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Chapter 1358 The Terrifying Great Devil

Mengmeng and the other girls contacted their old classmates.

Mengmeng made a call and said, “Muen, shall we have dinner together tonight”

“Hey, Mengmeng, youre back” Li Muen said in a high-pitched voice, “You didnt even take the final exam, and I couldnt get in touch with you no matter what.

Did you go to outer space”

“Hahaha, youre right.

I did go to outer space,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

However, sometimes no one believed the truth.

“All right, all right, lets stop joking.

Mengmeng, what will you do when you go to high school” Li Muen asked.

“Ill just go.

The procedures of the school have been completed.

It doesnt matter whether I take the exam or not.

Anyway, Ill rank first if I take the exam,” Mengmeng said indifferently.

“I like your self-confidence.” Li Muen harrumphed and smiled again.

“I did very well in the exam.

Ill still be in the advanced class.

Maybe we will be in the same class.”

“I just called Teacher Bai.

The girls and I will be in Class 11, Grade One,” Mengmeng said.

“Thats a pity.

Ill be in Class 21.” Li Muen sighed and said, “I thought we would be in the same class.

Alas, forget it.

Its fine anyway.

We dont know how long you can stay in school.”

“Yeah.” Mengmeng said, “See you later.”

Li Muen said with a silly smile, “Okay.

Ill wait for you.

I usually cant go out now, but as long as you ask me out, I can even stay out.”


After hanging up the phone, Mengmeng and the other girls got in an extended Bentley.

Mu Xue drove the car, and Chu Qingyi was in the passenger seat.

Driving on the street, they looked at the pedestrians on both sides of the road.

Some of them were smiling and full of energy.

Some were wearing suits and leather shoes while frowning slightly.

It seemed that they were worried about work.

Some looked a little numb and at a loss as if they could not stand the pressure of life.

There were also young couples walking hand in hand.

However, the most touching ones were the old couples walking side by side.

The complexity in life was presented.

Of course, this was the observation in Chu Qingyis eyes.

Mengmeng and the others behind were chatting.

In their eyes, the city was full of vitality.

The streets were familiar, the smell was familiar, and they were in a good mood when they were about to hang around.

“Mengmeng! Sister Nao! Nina, Felina!”

When they arrived at Li Muens place, she and her mother were standing at the gate of the community.

After seeing Mengmeng and the others, Li Muen ran over excitedly.

“Hey, Mengmeng, youve grown taller again.

Youre really slim.” Li Muen looked her up and down, quietly approached Mengmeng, and whispered, “Your boobs are also bigger, not as small as before.”

Although her voice was low, everyone present has heard.

Even Mu Xue and Chu Qingyi, who were in the car, heard her clearly.

In the car, Mu Xue was rocking back and forth with laughter.

Nina, Felina, and Yue Xiaonao all had strange looks on their faces.

Mengmengs face darkened and she rolled her eyes.

“What are you talking about Were in public.”

“Mengmeng is much taller.”

Li Muens mother came over and said with a smile, “You are getting more and more beautiful.

Muen wants to go out these days.

I thought she was only using you as an excuse, but it turns out that youre really back.

Since Muen will go out with you guys, Im reassured.”

“Maam, dont worry.” Mengmeng said, “Well go out for a meal and come back after shopping for a while.”

“Well, go ahead.” Li Muens mother waved goodbye with a smile.

Seeing that even the driver and the bodyguard in the passenger seat were women in the car, Li Muens mother was even more relieved.

Li Muen looked at Yue Xiaonao carefully and said, “Sister Nao, you seem to have gained some weight,”

“What do you mean by that!” Yue Xiaonaos face changed slightly.

“I think that you cant speak properly.

Am I heavy Are you kidding me”

“Still wouldnt admit it” Mengmeng said with a smile, “I said you gained some weight last time, and you ended up getting heavier.”

“Ive only gained a few pounds.” Yue Xiaonao snorted.

“A few pounds still count.” Li Muen said seriously, “Sister Nao, its not good to be too heavy.

You should eat less.”

“That wont be possible.” Yue Xiaonao heaved a long sigh and said, “Im crazy for food.”

“Nina and Felina have grown taller.

Im five centimeters taller than before.

At first, I was proud of myself.

I thought I would be taller than you, but I didnt expect you to raise yourselves faster,” Li Muen said.

“Thats why I said we all should eat more.

Were at a growing phase.” Yue Xiaonao came to a final conclusion.

They went to the restaurant where they would meet their classmates.

They chatted a lot along the way.

“You didnt come for the final exam.

It terrified me,” Li Muen said, “I thought you were dropping out of school.

“Teacher Bai Yilin, as well as several other teachers, were reluctant to part with us when we left.

Even I was crying by then.

“There was a graduation party.

Teacher Bai invited us to a restaurant.

It was very lively.

Everyone was talking about you.

I guess if you were there, many male classmates would confess their love to you.

“When I observed the high school students back then, those boys and girls held hands and often came to our junior high to date.

Now well be going to high school.

I heard that many high school students would be dating,” Li Muen said with curiosity.

“Isnt that a normal thing to do” Yue Xiaonao said, “You had several pursuers in junior high.

If you had said yes to one of them, you would be dating as well, wouldnt you”

“They werent good enough for me.

Theyre not excellent.

The most important thing is that theyre not handsome.

I like handsome and nice guys,” Li Muen said.

Then, she became curious.

“Mengmeng, what kind of guy do you like”


Mu Xue pricked up her ears.

“If she tells the answer to this question, it will be huge news for Master!”

“You dont need to ask her that.

If you do, the answer will only be someone like her dad,” Felina spoke precisely.

“Thats true.” Nina smiled and said, “All these years, I havent found out what kind of guy Mengmeng likes.

At the very least, its very, very difficult for a guy to make Uncle Zhang nod his head in agreement.”

“Agree Thatll be impossible!” Yue Xiaoshi cried out, “Hell never agree.

I think hes likely to give that guy a few slaps.”


Listening to the conversations of the girls behind her, Mu Xue enjoyed it very much.

“What should ones youth be like This is the way it should be like!”

Chu Qingyi listened a bit absent-mindedly.

She seemed to be thinking about something else.

She seemed to understand why everyone liked Mengmeng so much.

Because she would inadvertently make the atmosphere cheerful.

The two of them escorted the girls to the restaurant.

The other students were waiting in the lounge on the first floor of the restaurant.

When they gathered together, the place became even more lively.

Mu Xue and Chu Qingyi rejected their invitation and stayed outside.

“How do you feel here” Mu Xue asked.

“Pretty good.” Chu Qingyi gave a simple reply.

“After experiencing the outside world, we know that the ordinary society here is also very precious,” Mu Xue said.

“It is indeed precious.” Chu Qingyi lightly nodded her head.

She also knew that there were many ordinary people in the Cultivation World, and even quite a large proportion of them.

However, this world here consisted of the martial arts world, worldlets, Kunlun Immortal World, Ancient Mine, and Kings Domain.

Most people here were ordinary people with a small number of martial artists and even cultivators.

This sort of nearly perfect system was extremely rare.

“We should be able to stay here for a while this time.

Your villa is on the right side of Jiang Yanlans.

Ill take you to the mall in the evening to buy some clothes here,” Mu Xue said.

Zhang Han asked her to take Chu Qingyi with her.

Mu Xue had done her best.

Chu Qingyi was silent for a moment before expressing her thanks.

She scanned her surroundings with her divine sense and found that people were not paying with crystal stones.

Some even made a deal by scanning the QR code with their mobile phones.

She didnt know what they used to make the deal.

Later, she saw bills one after another in a store.

After talking for a while, Mu Xue stopped talking and closed her eyes to rest.

On the other hand, Chu Qingyi was silent before she suddenly asked, “Has Master been living here all the time”

“Huh” Mu Xue opened her eyes and thought for a moment.

“Yes, he has been living here all the time.

Whats wrong”

“Has he gone out before” Chu Qingyi kept asking.

“Why are you asking so many questions” Mu Xue rolled her eyes.

“Just out of curiosity,” said Chu Qingyi.

“This is where Master stays.

This city is called Xiangjiang.

It is where he started to make a name for himself in the martial arts world.

It seems that his strength was not particularly strong before,” Mu Xue said.

“No,” Chu Qingyi retorted.

“He has always been very strong.”

“How do you know that” Mu Xue fixed her eyes on her.

“Because I got his martial arts heritage 16 years ago in the Cultivation World,” Chu Qingyi answered seriously.

Mu Xue was speechless.

“So hes always been very powerful,” Chu Qingyi added.

This made Mu Xue wear a strange expression.

She stared at Chu Qingyi for a few seconds, which made the latter a bit scared.

“What is she doing”

All of a sudden, Mu Xues expression changed.

She put on the demeanor of a senior and said lightly, “Since you already know, then I wont hide the truth anymore.”


Chu Qingyis eyes lit up.

“Am I finally getting to know something about Master”

Under her expectant gaze, Mu Xue was silent for five seconds before she said slowly, “Our master is a great devil! I saw it.

I know this and so do you, but Zhao Feng doesnt know it, and Jiang Yanlan doesnt either.

Among the four of us, only you and I know some inside information.”

“What inside information” Chu Qingyi was even more curious.

“Yes…” Mu Xue was about to say something when she suddenly leaned back in her seat and said, “If you want to know my stuff, you have to tell me yours first.”

Chu Qingyi was a bit speechless and focused.

But she couldnt suppress the curiosity in her heart.

She briefly told her story, “Sixteen years ago, I was injured seriously and almost died.

I entered a cultivators abode by chance and got some stunning medicinal pellets as well as some spirit treasures and many ancient books.

Later, I activated the martial arts heritage of adobes predecessors and saw the back of Master.

He looked so extraordinary, domineering, and unworldly.

The back of him holding his sword kept replaying in my mind.

Thats why Ive been looking for him all these years.”

“Its the first time Ive heard you talk so much at once.”

Mu Xue sat up straight and said, “Its quite an amazing story.

Lets talk about it in detail later.

Now Ill tell you what I know.”

When Chu Qingyi heard this, she leaned forward slightly and listened carefully.

Mu Xue said, “At that time, our Master, Zhang Hanyang, was equally famous as me.

I suffered a bit in a Relic, so I used a great treasure to find someplace.

Unexpectedly, when Master was careless, I saw a picture in his memory.


Speaking of this, Mu Xue looked a little nervous and her tone became low and slow.

“There were corpses everywhere.

Hundreds of thousands of men are dead.

Thats not right.

What I saw might be a million corpses.

Some were several meters high, some were dozens of meters high, and they all looked different.

But they all had one thing in common, which was that I also felt pressure from those corpses.

However, the one who stepped on these corpses was a man with murderous intent, which was our Master.

So I am sure that our master used to be a great devil! A horrible great devil!”

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