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Chapter 1378 To the Fiend Cave

“Will you be resting here or going to the Fiend Cave with us Or are you heading for human territory”

Old Ape had a straightforward personality and asked that after it had finished eating.

If it were someone else who said that, they might feel like that person was sending the guests off.

But when Old Ape said it, they knew that it was expressing its true opinions.

If they kept resting here, it would receive them.

It was mostly for Daheis sake.

Zhang Han said, “We also need to go to the Fiend Cave.”

“Come with our clansmen then.

Well take a few dozen brothers there,” Yuan Yi said.

“Although we havent got the details of the situation there yet, there must be some treasures there, maybe some of which will benefit our Ape Clan.”

Mengmeng said with great interest, “That place is in the middle of the human territory and the Demonic God Temple.

Does it mean that well get to see the Human Clan, the Demon Clan, and the Exotic Beasts of the Demonic God Temple this time”

“Even if you can see all of them, why are you so excited” Zi Yan couldnt help saying, “With your little strength, you wont get to fight them.”

In fact, she was indirectly reminding Mengmeng to be careful there.

After all, Zi Yan was very concerned about Mengmengs safety.

However, after Mengmeng heard Zi Yans words, her expression suddenly froze, and then she snorted heavily.

“Thats not true.

Little Master is very powerful,” Dahei added and then continued to eat meat.

“Itll be just like a martial arts gathering,” Mengmeng said.

“I can watch the fun without going up to fight.”


Zhang Han laughed out loud.

He said, “Youre right.

Itll benefit you greatly by watching it.

But with your current strength, you can also…”

“Yeah.” Mengmeng smiled.

“Its nice that I can fight on the side.

The most important thing is that Im qualified to participate in the battle.

What does this mean It means that my strength is good enough.”

However, Mengmengs smile soon froze.

Zhang Han paused for two seconds and then said, “You can also cheer aside to help.”

Mengmeng was dumbfounded.

Everyone couldnt help laughing.

“Zhang Han, youve changed,” Mengmeng said resentfully.

Usually, when Zi Yan teased Mengmeng, the little girl wouldnt mind it, so it didnt matter how much she teased her.

When Zhang Han, her most powerful backing, teased Mengmeng, her face would be full of resentment.

It had been like this since she was a child.

When Mengmeng did something wrong, Zi Yan would get very serious and even strict sometimes, and she would even berate her daughter.

When it came to Zhang Han-

“Well, thats nothing.”

“Thats fine.”

“My daughter is amazing.

She is good enough.”


He, as Mengmengs powerful backing, regarded that everything she did was fine.

Therefore, things developed into the current situation.

Whenever Zhang Han said something that dissatisfied Mengmeng, she would get back at him with two of her “trump cards”.

“Zhang Han, youve changed.

“Alas, I really want to date someone.”

As soon as Mengmeng said that, Zhang Han knew what she was trying to do.

When he heard her first sentence, he became serious.

“I havent finished yet.

While cheering, you can still take action and fight.

With your strength, youre also very powerful.”


Mengmeng snorted and bared her teeth at Zhang Han.


Thats so dramatic!” Yue Xiaonao covered her eyes.

It meant that she couldnt stand it.

Mengmeng was so close to her father.

Yue Xiaonao was not the sweet type, and just by watching the interaction between Mengmeng and her father, she had goosebumps all over.

As for the others, they watched the father and daughter interacting with each other every day, which seemed to become a very interesting thing in their lives.

It even made Chu Qingyi inadvertently smile without noticing it.

“Fate will bring us together again.”

Old Ape sat on a small hill and waved to Zhang Han and the others from a distance.

They didnt know when they would meet again after this separation.

In Old Apes opinion, they might not see each other again for a very long while.

It sat until the crowd couldnt be seen.

Old Ape slowly lay down, its enormous body crushing the small mountain, its arms randomly smashing apart the nearby mountains.

Huge stones and trees flew in all directions, and huge smoke and dust spread everywhere.

It wasnt until a breeze blew past that the dust was blown away.

A few small mountains were gone, but now there had appeared a new huge mountain.

Inside the long huge mountain was Old Ape, who had lain down.

It used the earth as its bed and the hills as its quilt.

That was the nature of the Giant Ape Clan.

The crowd marched forward for an hour.

Little Hei, who was following Mengmengs family of three, suddenly said, “I, I want to meet the White Dog King.”

Little Hei was not used to speaking the human language, and it was a little timid at this moment.


Mengmeng suddenly exclaimed, “Little Hei, are you in love with the White Dog King”


Little Hei looked dazed.

It even lowered its tail and said with its tail between its legs, “No, no.”

“That cant be right.

Theres something with the way you looked at the White Dog King before.

Tell me, are you in love with her” Mengmeng snorted and said, “If so, I will go propose a marriage for you.

Look, Im super rich now.”

Mengmeng patted her chest and promised that she would go propose a marriage for Little Hei.

Little Hei was dumbfounded and even couldnt help walking with homolateral legs.

It stepped forward with both of its left feet.

The crowd found it strange.

“Is that true”

“I, I just want to thank her in person.

Yeah,” Little Hei said weakly.

“I dont believe it.”

Mengmengs interest was aroused.

She looked at the second king of the White Dog Clan that was leading the way and shouted, “Lead the way.

Lets go find the White Dog King!”


Well go to our first king.”

The second king of the White Dog Clan suddenly felt dejected.


It thought of the scene when the White Dog King left quickly.

“I also had my suspicions back then.

This is not happening, right

“My King is about to be taken away from me

“It hurts.

I want to bite Little Hei to death.”

The second king of the White Dog Clan lowered its ears and led the way.

Mengmeng walked beside Little Hei and asked, “Little Hei, are you in love with the White Dog King You can tell me that secretly.”

Little Hei rolled its eyes.

It looked around and said in a low voice, “No.”

From its posture, one could tell that it wouldnt even respond if someone else asked it that.

But since its Little Master asked Little Hei that question, it had to answer although it didnt want to talk.

It looked distressed.

“No So why do you look shy then” Mengmeng asked curiously.


Zhang Han couldnt bear it anymore.

He said, “Mengmeng, your asking makes Little Hei embarrassed.”

“Huh Whats there to be embarrassed about”

Mengmeng had never experienced love, so she didnt understand.

After thinking for a while, she said, “When Daddy was wooing Mummy, he tried his best to perform and plan many things just to win her heart.

Little Hei, you need to learn from him.”

“Got it,” Little Hei said in a low voice.

Zhang Han looked helplessly at Zi Yan, who was giggling.

Mengmengs words amused her.

“My daughter is really good at saying those stuff, and she should say more of that.”

The route for the crowd changed.

Since Little Hei wanted to see the White Dog King, then they would go over and meet it.

After walking for more than two hours, they finally arrived at a beautiful valley.

There were a lot of white dogs here, about 30 of which were young dogs.

They came here in groups to cultivate.

As for the White Dog King, it was sitting on a huge rock.

“Why are you here” said the White Dog King.

Its tone was calm and gentler than before.

“I, Im here to thank, thank you, for, for passing down the method, to, to me.” Little Hei stuttered.

Seeing its cowardly look, Mengmeng covered her forehead in embarrassment.

“My God, its too timid to pick up a girl!”

Little Heis body seemed numb.

It no longer wagged its tail and just looked at the White Dog King without blinking.

“Youre welcome.

I just took a fancy to your potential.

Focus on your cultivation.

You have a good host,” the White Dog King looked away and said.

“What on earth happened between these two dogs”

Mengmeng was in a daze.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other.

“It seems that something did happen between them.”

Many others were smiling.

They thought that it would be great if Little Hei got together with the White Dog King.

“White Dog King,” Mengmeng suddenly said.

Little Hei was startled.

It widened its eyes, feeling a bit flustered.

It hurriedly lay on the ground, not saying a word.


The White Dog King looked at Mengmeng.

“Do you like Little Hei” Mengmeng asked.

The White Dog King raised its eyebrows slightly.

If someone teased it maliciously, it would get angry.

But when it saw Mengmengs innocent eyes, it didnt get angry.

Of course, even if it wanted to do something, Zhang Han and the Supreme Expert were around, and it was no match for them at all.

The White Dog King thought for a moment and said, “I just think highly of it.”

She just gave out an invitation by asking, “I think Little Hei likes you very much.

Would you like to join us”

Mengmeng didnt think much.

“The White Dog King can join our team.

When they get familiarized with each other, well see how Little Hei feels about it.”

She didnt say anything about proposing marriage.

Mengmeng was very smart and by saying those words, she left a way out for the White Dog King.

But Dahei next to her didnt think so.

“Beautiful White Dog King, my Second Brother is in love with you.

Little Master is here to propose marriage on its behalf.” Dahei laughed.

It felt great that it could talk.

“Second Brother is so handsome, and you are so beautiful.

How about you make do with each other”

As Dahei spoke, it had rich expressions on its face, and it was dancing with joy.


The White Dog Kings eyes darkened.


It took action.

Zhang Han hesitated for a moment and decided not to stop it.

Yue Wuwei also spread out his hands, indicating that he would never intervene.

“This guy is talkative.

Itll be just right for it to take a beating.”

Consequently, Dahei was knocked back dozens of meters.

However, it was thick-skinned and didnt mind that at all.

It ran back and said with a smile, “Why did you hit me I was telling the truth.”

“Oh, Dahei, shut up now.”

Mengmeng couldnt stand it anymore and immediately said, “Well…”

She had never experienced such a thing.

At this time, she was a little dumbfounded and looked at Zhang Han for help.


Zhang Han laughed and said, “Sorry to have disturbed you, White Dog King.”

“It doesnt matter.”

The White Dog King respected Zhang Han very much.

After all, he was Little Heis host, and he had offered so many treasures that were useful to the White Dog Clan.

Moreover, his identity was famous, and the strange phenomenon he caused were stunning.

He was not an ordinary person.

“Second King.”

The White Dog King said, “There are changes in the Fiend Cave.

If you plan to go over, go back and arrange the manpower before you go there with them.”

“Yes, my king.”

The second king of the White Dog Clan responded.


The White Dog King flashed away.

After it left, Little Hei looked around and slowly got up.

“Why didnt you say anything”

Mengmeng was so angry that she pinched Little Heis neck several times.

She was in a hurry to set them up, but Little Hei wasnt.

Little Hei answered in a low voice, “I didnt know what to say.”

“Lets go,” Zhang Mu said with a smile.


Lets go.

Weve finished our greetings.” You Huo agreed.

“Mengmeng,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Little Hei is an Exotic Beast.

Its love is different from ours.

Dont worry about it.”

“I have to worry about Little Heis affairs,” Mengmeng said matter-of-factly.

But Rong Jialis words stunned Mengmeng.

She smiled and said, “If Little Hei and the White Dog King get together, whether it stays in the Domain of Seven Desolations or takes the white dog to be with us, it will have a new family, and you wont get to keep it around all the time anymore.

You need to be prepared for it.”


Mengmeng was really thinking about this question.

It seemed very complicated.

The entire team fell silent.

The second king of the White Dog Clan was about to say something several times.

In the end, it said nothing.

But in the silence, there sounded a firm voice.

“I, Little Hei, will guard you and never leave you.”

Its voice was very low, but it moved many people present.

Especially Chu Qingyi.

She looked at Little Hei several times and sighed in her heart.

“Even though its not a contracted beast, its even more loyal than a contracted beast.”

She thought of the days she spent with the Chu Family.

Many things there were devoid of human touch.

After she joined Zhang Hans team, she felt an unprecedented sense of unity.

“Exactly what has condensed this force

“There is no dispute or intrigue.”

She looked at Zhang Han and seemed to have understood something.

Zhang Hans charm had just been displayed in front of her.

If she didnt follow Zhang Han all the way, she wouldnt know how he had been making it, as well as the whole team.

They left the core region of the Demonic God Temple and headed for the outer region.

The second king of the White Dog Clan left first and returned to its clansmens place.

They were going to gather in the territory of the Giant Ape Clan.

What the White Dog King said meant that if the second king of the White Dog Clan wanted to go to the Fiend Cave, it could go there with Zhang Han and his team so that it could have some helpers.

Soon, the second king of the White Dog Clan took nearly 100 clansmen and gathered with dozens of giant apes.

They were about a hundred meters away from each other, and their eyes turned bloodshot since they were enemies.

They mocked each other from a distance.

It was not over until everyone set off.

Zhang Han and his team returned to their king vessel, which slowly flew in the air.

During this period, they also got a lot of news.

“War Saint Abyss, Myriad Mountains Palace, and Illusory Mansion have all sent large teams to the Fiend Cave.”

“The energy of the Bounded Domains in the Fiend Cave is shrinking rapidly.

Both humans and Exotic Beasts can enter.”

“The two clans and the demons have come to an agreement that they will enter the Fiend Cave in three days together to fight for the opportunity.”

“The battle on the outskirts has stopped, and the demons have achieved their goal.”

“Demonic God Temples various tribes have set off for the Fiend Cave.”

Since they got this news, Yuan Yi suggested that Zhang Han and his team should mingle with the human group first so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

If they followed the team of Exotic Beasts, they would be too conspicuous.

At first glance, people would know that Zhang Hanyang, Old Demon Zhang that had drawn his sword, had returned.

The Demon Clan was very interested in Zhang Hanyang.

If they knew about his arrival, troubles might occur.

Everyone didnt know how to react to this.

Since the last battle, Zhang Han became not an enemy of the Demon Clan but someone they were interested in.

Since he had killed so many demons, shouldnt he be the Demon Clans enemy

Zhang Han was used to this.

There were many demons in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

It was conceivable that there were many abnormal signs on the whole planet.

The main reason was that not only the Demon Clan but also the high-position officials of the Human Clan would be curious about it.

They wanted to know what the sword Zhang Han had taken away was and what caused the strange phenomenon.

It was normal.

If Zhang Han didnt have enough strength, the treasures would still be taken away.

Just like what had happened at the Demonic God Temple.

It seemed peaceful on the surface, but there was actually hidden killing intent lurking within.

Countless Great Devils had secretly observed the area along their way.

But when they saw Yue Wuwei, the Supreme Expert, none of them dared to act rashly.

Strength was the key to everything.

If Yue Wuwei didnt have enough strength and the team just came over with their courage, they would have been eaten up long ago.

On the way, they saw many tribes from the Demonic God Temple.

There was a group of pythons moving quickly in the grass, and all the snakes came out of the mountains.

There were also all sorts of birds and beasts that formed groups.

All of their targets were directed at one place – the Fiend Cave.

It was a barren area between the Human Clan territory and the Demonic God Temple.

This was an enormous swampland.

The grass and clear water were filled with killing intent.

Enormous demonic fish and Exotic Beasts in the water ran wild across a large area.

Perhaps some terrifying fellow would emerge from the river below at any time.

Perhaps there were carnivorous plants growing on the clear water.

Or there was mud that could make a Dao Seeking Cultivator sink into it.

“We seem close to our destination.”

Zhao Feng said, “I saw three groups of human Dao Seeking Cultivators.”

“Lets go down from here.

If we continue moving forward, the king vessel will be easily discovered by others,” Yue Wuwei said.

They werent aware of the specific situation, so it was definitely not a smart move if they just swaggered over and had others find out about them.

Not only did Zhang Han like to observe secretly and be in charge of the situation, but also Yue Wuwei liked to do so.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After they left the spaceship, Yue Wuwei controlled it to rise high into the air and stopped in the atmosphere.

They flew quickly.

During this period, they were not far from the teams of the Exotic Beasts from the Demonic God Temple.

On the side, there were the White Dog Clan and the Giant Ape Clan.

The two clans had relatively high statuses in the Demonic God Temple, and they attracted quite a bit of attention.

They advanced above the huge swamp for three hours.

In the end, they encountered a group of humans.

There were about 1,000 people in the group.

From the looks of it, they werent from Myriad Mountains Palace but from a temporary alliance.

“Guys, are you heading for the Fiend Cave as well Why dont you join us Well go there together.”

An old man smiled and invited them, “Its inevitable that we will encounter some Exotic Beasts on the way, even the Demon Clan.

It will be safer if we go there together.

There are several lords of the Illusory Mansion in our team.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Zhang Mu came out at this time and thanked the old man with cupped hands.

He also led the way to join the human team.

There were a lot of people and they looked at each other.

“There are many beautiful women in their team, especially the one in white shoes.

They are so pretty.”

“There are also a few young girls.

Theyre absolutely stunning!”


Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Liang Mengqi, Mu Xue, and Chu Qingyi attracted a lot of attention.

There were even invasive sights.

Unexpectedly, those people were frightened by Mu Xues glare and stopped looking at the girls.

“The several tens leaders at the front are the lords of the Illusory Mansion.”

The old man who invited them said, “Theyre going to the Fiend Cave to meet up with the main forces of the Illusory Mansion.

Theyll take us along the way.”

By talking to those people did Zhang Han learn that other than the dozens of people who were at the front were from the Illusory Mansion, the others belonged to some small factions.

They also wanted to go to the Fiend Cave.

While the large sect would get great treasures, these people would be happy to just have the leftover ones.

“Grandpa, shes so pretty.

I want to be friends with her.”

A chubby boy next to the old man stared at Mengmeng with shining eyes.

“Stop it.”

The old man scolded, but he still looked kind.

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