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Chapter 1398 Startling Changes

This enormous Great Demon was simply too shocking.

He sat on the throne.

Everyone was able to completely sense his former ruler-like aura.

It was as if he was superior to everyone in the world.

When had the crowd ever seen such a scene

“Oh my god.”

Mengmeng was stunned.

She didnt know what kind of creature could be so huge.

“What is this” Yue Wuwei also widened his eyes.

He had seen quite a few enormous beings, but this was the first time he had seen one like this.

This was especially true for the huge throne and the Great Demons attitude of viewing common people as ants.

It made ones soul tremble.

It was as if a single hand of his was comparable to a hill.

“Hold on a second!”

Zhang Guangyous face was stiff and there was sweat on his forehead.

He asked in a low voice, “Is, is he dead or alive”


Dozens of people gasped.

It was as if their hearts had missed a beat.

They forgot the most important thing.

If this enormous creature was alive, what would the consequences be

Fear was spreading, devouring everyones nerves.

When they found that they were far inferior to the Great Demon, it was impossible to try to go against it.

“Hes dead.”

Just as everyone felt a chill run down their spines, Zhang Han said in a low voice, “But he used to be glorious.

“I dont know how powerful he was, but I can imagine that an ordinary planet wouldnt stand a casual blow from him.

“This is a Great Demon Corpse.”

Zhang Han raised his head and looked at the Great Demon sitting on the throne ahead.

He murmured in his heart.

“Ill refine the Great Demon Corpse into my second duplication.

Perhaps you were once an exalted king, but in the end, you still inevitably died.

Ill refine the energy of the Great Demon Body and restore its former glory.

“It will become a Great Demon Duplication.”

“Hes dead Phew… Im relieved.” Gai Xingkong breathed a sigh of relief.

Beside him, Gai Rulong, who had been silent, was scared silly.

It was his first time going out to experience, and he just saw such a terrible scene.

The others also relaxed a little.

“I can feel that even this Great Demon is dead, if I dare to offend him, Ill have to bear severe consequences,” said Chen Changqing.

“I have this feeling too.” The others echoed.

“That is the case indeed.” Yue Wuwei said seriously, “Even if such a being is dead, there would be some innate might left in his body.

Your levels are far below his.

If you touch him, you will die.

In the future, when you go out to experience, remember not to touch things that are too mysterious or high-level.

Instead, you should use the means you know to slowly probe them.”

“What he said is right.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “You have some treasures on you, but dont keep them.

Dont be afraid of wasting them.

Treasures are just worldly possessions.

Its worthwhile to test unknown dangers with some treasures.”

“Then, if we use treasures to attack this Great Demon, what will happen” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Itll be nothing more than being intimidated by his might or being backfired with your attacks.” Zhang Han said, “In this way, your safety will be guaranteed.”

“Oh, I see.” Mengmeng made a weird face.

Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “What should we do now This Great Demon seems to be very powerful.

Can you do it”

She was asking Zhang Han if he was confident to deal with the Great Demon.

Zhang Han would not do anything that he was not sure of.

Similarly, Zi Yan did not want him to risk his life for strength.

Even if he was slightly injured, she would feel distressed.

“I need to think about it.” Zhang Han started pondering.

At this time, the others remained silent.

No one wanted to disturb Zhang Han.

This was related to his cultivation.

There was no doubt that if Zhang Han got more powerful, their cultivation speed would naturally rise faster.

After all, he was their leader.

If he was benefited, they would be benefited as well.

“You must be careful.

I feel that the Great Demon is dangerous and a bit too fierce,” Rong Jiali said worriedly.

“Yeah.” Zhang Guangyou sighed softly, “Its the first time Ive seen such a being.

It is a surprise, but Im also very scared.”

“You should only do it if youre confident of success.” Zhang Mu nodded slightly and agreed that Zhang Han should be careful.

Most of the others said a few words.

In normal times, they wouldnt say anything no matter what Zhang Han planned to do, but the Great Demon in front of them gave them too strong of a sense of shock.

“A single finger of his can destroy an enormous city.”

Chen Changqing looked at the giant Great Demons fingers carefully.

“Theyre freaking huge!”

“This is the Great Demons embodiment.” Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Its a kind of innate supernatural power that he has a huge embodiment.

I know how to do it now.

Well, Im going to start.”

“Daddy, you should be careful.

You are too ruthless now.” Mengmeng muttered.

She thought about it and then added, “To outsiders.”

In the past, Zhang Han was much calmer than he was now.

He didnt care much about other peoples views and even laughed off some trivial jokes.

Sometimes, a nobodys provocation was just a joke to him.

But after coming to the Domain of Seven Desolations, Zhang Han became obviously much more ferocious.

Of course, he was still so gentle and easygoing toward his family.


Zhang Han laughed and raised his hand to touch Mengmengs head.

“Dont worry.

Ill handle this with ease.”

“Hurry up then,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Finish it as soon as possible so that we can go back to Earth and have a good rest.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Zhang Han suddenly saluted.

He looked around and nodded.

The instant he turned around, his clear eyes became completely black.

When he raised his hand, countless strands of black energy filled the world, turned into a river, and covered the Great Demons embodiment in front of him.

Those strands reached his feet, legs, body, and all the way to his head.

When the Great Demon Embodiment was completely covered by the energy that seemed to exist in the Alternate Space-


He seemed to make a low sound.

It was shocking.

It was like a spiritual voice.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han suddenly stepped into the void and went up.

He walked 30 meters, 300 meters, 3,000 meters, and then 30,000 meters.

Finally, he stepped on the giants head.


Zhang Han sat cross-legged on it like a mountain.

Darkness Invasion completely covered the Great Demon Embodiment.

It was like an enormous mountain.

Even the throne was hidden within it.

Zhang Han began his seclusion on the mountain.

As the energy circulated, the essence of the Great Demon Embodiment was absorbed by Zhang Han, spat out by the Great Demons Nascent Soul, turned into neutralizing energy, and transmitted back.

It was as if the Great Demon Embodiment was about to be assimilated by Zhang Han and become a part of his body.

This was the first step in refining the Great Demons Figure.

Once the assimilation process was over, Yuan Ying would leave the body and completely stabilize within the Great Demon Embodiment.

When a new life was born, it would be a success.

The incredible operation had begun.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone could hear the sound of energy flowing.

It was terrifying.

But it was unknown when it would end.

One day, two days… seven days passed.

The darkness had become faint, and Zhang Han had completely assimilated the Great Demon Embodiment.

Everything went smoothly.

It was as if Zhang Han would successfully transfer the Great Demons Nascent Soul to the embodiment soon.

Right at this moment, shocking changes occurred.


A sigh suddenly echoed in Zhang Hans mind.


Zhang Han was stunned.

He recognized that it was the voice of Sir Mysteriouss will.

It made Zhang Han feel a chill in his heart.

He had a bad feeling.

“Bug Clans main nest has erupted.

It has broken through three realms in a row.

In three days, I will take action.

Prepare yourself to welcome a new era.”

The voice slowly dissipated.

Zhang Han became anxious.

“Three days

“I need to neutralize the energy of the Great Demon Embodiment, and it will take about three days.

When Yuan Ying leaves the body, I will be in a weak state.

What am I supposed to do to deal with this sudden change” Zhang Han felt troubled at the thought of this.

“What should I do”

Zhang Han frowned.

His thoughts were in chaos, which made the connection between him and the Great Demon Formation chaotic.

“Calm down.

“If this continues, then not only would it be impossible to succeed, it might even cause irreparable consequences.

“I need to do my best to refine it and end it as soon as possible.”

Zhang Han calmed himself.

He used all of his power to refine the Great Demon Embodiment.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, why isnt Daddy finished yet” Mengmeng sat on Daheis belly with her legs bent.

She put her hands on her face and looked up.


Take it easy, Mengmeng.

Its been only ten days.” Zi Qiang laughed.

“It should be over soon,” Zi Yan said.

“I dont enjoy cultivation anymore.

I want to have fun.”

Mengmeng suddenly felt that everything seemed boring while her father was in seclusion.

“Its more interesting to go out and have fun with Daddy.”

Even though she usually hung out with Yue Xiaonao and the other girls, she could still eat delicious food cooked by her father every day after she went back home.

“Is he all right over there”

“Dont worry.”

Zhang Hans voice suddenly rang out, “Ive just started the last step.

It will end soon.

It will only take more than half a day.”

“Huh” Mengmengs beautiful big eyes suddenly lit up.


Try your best to finish it soon, Daddy.”

“Got it.”

After Zhang Han said that, he began the last step.

“Great Demons Nascent Soul! Out!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tearing pain caused the Great Demons Nascent Soul to be pulled out by Zhang Han from his body.

It was moved to the Great Demon Embodiment.

All of Zhang Hans attention and soul were focused on controlling the situation in the Great Demon Embodiment.

Starting from the embodiments head, Yuan Ying would go all the way down to the heart, where it self-destructed according to the duplication technique and absorbed all the energy of the Great Demon Embodiment.

In the end, it would form a Great Demons Figure.

What Zhang Han needed to do was not wait for the Great Demons Figure to be formed, which would take a long time to be nurtured.

What he needed to do was to transform Yuan Ying into an energy storm and cover it.

This process required extreme care and there couldnt be any mistakes.

In the end, everything went smoothly.

The Great Demons Nascent Soul arrived at the heart of the embodiment.

The moment it entered, Yuan Ying suddenly lifted its arms.

Dazzling light erupted from its body.

With a mighty bang, it shattered as the energy storm began.

Right at this moment.


From the moment she heard Zhang Hans voice, Mengmeng got happy again and played with her friends.

The others were also relaxed and casual.

Only Yue Wuweis eyes were extremely serious.

He scanned his surroundings vigilantly at all times.

It was as if he was afraid of something changing.

What he didnt know was that far away from them-

“Dammit, that is a Supreme Expert Why is he so cautious

“I almost got discovered.”

The Demonic God secretly observed from the side.

He wanted to possess the boy closest to him but just as he wanted to move, he felt a sense of being spied on and repressed.

For a moment, the Demonic God felt greatly miserable.

“I spent all my strength and risked my life to reach this place.

Yet, this empty hall only has a mountain left Where is the Demon Corpse”

Just as the Demonic God felt despair, something happened that made Yue Wuweis face change greatly.

“Wait! Why… is one of us missing”

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