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Chapter 1371 Destination: The Domain of Seven Desolations

Zhang Han once said that he had read a lot of strange stories in ancient books.

It was said that a strange person was born in the Qi Refining Stage.

He had reached the Qi Refining Stage for thousands of years and had countless dantians.

A quantitative change resulted in a qualitative change.

More than a thousand Tribulation Stage cultivators had died at that guys hands.

Not to mention the number of people below the Tribulation Stage who died at his hands.

They thought that it was easy to kill a Qi Refining Stage cultivator who flaunted in front of them.

Unexpectedly, that strange person could kill his opponents with a palm strike.

That was why nurturing ones combat ability was the most important.

No matter how high a cultivators comprehension was, he had to display it.

That was why Zhang Han wanted to go to the Domain of Seven Desolations.

There were challenges and difficulties.

Even he was a bit afraid of that.

On the surface, there were three major human forces in the Domain of Seven Desolations including the War Saint Abyss, the Illusory Mansion, and the Myriad Mountains Palace.

The Sect Leaders of those three sects were Brass Immortal, Tianxingzi, and Taoist Lord of Dragon.

All three of them were formidable figures, but it was still uncertain if there was anyone stronger than them.

Moreover, the specific situation of the three of them was unknown.

Some people said that they were at the Last and Peak stages of the Integration Realm, which showed that they were experienced experts.

Zhang Han and the others did not have any connection with the human forces during the trip and they even killed a few people.

Instead, they were related to the two clans of the Demonic God Temple.

The second king of the White Dog Clan thought highly of Little Hei and Yuan Yi of the Giant Ape Clan thought highly of Dahei.

When Zhang Han drew his sword from the Sea Eye, the phantom of the Great Demon stunned the whole world.

Countless clansmen of the Stone Demon Clan, Blood Demon Clan, Earthfiend, Deep-sea Beast Demon, and so on were killed and wounded.

Demonic flames engulfed the sky with a single sword strike, sweeping through an army of close to a million.

In the Domain of Seven Desolations, God Transformation cultivators could be seen everywhere.

It wasnt rare to see an Integration Realm cultivator.

Mastery experts were the main force of the upper class.

This place was quite high-end.

Now Zhang Han felt that he had to avoid the attack when he encountered an Integration Realm master.

But what was his limit

Now that he had lost his soul sense sea, his Immortal Body of the Five Elements, cultivation base, strength, and battle prowess had all risen to a whole new level.

Therefore, he felt like having a try in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

That was how he decided on this trip.

“Thats so cool!

“Just thinking about it gets me goosebumps now.

“The Domain of Seven Desolations.”

Chen Changqings eyes lit up.

“We dragged the team down behind last time and didnt help much.

Now we will make a difference no matter what!

“Ill inform the others right away!”


Chen Changqing immediately flew away.

After flying for 800 meters, he thought for a while and ran back with a suspicious look on his face.

“Why should I go out and inform them I can do it here.”

“All right.”

Zhang Han shook his head helplessly.

“Why is he so excited

“Well, I used to be like this in the past.”

He was interested in certain things in the beginning, but as he made his way into the world, he got used to them.

Chen Changqing contacted Zhao Feng as soon as possible, “Zhao Feng, inform the brothers of the security group that we are going to the Domain of Seven Desolations to slaughter the Demon Clan!”


Zhao Feng was shocked.

He was silent for two seconds before he said, “Okay, Ill inform them now.”

Chen Changqing ended the communication and immediately started contacting the others.

“Feifei, are you shopping with the others Well, okay.

After you get back, well go somewhere else…”

Zhang Han got busy as well.

He contacted Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, Rong Jiaxin, and so on.

“Its time to go out.”

Zhang Han was relaxed and informed Mengmeng the last.

“Mengmeng, do you want to go out and have fun”

His words made her go back immediately.

In just more than ten minutes, Mengmeng and Chen Chuan as well as the other girls ran back.

“Daddy, where will we be going to have fun” Mengmeng asked happily.

“The Domain of Seven Desolations.” Zhang Han said, “There are challenges there, and it can be stressful.

Its a good place to rest and recuperate.

Its full of dangers, to begin with.

This time, you can adapt yourselves to it more or less.”

“Hee hee hee.” Mengmeng laughed and said, “Im not afraid of that.

I can command both the second king of the White Dog Clan and Yuan Yi.”

“Well, you did the best in that place last time,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

When they went to the Domain of Seven Desolations last time, some were shocked, some were lucky, while others were unlucky.

The worst off was Zhang Han.

He went too far into the sea.

If it had been anyone else, they would have died.

But Zhang Han was good at escaping.

Mengmeng was also not very lucky since she was near the Demonic God Temple.

But she met Little Hei and had the protection of the second king of the White Dog Clan.

This made her more powerful and famous.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered up within two hours.

“Were going to the Domain of Seven Desolations”

“It just so happens that I have cultivated over 20 occult arts and still need more tempering.”

“Last time we went to the Domain of Seven Desolations, we didnt do much.

This time, we need to make some waves.”

“What you said is a little exaggerated.

At most, we will make some waves in a small pond.”


Chu Qingyi had been silent.

Hearing everyones words, she blinked her eyes.

“Are we going to the Domain of Seven Desolations”

She had heard of that place several times before and was very curious about it.

Although Chu Qingyi did not talk much, her status was not low.

Mu Xue often took her around and observed her.

Gradually, she was approved by the team.

Chu Qingyi would often practice and exchange moves with them.

Mu Xue, in particular, was no match for her.

The gap between their strengths was too wide.

However, she often fought, so she comprehended the occult art relatively faster.

“The Domain of Seven Desolations!”

Just as everyone was ready to set off, Headmaster Shan rushed over in a hurry.

“I know youre leaving since you have gathered up.

How long will your trip take” asked Headmaster Shan.

“Were not going back this time.

I was just about to contact you.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Were going to a special place called the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Are you interested”


Headmaster Shan was stunned, and then he muttered to himself.

In the end, he asked, “What kind of place is the Domain of Seven Desolations”

“Ill answer that!”

Mengmeng said, “The Domain of Seven Desolations, also known as the Land of Sealed Demons, is said to be a place where a powerful devil is sealed.

The overall strength of the Domain of Seven Desolations is very high.

There are many people in the God Transformation Realm and Void-refining Realm.

It is not rare to be in the Integration Realm in that place.

The main forces are the ones in the Last Stage and Peak Stage of the Integration Realm, as well as even the Mastery Realm.

The Demon Clan runs rampant in the Domain of Seven Desolations, occupying more than 80% of the region.

The Human Clan there is weak and only has three sects to guard their territories.

The Demon Clan is ranked first, and the Demonic God Temple is ranked second with many Great Devils.

All of them can speak the human language.

The Human Clan is ranked third.”

Her words shocked Headmaster Shan.

“What did you say

“There are many people in the God Transformation Realm and Void-refining Realm.

It is not rare to be in the Integration Realm in that place.

The main forces are the ones in the Integration Realm and even the Mastery Realm.

That place is even more powerful than the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, isnt it”

Hearing this, Yue Wuwei nodded and said, “I think so.

The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is huge while the Domain of Seven Desolations is just a continent and a planet.

It is definitely not as big as the Vast Heaven Star.

But I dont know exactly how large it is.”

“What…” Headmaster Shan thought for a moment and said, “Can I go”

“Hey, didnt my master ask you just now If you want to go, just go.

Its up to you,” Mu Xue said.

“I want to go, but Im afraid that I will trouble you guys,” Headmaster Shan said.

“Theres no trouble with that.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Thank you for your offering.

Ill go out and explore as well.

Please wait for half an hour.

Ill make arrangements for the matters of the academy.”

After that, Headmaster Shan flew back to his aircraft and began to make arrangements.

He spent most of his time at the Dragnet Academy and would occasionally go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to cultivate.

In recent years, he had rarely even been out.

He mainly devoted himself to the cause of education and managed the academy in order.

Now that the Dragon Ranking Competition had come to an end a long time ago, the academy had entered a period of peace without holding any exchange activities.

Headmaster Shan had a lot of free time.

He naturally wanted to explore outside since he had such an opportunity.

Yue Wuwei looked serious and said, “After we get to the Domain of Seven Desolations, you must listen to Zhang Han and me in every aspect.

Well tell you about where to cultivate and where you shouldnt go.

You need to tell us in advance if you want to go somewhere.

I should warn you first that even if you have a lot of treasures, they wont be of great use in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

If you seek trouble on your own, dont implicate others.

If any of you doesnt listen to my warning and gets yourself in danger, I may not necessarily go to save you.”

There were so many people on the team that they couldnt be all taken care of.

Moreover, Yue Wuwei didnt like to take care of others.

Everyone had their own living, so why would he meddle in their business

But now, Yue Wuwei did things for Zhang Hans sake.

As for Zi Yan and Mengmeng, Yue Wuwei cared about them.

At this moment, he warned the crowd first.

“Zhang Han and I are not your nannies.”

Yue Wuwei said, “Over the years, he has done enough, and he also needs his own cultivation.

All you need to do is make him worry less.

When you are in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, you can just do things according to the rules, but the situation in the Domain of Seven Desolations is unpredictable.

I hope you will all know what should be done and what shouldnt.”

His words were a little harsh.

They calmed down many people present who had been previously excited.

“What Elder Yue said is right.” Chen Changqing nodded.

He looked solemn and said, “Its a fact that he and Brother Han have been protecting us over the years, which made us strengthen ourselves rapidly.

Unknowingly, we have become dependent, which is not good.

Therefore, we wont make trouble during this trip to the Domain of Seven Desolations, and we should improve our combat ability as much as possible.”

“Yeah.” Xu Yongs face was slightly pale.

“When I learned that we would be going to the Domain of Seven Desolations, I was not afraid but excited.

I thought that I could learn something and gain nice experience, but I forgot that if I were to go to the Domain of Seven Desolations alone without the support of everyone, I would probably die… We should all thank Elder Yue for his warning.”

“His words are harsh, but what he said is the truth.

We should all be prepared in case of a disaster.” Zhang Guangyou sighed with emotion.

Zhang Mu said, “Thats right.

During this trip to the Domain of Seven Desolations, all of us should act according to our own abilities.”

The others nodded in agreement.

It could be said that Yue Wuweis words pacified their excitement and reminded them of the possible crisis.

Half an hour passed when they ended their discussion.

“In fact, our team is quite powerful.” Mu Xue said, “I dont know how powerful Elder Yue is, but he must be formidable.

Master is now the Great Demon of Shadow Refining, and my Younger Martial Sister is also in the Void-refining Realm, so they will be powerful enough to settle the possible trouble in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

We should listen to their orders and train in a suitable place.”

This was what it meant to cross realms and head to places with powerful foundations.

They needed to cultivate with the help of powerful backers.

It just so happened that several powerful backers on this team were strong enough.

“Lets go to the Domain of Seven Desolations.”

Everyone boarded their aircraft.

They arrived at the space station and took a king vessel

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han said, “Shall we get another king vessel as a backup”

“How do we take it The king vessel is so big.” Everyone was stunned.

Zhang Han said casually, “My daughter has a huge Space Wristband.”


Mengmeng left the king vessel and stood at the edge of the space station.

After leaving, she would have to come into contact with the cosmoss void.

Although she was in the Elixir Realm, she would still suffer considerable repression.

However, Zhang Han, who was considerate to Mengmeng, had already cleared the way for her with his mind and isolated every possible danger from her.


Mengmeng raised her hand.

Without any other obstacles, she covered a king vessel in front with her soul sense.

The barrier performance of the intelligent system was removed, and a ray of light flashed.

Mengmengs wristband was slightly shining.


The entire king vessel was collected by Mengmeng.

Everyone was stunned.

“What kind of Space Wristband is it It can store such a large king vessel!”

“Its really, really big.”

Many people looked at each other.

Especially Headmaster Shan.

He couldnt figure out why there would be a treasure with such a huge space.

She returned to the king vessel and they set off for the Domain of Seven Desolations.

It would take them about nine days to go to Dragon Base Star from Dragnet Academy.

After the initial excitement, everyone gradually calmed down with Yue Wuweis words and the passing of time.

They went back to their rooms and rested.


Zhang Han and Zi Yan leaned against the sofa.

Zi Yan was a little upset.

“I cant keep up now.”

“What do you mean You cant keep up in terms of strength” Zhang Han asked.

“Yeah.” Zi Yan nodded gently.

“Its okay.

Youre quite amazing now, and youre not ordinary,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Its a disadvantage that I dont know how to cultivate.” Zi Yan said helplessly, “It depends on awakening.

I cant control it.”

“Hahaha, maybe when you go to sleep tonight and keep thinking about it, you can directly improve your strength in your dreams,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Unexpectedly, when Zhang Han was sleeping on the bed that night-


It was like a gentle breeze slowly blowing by.


Zhang Han immediately opened his eyes.

What he saw made him stunned.

Under his gaze, Zi Yans body was emitting a faint fluorescence.

She was like a sleeping princess, quiet and gentle.

“Is this really happening”

Zhang Han was in a daze.

A few hours ago, he had just talked about it, and now the result came true.

“Is she improving her strength, or is it some different change”

Zhang Han was confused.

He observed carefully.

The faint light lasted for about two minutes.


The light dissipated and peace was restored.

Zhang Han could no longer fall asleep.

He lay beside Zi Yan and thought about something.

A few hours later.


Zi Yans long eyelashes fluttered.

She slowly opened her eyes, which even looked a little confused.

“Honey, Im hungry.”


Ill make something for you to eat now.”

After thinking about it, Zhang Han was not in the mood to go to the kitchen.

He used a wisp of his mind to control the kitchen utensils and begin to cook.

At the same time, he said to Zi Yan, “Get up and wash up.

I have something to tell you when you are ready.”

“What is it”

Zi Yan blinked, sat up, and got out of bed to wash up after a few seconds.

After getting dressed, they went to the dining room.

“What is it” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“How do you feel now” Zhang Han asked.

“I dont have any particular feelings.”

“Dont you feel that your strength has improved”

“Honey, did you see something” Zi Yan seemed to realize something, and her eyes lit up slightly.

“Shall I try it out”

“Dont do it here.”

After thinking about it, Zhang Han had the king vessel jump out of the secondary space and stop in the cosmic void.

Moments later, Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, and Zi Yan left the king vessel.

“Whats going on” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Lets take a try here.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “She seems to have changed a little.”

“Did she improve her strength” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.


Zi Yan was completely focused and stared ahead.

Her lips and teeth were slightly opened.

Her long hair and clothes were fluttering without wind.

At this moment, she had an indescribable bearing.

She raised her right hand slightly.

The instant she did that, her palm was covered in multi-colored light.

It was like the moon, emitting a soft and bright light.


The void in front of them suddenly trembled.

It was as though the space had changed.

A faint glow appeared out of thin air and whistled past.


Yue Wuwei looked surprised.

“I cant tell the change on her,” Zhang Han said.

“Neither can I,” Yue Wuwei echoed.

“It seems that I have to experience it myself,” Zhang Han said.

“Forget it.

How could Zi Yan bear to hit you” Yue Wuwei curled his lips and moved forward.

“Come on.

Hit me.”


Without saying any redundant words, Zi Yan took action.

Her decisiveness made Yue Wuweis facial muscles tremble.


“Isnt she being too straightforward”

Yue Wuwei said, “Ill set up a hundred layers of defense to defend against your move.”

With a thought, he created a hundred faint golden rings to envelope him.

There came dozens of loud bangs.

The energy released by Zi Yan silently broke through Yue Wuweis layers of defense.

They could tell that her energy form was like the shape of a fan.

But it was not as clear as the Sea Moon Fan she displayed before, which made the current one appear more mysterious.

“She broke my thirty-six layers of defenses.

Her attacks are quite impressive.”

Yue Wuwei said in confusion, “But I still cant sense what kind of attack it is.”

“I cant sense it either,” Zhang Han said.

“Go on.

Lets try again,” Yue Wuwei said.

Therefore, they began a new round of tests.

Quite a few people in the spaceship noticed this.

“What are they doing”

Mengmeng said, “Obviously, my mum must have been awakened and her strength has improved again.

Theyre having a tryout there.

Otherwise, my mum would destroy a lot of stuff.”

“Did she improve her strength again” Zhang Guangyou was a little stunned.

Zi Yan could not cultivate, but she would often become stronger.

This was her unique talent.

To the side, Chu Qingyi was a bit curious about what it meant to be awakened.

In the end, Zi Qiangs words answered her question.

“My daughter is amazing.

Her cultivation relies on awakening, unlike us, who cultivate very hard and only have so little strength.” Zi Qiang smiled and said, “Yan has been doted on by Han and is too lazy now.

If she can take more comprehension, maybe she would become more powerful.”

The people inside the spaceship were chatting casually.

Outside the spaceship, the three people tried for about ten minutes.

Yue Wuwei finally knew how much Zi Yan had improved.

He nodded and said, “The attack power is very nice.

Its at about the Peak Stage of the God Transformation Realm.

Some of the attacks can reach the Void-refining Realm Early Stage.

But there is an energy that I cant observe, and I dont know what it is.”


Zhang Han smiled and said, “Zi Yan, youre already doing really well.

The point is that you can keep fighting.

Ordinary people at the Void-refining Realm Early Stage are no match for you.”

Zi Yan couldnt help smiling.

Now that she had awakened and her power had increased, she was naturally happy.

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