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Chapter 1360 Theyre Brother Leis Girls

Among the male students, one was relatively tall with a flattop haircut and a delicate appearance.

He was also one of those who chatted happily just now.

He was good at his studies and cheerful.

In fact, he was quite popular with girls.

He turned around and greeted the girls by saying, “Hello there, pretty girls.”

The girls looked at him, and Mengmeng asked directly without thinking, “Pretty girls Whom are you calling”

“Im calling you girls.

With such pretty faces, youre naturally gorgeous,” said the boy with a smile.

“My name is Yang Guang.

Im so delighted to be in the same class as you girls.”

“You havent answered my question yet.” Mengmeng chuckled and said, “Forget it, Ill be frank with you.

Who is the most beautiful among the four of us”


Yang Guangs smile gradually froze.

“How could I answer that question

“If I name one of them as the most beautiful, Im afraid that the others wouldnt be happy about it.

“They came here together and seem to be on good terms.

However, there are too many frenemies nowadays.

It wont be good if I upset any of them.

“However, by starting chatting with them will I get to know them faster.”

Seeing these beautiful students, Yang Guang and the people around him got very excited.

But when they heard Mengmengs words, the others who wanted to chat her up immediately shut their mouths.

There was even a chubby guy who laughed foolishly and said, “Youre all pretty.

Haha, youre all pretty.”

Yang Guang didnt say that.

His eyes flashed with a thoughtful look.

Then, he looked at Mengmeng and said, “Your beautiful appearance is like a celestial being, slender and elegant, drop-dead gorgeous, like a painting.”

After that, he looked at Yue Xiaonao and said with a smile, “As for you, you look showily beautiful, which can stun millions of men.”

Then, he looked at Nina and said, “You have a gentle and lovely kind of beauty like flowers and jade.”

Finally, he looked at Felina and said, “Your appearance is comparable to beautiful flowers, elegant and dignified.”

“Thats why, in my opinion, youre all top beauties.” Yang Guang smiled.

His performance made several male students around him secretly admire him.

Although they knew all these flattering words, it was amazing that he could use them so perfectly in combination with his expression and tone.

They felt that Yang Guang would soon be able to get to know those pretty girls and even win someones heart among them.

But they were too naive to think like that.

“Thats so irrelevant to the question.” Yue Xiaonao said grumpily, “Which of us is the most beautiful You have to choose one, right”

“Yes, you must choose one.

The answer can only be one,” Nina chimed in, which was rare.

“If you keep temporizing, stop trying to chat us up,” Felina said directly.

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng couldnt help laughing.

She looked at Yang Guang in front of her and waited for his answer.


Yang Guang was slightly confused.

He was anxious but didnt know what to say.

But in two seconds, he came up with an idea.

He fixed his gaze on Mengmengs beautiful eyes and said with a smile, “If I have to choose the most beautiful girl, then I will choose the one that can become my girlfriend, who would be, of course, the most beautiful one.”


Boring.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Coward,” Yue Xiaonao said with disdain.

Yang Guang laughed bitterly.

“Im not a coward.

The thing is that I dont dare to offend you.

Ill be doomed if I am to woo any of you in the future and get roasted by her BFFs.

Well, it might be a bit exaggerating to say this, but since weve just met, I dont dare say anything carelessly.”

After communicating with Yang Guang for a while, Mengmeng and the girls roughly got that he was a smart person.

Unlike some male students, who obviously wanted to talk to them but didnt dare to do so.

They might be like this out of shyness or nervousness.

At this moment, Yang Guang was trying to think of a way to continue chatting while the other guys were getting restless and wanted to chat the girls up as well.

Just then, the Start-of-Term Ceremony began.

“Welcome, new students.”

“Next, lets welcome our principal to make a speech.”

“After the principals speech, itll be the vice principals turn to make a speech.”


Some important figures began to speak one after another.

Their speeches were about a few points.

The school had been established for many years.

It had a deep cultural history, rich teaching power, and a high top-tier university admission rate.

The crowd could fully learn the strength of the Senior Section of the No.

1 High School.

When the dean gave his speech, he mentioned the school rules and school motto very seriously.

He even selected a few examples of how many people were expelled last year.

He said that he would see how many people would be expelled and so on.

It deterred many playful students.

Of course, there were also some who didnt care.

“You can say whatever pleases you on the stage, but Ill remain unmoved.

Do you think Ill take that crap to heart

“Do you think Im unaware of the situation in the Senior Section”

Many students standing in the back row whispered to each other.

“It depends on your contacts.

Haha, Brother Long caused trouble last time, but what happened to him He didnt even get a demerit.”

“Those who get expelled are all unlucky guys who have caused trouble but cannot settle it.”

“Besides, we never plan to fight.

Usually, wed just be playing around.”

“We are in the freshmen year.

I heard that Zhao Peng of the No.

15 High School is here.

That guy is very powerful.

Although Im from the No.

8 High School, even I have heard of him.”

“Who Zhao Peng actually came to the No.

1 High School”

Some people were discussing.

The ones who liked to experience things would have their own social circle.

Although they were from different places, highly powerful people would gain public recognition.

However, there were ordinarily powerful ones as well.

Since they had just arrived, they didnt know each other and needed to go through a process.

Gradually, everyone in the same grade knew who was famous and who was powerful.

Standing in the back row, Yang Guang and the few guys beside him also heard the discussion of the people not far away.

“Zhao Peng is here”

The slightly chubby guy beside Yang Guang was stunned.

“He came to the No.

1 High School.

Thats amazing.

I reckon there arent many freshmen who are stronger than him.”

He knew that, but the others didnt know about it, so he could use it to attract their attention.

At the same time, he also wanted to show off and attract the attention of the pretty girls behind him.

“Who is Zhao Peng” someone asked.

It was just what that chubby guy wanted.

He said with a dignified face, “Zhao Peng and I had been classmates for a year, and we are on good terms.

He is very famous and came from a wealthy family.

He is rich and powerful.

As far as I know, he has his friends in the No.

2, No.

8, No.

6, and No.

9 High Schools, who are also very powerful.

Now, were all freshmen.

Since he has come, he must have a lot of people with him.”

While speaking, he looked at the people behind him out of the corner of his eye.

Unexpectedly, he found that they didnt seem to care much about what he said.

He was bored.

Yang Guang also grew quiet.

He was fond of playing around, however, he was different from people like Zhao Peng.

“You were Zhao Pengs classmate”

“So you know each other, dont you Introduce him to us if you have the chance.”

Hearing this, the slightly chubby guy nodded.


If I have the chance, Ill introduce him to you.

He felt guilty in his heart.

He usually just ran errands for Zhao Peng, such as buying him some cold drinks or something.

They didnt share a friendship at all.

The crowd chatted in a low voice while the head teacher paced back and forth a few times.

When she approached them, they abruptly stopped chatting.

No matter what they said about the rules, they had to behave themselves in front of the teacher.

The head teacher was a woman in her thirties with a ponytail and a teachers uniform.

Her look was average and there was a mole above her lips.

Their first impression of her was that she didnt look like a kind person.

However, her voice was very soft and sweet.

She looked at Mengmeng and the others and asked, “Why are you standing here”

“Miss, we came fairly late, so we decided to stand here,” Nina said with a smile.


The teacher nodded and walked back.

Most of the girls were standing in the front row.

In this place, there were more guys than girls.

They were arranged in a row separately, but the line of the girls wasnt long enough.

After the speeches went on for a while, it was finally over.

The head teacher took everyone back to the class.

It was unlike when the students were in junior high school and needed to clean the classroom.

The classroom was very clean and the seats werent deliberately arranged.

Everyone took their seats freely.

Mengmeng and the other three girls didnt choose.

They went straight to the last two rows of seats by the window.

After a while, everyone sat down in succession with a total of 60 people in the class.

“Nice to meet you, everyone.

Im your head teacher, Yang Xiaolin.”

The head teacher quickly wrote down her name on the blackboard.

Yang Xiaolin didnt seem to talk as much as Bai Yilin, nor was she humorous.

She simply said, “I hope we can make improvements together in the next three years, and Im very happy to be your head teacher.

“Next, Ill call the roll.”

With that, Yang Xiaolin went straight to business.

She took the list and began to call the roll one by one.

She would take a look at every student who answered.

No one could expect that she had such a good memory.

After she called the roll, she read the list for two minutes.

And then she said, “Yang Guang, Bai Xiaojun, Han Mulin…”

She directly called 11 male students.

Every time she called one, she would look at the right one accurately.

After that, she said, “Go to the Academic Affairs Office on the fifth floor to get the textbooks.

“Felena, Zhang Yumeng… Go to the hall on the third floor to get the uniforms.”

Soon, the students who were called out went to get their things.

“The school uniforms are not bad.”

Both male and female kinds of uniforms had white short-sleeved shirts and ties.

The girls would wear dark blue knee-length skirts, while the boys would wear trousers, which were fashionable matching.

The students got back in class.

The textbooks and school uniforms were handed out.

“From tomorrow on, you will wear school uniforms.”

Yang Xiaolin said, “You dont have any tasks today.

Its mainly about previewing the textbooks.

Ill teach you mathematics.

Maybe many of you have done tutoring during the summer vacation.

You need to learn more knowledge about senior maths.

The first class is about…”

As she spoke, she began to give a lecture.

She was obviously knowledgable.

The students started studying in the first class on their first day of high school.

It seemed to be different from what many of them had imagined.

The morning passed after the class was over.

The new students mingled with each other while the old friends gathered in the corridor, boasting and laughing.

But they could also see a group of more than a dozen people strolling in the corridor and passed Class 21.

Someone said that the leader of the group was Zhao Peng.

This name appeared several times.

At a glance, one could tell that he was an outstanding guy.

Originally, either it was Mengmeng or Felina, who was a girl of few words, the four girls had no interest in these kinds of things.

They were much more powerful than their peers, so they didnt need to pay attention to those trivial things.

But things often developed in an interesting way.

At noon, the girls had lunch in the cafeteria.

After the meal, they walked casually on the playground, feeling the breath of their high school life.

Unexpectedly, there were more than 20 people in a large group, who, like old friends, were chatting and laughing nearby.

At first glance, one could tell that these people were not easy to deal with.

“Eh Brother Peng, look!”

Someone with sharp eyes noticed Mengmeng and the others.

Someone shouted, “Those are the pretty girls from the next class.

Look! I was not bragging, was I Theyre all very beautiful.”

In the middle of the crowd, a well-proportioned boy with a Fauxhawk glanced at the girls and his eyes lit up.

Without saying anything, he walked over directly.

A group of students followed him, ready to watch the fun.

But when they approached the girls, they slowed down, as if they were making a way for the guy.

They did have an imposing manner, but it could be said that they were all just onlookers.

Zhao Peng was very confident.

With a cold face, he put his hands in his pockets and asked, “Ladies, shall we get to know each other”

“Who the hell are you” Yue Xiaonao looked him up and down, asking even though she already knew the answer.

“I am Zhao Peng.” He replied confidently.

It was as if as soon as his name was spoken, others would know him.

“Hey Who are you What are you doing”

Suddenly, a dissatisfied voice came from the side.

A male student with a height of 1.8 meters strode over from the side.

He frowned slightly, looked at Zhao Peng with dissatisfaction, and then looked at Mengmeng and the girls with a smile.

“Mengmeng, so youve made it to high school now, dont you Hahaha, long time no see.”

“Are you Xiaohu Why are you so tall now” Mengmeng was stunned.

The guy in front of her was Zhou Leis classmate who often hung out with him.

She had seen him several times.

“You still remember me.” Xiaohu smiled.

Then, he waved his hand and glanced at the group of senior high freshmen.

“Stop following them.

They are Brother Leis girls!”

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