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Chapter 136 Winning the Lottery

Zhang Hans eyes continued to sweep downward.

Finally, after turning several pages, he found a duo with some impressions.

“WX Group”

Zhang Hans eyes fixed on the message left by WX Group.

After reading it, he replied a few words under the comment, “Send me your email address via a private message.

The message seemed to indicate that they were about to get a song.

Zhang Han continued to look down and saw the name “Meidou” with “Hello, Hanyang.

I am a free musician who likes singing.

Id very much like to get Hanyangs songs, please.”

On the lower part of the comment, Zhang Han replied a few words again, “Give me your email address via a private message”.

He continued to review and chose two musicians named “Dongtian” and “Xue Ge” respectively.

Looking through it for another half an hour, Zhang Han didnt find any more familiar names, so he turned off the computer.

After lunch, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the recording studio and let Mengmeng sing songs for a while.

“Uh-huh, PaPa, that you … you havent sung a song yet.

Mengmeng wants to hear PaPa singing.”

Mengmeng said to Zhang Han with a pout after singing a few songs.

How could Zhang Han refuse his daughters request

He narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “All right, then dad will sing a song for Mengmeng.”

“Wow, what are you going to sing” Mengmengs bright big eyes were full of expectation.

“I will singA Kiss to My Baby.”

That was an old song, echoing Zhang Hans mind much very, so he chose this song.

This scene made the staff outside the recording studio shake their heads and laugh.

They liked Zhang Han from the bottom of their hearts.

The love of a father could easily move people.

Every time they saw Zhang Han, they thought of the word “father”.

Well, of course, it was not meaning that Zhang Han was their father.

With the prelude sounding, Zhang Han began to sing.

Full of feelings and depth, his voice made people indulge in it quickly.

“A kiss to my baby, I will cross the mountain to look for the missing sun and the missing moon.”

“A kiss to my baby, I want to cross the ocean to look for the rainbow that has disappeared and catch the meteor that disappeared in an instant; I want to fly to the endless night sky to pick a star as your toy; I want to touch the moon with my own hands and write your name on it, lalahulala~hulalala…”

The Lyrics, as well as the deep and emotional sound, exhibited Zhang Hans love for Mengmeng.

Mengmeng, however, was slightly fascinated by the singing of her PaPa.

She looked at her PaPa with special admiration.

When she heard the lyrics, she hummed along with him, “Papa will fly to the endless night sky.

Uh-huh, he will pick the stars and send them to Mengmeng as toys.

Uh-huh, PaPa will also write Mengmengs name on the moon.

Lala, hulala, ohhulalala…”

Seeing the lovely expression of Mengmeng, Zhang Hans eyes were filled with tenderness.

He was still singing in a deep voice.

“I want to go to the end of the world and look for the snowman who has been a legend for a long time; I also want to use all my means to teach him your name, lalahulala~hulalala…”

Mengmeng listened to the first half and knew how to sing the following.

She sang along with Zhang Han, and was not out of tune, “Lalahu…lalahulala…hulalala…”

After the song was finished, Mengmeng put her tender little lips to Zhang Hans cheeks, “Mua, PaPa is the best.

PaPa sings so well.”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed heartily.

It was a burst of heartfelt laughter.

“PaPa, um… would you pick stars for Mengmeng And fly very very high in the sky, and write Mengmengs name on the moon, and find the snowman, and let him readMengmeng obediently…” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and said to Zhang Han as she thought about the lyrics they sang just now.

“Of course.”

Zhang Han smiled gently and stroked Mengmengs head, giving his promise,

“Someday, PaPa will definitely take you to the sky, pick the stars for Mengmeng as a toy, write down the words “Mengmeng” on the moon, find the real and lively snowman for Mengmeng to play with and let him obediently call Mengmengs name.

PaPa will take Mengmeng to many interesting places.”

“Really Is it really possible” Mengmengs eyes were shining.


“Then you should pinkie promise… pinkle…pinkle…promise wont change for 100 years.”

“Never change.”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng laughed in the recording studio, and the staff outside shook their heads repeatedly and said,

“What a lovely and clever daughter and what a good father.”

“Yes, it seems that they are really intimate.”

“Hey By the way, have you noticed the song that the gentleman just sang” Suddenly, a young man in his 20s asked with a shock.

“Ah Song” The other two people immediately confused.

One of them said with hesitation, “Just now …It sounds like the original song.”

“No, no, it was the gentlemans sound.

I remember.

I heard his daughters voice just now, who didnt feel out of tune or anything at all.

And then it sounded like the original song.”

“Oh my god, the gentlemans singing is too amazing.

This level can be compared with those first-line singers!”

“Hiss!” Before that, the young man in his 20s gasped and said, “It was really his singing.

It was too great.

I thought I was hallucinating.

Hey, this man is a father.

He sings so perfectly.

If my son heard it, he would probably say my singing was terrible.”


The people outside were so careless that they didnt realize Zhang Hans singing was so nice until now.

But this scene would only make them surprise for a while and praise a few times, but if Zi Yan found this, she would felt amazed.

Singing so well, playing the piano so well, cooking so delicious, unwittingly, Zhang Han was getting closer and closer to the prince charming in Zi Yans mind.

But Zi Yan did not see it with her own eyes.

After Zhang Han presented the song, Mengmeng was satisfied and began to play alone.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng spent the whole afternoon in the recording studio.

Four very detailed music scores, the lyrics, and the piano accompaniment tuning music had also been completed.

Back in the restaurant, Zhang Han took a look at his Weibo and sent the songs to the selected accounts respectively via QQ (an instant messaging software).

That night, Wei Chengdong and Xu Lan returned to the rented house in the middle of the night.

“Tired day, isnt it Shall I make you some snack” Wei Chengdong put aside his guitar and laughed.

“No, youre tired too.

We received quite a number of orders today.

Lets celebrate.

How about ordering the fried chicken you like” Xu Lan chuckled with a smile.

“Of course.

Lets order some food to improve our lives!” Wei Chengdong smiled.

The two sang in several cabarets.

Today, many guests placed orders.

They were very busy but happy because they made more money.

After hearing this, Xu Lan took out her mobile phone and ordered the whole chicken combo.

After some chatting, she suddenly said with surprise, “By the way, open the computer and take a look at the Weibo and the email box to see if Hanyang has replied to us.”

“Oh yes, open it and see if there is an answer.

I didnt think we could really win the grand prize.

Lets see if Mr.

Hanyangs song isgivable or not.” Wei Chengdong quickly nodded and smiled while turning on the computer.

His involuntarily thought of the scene after they got up today.

Xu Lan and he had to stay busy until after midnight before they went to bed every night, so they got up late in the morning.

However, after getting up today, Wei Chengdong was making noodles when Xu Lan shouted with a computer in her hand.

He walked over and realized that they had hit the jackpot.

They didnt expect that Hanyang replied to their comments and asked for their email account.

It was clear that they might have the chance to get a song.

After turning on the computer, Wei Chengdongs expression paused and said with some hesitation, “Even though Mr.

Hanyang had our mailbox he could not write a song for us so quickly.

Its not even one day.”

“Yes, you are right.” Xu Lan was slightly shocked.

Her excitement dissipated a lot, but she began to say, “Anyway, lets take a look.”

“Fine.” So Wei Chengdong logged in his Weibo account and QQ.

Unexpectedly, a message from his mailbox popped up as he logged in.

“What is it What it is Wow, its a mail, a mail from Hanyang.

It seems to be real.

Open it.

Open it.” Xu Lan said, her eyes gradually widened.

With surprise and excitement, she patted Wei Chengdongs arm when she rushed him.

“Okay…okay, thats it.”

Wei Chengdong was also shocked.

He didnt expect that the surprise would come so suddenly.

He opened the mailbox and downloaded the attached folder.

After opening it, Wei Chengdong looked at the files in the folder, and his hands trembled with nervousness.

Xu Lan and he looked at each other and said at the same time, “Lets listen to it!”

So the two opened the documents and looked at them one by one.

After finishing listening to the accompaniment, Xu Lans mouth opened widely.

She was shocked and said, “Oh my god, this accompaniment alone is already very charming.

This, this is really good!”

“Hiss…hoo…” Wei Chengdong breathed deeply and said, “This accompaniment is melodious.

This cheerful rhythm is our favorite.

Its really great.

Look at the lyrics!”

So they opened the lyrics and looked it up.

After looking through it several times, they looked at each other again.


They no longer knew what to say.

“Why dont we try to play it” Wei Chengdongs eyes were full of expectation.

He knew that this song was a fantastic song, and it was also an antiphonal love song which just matched their expectation so much.

“Lets try it!”

Xu Lan did not hesitate to answer.

If it were at ordinary times, Xu Lan would not sing at all in the middle of the night.

After all, the sound insulation effect of the rented house they lived was not very good.

If they sang aloud, they were afraid of disturbing others sleep.

However, if they sang in low voices, they would felt deliberately suppressed which was also very uncomfortable for them.

But now, Xu Lan didnt want to worry about it anymore.

She just wanted to sing this song and try how it felt!

So they took out the stereo and microphone, plugged them in, and began to sing it with the accompaniment.



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