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Chapter 1389 Yue Wuwei Is About to Beat Him Up

“Lets go!”

“Run now!”

“Hes been possessed!”

Many humans and Exotic Beasts panicked.

They were scared out of their wits.

“Good heavens!”

Chu Qingyis eyes widened.

This was the first time she had seen Zhang Han in such a terrifying state.

“Master has finally become the great devil again!”

Mu Xues eyes were full of admiration, and her whole body was limp.

She awed him deeply.

At this moment, she looked at Zhang Han as if he were a god.

“Is, is he okay”

Zhang Mu, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and the others felt nervous.

“This is too shocking.

“Especially his voice, which sounds like a demon from the abyss.

“He doesnt seem like a human.”

Cold sweat trickled down almost 10,000 peoples foreheads including that of those famous talents.

Prince Feng of the Illusory Mansion looked pale.

“Is he still a human”

“No! Hes a demon.

Hes been taking demonic cultivation!” Dai Wentian said in a flustered voice.

“Who can stop him now”

They felt cold both physically and mentally, and no one dared to confront Zhang Han directly.

Soul Expert Qin Jun of the Myriad Mountains Palace could clearly feel the sweat trickling down his face, making it a little itchy.

He wanted to raise his arms and wipe them, but he did not dare to move.

He was afraid that in the next second, that terrifying figure would appear behind him because of his actions, and that Zhang Han would pat his shoulder gently and say, “You are too noisy.”

These talents were scared out of their wits.

“Form the military formation!” Jinchuan shouted.

His voice echoed, making everyone come to their senses.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The human army was thrown into disarray.

They assembled into dozens of squares to cast all kinds of defensive occult arts.

Several elders and protectors were standing by at the front of the line.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A muffled sound suddenly appeared in the crowd.


“Hes doing it again!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people turned their heads and saw Jinchuan with his face ashen.

This elder of the Myriad Mountains Palace had spoken the most.

He was also the one who wanted to get the treasures most.

Right now, he was scared witless and did not dare to move.

A palm suddenly flashed on his shoulder.

“He, hes here!”

“No, no, no! Dont do it!”

An elder exclaimed, “We are all humans.

We should unite and protect each other.”

That person had a nice relationship with the elder of the War Saint Abyss who had died before.

The two of them also spoke to each other through Voice-transmitting Technique and came up with a plan.

At this time, he tried to save Jinchuans life in the name of human righteousness.

As long as Jinchuan stayed alive, the others would also be safe.

“Zhang Hanyang! The Human Clan is in decline.

There shouldnt be internal strife between us.

The three great sects of the Domain of Seven Desolations are all on good terms.

You cant do this and ruin the Human Clan,” the elder shouted with an aggrieved look.

Even his eyes were red.

He lamented, “The Human Race has been suppressed for a long time.

We have been looking forward to the appearance of someone like you to save the world!”

He sounded so affectionate.

Even the other elders were tempted and wanted to join the persuasion.

“Stop it!

“So noisy!

“Youre too noisy!”

The first two sentences sounded behind Jinchuan.

The last sentence sounded from behind the elder who just spoke.


The elder gasped and felt a chill in his heart.

“Am I doomed

“Will I die of overtalking”

“What does the righteousness of the Human Clan have to do with me”

A low and hoarse voice sounded in the elders ear.


And then, the elder felt a tearing pain.

He felt cold in his body as if he were completely numb and lost consciousness.

He looked down and found that his body turned into a thin mist, drifting in the wind.

Zhang Han came gently before he left quietly, leaving behind a faint black mist as that elder was killed.


It was like a bolt out of the blue that hit the hearts of the remaining elders.

They felt lost and terrified.

None of them dared to move or speak.

Especially Jinchuan, whose face was pale.

He felt that he might also be turned into smoke the next second.

However, there was a faint mist floating in another direction.

One second ago, the giant python was still sticking out its forked tongue, but the next, it died.

The Giant Python Clan was the first to suffer a calamity.

Groups of pythons turned into faint black mist.

“Run! Run now!”

The Exotic Beast army was in complete chaos.

“Come here!”

“Dont kill our own men.”

The second king of the White Dog Clan was also scared out of its wits and hurriedly shouted at several clans that it had a good relationship.

The same went for the Ape Clan.

Therefore, several big clans rushed to the side of the second king of the White Dog Clan.

Along the way, they crashed through countless houses.

In those houses, the dark Yin Spirits had just been reborn but were smashed to death by the mad Exotic Beasts as easily as crushing dry weeds.

It was chaotic.

The scene turned completely chaotic.

There appeared black mist in more and more places.

The number of dead Exotic Beasts continued to rise rapidly.

In addition to the few running toward the white dogs, only a few escaped in the opposite direction.

As for the others, about 9,500 Exotic Beasts were all killed.

“Hes gone mad! He cant stop his killing now!”

“What should we do”

“I dont want to die.”

“I dont want to die either.

Will he stop” said Prince Feng.

Qin Jun said, “Hes a Demon King, an unprecedented Demon King.

If I can survive today…”

Countless figures that were killed could be seen everywhere on the battlefield.

At first glance, there were hundreds of them.

However, those phantoms were dissipating one after another.

“He didnt hurt the Human Clan.”

“He didnt kill us.

Hahaha, he is still rational.”


Hes a human after all.”

“He wont make a move for humanitys righteousness,” one of the protectors said.

“Hes also a human.

If someone makes it out alive and brings back the news that he willfully slaughtered the human talents, how will he be able to set foot in the human territory in the future”

“Thats right.

Although he is powerful, hes not a match for the Taoist Lord of Dragon.

Tianxingzi and Brass Immortal are here as well.”

“I hope that hell become the fourth magnate and the human leader.”

“Hes too powerful.

This is a joy for the Human Clan.”

There were a lot of discussions.

It was always a good thing to have a new lease on life.


Jinchuan let out a long breath.

“I finally get to save my neck.

“But where is he now”

Jin Chuan looked around and felt uneasy when he didnt see that figure.

“I dont know…” As soon as an elder of the Illusory Mansion started talking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The familiar muffled sound rang out again.

The sound represented Zhang Hans arrival.

“Hes here!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyones eyes widened.

They looked around and it was as if they had stopped breathing.

Jinchuans face turned pale again.

On his shoulder, the palm suddenly appeared and then disappeared.

The low and hoarse voice sounded in Jinchuans ears.

“Were you looking for me”

“Dont kill me, sir.” Jinchuan was about to cry and looked pleading.


In the next instant, he clearly saw a fist emerge from his chest.


It sounded like the faint sound of flames.

His body became a thin black fog at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Im dead”

This was the last thought in Jinchuans mind.

Originally, if only his mortal body dissipated but his Yuan Ying escaped, there was still a way for him to possess someones body and return.

However, the moment the attack was launched, his entire body, including his Yuan Ying, meridians, blood, and fleshly body would vanish.

Under the gaze of everyone, Jinchuan was killed.


“Youre too noisy.”

Zhang Hans deep voice frightened them.

“What should we do

“Hes saying the same thing again.

“He hasnt stopped!”

Humans didnt seem to have any status in Zhang Hans eyes.

“Arent you afraid”

A middle-aged elder of the War Saint Abyss said bitterly, “If you slaughter your people, the Human Clan will have no place for you in the future! We…”


Before he finished speaking, he turned into a black mist and drifted away with the wind.


“So noisy!”

Zhang Han repeated the words that he had said many times.

It made people feel cold all over.

An elder of the Illusory Mansion moved.

He ran into the crowd at the fastest speed in his life and shouted, “Hes not stopping it.

Run now! We cant stop him! Run! Prince Feng! Dai Wentian, hurry and leave.”

The disciples of the Illusory Mansion dispersed and escaped in every direction.

They could no longer keep their formation.

The entire team was in complete disarray.

While the elder of the Illusory Mansion was fleeing, a disciple of Myriad Mountains Palace next to him exclaimed, “Dont do this! Dont kill me!”


He turned into black mist in an instant.

He couldnt see the traces of Zhang Hans attack or feel where Zhang Han was.

It was as if he was an invisible ghost in the void.

His devilish power was mighty and invincible in the world.

Who could resist such devilish might

The elder was somewhat dumbfounded.

As he flew forward, he felt a chill in his heart.

He didnt know when something would go wrong and he could die in the next second.

This sort of feeling was too depressing.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Like a hornets nest that had been poked, the human army rapidly spread out in all directions.

At this time, who would still covet the treasures in the secret realm of Fiend Cave

Being able to survive would be their best outcome.

Black fog drifted everywhere like the flying flames of war.

This was a one-sided massacre.

Many people roared wildly.

“Hes a devil! Hes a devil!”

“I dont want to die!”

However, the number of casualties continued to rise.

Starting from 1,000, gradually, 8,000 people were killed.

At this time, Yue Wuwei sighed softly.

He ignored the trembling soul of the black phoenix and left the Bounded Domain instead.


Unexpectedly, he bumped into the Bounded Domain, which blocked him from the outside part of the imperial city.


“Screw you!”

The corners of Yue Wuweis eyes twitched.

His right hand transformed into a fist and smashed down forcefully.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire Bounded Domain began to tremble.

Yue Wuwei was a little surprised.

The intensity of the Bounded Domain seemed to be alright.

It was not hard to tell from this that Zhang Han used very powerful means to tear down the Bounded Domain.


Yue Wuwei ran his power and tore open the weakest spot where the punch had just landed.

He flashed and got out of the imperial city.

His powerful divine sense turned into an energy breeze that blew over the battlefield.

“Its almost done,” Yue Wuwei said.

He could see that Zhang Han, who was on the verge of demonization, could keep his mind clear, but became extremely cold-blooded.

If he went on at this rate, those people would die in a minute.

Yue Wuwei had been watching the whole thing.

Some were full of malice, and some were extremely greedy.

But there were also some innocent people.

After a moment of pondering, Yue Wuwei decided to spare a few talented human disciples of the Domain of Seven Desolations.

He started his intervention.

“Are, you, done”

Every word came from all directions, accompanied by several figures of Zhang Han.

It was like a duplication technique.

When the last word was heard, Zhang Hans right hand grabbed a persons neck.


That person turned into a faint black mist.


Zhang Han slowly turned around and looked at Yue Wuwei with his pitch-black eyes.

He smiled.

“Elder Yue, shall we fight”

“Hmm You are quite confident, young man.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He had some speculation about Zhang Hans situation, but he was not sure.

“From the looks of it, he is tortured by some kind of power

“Demonic cultivators are not easy to deal with.”

“Are you still feeling terrible” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Im fine, but its just that I find everything very noisy.


Very noisy,” Zhang Han replied slowly.

Their conversation confused everyone outside the city.

They were also worried.

Because at this moment, Zhang Han was very fierce.

“Do you have so much anger that you cant vent it” Yue Wuwei asked again.

His voice was loud.

It seemed that he wanted his words to be heard by the people outside the city.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han responded quickly and couldnt help laughing.

He laughed faintly, but his voice was still very low and hoarse.

At ordinary times, it might sound easy-going, but now it made peoples hair stand on end.

“Hes laughing again!”

The more than 1,000 people who fled were frightened.

“Run now!”

“Keep running!”

They were afraid that in the next second, Zhang Han would pat their shoulders gently, a muffled sound would ring out, and then they would die.

But as they ran and ran, they stopped in the distance.

When they found it safe and felt the monstrous energy behind them, they stopped to watch the battle.


Yue Wuwei heaved a long sigh and said, “Since you cant vent your anger, Ill help you ease your mood.

Heh, dont worry, I wont beat you too badly.

Ha… Ahem, Im helping you.”

As he spoke, Yue Wuwei almost burst out laughing.

His eyes lit up.

He seemed to be saying, “Zhang Han, I finally have a chance to beat you up aboveboard!”

Yue Wuwei found it wonderful.

“This feels great!”

“Hurry up.

I will go easy on you,” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

However, all of a sudden, his gaze grew solemn and his pupils contracted slightly.

Because a hoarse voice came from behind him.

“What were you thinking”


“What a bizarre body movement.

His speed is freaking terrifying.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zhang Han raised his illusory palm and patted Yue Wuwei on the shoulder three times.

He raised his arm and then lowered it.

This process made people tremble both physically and mentally.

Zhang Han attacked, and the mysterious energy spread out.

Yue Wuwei looked stunned.

However, a voice rang out from behind Zhang Han.

“Young man, you are very naughty.”


After Yue Wuweis figure appeared, his palm print appeared on Zhang Hans side like a flyswatter.

The attack power of the seemingly simple move had already reached the Last-Stage Shadow Refining phase.

Yue Wuweis suppressive aura pervaded the air as a fierce wind howled.


After the wind swept past, he found that Zhang Hans body had become illusory.

“Am I”

However, before Zhang Han appeared, his voice echoed out from another direction.


Yue Wuweis massive divine sense appeared as the Heaven-and-earth Covering Net was displayed.

His supernatural power was presented.

The six huge nets that showed up were square, each a thousand feet long.

They sparkled like threads of light.

In an instant, the nets formed a cube, enveloping Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han.


On the surface of each net was a network of threads.

Like spider webs, they spread into the space inside.

There were almost a thousand threads in total.

Under the countless threads, the interior seemed to light up.

All darkness had nowhere to hide.

Everyone saw what was inside the cube.

That figure, from time to time, was illusory and flickering.

Zhang Han was drifting extremely quickly in the inner space.

His body movement was strange.

However, the others were finally able to see traces of him.

“What supernatural power is Elder Yue using”

Everyone was stunned.

Yue Wuwei looked indifferent as he said, “Boy, I have no choice but to use my supernatural power to restrict you.

From this aspect, it can be seen that youre quite powerful.”

What kind of figure was Yue Wuwei

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that when he dealt with Dao Seeking Cultivators in the Shadow Refining and Integration Realm, he didnt need to execute moves at all, and he only needed to use his might while displaying simple wills to crush his enemies.

But as he fought against Zhang Han, especially at this time, he became serious.

After all, he wanted to take the opportunity to beat Zhang Han up.

“So powerful!”

“That human Dao Seeking Cultivator is incredible!”

“He was the one who killed Protector Hong and others.

He killed them with a wave of his hand.”

“What realm is he in”

The second king of the White Dog Clan and the giant apes knew the answer to that question well.

“Hes a Supreme Expert!”

“The Supreme Expert has taken action, but how did he end up fighting his peer”

“Obviously, Zhang Hanyang has no way to vent his anger, and he has absorbed some dark energy.

Hes quite affected as a human cultivator, and the Supreme Expert is helping him out.”


The white dogs, giant apes, and several other big clans were talking about it.

As for the remaining 1,000 human Dao Seeking Cultivators, they had tears on their faces.

“Finally, there is someone who can resist that devil!”

“Who are you now”

Yue Wuwei looked quite extraordinary in the light.

With a wave of his sleeve, hundreds of ice cones appeared and chased after Zhang Han.

As long as Yue Wuwei could track his movements, he would easily deal with Zhang Han.

“These are not even enough to scar me.”

Zhang Han stopped abruptly and quietly looked at the ice cones that were coming at him.

“Is that so Hahaha.”

Yue Wuwei suddenly laughed out loud.

There came clacks.

Dozens of ice cones hit Zhang Hans body, making crisp sounds constantly.


Soon, Yue Wuweis laughter stopped abruptly.

It was not because of Zhang Hans abnormal physical defense.

It was because when more than a dozen ice cones got to him, the rest unexpectedly passed through his body and missed.

“Is this real Is his figure flickering nonstop”

Yue Wuwei was shocked.

But he had mastered many moves.

The ice cones that passed through Zhang Hans body suddenly broke, and the energy turned into a sphere, hitting back.

At this time, Zhang Hans body became clear again.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The remaining ice cones attacked his body.

With a loud bang, even the energy sphere hit Zhang Hans back.

“Are you alright”

Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes.

He didnt want to hurt Zhang Han, but he felt that it would hurt when the attack hit the latter.

But Zhang Hans face was still calm.

He seemed a little cold-blooded.

His dark eyes looked at Yue Wuwei, which made him feel strange.

“Go harder.

It doesnt hurt or itch.

Its so boring.”

Zhang Han smiled evilly and said, “Im going to start my attack as well.”


He stretched his arms forward.

Eight beams of black light turned into long lines, forming a semi-circular arc, and attacked Yue Wuwei with irresistible force.

Monstrous demonic Qi morphed into strange attacks that flickered in that space.


Yue Wuwei raised his eyebrows slightly, looking surprised.

“Even his attacking energy is like this”


Yue Wuwei raised his hand and pointed forward.

The cube that surrounded them was formed by the supernatural power of the Bounded Domain kind.

All of a sudden, it burst into dazzling light.

It destroyed Zhang Hans demonic Qi attack.

“Heavenly sword!”

Zhang Han put his middle finger and index finger together.

An earth-shattering slash was unleashed.

Endless sword lights appeared in the sky with demonic power.

The Bounded Domain supernatural power displayed by Yue Wuwei that surrounded the cube suddenly began to tremble.

“What a powerful attack!”

Yue Wuweis pupils shrank slightly.

He was shocked again.

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