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Chapter 1375 The Place of Inheritance

Yuan Yis gigantic head matched its expression.

Zhang Han inexplicably thought of a saying.

“Im not targeting anyone, but all of you are nobodies to me!”

Yuan Yi seemed aloof and proud.

It was also confident because the Giant Ape Clans physical defenses were indeed incredible.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be sleeping sound on the edge of their territory.


Yue Wuwei laughed faintly.

“Is it showing off in front of me”


He waved his hand to hit Yuan Yi, which made the latter stagger.

“Does it hurt” Yue Wuwei asked flatly.

Yuan Yi said, “It hurts.”

“Would you keep boasting then” Yue Wuwei asked again.



“Does it hurt”

“It hurts.”

“Would you keep boasting then”



Yuan Yi was convinced.

It didnt dare to move after being suppressed by Yue Wuweis might.

“He is a powerful expert.

Zhang Hanyang hasnt taken action yet.


At the thought of it, Yuan Yi was a little unconvinced.

It glanced at the clansmen next to it and kicked them.

“What are you looking at What are you looking at Lead the way.”

After that, it turned around.

“Come now.

Everyone, go in there and treat our territory as your own.

Help yourselves.”

What a warm way to entertain them.


The second king of the White Dog Clan looked down on Yuan Yi.

“Giant Apes are so freaking realistic.”

“We wont go in there.”

At this time, Zhang Han said, “Lets get down to business.

According to what you said last time, what are you going to give to Dahei”

“Youre in quite a hurry.”

Yuan Yi thought for a moment, looked around, and then looked at the second king of the White Dog Clan, saying, “Dog, out of our way.”

“Ill bite you to death!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan got upset.

It bared its teeth and wanted to go up and fight.

“Just say it.”

Yue Wuwei waved his hand and suppressed the second king of the White Dog Clan.

Then, he set up a sound-proof cover to surround him, Zhang Han, and Yuan Yi.

“There is a stone tablet of martial arts heritage of our Giant Ape Clan, which records a lot of cultivation methods of our clan.

Were Body Cultivators.

When we get to the Mastery Realm, we will be called King Kong.

Dahei is a natural King Kong, so he will definitely get a lot of heritage.

Also, the Bone Refining Pool is the core holy land of our clan.

Every young ape would go there when they are born.

Every Ape Clan has only one chance to do so in its life.

Since Dahei has never been there, it should get a lot of benefits.

Its bones will be strong and its body will grow stronger.

The last time I talked with my elder brother, it agreed on this matter,” Yuan Yi said.

“Thank you.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly, thanked Yuan Yi, and said, “Anyway, I will give you some spirit treasures and owe you a favor.

If Im around, and if you are in trouble, I wont sit by idly.

If you are in danger, I can take you to other places to live.”

“Old Demon Zhang, youre being too courteous.

We are all family, theres no need for the courtesy,” Yuan Yi said with a smile.

Its expression looked pure and honest.

Zhang Han was recognized by the Demonic God Temples giant apes, and they had a genuine friendship.

“Lets go.

Ill take you to meet my big brother now.

He will be happy to see Dahei.”

Yue Wuwei dispersed the sound-proof cover.

Yuan Yi said to the apes behind it, “Go back to rest.

Ill go to the temple.”

“Be careful.

Dont let the white dog trap you.” A clansman reminded.


That white dog is cunning.

Maybe it has some ill intentions.”

“You, Ill bite you to death! Just wait!” The second king of the White Dog Clan was insanely mad, but it did not dare to act rashly here.

It barked a few times to vent its dissatisfaction.

Then, it led the way with Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi wanted to be in the front, but it was not as fast as the second king of the White Dog Clan.

It walked second and said angrily, “What a good dog.

Its ability to lead the way is invincible.”

“Its just that youre too stupid to think.”

“You dont say.

If I were smart, you white dogs would have your names removed from the Demonic God Temple long ago,” Yuan Yi said with a glare.

“Its just that you have tough skin and flesh, otherwise, you would have got yourselves killed a long time ago.” The second king of the White Dog Clan snorted coldly.

“Youre just a dog.

I dont like you.”

“Your fatty head and big ears look so ridiculous…”

On the way, they only heard Yuan Yi and the second king of the White Dog Clan quarreling ahead.

They kept arguing and werent tired of it.

To everyones surprise, this went on for more than two hours, but they hadnt said the same words.

Anything from their skin and hair to their organs could all be their targets of mockery.

The second king of the White Dog Clan looked disdainful.

“Look at your absurd fur all over you.

It makes me laugh.”

“Your ass is stained with **!”

As they spoke, they almost got into a fight.

“Stop it!”

Yue Wuwei glared at them and released his might.

The two of them behaved themselves again.

In less than two minutes, they started it again.

“I dont like you.

Stay away from me…”

Just like that, amidst the commotion, the crowd arrived at the core of the Demonic God Temple.

“So theres a gate.”

Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was surprised.

It was very clear that the mountain range ahead was even higher, and from this angle, it just so happened that a large area of the core could be seen.

It was higher than other places, and it was the same for the mountain range, flowers, and trees.

Below the mountain range was a stone door that extended for several kilometers.

The stone door was very large and imposing.

In the middle, there were three words flashing with golden light – Demonic God Temple.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that there were all kinds of runes on the stone door.

There were Sacred Tigers, King Kongs, Demonic Foxes, and Illusory Minks.

Each kind was a totem of a Demonic God Temples clan.

It was a realm that they yearned for and pursued.

“Here we are.”


Lets go meet the first king of my clan,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“Hell no.

Lets go to my brothers side first,” said Yuan Yi angrily.

“Stop quarreling.

Well go to those places one by one, and well go to the closer one first,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Did you hear that” Yuan Yi chuckled and said, “Well go to my elder brother first!”

“Im not going.

Ill wait outside.

Or Ill just take Little Hei away directly.” Before the second king of the White Dog Clan could finish its words, Little Hei barked twice.

“Woof! Woof!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan glanced at Little Hei discontentedly and said, “Fine.

Go to your place.

Ill wait outside.”

“Do you think you get to enter the place” scoffed Yuan Yi.


Damn you!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan tried hard to imitate spit but failed.

It could only express its disdain with its eyes.

The crowd entered the mountain range of the Demonic God Temple.

The atmosphere here seemed to have become different.

“There are many great clans located here.

However, many fights would take place now and again over here.


Someone is fighting from afar on the right side.

Originally, our Giant Ape Clan used to live here, but the people here fight too frequently, and we enjoy sleeping, so we left this place.

Of course, those white dogs left this place because theyre not powerful enough.”

When Yuan Yi talked, it didnt forget to mock the white dogs.


You know clearly why we left.” The second king of the White Dog Clan immediately said, “At that time, because the war between our two clans was too fierce, it affected several seniors rest.

The stupid giant apes even crushed a seniors adobe, so the higher-ups of the Demonic God Temple expelled us.”

“Thats bull**!”

Yuan Yis eyes widened.

“No one can drive us away if we dont want to leave.

We left because we want to live comfortably.”

“Thats such crazy talking,” the second king of the White Dog Clan said coldly.

“Ill smash you to death.” Yuan Yi clenched its fists, wishing to smash the second king.

But after thinking about it, Yuan Yi decided to let it go.

“I cant fight against it, or things will go out of control.”

“With the honored guests here, I cant be bothered to pay attention to you.”

“Its that Im too decent to bother you,” the second king of the White Dog Clan said immediately.

“If it were not…”

Hearing the two of them arguing non-stop, Mengmeng raised her right hand and covered her forehead.

“Oh, my God.”

She was convinced.

It was really amazing for those two guys to quarrel all the way.

For the first time, Mengmeng experienced what a quarrel was like.

If she recorded their behavior and played it as a science fiction film on Earth, it would definitely stun a group of aunties.

Although they were arguing, they were still rational.

When they arrived at the territory of big shots, the two guys stopped talking and led the way along the border area.

The crowd marched on like this for three hours.

“Ow, ow, ow.

Brother, Im here!”

Yuan Yi was shouting in front of a mountain range.


A huge mountain in front of them suddenly shook as if there was an earthquake.

Giant stones flew in all directions, revealing a giant ape.

It had a body of a hundred meters, steel-like skin, and a heavy and powerful aura.

There was no doubt that the giant ape was powerful and at least in the Integration Realm.


Chu Qingyis pupils faintly contracted.

She felt the pressure.

If they started fighting, she felt that if she kept attacking, she wouldnt be able to harm the giant ape even if it didnt defend itself.


Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

There was a hint of interest in his eyes.

“This old giant ape definitely has some ability.”


The old apes eyes were full of vicissitudes and wisdom.

It sat up and quietly looked around.

Finally, it fixed its eyes on Dahei.

“You are that Supreme Expert from before.”

Old Ape glanced at Yue Wuwei and nodded in greeting.

Then, it looked at Zhang Han and said, “You are Zhang Hanyang, the one who caused the chaos in the Domain of Seven Desolations and caused the horrible change of the Great Demon.”

In the end, it fixed its eyes on Dahei.

Old Ape looked at Dahei and said, “Boy, as a member of the King Kong Clan, why cant you even speak”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

“Damn, how could I speak I am a chimpanzee, not a King Kong yet.”

“Apart from Dahei, only one person is allowed to go to the Place of Inheritance,” Old Ape said.

After that, Yue Wuweis eyes flashed.

Old Ape paused and corrected itself.

“Two people are allowed.”

“I also want to go and have a look!” Mengmeng said.

“Three.” Old Ape looked helpless.

“Okay, you guys will go.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Ill enjoy the scenery here with the others.”

“Not here,” Old Ape said.

“Well all go to the Place of Inheritance.

However, only several of us are allowed to enter.”

“The Place of Inheritance”

The second king of the White Dog Clan said, “Little Hei, come with me.

Were going there too.”

However, Little Hei ignored it and looked indifferent.

Old Ape looked at the second king of the White Dog Clan and said, “Go back and inform your king to meet us at the Place of Inheritance.”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was silent for a moment.

Without saying anything, it turned around and left.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Old Ape slowly stood up and walked forward.

Boom! Boom!

As it took a step forward, the muffled sound spread far and wide.

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