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Chapter 1377 Dahei and Little Heis Fortunes

In the Place of Inheritance.

Old Ape sat to the side, its originally turbid eyes turning bright.

“Its been twelve days!

“This young fellow is formidable.

“Its stronger than me.

“If it is given enough time to develop, it might even become a Tribulation Stage Exotic Beast!”

Old Ape looked quite excited, but then it sighed with emotion and smiled.

“I wonder how long it can hold on.

“The more days it holds on, the more martial arts heritage it would obtain, and it would be more complete.

It means that it would get unlimited future accomplishments.

“If it can hold on for more than 15 days, it will have no problem entering the Mastery Realm.

If it can hold on for more than 20 days, it will definitely become a Tribulation Stage Exotic Beast!

“This is its opportunity.

“This is also an opportunity for our Giant Ape Clan.”

Old Ape knew a saying very well – “Ever the dog swaggers when its master wins favor.”

If Dahei made some great achievements in its cultivation in the future and helped out the Giant Ape Clan, it would benefit them a lot.

On the other side.

The White Dog King blinked its eyes in a daze.

“Its been twelve days, but still nothing has happened yet.”

In its line of sight, Little Hei lay under the Inheritance Monument, its body emitting a faint fluorescence.

It was absorbing the energy it had obtained before to improve its body, and it was also comprehending the monument.

The White Dog King was surprised to see Little Hei doing that very steadily.

“I didnt expect that I underestimated it.

“Lets see if you can surpass me.

“It will take two more days for you to achieve that.”

On the stone platform outside.

“Its been twelve days.”

“Dahei and Little Hei are amazing.”

Mengmeng was very happy to see such a development.

She also hoped that they could take the martial arts heritage for a few more days.

After all, such opportunities were rare to get.

“Its been thirteen days!”

“Damn, is Little Hei going to surpass our first king”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was a little shocked.

“Its been fourteen days!”

“Its been fifteen days!”

“The two of them have been holding on for 15 days!”

Previously, time seemed to pass very quickly, and some people cultivated from time to time.

But now, they were all checking out the time.

Yuan Yi was stunned.

“If that guy can hold on for 15 days, wont it be more powerful than my big brother in the future”

“The myth of our first kings monument has been shattered.” The second king of the White Dog Clan was occasionally stunned.


Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and said, “How long do you think Dahei and Little Hei can hold on”

“More than 20 days,” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said.

Both of them had absorbed extraordinary Elemental Source before, which could be regarded as pure and high-end Source.

Also, their compatibility with their body was very mature.

Their overall development was complete, not to mention that theyd eaten so many spirit beasts and Exotic Beasts, even ancient ones, and so many inner pellets.

They would eat anything they got, and the benefits it brought were considerable.

Therefore, Zhang Han felt that they could hold on for more than 20 days.

However, the exact result would depend on their own comprehension.

Unexpectedly, his words caused the second king of the White Dog Clan to scream.

“What More than twenty days That would be impossible!”


It would be crazy if they can hold on for twenty days,” Yuan Yi said as it scratched its head.

“In the entire Demonic God Temple, everyone knows that the ones with the most powerful martial arts heritage only held on for nineteen days.”


Yue Wuwei couldnt help but say, “Strange things can happen in this world.

Your Demonic God Temple is just some remote place.

The Inheritance Monument is not used for the cultivation and learning of occult arts.

How long one comprehends this kind of martial arts heritage only indicates ones understanding of the monument, not the final judgment of ones future.”

Yuan Yi froze.

After a while, it nodded.

“Youre right.

How many days they comprehend the monument doesnt represent their future.”

“Thats true, but Im still too shocked.

I underestimated Little Heis potential,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.


Our Little Hei is absolutely very powerful,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

Not just the ones outside, even the Giant Ape King and the White Dog King inside were also quite dumbfounded.

“After so many days, their auras are still stable.

Could it be that they are going to set a record”

Everyone was focusing on this matter.

“Its been sixteen days!”

“Seventeen days! Great!”

“Its been eighteen days.

Will they take it for more than twenty days They have two more days to achieve that.

They must hold on.”

“Nineteen days.”

“Twenty days!”

“Hurray! Theyve been holding on for more than 20 days.” Mengmeng was very happy.

She even cheered.

“Its not over yet.”

It had been twenty-one days.

It had been twenty-three days.

“Its not over yet” Dumbfounded, the second king of the White Dog Clan said, “Its been 29 days.”

“They didnt wreck the Inheritance Monument, did they” Yuan Yi said worriedly.

“Whats going on with the two of them How can they hold on for so many days Are they in danger in there” the second king of the White Dog Clan said.

“What danger would they encounter With my brother around, they would have no problem,” said Yuan Yi.

“Our first king is even more powerful.”

The two of them didnt start arguing as usual.

They were both paying close attention to time and situation.

“Did they start cultivating in there”

To those beasts, it was incredible to hold on for twenty-nine days.

Mengmeng asked in a low voice, “Mom, Dahei and Little Hei have been in there for 29 days.

Isnt it amazing If Tiny Tot goes in, will it hold on for a long time as well”

“Maybe.” Zi Yan blinked and looked at Zhang Han.

“It wont,” Zhang Han replied firmly.

“Why not”

“Because there isnt an Inheritance Monument it can use here.”

Mengmeng was stunned.

Then, she snorted and ran to another place to chat.


Just as everyone was talking, two figures quickly flew out from the Place of Inheritance.

“Wow! Little Hei!”

“Little Hei has come out!”

Chen Chuan looked over and shouted.

“Little Hei!” Mengmeng waved her hand.

“My King!” The second king of the White Dog Clan immediately went over.

“My King, how could it hold on for so many days”


Its been 29 days.” The White Dog King had been stunned earlier.

At this time, it was just looking at Little Hei with a strange expression.

“Not bad.

Not bad, indeed.” Zhang Han laughed.

Sensing its aura, Zhang Han found that Little Hei was somewhere between the Early Stage and the Middle Stage of the God Transformation Realm.

It meant that it had gained a lot in that place.

“Little Hei, come here!” Mengmeng urged.

“Why do I feel that Little Hei has gone a little silly” Yue Xiaonao asked suspiciously.

Her words stunned everyone around.

They could not help looking at Little Hei.

It was still as majestic as before.

It was furry and well-proportioned with bright eyes.

However, Little Hei looked a little depressed at this moment, and there seemed to be a trace of shame in its eyes.

“Little Hei, come here.”

Zi Yan waved her hand.

Little Hei walked over slowly.

First, it let Zi Yan touch its head and then ran to Mengmeng to let her touch its head.

Finally, it came to Zhang Han.


Zhang Han laughed and raised his hand to stroke Little Heis head.

“Not bad.

You look more handsome now.”

Dong Chen raised his hand with a smile and wanted to take the opportunity to touch Little Heis head.

“Stay away from me!”

Suddenly, a low voice sounded.

“Ill bite you if you dare to touch me.”


Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Little Hei in shock.

“Oh my god! Little Hei, Little Hei can speak”

Rong Jiali opened her mouth wide.

The others were also rather shocked.

It had been so many years, and Little Hei could finally talk now.

All eyes were on it.

However, its tail was drooping and it looked a little haggard.

“Wow, Little Hei, you can talk, and your voice sounds very nice.” Mengmeng ran to Little Hei and hugged its neck.

It remained silent.

“Little Hei, why are you unhappy” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Are you feeling unwell” Zhang Han was confused.

He didnt feel anything wrong with Little Hei.

Even Mengmeng looked at it curiously.

Suddenly, she became suspicious.

She looked at the White Dog King and then at Little Hei.

“You, you, are you in love”


The White Dog Kings face darkened.

It opened its mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, it turned into a bolt of lightning and left quickly.

“Holy **!”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was so shocked that it trembled.

“Is that true”

“No, no.” Little Heis mouth moved a bit.

“I, I dont know how to bark.”

“Huh” Yue Xiaonao was stunned.

“What do you mean”

“You dont know how to bark” The second king of the White Dog Clan barked, “Woof woof woof! How simple it is!”

“Interesting.” Yuan Yi chuckled aside.

“Did you learn the way to speak from the Inheritance Monument” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes, my host,” Little Hei said.

“Its so funny.

Little Hei, speak more,” Zhang Li said with a smile.

Little Heis voice was quite cool and low, but now it sounded somewhat young and attractive.

“Is it that the chapters were incomplete or that you have yet to comprehend them all” Zhang Han asked.

“They were incomplete.”

“I see.

Just use the reverse method.

You can master them after practicing a few times,” Zhang Han said casually.

Little Hei was stunned and immediately tried the way he mentioned.





Hearing its familiar voice, Little Hei slowly raised its tail.

It was happy and barked a few times.

It was still used to barking.

“Little Hei, since you can speak, you should greet us,” Mengmeng said.

“Greetings, my host, Little Master, and Mistress,” Little Hei said obediently.

“What about me” Yue Wuwei said, stroking his beard.

Little Hei took a look at him and said, “Why should I greet you Im not your dog.”

“You have to greet me then, right Im your hosts sister,” Zhang Li said with a smile.

She was all smiles, but her expression quickly froze.

“The married daughter doesnt belong to the family anymore,” Little Hei said coldly.

“Im your hosts father.

What should you call me” Zhang Guangyou asked lightly.

He was using his seniority to suppress Little Hei.

Little Hei hesitated for a while and said, “Old, Old Zhang”


Zi Yan almost choked and couldnt help laughing.

“Little Hei, you are quite naughty,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“My host, I want to lie down for a while.”

Little Hei didnt want to talk anymore.

It was still very unaccustomed to speaking.

Zhang Han laughed and said, “Take a rest.”

So Little Hei lay beside Zhang Han and rested.

At the same time, it was thinking-

“Big brother, come out now.

I cant stand it.”

As if Dahei had heard Little Heis prayer.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two more figures appeared on the plains up ahead and quickly emerged.

The Giant Ape King was 100 meters tall and extremely huge like a mountain.

But Dahei was only one meter tall.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!

“My host, Little Master, and Mistress, Im here!

“Hahaha, I can also speak now.”

Dahei shouted from afar.

It shouted while speaking in the human language.

Daheis voice was quite sharp.

One could tell that it was not easy to deal with.

“My host, give me a kiss.”

When it came to the stone platform, Dahei stretched out its arm and ran quickly to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was dumbfounded.

“What did you say”

“Give you a kiss

“Good heavens!”

“My host, Im coming.”

Dahei ran to Zhang Han.

“My host, I can also speak now.

Ive always wanted to say that youre insanely handsome and stunningly peerless.

You look amazing and are so powerful…”

At first, everyone had been discussing what Dahei would look like when it came out.

Gradually, their discussions died down.

Only Dahei was saying, “My host, I love you so much.

Mistress is the most beautiful woman.

Im a guy, so I wouldnt kiss her.

You can kiss me.

A hug will do as well.”

Zhang Hans face gradually became numb.

He looked at Dahei and moved his mouth.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say in the face of such a warm-hearted beast.


Zhang Han felt a little dizzy while Dahei was highly excited.

“Im coming to you, my host.”

Dahei became smaller again, jumped up, and was about to get into Zhang Hans arms.


Zhang Han lifted his foot and kicked Dahei away.

“My host, how could you kick me” Dahei said with some grievance.

“Dahei, calm down.” Zhang Han said helplessly, “Youre so big.

Why should I hug you”

“All right.” Dahei touched its butt and said, “Little Master, do you want to play Throwing High Ive grown taller and I can throw you high in the air in an instant.”

“Well, wait a minute.” Mengmeng grinned.

“Dahei, why dont you sound domineering Your voice sounds a little sissy.”

“Ive just picked up talking.

Itll sound better in a few days.”

Dahei ran to Little Hei leisurely and said, “Second Brother, why are you lying down”

“Im tired,” Little Hei stuck out its tongue and responded without moving.

“Little Master is the prettiest.” Dahei sat down on the ground and said, “I can talk.

Im so excited that I dont know what to say.”

“If you can talk, say more things,” Mengmeng said.

“My host is the most handsome.

Mistress is the most beautiful.

Little Master is the prettiest…”

It kept flattering Zhang Hans family of three.

Old Ape felt very ashamed.

“Are King Kongs all like this

“Oh, God, are you kidding me”

Ape One stopped talking and looked at Dahei blankly.

Dahei had comprehended the Inheritance Monument for twenty-nine days, which was an incredibly stunning achievement, but in the end, this fellow had been such an eyesore.

Like Little Hei, all Dahei talked about was praising Zhang Han and his family.

“Why dont you praise me” Zhang Li widened her eyes.


My hosts sister is also good-looking,” Dahei immediately said perfunctorily and then turned back.

“What about me” Dong Chen asked.

“You…” Dahei was silent.

Everyone fell silent.

After a while, Dahei said slowly, “I cant speak against my will.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that” Dong Chen was so angry that his eyes widened.

“Youre not good-looking, not handsome, and not powerful.

Your biggest feature is that you dont have any special characteristics.

However, you do eat a lot.” Dahei evaluated him.

Dong Chen rolled his eyes and almost fainted from anger.

“Dahei and Little Hei are now powerful enough to speak.”

After a while, Zi Yan said with a smile, “Its all thanks to the Giant Ape King and the White Dog King.”

“Youre welcome.

Thats what I should do,” Old Ape said.

“I can see that Dahei is still growing and its future is promising.

I hope you can take good care of it.”

“Dont worry, they are also our family.” Zi Yan acted like a hostess.


Lets get out of here,” said Old Ape before it took the lead to leave.

They left the Place of Inheritance and walked through the forest.

“Senior, youre really big.

What have you been eating to strengthen yourself” Dahei kept growing bigger and bigger until it was about 120 meters long.

Then, it put its arm around Old Apes shoulder.

“I eat fruits and spiritual herbs,” Old Ape said.

“What Dont you eat meat” Dahei was stunned.

“I rarely eat that,” Old Ape replied.

“Eating meat does good to your body, and meat is delicious.” Dahei rolled its eyes and said, “Senior, Im great at roasting meat.

Do you have any special meat here Ill roast it for you.”

Old Ape was silent for quite a while.

When they were close to its place, it said, “Yuan Yi, go get a few Seven Desolate Azure Cows here.”


Yuan Yi walked out.

Old Ape invited the guests to sit by a river and chat.

Half a day later, Yuan Yi came back with eight Azure Cows in its arms and palms, each of which was not small.

“Wait a moment, Senior.

Ill roast some meat for you.”

Zhang Han and the others were roasting two Azure Cows, while Dahei was roasting six of those.

“Mistress, wheres Third Brother Without him, we cant make fire,” Dahei said.

“Tiny Tot.” Zi Yan sensed the sleeping Tiny Tot and used her mind to communicate with it.


After a while, Tiny Tot turned into a stream of light and appeared.

It was still as small as a little penguin.

“Third Brother!”

Dahei lifted Tiny Tot up and said, “Make a fire.

Its time to eat meat.”


Tiny Tot was stunned.

It looked at Dahei and fell into deep thought.

It couldnt figure out why Dahei could speak.

Little Hei lying aside also said, “Tiny Tot.”

Tiny Tot looked at Little Hei and fell into deep thought again.

“They both can speak.

“My brothers are amazing!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Tiny Tot began to blow fire, roasting three Azure Cows in succession.

Tiny Tot was like a sesame seed to Old Ape.

The latter found it very strange.

“What creature is it To my surprise, its a contracted beast.”

“Its a terrifying creature.” Zhang Han smiled.


Old Ape was a bit speechless.

It carefully appraised Tiny Tot but didnt discover anything unusual.

After chatting for a while, the crowd began to eat roast meat.

Dahei and Little Hei ate the fastest, but Tiny Tot didnt eat much.

Three Azure Cows were finished in a few minutes.

They began roasting three more cows and then finished them.

It wasnt until Dahei ate the seventh Azure Cow and looked at the last one that it thought of something.

It picked up the Azure Cow reluctantly.

“Senior, here.

Try out my cooking.”

“You can have it.” Old Ape shook its head slightly, indicating it wasnt interested.

“Try it.

It is delicious.

You should eat more meat.”

Dahei offered Old Ape the Azure Cow generously.

In the end, Old Ape ate half and Yuan Yi ate the other half.

“Hey, it does taste nice,” said Yuan Yi.

“Leave the bones to my Second Brother,” Dahei suggested.

Little Hei ate a lot every time.

It would not refuse any meat and bones.

After all, good teeth made a good appetite.

“By the way.”

Yuan Yi seemed to think of something and said, “On the way back, I heard the Old Patterned Snake King and the Tiger King next door talking.

They said that there was a commotion in the Fiend Cave.

It is said that the energy and the Bounded Domains have changed a lot, and there are humans in there.”

“Have they started exploring that place”

Old Ape thought for a moment and said, “Did anything happen in the Devil Palace”

“No,” Yuan Yi said.

“Its just that the demons from before are attacking nonstop in an attempt to get there in groups.

The Human Clan is blocking their way.

The Demonic God Temple has placed some of its clans there.

Theyll send word back soon.”


Old Ape said, “The energy fluctuation of the Fiend Cave is not violent.

There should be some treasures in there.

Tell our clansmen that they can try exploring it according to the situation.”

“Okay,” replied Ape One.

“Fiend Cave…”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

He needed demonic Qi and the Demon Clans supreme treasures.

Everyone realized that the Fiend Cave was their second destination in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

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