If it goes on like this, the reputation of Dragnet Academy will be ruined by you!”

The mood of the president of the Weapon-refining Branch suddenly improved a lot.

He was no longer gloomy and looked at the president of the Battle Technique Branch with a smile.

As a result, the latter didnt even look at him.

He just stood there with a darkened face.


“The ones from the Star Dragon Area are truly difficult to please.”

Gradually, they realized that the tempers of the people from the Star Dragon Are were still the same as before.

They were quite arrogant.

Only when ones strength was equal to or surpassed theirs could one get respect and enthusiasm.

The three days worth of exchange had finally come to an end.

A group of outstanding trainees were selected and began to prepare for the assessment of the major sects in the Star Dragon Area.

If they could pass the assessment, they could stay there.

In the past, the passing rate was about 22%, which was quite high.

In addition to the Dragnet Academy, the ones from the Star Dragon Area would go to the Seven Illusions Sect and other big sects in person.

Some small sects would also apply for a joint examination on a fixed day.

However, these things naturally had nothing to do with Zhang Han.

The next day after he took charge of the Pellet-refining Branch, Zhang Han sent a message to Zhao Feng, saying, “Inform everyone to come to me.”

A dinging sound rang out.

When Zhao Feng saw the message, he immediately connected the guys one by one.

In the morning, everyone arrived one after another.

For lunch, they had barbecued on the lawn and had spirit beast meat.

“Ive learned a lot in this half month.” Zhang Guangyou took a sip of the liquor, narrowed his eyes subconsciously, and said, “Ive read a few ancient books, and what Ive read is very complicated and profound.

They record many secret realms, ancient demonic beasts, and so on.

Ive never heard of those before.

Ive even noticed that there are many kinds of Body Cultivation, including all kinds of physiques and different abilities.

Theyre very powerful.”

“I also have a lot of ancient books here.” Chu Qingyi, who was sitting to the side and quietly listening to everyone speak, said.

“They are all ancient books that Master left behind.

If anyone wants to read them, you can come to me.”

“All of them were left behind by Master” Mu Xue was stunned.

“Why didnt you tell me”

Mu Xue was asked to take care of Chu Qingyi, but she didnt even know that there were ancient books.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Chu Qingyi remained silent for two seconds and said, “You didnt ask me about that.”

“Fine.” Mu Xue was convinced.

“I didnt ask Chu Qingyi, so she didnt say anything about it.

“Shes really a woman of few words.”

These days, Mu Xue showed Chu Qingyi around a few times.

Chu Qingyi knew all the people around Zhang Han and could also call out their names.

She even sent gifts to Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and other direct relatives of Zhang Han.

They didnt expect Chu Qingyi to have so many treasures, and she even gave them several seventh-tier spirit treasures.

At this time, hearing Chu Qingyis words, Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Thats right.

Reading more ancient books is also very beneficial for cultivation.

When you have time, you can read in the library of Dragnet Academy, or ask Chu Qingyi for some ancient books.

I have one more thing to inform you all.”


Here came the main business.

Everyone knew that Zhang Han must have something to say since he specially asked them to come over.

They turned their gazes to him.

Zhang Han looked at everyone before he said, “In the past year, everyone has been quite free.

Ill tell you some good news.

Next, youll be busy.

Ive prepared cultivation methods, occult arts, and even direction of cultivation and the choice of supernatural power level for each of you.”

“Wow! Master is going to teach again,” Mu Xue said in surprise.

“Are you going to teach us a lot this time” Ah Hus eyes lit up.


There are at least 300 kinds of occult art for each of you.

You should try your best to cultivate them, and of course, you can divide the priority according to your preferences.

What you want to mainly cultivate is up to you.” Zhang Han looked in the direction of the sun and said, “Its getting late.

Lets get started.

Xiaofeng, Xue, Yanlan, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, Leng Yue, Elder Meng, and Instructor Liu, come with me.”

After that, Zhang Han got up and took the lead to a house in the back.

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