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Chapter 1372 Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma

The flight lasted nine days.

Finally, they arrived at Dragon Base Star.

Liu Qingfeng, who was doing great now, was still in a meeting.

When he heard that Zhang Han and his team were coming, he immediately terminated the meeting.

“The meeting is adjourned.

If you have anything to discuss, lets talk about it tomorrow.”

Liu Qingfeng got up and walked out.

At the same time, he said to Xiao Ling, who was next to him, “Cancel the meetings in the afternoon.”


Xiao Ling responded and made the arrangements directly.

When it came to working, Xiao Ling was a secretary and did things seriously.

In private, she was also a weirdo.

When she was with Liu Qingfeng, her identity changed quickly.

Sometimes, she was a secretary on call, and sometimes she was a secretary that didnt have any work.

She had many clothes even in the lounge in her office.

The clatter of high heels was heard.

Xiao Ling was not tall.

She walked in a pair of high heels, making a crisp sound.

In the Cultivation World, high-tech heels were very comfortable to wear.

After taking a few steps, she got on the drone with Liu Qingfeng and went to Mount Double Moons, where Zhang Han and his team usually lived.


Liu Qingfeng laughed from afar, “You came back early this time.”

“Well have to leave for a while,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Youll be leaving again” Liu Qingfeng was stunned.

In less than a second, he named a place where he guessed the most.

“Will you be going to the Domain of Seven Desolations”

“Thats right.” Zhang Guangyou said, “This time, we are not going to be extras.”

Dong Chen couldnt help saying, “Well, well, well.

Young Master, you look so complacent.

I want to remind you that each member of your Zhang Clan is stronger than the other.

However, you are the only exception.


“Shut up!”

Zhang Guangyous face darkened and he glared at Dong Chen.

Dong Chen knew when to stop and did not say anything else.

Instead, he sat next to Zhang Guangyou and drank tea with a smile.

Zhang Mu and You Huo looked at each other.

In fact, You Huo wanted to say, “Mu, if you dont work hard, you will be surpassed by Guangyou.

When that happens, you will be the weakest.”

After thinking about it, he knew that Zhang Mu was also aware of that.

The family members were very close to each other, but Zhang Mu was not willing to be the weakest.

“Since youll be going out, you can rest assured about the group.” Liu Qingfeng said, “Last time, we talked about something about security defense, as well as the personnel transfer.

They have been adjusted appropriately.

The groups hierarchy is clear just like the operation of a huge automatic machine.

After some time, without me or some high-position officials, the division of work can still be clearly divided in the system city.”

“What do you mean”

“Ive made a master control intelligent system with the highest technology in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

When we are not around, it will trigger the Heavenly system and make decisions that focus on stability.” Liu Qingfeng said, “As for the personnel, on the planets where our group has our bases, the main personnel are distributed in an orderly manner and the defensive network is perfect.

It will be safe even if it is placed in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

Safety was Liu Qingfengs top priority.

Among the employees, many talents were ordinary people.

It wouldnt help much even if they had some strength, and they had to deal with all kinds of accidents and emergencies.

This was a very powerful project.

Liu Qingfeng handled it himself, and now it finally took shape.

The other forces were stunned at it.

The current Heavenly Group had the greatest storage of crystal stones.

It had the greatest number of personnel, planets, fleets, and masters.

As for the scales and other aspects, they were also ranked first.

They were top in any field except for building spaceships.

It was stunning and horrifying.

The Heavenly Group had become the most terrifying power in the Sea Dragon Star Area in recent several thousand years, which could only be looked up to by other powers.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Group was a business group and not as ambitious as the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

It had been half a day since the crowd arrived on Dragon Base Star.

The spaceships set off again to the Chaotic Region.

On Roran Star, Olien and Tricia also boarded the king vessel.

Yue Wuwei led the way and continued to sail in the secondary space.

Everything was calm around the Sea Eye.

Like a pupil, the deep Sea Eye attached itself to the surface of the sea.

It was still the same scene.

On the side, there was an island group in the shape of a crescent moon, surrounded by several relatively larger islands.

Amidst the sound of the waves, several enormous birds flew past.


A Giant Eagle bent down and rushed into the sea as fast as lightning, quickly catching a big fish in its mouth.

The fish would be its lunch.

However, the sponge below suddenly became pitch black during the time the Giant Eagle flew up into the air.

What was it

It was a dark figure.

With a plop, a Deep-sea Beast Demon rose rapidly from the sea.

It was 1000 feet long with the body shape of a blue whale.

It seemed slow, but it was actually very fast.

It opened its mouth and swallowed the panicked Giant Eagle that had thrown away the big fish.

The Giant Eagle now became its lunch.

The Deep-sea Beast Demon was just about to land on the sea surface.

One could imagine how enormous of a wave it would raise when it smashed down.

However, before it got to do that-


A muffled sound rang out.

Under the dull gaze of the Deep-sea Beast Demon, a huge steel disc appeared out of thin air.

“Is that a king vessel”

The Deep-sea Beast Demon was stunned.

It knew what a king vessel was, and it also knew that there were very few spaceships in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Even if there were, they wouldnt exist for long.

After all, there were no items used to maintain spaceships in this place.

Although it had the Ancient Road of Starry Sky, very few people were able to pass through Good Star Street to make it here.


Energy began to gather around the Deep-sea Beast Demons body.

It began to speed up, diving into the sea and slipping away.

“Here we are.

We didnt get the spaceship destroyed this time.”

Inside the king vessel, the people who had visited this place last time spoke up.

“With Master leading the way, of course, there would be no problem,” Mu Xue said.

Zhang Han smiled without saying anything.

The Seven-star Sword had been here for many years and was considered a sword that controlled a Space Node.

“Guys, take a rest here for a moment.

Ill go take a look at the Sea Eye.

I didnt have time to detect it last time.”

Zhang Han looked at the screen and saw all kinds of high-purity pictures on it.

The detection of the spaceship was very accurate, but it could not detect the Sea Eye.

Yue Wuwei thought for a moment and said, “Ill go with you.”

The situation in the Sea Eye was unknown.

For safety reasons, he decided to go there with Zhang Han.


Zhang Han nodded without saying much.

After the two told the others that they were going out, the spaceship rose thousands of feet.

They turned on defensive mode.

Both of them left the spaceship.


Zhang Han took a long breath and exhaled.

He stretched his arms upward as he said, “I feel great.

I can feel that long-lost aura here.”

“It means that youre fated to come here,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Lets go and have a look.

The Sea Eye is full of evil spirits, and there seems to be that black energy from another space.

We should be careful.”

“Hahaha, theres no danger here.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“What did you see”

At this moment, Zhang Han looked down on the Sea Eye.

He said slowly, “When I pulled out my sword, I noticed that this place is the gathering place of the Starry Sky Mystery Array.

It is a formation eye.

According to the situation that has been shown, I suspect that there is a real Sea Eye, which is horrible and there must be a treasure in it.

While there are endless evil spirits gathered here.

Its core place should be the place where the essence of the Demonic Fiend is gathered.

If I find that place, I can absorb it and use it for cultivation.”

“What You can even tell that” Yue Wuwei was shocked.

“How did you learn so much”

“Is it that much” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

As they walked forward, Yue Wuwei asked casually, “Since you can tell that, lets get down to it right away.

Speaking of which, the Demonic Fiend essence isnt suitable for human cultivation.

Why would you need it”

However, Zhang Hans answer made Yue Wuwei stagger.

He simply said, “I need to cultivate as demons.”

“Poof…” Yue Wuweis pupils contracted.

“What Do you want to cultivate as demons as a human Are you sure you can do that Is that really possible”

“It would be impossible for ordinary people, but its possible for me.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “The situation here is similar to that on the Rain-falling Star.

I need to refine my duplication.

Before that, I need to cultivate as demons.”

Zhang Han briefly explained his purpose for coming here.

In the Land of Sealed Demons in the Domain of Seven Desolations, there was a Great Demon that he needed to refine with his Yuan Ying.

Before that, Zhang Han felt that the level of his Yuan Ying was not high enough, and it was not quite in line with the situation, so he thought of the means of demonic cultivation.

If he had a stronger Great Demons Nascent Soul, he would have a higher chance of success.

“Its already a taboo for human cultivators to cultivate as demons.

That will corrode your body and soul, and in the end, you will become a demonic puppet.” Yue Wuwei looked solemn.

“Its not like that.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Let me tell you a story.

I once read an ancient book, which said that there was a scholar who sat under a parasol tree with his legs crossed for thousands of years.

In the beginning, he was an ordinary man.

But during those years, he awoke suddenly and became a human Saint.

A mans cultivation is like a great way, but its tough to walk on it.

Perhaps the Cultivation World has a different name.”

“You, you…” Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes and subconsciously concealed his shock.

He said, “I dont understand these things.

Where did you hear them from Did you get that from Master”

“Hahahaha, one can cultivate by all kinds of means in the world.

Youll see in the future.” Zhang Han laughed, raised his speed, and headed toward the nearby Sea Eye.

Yue Wuwei was stunned for two seconds, and then the corners of his mouth trembled.

He said grumpily, “You little cunning fox, how dare you talk to me like an elder”

After that, Yue Wuwei followed him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures dived into the Sea Eye.

They isolated the seawater, and the surroundings were filled with monstrous evil spirits.

Zhang Han took out the Seven-Star Sword in his right hand and sensed the surroundings carefully.

He quickly went down.

Zhang Han had thought about this matter on his way here and while he was in the Dragnet Academy.

He needed to condense the Thunderbolt Mark into lightning duplications and condense the Great Demons Nascent Soul into Great Demon duplications.

It was difficult to condense the Thunderbolt Mark, and it was even more difficult to condense the Great Demons Nascent Soul.

“I need to refine the Great Demon, and I dont know how much stronger it will be than me.

Who knows what will happen by then”

He spoke of the demonic cultivation because he thought of the human Saint that he had just mentioned to Yue Wuwei, as well as the Six Ways mentioned by Sir Mysterious.

The Six Ways were six main parts with countless branches.

It wasnt a species division, but a general idea.

He still didnt know what it was, nor was he in a rush to know.

After all, he still had a long way to go before he did it.

If he were to cultivate as demons now, he wouldnt be able to use the occult arts and supernatural power that he had mastered in the past.

Even though he knew what demonic cultivation was, it was against his existing skills and power.

But was it really against them

Zhang Han didnt know.

“Ive seen some members of the Demon Clan before.

According to the previous opinions, they are merely demons, but theres a possibility that theyre also demonic cultivators.”

Zhang Han was ready.

However, he still had to observe the situation.

It was as if the two of them had fallen into darkness.

“My divine sense can only reach ten miles around.”

Yue Wuwei said, “In addition to the evil spirits, there is nothing else here.

The space of the Sea Eye is larger than that of the outside world.”


Lets keep moving.

I havent felt anything yet,” Zhang Han said.

They kept moving forward for two hours.

“I can only detect one mile around.

“The further down we go, the shorter my perception will be.

If something happens, the environment will be unfavorable to us,” Yue Wuwei said.

“300 meters.”

“200 meters.”

“100 meters.”

“Are we still going down”

Yue Wuwei gave a warning.

When they reached there, their speed was lower than one-third of the speed of sound.

Some Deep-sea Beast Demons were five times faster than sound in the water.

In less than a fraction of a second, if there were any attacks, they would come to their opponents like lightning.


Zhang Han paused to ponder with a frown.

He suddenly picked up the Seven-star Sword and swept dozens of times in all directions.

“I was wrong.”

Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“What do you mean”

He looked around and found that the surroundings were still dark as if it were a Deadland.

Right then, Zhang Han said, “We feel like were heading down, but in reality, were like headless flies flying around randomly.”

He turned his head to glance at Yue Wuwei.

He raised the Seven-star Sword in his hand and said with a smile, “The real way is here.”


The Seven-star Sword suddenly burst into light.

The dazzling light was like the sun that illuminated everything.

Originally, the light shouldnt have been able to penetrate the endless evil spirits.

However, the light seemed to be mixed with mysterious energy, illuminating the surroundings.


Yue Wuwei suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked up.

This place seemed to be only a few hundred meters away from the sea surface.

“After advancing for so long, have we been really walking around the same place

“Star Profound Formation

“He trapped me!”

Yue Wuwei was at a loss for words and did not want to speak.

Originally, he planned to help Zhang Han, who was still weak.

But after they came here, he became the assisted one.


Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

The Seven-star Sword pointed downwards.

It was as if it had broken the laws of the profound formation through layers of space.

Far below, an island could vaguely be seen.

It seemed to be hidden within a black mist, mysterious and peaceful.

It was a dead island without any vitality.

However, in the center of the island was a depression, which was covered with clear water.

“A pool” Yue Wuwei stared at it.

After thinking for a while, he said in surprise, “Is this the essence of the Demonic Fiend”

“Yes, it is.” Zhang Han said, “When things reach the extreme, they will go in the opposite direction.

In the Devil Land, such monstrous evil spirits would form clear Demonic Fiend essence, which is a great tonic for the Demon Clan.

For others, it would be supplementary if they use it correctly, but if they dont, it will be poison.”

“Haha, you do know a lot.” Yue Wuwei snorted and said, “But why are you telling me this Do I need you to teach me that Lets keep moving.”

After that, he continued to follow Zhang Han with curiosity in his eyes.

He said one thing but meant another.

Zhang Han didnt say anything and led the way.

When they approached the island…


A large net of light appeared.

That red net sealed off the island.

Above the net, there were a few words.

Yue Wuwei glanced at them and frowned.

“Demon Monarch Monson

“What is this”

After saying that, Yue Wuwei planned to break the net with a wave of his hand.

“Its just the energy of someone at the early stage of the Integration Realm.

How dare it stop me at this level” Yue Wuwei was very arrogant.

In particular, the words “early stage of the Integration Realm” were emphasized, and his contempt was expressed on his face.

He got upset by what Zhang Han just said and was now venting it.

Zhang Han was amused.

He waved his hand to interrupt Yue Wuwei and said, “Dont rush it.

“It seems that the island has been discovered and taken over by Demon Monarch Monson.” Zhang Hans eyes were slightly faint.

“He should have come here to detect and find the essence of the Demonic Fiend after I drew my sword.”

“Then why didnt he take it away” Yue Wuwei asked.

“It should be that the quantity of Demonic Fiend essence is not enough.

The more essence there is, the faster one can absorb the evil spirits and turn them into essence.

He is waiting for the Demonic Fiend Pond to grow bigger.” Zhang Han concluded.

That was the only possible reason.

“Shall we break it and take the Demonic Fiend essence away directly” Yue Wuwei said.

“We cant take it away.

We can only absorb it here.” Zhang Han said, “Ill break this big net with the Fire-Dragon Cloud-Rain Formation.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Tens of thousands of crystal stones appeared.

Zhang Han quietly opened a gap in the big red net.

When he and Yue Wuwei entered it, Zhang Hans formation was still maintaining the passage.

He turned to look at Yue Wuwei and asked, “Why are you following me”

“Hey.” Yue Wuweis eyes widened.

“Zhang Hanyang, what do you mean by that Weve made it here, but youre asking me to leave”

“Its not like that.

I mean to have you go out and inform everyone that I may stay here for about ten days.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “This big net can be regarded as a strong defense.”

“Haha, do you think I will be willing to protect you As if!” Yue Wuwei sneered, flicked his sleeves, and left.

Zhang Han shone the sword light in front of him until Yue Wuwei disappeared.

He dissipated the Heaven-earth Formation.

The net reassembled and then disappeared.

He came to the island.

Looking at the pond of clear water, Zhang Han started pondering.

Putting away the Seven-star Sword, he found himself surrounded by darkness.

Only the pond of clear water shone with a faint light.

It was two meters deep, about 30 meters long and wide.

“Demonic Fiend essence.


Its much better than I imagined.”

Zhang Han didnt know what he would get before coming here.

He was very satisfied with the result he got.

“The Athanasia Demon Gong is already very profound and I have successfully cultivated the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Since I have taken the way of Figure Refinement, the methods are not very useful.

“They wont be suitable for the condition of Great Demons Nascent Soul.

“On the stone tablet that I got the Athanasia Demon Gong, a senior carved a cultivation method, which said…”

The ray of light in the darkness was a hope that came from the Great Demon, the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma.

The Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma was split into three chapters.

There was the Devil Infant Chapter, Devil Blood Chapter, and Devil Scripture Chapter.

The Great Demons Nascent Soul was sufficient for the first chapter.

Zhang Han could almost skip this chapter and activate the Devil Blood.

Finally, the Devil Scripture Chapter referred to the meridians, all the blood in the body, and the spiritual force in the meridians.

They were all devil power, complementing each other and providing Nascent Soul with stronger explosive power and endurance.

They were mainly Yuan Ying cultivation methods.

It just so happened that Zhang Han needed to go through this stage.

That was why he thought of the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma.

As for the power of the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma, he didnt know about it and needed to experience it himself.

“Hopefully, the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma wont have too big of a conflict with the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.”

Zhang Han murmured.

The battle between the Thunderbolt Mark and Yuan Ying had left him dumbfounded.

The battle was extremely intense, and losing control was extremely terrifying.

At this time, Zhang Han was also a little worried that if he cultivated the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma to a certain level, it would have a fierce collision with the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

“Ill get started then!”

Zhang Han closed his eyes slowly.

He turned around to gently leap backward before he drifted for several meters.


He fell into the clear pond of Demonic Fiend essence like a zombie.

He reached the bottom directly without making a sound.

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