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Chapter 1376 Inheritance Monument

“Why, why did you cause the abnormal sign” Old Ape looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Many people are curious.

Is it just that sword that caused the abnormal sign We think there may be some other reason for that.”

Its words revealed some information.

The meaning of Old Apes words was that after Zhang Han pulled out his sword, the higher-ups of the Demonic God Temple also studied the abnormal sign.

The Human Clan was also doing the same thing.

As for the place in the Sea Eye, it was located within the Demon Clans territory, and now a Demon Monarch was occupying it.

Without a doubt, the upper echelons of the Devil Clan also knew about this matter.

And they might suspect that there were other treasures besides the Seven-Star Sword.

In fact, there was only the Seven-star Sword.

“Theres nothing else.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“If the Demon Clan know that you are here, they wont let you go,” Old Ape said.


Old Ape thought that Zhang Han would frown and look worried.

Unexpectedly, he just replied with an indifferent “okay”, indicating that he got it, and then he said nothing else.

“Doesnt Zhang Hanyang care about it”

Old Ape looked at Zhang Han strangely.

Under normal circumstances, there could be only two possibilities – one was that Zhang Han was confident, and the other was that he was arrogant.

He was able to defeat a million demons with one sword strike.

Although he had used other forces to achieve that, he was not an ordinary person.

Therefore, judging from Zhang Hans reaction, Old Ape thought that he might be confident.

“But you have the Supreme Experts protection, so there will be no problem,” Old Ape said.

“The Domain of Seven Desolations, the Demon Clan, the Human Clan, and the Demonic God Temple all have trump cards up their sleeves.

Dont underestimate any force.”

After it finished its final reminder, Old Ape didnt say anything further.

It was enough to stop when appropriate.

But it didnt know what Zhang Hans trump card was.

What did his existence mean to the Domain of Seven Desolations

The crowd advanced stealthily until they finally arrived at a plain.

Around the plain, there were all kinds of Bounded Domains, both in the sky and on the ground, guarded by powerful Exotic Beasts.

Old Ape greeted them before bringing the crowd to the plain.

The grass on the plain stretched as far as the eye could see.

At this moment, everyone was standing on a giant stone platform that emerged on a mountain peak.

“It looks beautiful, but its just an illusion.”

Old Ape said, “This is the Place of Inheritance.

Its a very complex place.

Ill take you in later.

As for the others, dont go around, or you will easily get yourselves killed.”

As it spoke-

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two white shadows came from the distance extremely fast.

The White Dog King and the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“Is it the White Dog King”

The White Dog King looked quite domineering.

It was five meters long, well-proportioned, and strong.

On its head, there was a cluster of golden hair.

Its aura was very strong, which surprised Yue Wuwei a little.

“Its at the Peak Stage of the Integration Realm!

“What a powerful white dog.

“What is its bloodline”

Yue Wuwei couldnt tell, but if he continued to investigate carefully, it would be considered an offense.

Since the white dogs were friendly, he would not offend them.

The White Dog King spoke, “Is it Little Hei you mentioned”

Originally, everyone found that the shape of its face was rather long.

They thought that it was a female dog.

However, they werent certain about that.

When it started talking, they could tell that it was indeed a female dog.

“Ow! Ow!”

Although Little Hei was honest, it still barked twice.

“Its too weak.”

The White Dog King seemed to be frowning and said, “Its body is too weak.

Itll more likely die in there instead of getting the martial arts heritage.”

Mengmeng was shocked and asked with concern, “What Is it dangerous to go to the Place of Inheritance”

“It depends on the levels.

The Great Ape Clans martial arts heritage is very safe to get.

To get our White Dog Clans martial arts heritage, one needs to be reborn.

Can Little Hei take it” The White Dog King shook its head slightly.

“Forget it.

It is not qualified enough to get the heritage.”

Hearing the words of the White Dog King, Mengmeng was a little disappointed and her face froze.

“Cant Little Hei get the heritage”

Zi Yan was also concerned about this matter as she looked at Zhang Han.

He just smiled faintly.


His words stunned the White Dog King immediately.

“Have you heard of Elemental Source”

“What! Who are you!” The White Dog King was shocked.

That was something that people of the Tribulation Stage mastered.

How could it not have heard of it

Zhang Han calmly said, “Little Hei grew up eating Elemental Source.”

He spoke more slowly than usual.

The White Dog Kings eyes widened.

It stared at Little Hei.

Little Hei grew up eating Elemental Source.

No wonder the second king of the White Dog Clan was so shocked.

Little Hei sat down beside Zhang Han, raised its head, and looked proud.

“Show me how fast you are,” The White Dog King said.

Unknowingly, its tone had become much gentler.



Little Heis figure flashed.

It seemed to flicker, but there appeared a leaf in its mouth.

Everyone turned their heads and found that the nearest tree was at least 1,000 meters away.

In an instant, Little Hei moved 2,000 meters.

“Very nice.

Youre fast enough.

You can go to the Place of Inheritance with me,” the White Dog King said.

“Giant Ape King, Zhang Hanyang, Ill take it to the Place of Inheritance now.

What it can get depends on its fate.

Our White Dog Clan doesnt need any spirit weapons or treasures.

Well do as our Second King says and build a good relationship.”

“You will still need the spirit weapons and treasures.” Zhang Han smiled.

“No, thanks.

We dont need those.”

Then, when Zhang Han took out a hundred kinds of treasures-

“Woof, woof, woof!” The second king of the White Dog Clan subconsciously barked.


Yuan Yi was a bit dumbfounded.

“Damn, these are nice stuff!”

It decisively accepted the treasures.

Old Ape and White Dog Kings attitudes grew softer.

“Lets go.

Ill take you in.” Old Ape said, “White Dog King, youll go with Little Hei.

Ill take them in.”


The White Dog King signaled Little Hei to follow it.

“Little Hei!”

Mengmeng suddenly felt a little reluctant.

She pursed her lips slightly and walked to Little Hei without blinking.

Little Hei sat on the ground and raised its head slightly.

Its innocent eyes reflected the figure of its Little Master.

It was as though she were the only one in its eyes.

Mengmeng hugged Little Heis neck.

Once upon a time, Mengmeng was naughty and ran on the lawn.

Just as she was about to fall, a shadow appeared under her, which was Little Heis soft belly.

After that, Mengmeng deliberately fell many times.

She would even jump up and fall onto the lawn.

But every time, Little Hei would use its soft body to prevent her from falling without exception.

It would always lie around Mengmeng.

When danger arose, it would charge over at the first possible moment like a warm gust of wind.

Gradually, Mengmeng grew up.

She would pull Little Heis face from time to time, touch its head, and ride it to the battlefield.

It was like a guardian, guarding its Little Master who needed it.

As it grew bigger, Little Hei became more powerful.

It could take Mengmeng to explore the Relics.

Many dangers that had not come to her yet were all killed by Little Hei.

They shared too many joyful moments together.

She remembered that when she came to the Domain of Seven Desolations last time and was in danger, it was Little Hei who stood in front of her and faced the enemies that she could not defeat.

It had never retreated a single step.

For so many years, Mengmeng had completely regarded Little Hei as her family.

At this moment, she was very concerned as she said, “Little Hei, be aware of any possible danger.

Ill wait for you out here.

You must come back, understand”

“Ow!” Little Hei nodded seriously.

“Go now.”

Mengmeng released her arms around Little Heis neck and patted its head.

Then, Little Hei got up and slowly walked behind the White Dog King.

“Dahei, you have thick skin, and you have my dad with you.

Youll be safe.

Dont worry, and come back early.” Mengmeng waved her little hand.




Dahei scratched its head.

“Im fine.

Ill be back soon.”

Dahei patted its chest.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, Dahei, Old Ape, Little Hei, and the White Dog King flew forward.

After a while, they disappeared into the Bounded Domains and entered the Place of Inheritance.

“This is the real Place of Inheritance.”

The sky was pitch black, so dark that it was as if there was no sun in the sky, only raging flames and demonic Qi.

The Old Ape said, “This is where every clan members Place of Inheritance is located.”

Without saying a word, the White Dog King walked to the dividing line and left with Little Hei.

Old Ape spoke a bit more.

“Judging from this place, it can be seen that this world is too friendly to the demons.”

Old Ape sighed deeply.

“The demons are too strong.

Even many treasured lands, the Place of Inheritance, and important locations are filled with demonic Qi.

Resources for us and the Human Clan are extremely scarce.”

“Cultivation resources in the Domain of Seven Desolations should be of good quality,” Zhang Han said.

“Youre right about that.

Cultivation resources that are suitable for us and the Human Clan are of relatively high quality,” said Old Ape, “the Place of Inheritance is only an important place, not a secret place.

It wouldnt matter even if I took you guys here.

It looks terrifying, but in fact, its very safe.”

“Do you know the Fiend Cave” Zhang Han was still interested in it.

As a demonic cultivator, he needed these things so he inquired.

“No one has ever been able to get into the Fiend Cave because of the seal there,” Old Ape said, “the demons who entered it before havent come out yet.

They would either be dead or have gotten something.

Anyway, the Demon Clan yearns for that place so much that they would even risk starting large-scale wars.

But that doesnt matter, because the ones of the Devil Palace havent come here.”

Old Ape continued, “Since the Devil Palace remains still, then that means that place isnt large or small.

There are great treasures there, but that is still limited, so it isnt attractive for them.

Once Devil Palaces people set out, they would always be targetting some large secret lands.

“As for you, Zhang Hanyang.” Old Ape seemed to have not talked for a long time.

At this time, it was willing to talk and said with a smile, “The Human Clan and the Demon Clan would say that you are Old Demon Zhang.

The last time you pulled out your sword, it seemed to have affected the worlds law.

I keep feeling that somethings wrong, but I dont know exactly what it is.

The figure that covered the sky and the sun was so terrifying that the whole world was shaking.

What you did should have triggered something.

Unfortunately, we couldnt find out the truth.”

“Old Demon Zhang, hahaha.” Yue Wuwei suddenly laughed.

“An interesting Taoist name.

I think its nice.”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Dahei raised its thumb.

“I think its nice too.”

Zhang Han was speechless.

Old Ape suddenly said, “Weve arrived at the Place of Inheritance.”

Where was it

They couldnt see anything around until Old Ape took out a token.

As it emitted light, an adobe appeared directly from the void aside.

It turned out that the place was hidden in the mountain.

They followed the corridor into the inner space.

Finally, they saw the Place of Inheritance.

The most important thing was the Inheritance Monument, as well as several other places where the members of the Ape Clan strengthened their bodies.

Old Ape gave Dahei nice service to strengthen its body.

“It absorbs these things very quickly.

“Looks like I have underestimated its talent.”

Old Apes eyes lit up.

It felt a little distressed after Dahei absorbed many treasures,

But when it thought of the treasures it took from Old Demon Zhang, it felt happy again.

It was also willing to use more resources to cultivate Dahei.

Two hours later, Dahei sat under the stone tablet.

“Inheritance Monument.”

“Dahei will stay here for a few days.

If you guys feel bored, you can leave.

If you stay, dont disturb it,” said Old Ape.

“How long will it take” Zhang Han asked.

“How long it will take depends on Daheis luck and ability.” Old Ape said, “I held on for 11 days, Yuan Yi held on for 7 days, and the other clansmen did it for about 2 or 3 days.

Some of them with nice strength held on for 5 days.

The longer it takes, the more comprehension and opportunities one will get.

I think that Dahei will hold on for at least 7 days.”

“I see.

Okay, lets go out and wait.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Do the white dogs have almost the same kind of martial arts heritage”


The Inheritance Monument is passed down from generation to generation.

It has been passed down from our ancestors till now.” There was a trace of pride on Old Apes face as it continued, “It is not something that every clan in the Demonic God Temple has.”

“I see.”

After Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei came here, they looked around and understood the general situation.

Then, they turned around and left.

They needed someone to lead the way to enter, but they didnt need that on their way back.

Soon, they returned to the stone platform.

“Daddy, how was it” Mengmeng asked.

“It went well, and it was smooth,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“When will they come out” Mengmeng asked again.

“They need to spend some time at the Inheritance Monument.

Old Ape said it would take about seven days, but I think it may take a few more days,” Zhang Han replied.

“Its about seven days.

I held on for seven days as well,” said Yuan Yi as it sat on the edge of the stone platform.

“Those who hold on for seven days are quite powerful.”

“Hahaha, I held on for eight days.” The second king of the White Dog Clan sneered.

“Your White Dog Clans Inheritance Monument is not good enough,” said Yuan Yi.

“Ill bite you to death!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was so angry that it gritted its teeth and shouted, “You only dare to act arrogantly in front of me.

Why dont you dare to speak in front of our first king”

“Who says I dont dare to do it I just dont want to,” Yuan Yi said stubbornly.

In fact, Yuan Yi felt very diffident facing the White Dog King.

After all, it was the king of an entire clan, a good dog that had saved the entire clan.

It was precisely because of the White Dog Kings strength that the White Dog Clan was able to stay firmly in the upper echelons of the Demonic God Temple.

Their status was about the same as the Ape Clan, but the Ape Clan was strong as a whole.

The Old Ape King used to be a fierce ape who fought to win its territory.

The two quarreled for a while before they calmed down and waited in silence.

Since the crowd had nothing to do, they chatted for a while and then sat down to cultivate.

With Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei around, they were fully immersed in cultivation.

Just like that, days passed.

“Its been seven days.

Why havent they come out yet”

Yuan Yi was a little confused and then curled its lips.

“Dahei deserves to be called a promising guy.

It can hold on for more than eight days.”

“Its been eight days.”

“Little Hei hasnt come out either.”

Every day, Chen Changqing, Mengmeng, and others would cultivate for more than half a day, and during the rest of the time, they would ask Zhang Han about some relative details.

Zhang Han would answer all their questions and teach them everything he knew.

Seeing this scene, Chu Qingyi seemed to inadvertently smile.

“Master knows a lot!

“Its just that he hasnt taught me anything yet.

“Should I go over and ask him some questions regarding cultivation”

Chu Qingyis gaze gradually froze.

Thump! Thump!

Unexpectedly, she was a little nervous.

“Should I go over or not

“It should be okay to ask.

“Okay then.

Ill go over and ask him.”

Chu Qingyi gathered her courage and took a step forward.

She suddenly came to a halt and retracted her foot at lightning speed.

“What should I ask him”

Chu Qingyi was stunned for a while.

“I should ask him something about cultivation.

“Well, I cant ask something that is too shallow.

If I ask too profound questions, it will become complicated and it wont be something that can be explained with a few words.

“Im from the Devil Shadow Clan.

“Its okay to ask him about its cultivation techniques.

But what if Master doesnt know about its supernatural power

“That wont do.”

Chu Qingyi felt as if there was a great battle going on in her heart.

In the end, she dejectedly stayed here and did not move.

“Its been the ninth day, but they havent come out yet”

Yuan Yi was shocked.

It knew very well that it would take a few hours to inherit a series of physique enhancement martial arts heritage, but the heritage would be absorbed during the process of comprehending the monument.

Old Ape was the strongest because it spent eleven days comprehending the monument.

Yuan Yi was ranked second because it spent seven days.

But now, nine days had passed, and Dahei had been taking martial arts heritage for at least eight and a half days.

“Thats horrifyingly powerful!”

“Its been nine days Not bad.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

“Daddy, is the longer it takes, the better it is for Dahei and Little Hei” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“The longer one comprehends the Inheritance Monument, the more one martial arts heritage would get, and it would be more complete, which will be helpful for future cultivation.

Our first king spent thirteen days comprehending our Inheritance Monument, and its regarded as quite a nice result in the Demonic God Temple.

Giant Ape King spent eleven days doing that, which is two fewer days than our first king.”

“Your monument is not as good as ours.

Whats the point of competing!” Yuan Yi glared at it.

“Who said its not as good as yours”


It was their daily quarrel, no one felt disturbed.

Mengmeng was also chatting with the others.

“Then, I hope Dahei and Little Hei can take the martial arts heritage for a longer time,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

Their current results sounded nice.

“Im sure they will!” Chen Chuan echoed.

“Theyve been taking it for nine days, which is quite amazing.

Lets see how many days it will last,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Everyone liked Dahei and Little Hei very much.

They were glad to see those two getting more benefits.

A few more days of waiting didnt matter to them.

“Its been ten days!”


“Hahahaha! These two fellows really worked hard.”

“If Dahei holds on for one more day, it will surpass the Giant Ape King, and in three days, Little Hei will surpass the White Dog King.” Mengmeng smiled proudly.

“Its difficult to surpass our first king.” The second king of the White Dog Clan said, “I feel that they will get it done today or tomorrow, but still its quite stunning.

They have been comprehending the Inheritance Monument for 11 days, so they must have received great benefits! Thats amazing! They must have great resources!”

As it spoke, its eyes lit up.

It felt that it had made a big profit from its investment.

“Perhaps I didnt get much.

After all, Zhang Han and his team are just passers-by in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

“However, this is a sense of satisfaction from the success of my clansmen.

“Although Little Hei is not a white dog, it is still a dog!”

“Its been ten days.

Can Dahei surpass our boss” Yuan Yi looked a bit dumbfounded.

Soon, the result came out.

“Its been eleven days!”

“Half a day later, the eleventh day will be over.”

“Would Dahei actually surpass the Ape Clan” The second king of the White Dog Clan was amazed.

“Dahei surpassed the Ape Clan.

“That guy is a real King Kong, a Holy Beast.

How terrifying!”

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