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Chapter 1355 Profound Mystery of Body Cultivation

As soon as they entered the house, Zhao Feng hesitated and said, “Master, is there anything wrong”

Zhang Han looked very normal now, but his aura had changed a little.

As for what was wrong with him exactly, they didnt know.

“Its nothing.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “There may be some changes in recent years, but I dont know exactly when they will take place.

In the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, there is a problem with the ancient demonic beast continent.

We have been to that continent and eaten a lot of ancient demonic beasts, so we may be more affected.”

“What effect” The crowds faces turned grim.

“Im not sure, either.

There should be no big problem, so we need to cope with changes by maintaining the same state and strengthening ourselves.

We should do that no matter where we go.” Zhang Han said, “Xiaofeng, the cultivation method I taught you is Big Dark Devil Shadow.

Now that you have cultivated it to a certain level, Im about to teach you the Big Dark Cloud Sky now.

The difficulty of this method is more than ten times that of Big Dark Devil Shadow.

You can start cultivating when you break through to the God Transformation stage.

There are 500 occult arts recorded here, as well as the path of cultivation.

As for the supernatural power that is likely to form, you can proceed with your own understanding.”

While speaking, a jade slip appeared in Zhang Hans palm, and he reminded Zhao Feng, “When cultivating the Big Dark Cloud Sky, remember that you must keep your soul sense stable.

Even if your cultivation method collapses, your soul sense must remain unmoved.”

“Got it.” Zhao Feng nodded solemnly.

“Xue, Ive prepared three cultivation techniques for you.

As for which one you want to cultivate, thatll be up to you.”

“Heehee, Master favors me.

He prepared me three kinds of cultivation methods.” Mu Xue giggled.

“Yanlan, I got one cultivation method for you.

It requires you to open 26 collateral channels in the early stage of the cultivation method,” Zhang Han said.

“Okay.” Jiang Yanlan nodded.

“Master, how many occult arts have you prepared for me” Mu Xue asked again.

She quickly blinked her eyes.

She had thought that it would exceed 500 occult arts.

“300,” Zhang Han replied.

“Humph! Mine are fewer than his.

Master is partial.” Mu Xue snorted.

“Youre just showing off.” Jiang Yanlan rolled his eyes.

“Ah Hu…”

Zhang Han handed them the jade slips one by one and told them some things to pay attention to at the same time.

Just like that, he instructed them one by one.

Finally, it was Zhang Guangyous turn.

“Dad,” Zhang Han said, “the cultivation method I prepared for you is also relatively difficult, but you will benefit greatly in the last stage.

I have prepared you the medicinal pellets and other cultivation resources, including more than 600 occult arts.”

“Mom, you cant be so idle.

You have to practice hard.

Ive got the cultivation methods for you.

There are 130 kinds of occult arts in total.

You have to learn all of them.”

“Grandpa, Ive prepared enough for you.”


After the distribution, almost everyone was assigned many cultivation methods.

One would only be able to learn the bare minimum of these arts after a few years of arduous training.

In order to reach the level of mastery, it would take an even longer time.

Although these cultivation methods and occult arts suited them very well, they were all selected and prepared by Zhang Han after observing the crowd for years.

However, just because the methods were suitable didnt mean that they could be powerful.

“Daddy, what about mine”

Mengmeng watched the scene for a long time and found that Zhang Han hadnt said anything about hers, so she got a bit anxious.

“You prepared the cultivation methods for everyone, but you havent mentioned mine.

Zhang Han, Im not your sweetheart anymore, am I”


Zhang Han almost spat out a mouthful of water.

He immediately said, “Its not like that.

How could I not prepare the cultivation methods for you Yours are better.”

“Where are they”

Mengmeng stood upright in front of Zhang Han and stretched out her right hand.

“Here.” Zhang Han pointed to his head and said seriously, “A lot of good stuff is here.

Well, do you know how many occult arts I prepared for you”

“How many” Mengmeng asked.

“More than 3,000,” Zhang Han replied slowly.

Hearing this, Mengmeng was stunned.

More than 3,000 occult arts.

There were indeed a lot of them.

“What else did you get me” Mengmeng asked again.

“More than 20 kinds of cultivation methods,” Zhang Han said.


“More than 100 fighting methods.”


“More than 100,000 pellet formulae.”

“Who would need that crap Is there anything else”

Each pellet formula was worth tens of thousands of yuan, and the little girl had treated it as crap, which made everyone present laugh.

“A hundred thousand formations!”

“I dont want that.

Is there anything else”


While Zhang Han and Mengmeng were chatting, others also couldnt help smiling.

After quite a while, the distribution and instruction were over.

The afternoon passed and the dinner party began.

“This time, Zhang Han has spent a lot by offering so many occult arts.” Yue Wuwei said, “Even in Dragnet Academy one would need a lot of points if one wants to cultivate high-level occult arts.

Some people have to work hard for more than ten years to exchange for a high-level occult art.

Im sure that the ones he has offered you are comparable to the best occult arts in the academy, or even much better.”

“Hahaha, Im sure about that.”

“Master is the best to us.”


Everyone was talking and laughing.

On the other hand, Chu Qingyi felt a bit aggrieved.

“What about mine He didnt offer me anything.

“Am I not good enough to get something as a nominal disciple”

Mu Xue, who took care of her, noticed that she was upset.

After thinking about it, Mu Xue seemed to have guessed the reason.

She patted her on the arm and whispered, “Weve been with Master for so many years, but youve just been accepted.

Master doesnt know you well yet.

I guess youll be offered something next time.”


Got it.” Chu Qingyi faintly nodded her head.

She looked in high spirits again.

When she looked at Zhang Han, her spirits were at their peak.

After all, their master was powerful.

He had given out so many occult arts.

Each of the dozens of people present had hundreds of them.

Together, they exceeded 10,000 occult arts.

After the dinner party, everyone dispersed and went to Dragnet Academy to learn more about cultivation during the daily training.

Gradually, two weeks passed.

Zhang Hans injury was completely healed.

He seemed to be full of energy.

In the Body Cultivation room.

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes.

“So thats how it is.

“What a wonderful experience.

Pure Body Cultivation doesnt need a soul sense sea in the first place!

“My previous foundation as a Body Cultivator was wrong.”

Zhang Han was enlightened.

“A Body Cultivator can actually sense things from another angle.

I can use my consciousness to sense Qi, danger, and mysterious presence.

“So this is like the eye of a Body Cultivator.

“No wonder that Body Cultivator has a strong ability to predict moves in advance.

“Ive never possessed that sort of profoundness.

No wonder I couldnt understand it.”

For example, even when a martial artist had his eyes covered, he could also exchange blows with the enemy.

Through the rhythm of the air generated by the opponents blow, he could sense the blow through sound and other factors.

A master of martial arts could sense the Qi and danger.

As for Body Cultivators, they had a sense of will in addition to those.

“I should give it a try.

“I need to master my will as soon as possible.”

Zhang Han got up, left the practice room, and walked to the Department of Body Cultivation of the Senior Martial Arts Branch.

Many trainees greeted Zhang Han, saying, “Hello, Mr.


He was already a celebrity in Dragnet Academy now, and he would draw attention wherever he went.

At the same time, many people were curious.

“Why has Mr.

Treasure come to our Department of Body Cultivation”

“Is he here for investigation”


Although they were curious, as trainees, they couldnt follow Zhang Han to ask questions.

However, the dean of the Department of Body Cultivation and even the president of the Senior Martial Arts Branch knew why Zhang Han was there.

Because they had also asked Headmaster Shan about it.

Zhang Hanyang came to the Department of Body Cultivation every now and then, which confused them for quite a while.

According to Headmaster Shan, Zhang Hanyang came to the Department of Body Cultivation just because he liked to practice.

“There should be no problem then.”

“Gravitational room.”

Zhang Han came to the tutors area and took the lead in practicing in the Gravitational Room.

“Ten times Thats far from enough.”

He had gone from 30 times the gravity to 50 times the gravity, 70 times, and all the way to 138 times.

It was not until this moment that Zhang Han felt that he was sweating profusely.

“This is what true Body Cultivation is like.”

Zhang Hans forehead was covered with sweat.


Perhaps only after my Yuan Ying is separated will I be a true Body Cultivator.

“Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this is Figure Refinement.”

Zhang Han knew that the Body Cultivators he saw in daily life all had soul sense seas and dantians.

They were taking Body Cultivation, but Zhang Han seemed to have taken the path of pure Figure Refinement.

“Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

The various abilities have increased greatly.

“If I activate the Figure Refinement stage ahead of time, it will also have a good effect on the condensation of the Immortal Body of Yin and Yang.

“Its time to practice sensing with my will.”

Zhang Han left the Gravitational Room.

Under the staffs dull gaze, he walked quickly to the nerve reaction training room.


A simulated bullet came flying quickly.

Zhang Han closed his eyes.

Although he had lost his soul sense, he seemed to be able to sense the bullet in advance.

His body moved more than ten centimeters to the side to dodge the bullet.


Just like that, Zhang Han started his practice.

Until five oclock in the afternoon.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

At the end of the training, Zhang Hans communication device rang.

Two minutes later, this round of training was over.

“10,000 darts, and 41 are hit.

30,000 bullets, and 152 are hit.

50,000 drops of rain, and 623 are hit.

“I can sense my will at the initial stage.

If I continue to train and completely master this kind of will, my fighting capacity will not decrease because of the disappearance of my soul sense sea.

On the contrary, it will become much stronger.

“The Immortal Body of the Five Elements will be even more refined.”

Zhang Han felt great practicing.

He left the Department of Body Cultivation in high spirits.

When he got back to the manor, a table of delicious dishes was ready.

“Mom, I told you that you dont need to cook for us.”

Zhang Han didnt know how to react when he saw the dishes.

Rong Jiali felt distressed when she first saw Zhang Hans injury.

Recently, she even came to make some medicinal meals every day to help nourish his body.

When Zi Yan and Mengmeng were busy in the kitchen, they would mess everything up, but Zi Yan and Rong Jiali would be doing things in order in the kitchen while having everything in place.

Having an experienced helper was also very important.

“That wont do.

I need to help nourish your body no matter what,” Rong Jiali said.

“Why If I take more of that, Ill suffer from overnutrition,” Zhang Han said.

“What a willful child.” Rong Jiali rolled her eyes.

After a while, Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao also came over.

Mengmeng approached Zhang Han and asked, “Daddy, how are you feeling today”


Zhang Han patted his chest with his hand and said, “Im completely cured, and Im now even more powerful than a few days ago.”

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